That Italian no one wants to know

September 26, 2014 Kansas City 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kathryn Ann Sallero. Where do we begin let’s start with how hurt grandpa left her so much moneyand trying to make people like her because she has no real friends Katherine Slept with three guys in one weekend two I personally know she suck them up let’s see Littrell Michael Collins and Keenan the following week in two more guys one whose name I don’t even know because I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even know and the other one Kenny who happens to be the baby daddy of a girl she acts two faced to who’s she lied about f****** because she’s so scaredthis bitch leave her house dirty as f*** and leave it up to her friends to clean up behind her nasty as she leaves underwear all over the floor with blood in them like seriously bitch get it together this bitch has had two miscarriages and two abortions because she didn’t know who the baby daddy was it’s a shame to have so much money to use to get rid of your problems killing poor innocent children what a shame this bitch suck talk so much dirt on all the people she considers to be her friends when they’re in her face if I really wanted to be a mean ho I post that s*** and let everybody know what she has to say about them but I’ll save that for another daynot only does this bitch have herpes but she’s got ch**ydia and go**ea and I know first hand because I went to the doctors with her when she found out and her ex could have been baby daddy Robel is the one who gave it to herthis bitches mom is a pill popping w**** who can’t even take care of her own kids she has to call her daughter who had money keyword had money to buy her pizza left in right for her and her kids to eat it’s a shame that kathryn turned out just like her mother nothing but a w**** who use this money to get rid of her problems I mean Jesus her mother went through what 6 abortions I believe she said you’ve been through 4. 2 more in your right there with your mother it’s a shame how mother like daughter now a days nobody gets raised right anymore huh this bitch goes to aura every weekend by the table gets drunk goes and picks up random guys to have sex withwith and I’ve been told first hand she gives the best head in kc. When someone says something about this whore she finds to be true she likes to make up lies about people. She fucks guys like she changes her nasrt discharge and bloody infested underware . this bitch can’t keep a boyfriebd to save her life. Her ex robel she beat and he left her and troy vanhorn the promter says nothing more about her than she was a stalker who she also fuvked when she was pregnant with another mans kid before she decided to abort it her ex Dylan colela who she spent 20,000 on in a months period left her high and dry props my dude for getting a bitch to break bread so easy and props for leaving her for another bitch. Then her ex boyfriend waise who she still considers to be her current boyfriend left her ass for his ex Nina he told me personally he Found out about her past and fcked her one last time with two condoms. This bitch is the nasty one you’ll find in kc she thinks she’s hot shit because of her car that’s not even that cute and her money she wasted down the drain. When in reality which she should cone back to she’s nothing but a cock suckin whore like her mother . OH Yeah and she got finger by her best friends lesbian cousin and wouldn’t get off her dick for weeks after that. She has no real friends and can’t keep a dude to save her life . she a coke snorting xanex poppinh weed smoking alcoholic like her mother Monica Sellaro . don’t touch her with a ten foot pole maybe 20 just to be safe. If youve fuked her go get checked because she picks up random guys of Westport almost nightly. And she’s got the drd. SERIOUSLY ! pray for yourself if you’ve even touched her.

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Anita Luhman

September 24, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 3


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Anita Luhman who always calls the cops on everyone for bogus noise complaints. I wish when police show up they would search her house and find out about her me*h lab she runs with her boyfriend. She is psycho to the extreme please put her on blast Nik!

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Dayna Glossip

September 23, 2014 Kansas City 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Dayna Glossip. A worthless, and I mean worthless waste of time. Fortunately I was only dumb enough to waste 6 months of my life on her. She will lie to you about everything. Took me months to even find out she was still living with her ex fiance. She is a low life piece of shit. I’m just trying to warn everybody out there. If you happen to encounter this lovely piece of trash please turn your head and exit the building as you will save your time and energy. She will have crazy ex boyfriends stay in her life who have apparently even raped her. This biatch should have been born with a caution sticker permanently attached to her forhead.

