Witch Ashlie Delorge

March 31, 2014 Kansas, Kansas City 10 6,922 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet the poser ‘real witch’ slore, Ashlie Delorge. She’s constantly talking down on someone and seems to too easily forget about her splattering nudes across the internet not too long ago.. Well, about 100 lbs ago. Apparently shes a witch, with real ‘powers’ and everyone else needs to stop faking. These days, instead of sucking every dick within 10 feet, she’s piling on pounds of makeup and SELLING used makeup full price and people actually buy it. Not to mention her horse of a boyfriend.

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Cheyenne Marie

March 31, 2014 Kansas City, St. Louis 16 7,448 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let it be known, Cheyenne Marie that lives in Belton Missouri, is a nasty drd infested, dope sack chasin Whore. Gentlemen she will ride ur dick and then steal your sack and the leave you a lifetime reminder when you have your breakouts from your gential herpes she gave ya. The sad part is ehile shes giving you her amazing Dirty gift. Like Usher says “Let it Burn. Becuz its gonna. And ladies be aware these are some dudes that have been burnt by Cheyenne.

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Karma for Mike Dwyer

March 28, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 2 7,223 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Knock,Knock! Who There? Is Mike Dwyer and his nasty Thong wearin ass Orange. Men and Women be aware he has drd and he Looks Orange.

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Christina rincon

March 28, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 2 5,631 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This chick is a selfish materialistic bitch!!! She dated my friend for 2yrs … They have a boy together. My friend let her stop working paid for her make up school and bought her everything she wanted. Then she left him while he was at work … Now that he found someone better and finally moved on she gets all jealous and calls non stop at least 200x a day and text saying that he won’t see his son unleashed starts paying for everything for her again and gets back w her! He hasn’t seen his son since dec 2013 .. She tells my friend he’s not the dad and talks dine to him and sends pictures of the baby but leaves his face cropped out so he can’t see the baby grow up… Then she goes to his job and tries to start shit … She stalks his gf fb and life… Its woman like this that children don’t know their fathers and ruin good men!! She’s an evil little whore who now sleeps with everyone at her job hilton downtown across from Henry b She fcks any guy that has a dick.. I heard she even tried to blame her new drd’s on my friend … He got checked and he was clean!!! Everyone watch out she swings both ways!! The sad thing is she keeps my friends baby w her all the time but has 6 year old that she have away to her mother. I’ll post the pic of her w her first son she gave away and never raised. IThis slut needs to be taught a lesson!!

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Fieldon Houston

March 28, 2014 Kansas City 513 6,333 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well well … Nik this idiot Fieldon Squeak Houston he likes to play games … see he has never stopped seeing his ex trys to lie and say he ain’t with no one I do not need to remind you of all the bs he pulled on her she was an Angel sent strait from God to him but he was to busy playin games with her and Tony his ex wifey now hes added another bar hoe! Krusty … Kristi …Well fh keeps tryin year after year to get his ex back haaaa she started playin his games ~Said she would come fck him then at the last min she would call and cancel well the Bro didn’t like a lil taste of his own medicine tellin sb HE WOULD TAKE HER BACK plz she left his sorry ass after his momma told her to leave him on her death bed I bet the fake ass pssy didnt tell no one that huh! Nic Forsaked her only son for a lil white girl… That Shrek lookin dude keeps drunk dialing her and her husband in the night talkin bout I love hate you … sending her his lame dick pics then turn around and act like she psycho no this dude is wack!! he needs mental help for his two people Squeak and Fieldon … he got a dirty double dippin dick. ..he went from beauty and the beast to an ol hag He needs to get help for his drinking and get his ex back she was the best thing that ever happened to his sorry ass his own momma thinks so too …she is way to good for his sorry ass!! His look alike sb Oh no he don’t miss her holy crapFieldon changed his number and say it’s because of her… Shit it’s because he wants his cake and eat it too !he calls her all the time makin promises to the moon and back SHE LEFT HIM!!! His mother told her HE DON”T CARE ABOUT US HE ONLY CARES ABOUT HIMSELF HE DON”T GET IT RIGHT NOW BUT HE WILL ONE DAY! she buried his mother and left his sorry ass … that dude used any and every excuse to see her even called sayin Devin his son was selling weed out his house the ex was done years ago she only stayed for his mother He has cheated on Krusty with the ex already he is a dogg ..I mean he has a look alike ex wtf don’t you get! FH is mad because he couldn’t get her to come fuck him anymore she just keeps tellin him about hisself well Shrek boy with a gimp don’t wanta hear no so he throw Krusty up in her face well he had sent sb pics of himself with Krusty cropped out the picture the dude is WACK! Can you say narcissistic he is all about hisself …Ooo please believe she don’t want him she just wants him to stop his lying and be a man!! he acts like a lil boy OMG that dude has done more evil shit to her than anyone even knows …He left her when she was pregnant for TONY? wth then Tony the ex wifey gets pregnant by some other dude moves that nasty bitch up in her home more than once changin his phone number HA let me tell you why So he can call her back drunk in the night only to give it to her again!! … he really is a coward and his boy filled the ex’s ears fullof his bs… she don’t want that ol played out brother back haaaaaaaa we love to get a laugh at his expence! Him and his look alike plz nick dirty dippin double dick old played out Negro still sittin on a bar stool and his ex she is one sexi bitch he didn’t know what to do with her anyways..

