Jenni Rogers

September 18, 2014 Kansas City 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this Jenni Rogers bitch runs a daycare out of her house. Well thats not the only thing she runs….her daycare dads and moms will pay her for sex and favors. She fcks around with married men and women. She leaves the kids in cribs all day while she fucks people in the other room. She collects all kinds of money from the government for her daycare and then uses it on herself. How do you think she bought her 6 grand worth of fake boobs?? Nasty home wrecking whore. So if you come across a daycare add for a house on Brougham st. In Olathe KS….ignore it!! Dont say I didnt warn you!!

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Stormy Weathers should be a DC

September 18, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 65




THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl goes by the fake name Stormy Weathers on Facebook and thinks she is a model because she lost 200 pounds! She is sooo anoying because the ONLY thing she talks about is her weight loss and going to the gym and how “hot” she thinks she looks. She is the most selfish person I ever met and is everything wrong with the American female; materialistic, shallow, selfish, a whore
etc. She ddoesn’t want kids because she says they would “cut into her social life”. Her social life is getting attention from creepy old men on Facebook and then complaining about “stalkers”. Her social life is showing off her body and putting men doen for objectifying her yet still making them pay for the whole date. The question shouldnt be “would you?” but why the hell would you want this selfish disgrace for a women?

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Sophie Sassafras spotted with a John

September 17, 2014 Kansas City 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sophie Sassafras was recently spotted with her JOHN Richard Whipple and a dog park in midtown. It’s obvious that she needs a sugar daddy to pay for her PINUP FAIRE. Take a look at these pictures. She’s so gross that dudes her age arent as interested as the old dudes that respond to her Facebook pimp posts to buy her breakfast. Girl, you can skip breakfast you won’t starve. If you look close you can see her pubes. She posted her pubes on Facebook. Sophie Sassafras AKA Jaquelin French… Keeping Kansas City Burlesque gross and classy.

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AnaKaren Navarro

September 17, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dumb ass fat heffer looking bitch looks like a professional wrestler bitch swears she’s sexy but the dope she smokes must boost her pathetic cunt ego. she will smoke yo dope sack while she plays with all the homies nuy sacks, filthy drama loving lowlife skank. bitch knows no boundries she’ll fck her own best friends man with no typa feelings. bitch so ran thru at her age and claims to be beautiful and gorgeous yuckmouth dick monszta slutty ass fat bitch go shoot up in your fat ass neck dope hoe….. new man or should i say new dick every other day nobody wana wife yo ass bitch you probly rotten on the inside with all the dicks your smelly fat twat has gobbled.. eyes open legs closed HOE!

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Kansas City Douche

September 16, 2014 Kansas City 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: KC’S #1 fan, marky mark valdivieso. KC dont love you back bro

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Worst of the Worst

September 16, 2014 Kansas City 6


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Amy brother got this chick pregnant within the first month they were together.. Since then she has lost her job as a CNA for stealing from the elderly, continues taking oxy, Vicodin, and whatever other drug happens to be around, and supposedly has other kids but no one ever sees them. She would drop my brother off at work then I’d bump into her at a friends house servicing him for a pill or two.. Somebody needs to slap a bitch.

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Two Faced Sackchaser

September 15, 2014 Kansas City, Oklahoma City 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: 2timing sack chaser Samantha martin…talks shit on everybody and screams talks shit yells and throws fits like a little kid, this girl steals from everybody lies and blames everybody else for stuff, beats her son if she isn’t asleep for days when he comes to visit she lets anybody and everybody hit it that walks in her house she shoots mth eats mth smokes mth and shoves mth in her loose a** whole she will do anything to get a free ride and trip to casino she masturbated to Oklahoma just to spend 200 at casino ahh she jumped in bed with her man’s worst enemy day after he went to jail she sold all his stuff to people cuz she wants that next high

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Reagan Kleymann

September 15, 2014 Kansas, Kansas City 9


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have a real treat for you. This born and raised Kansas girl is a real cupcake. Looks real sweet on the outside but will rot you inside out. Like a Kansas tornado, she’ll suck and blow everything in her path before destroying it. She calls everyone out for acting like they’re hot shit, but it takes a fake ass cow to know one. Caked in makeup, she goes to parties and is the first to throw up all over herself, but goes to work and gossips and calls everyone a drug addict; even though her parents do drugs. What a mess. If you come to Kansas, consider yourself warned, Nik.

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