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Quantaney aka Suckin Shay

September 23, 2014 Kansas City 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lashay Tyree is the biggest cnt in Kansas City! She 19 years old. Has two children. Whome she doesn’t have custody of. Goes out to night clubs and has no job. Spends all of her friends money. Lives off of them (literally) she steals her (friends) underwear and wears it….this nasty ass hoe also fcked on the hood I her BEST FRIENDS BRAND NEW 2014 ALL BLACK CHARGER!! This nasty ass home wrecker fcked Jon Garcia at his work (Aura) while he was with his girlfriend. Also, he fucks a 5O year old Arab who pays for everything. Did I forget to mention she did a Hollywood while she was pregnant with her daughter. She beat her baby daddy Anthony whyte on 4th of July infrint of her son Kayden. The father of her children just recently gave up parenting rights just so he didn’t have to be around her crazy ass. I feel sorry for her children because they dot have a mother to look up to. Unless her beautiful daughter wants to end up like a slut. Yah know….like mother like daughter. Lashit will argue with anyone and everyone. She always thinks she’s right and will do anything to get her way. Even if that means suckin some dick. I guess that’s how she gets into the club to. Be careful because I saw some of her nasty ass laundry on the floor while she was crashing on her friends sisters bed and safe to say it looked like a slug ran across it. Don’t fck this slut unless you wanna end up with a disease. She doesn’t clean up after herself….leaves her nasty ass bloody short laying around. OH YEAH…this bitch eats comet…yes the cleaning supply. This nasty sleeze ball will fuck anything ahe can get her hands on…(that’s drunk enough to have sex with her) women or man….I’m sorry for anyone who has had Sex with her. No bs. Go get yourself checked out…..and don’t believe this but when she says she has a job…..she has a new job every other week…..she consistently sucks that dick. Full time hoe to provide for her nasty ass habits as to trying to get her children back. This bitch needs an ass…..and Jesus….I feel sorry for any mother who doesn’t have there children….to all the men who love easy little bitch ass girls….shay is your bitch….

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Hows She Gunna Explain This

September 22, 2014 Kansas City, Las Vegas, Miami, Orange County 61


THE DIRTY ARMY: The truth needs to come out about Shakera Dyson, Shay, Shay Brynn, etc. – I came across this #TBT post on my IG last week & it made me sick! She claims to be a great mother, says her son means everything to her & understands the things that really matter? She can’t be serious right? …. How’s she going to explain this one?

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What does the Fox say

September 19, 2014 Kansas City 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is jen ramus. she likes to fck anything that walks. she is a total whore who works at a local pittsburgh bar. she dont care if they are married or if rhey have a girlfriend. currently she is fcking two men. ask anyone who works with jer she whores herself around to any man. she is a walking drd.  i wouldnt touch her with a ten foot pole. i feel bad for any man who falls for her bullshit. she is a slut.

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Jenni Rogers

September 18, 2014 Kansas City 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this Jenni Rogers bitch runs a daycare out of her house. Well thats not the only thing she runs….her daycare dads and moms will pay her for sex and favors. She fcks around with married men and women. She leaves the kids in cribs all day while she fucks people in the other room. She collects all kinds of money from the government for her daycare and then uses it on herself. How do you think she bought her 6 grand worth of fake boobs?? Nasty home wrecking whore. So if you come across a daycare add for a house on Brougham st. In Olathe KS….ignore it!! Dont say I didnt warn you!!

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Stormy Weathers should be a DC

September 18, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 65




THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl goes by the fake name Stormy Weathers on Facebook and thinks she is a model because she lost 200 pounds! She is sooo anoying because the ONLY thing she talks about is her weight loss and going to the gym and how “hot” she thinks she looks. She is the most selfish person I ever met and is everything wrong with the American female; materialistic, shallow, selfish, a whore
etc. She ddoesn’t want kids because she says they would “cut into her social life”. Her social life is getting attention from creepy old men on Facebook and then complaining about “stalkers”. Her social life is showing off her body and putting men doen for objectifying her yet still making them pay for the whole date. The question shouldnt be “would you?” but why the hell would you want this selfish disgrace for a women?

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