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Public Service Announcement

March 28, 2014 Albuquerque, Kansas City 1 8,327 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this chick is Alicia Biel her stripper name is TRU. I havent talked to this bitch in years because of how twofaced and deluded she is. She had chl***a at the tender age of 13 from willingly sleeping around with every mexican in town who was in the US illegally. She has a thing for abandining her friends and stealin your man. She loves to start drama and then leave you stuck in the chaos. She loves telling people about her crazy sex life and getting her female friends to have sex with her and her boyfriend… better yet pretending shes asleep so he can molest you. By the time she turned 18 she had sex with over 32 diffrent guys. Most of them couldnt speak english. Fcking pill head alcoholic. She has never been faithful in a relationship shows her dildos to just about anyone will borrow anything from clothes to money and never give it back. It should come as no suprise she has turned into a stripper. There is no saving this one believe me I tried…

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Fake as a Barbie

March 28, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 7 5,820 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Now this bitch Angelina really fits the word( Fake as a Barbie ) domn there so much fakeness about this bicth where do I begin, I guess we can start how she stuffs her pants to make it look like she has an Ass & she has a body like a 12 year old little Boy she cakes on call make up to hide her ugly face where long ass fake eyelashes like a giraffe she is so fake she claims she is this good innocent girl and shes old nearly 30 Claims she only has one kid and get this worse of all her bby daddy is her cousin now not only is she fake she’s a sick bitch nasty grimy sloppy claims she’s classy when has none and the most funniest thing ever she claims people want to be like her Not sorry you need to take a long look in the mirror and get a reality check you are busted have nothing going for yourself who would want to be like your gross nobody And when it comes to fucking you ,your lame you just lay on your BACK your waste of nutt I just seeing this bitch couple weeks ago in the club with her fucking busted ass friends making an appearance like the fcking circus showed up looking like some clowns with all the caked on make up and sharing outfits she says gross and she says she’s classy but honestly the word classy dont fit in her category this bitch is a retired Eastside whore

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Most Hated Drunk, Sam Leija

March 26, 2014 Dirty DUI, Kansas City 6 7,542 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Sam Leija. If youve been to any bar in blue springs youve seen this 8 time DUI loser. A girl i know met this DBag and actually dated him, he would cuss her out over her phone dying. Constantly getting drunk and acting a damn fool. He claims to be too broke to pay his bills and bums money off of anyone he can then the same day go out and drink and not tip the same people he borrowed money from. If youve never met a 27 year old man child that thinks hes bad, here he is. would fck anything with a hole, and does. Ratchet fck even causes problem at my friends work and tries to pick up her coworkers and talks shit on anyone that tells him to get his shit together, even his true friends! Nobody can stand this thirsty DBag drunk or sober, and weekly gets banned from bars. Nik, please put this smelly dick bitch on blast

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