Greg Deposit

June 18, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 5


THE DIRTY ARMY: This slut thinks she’s better than everyone but she had go get knocked up by some fuckn loser that already had a kid n didn’t do shit for that kid shes 30 years old flipping burgers with 3 kids n different dads I’d kick her ass if I ever saw her I’m sure her hair ain’t real anyways she a dumb fk for letting him hit it. He was so happy that he hid the baby from his family even his friends, she don’t even know where he lives or his last name is I feel bad for her kids one day they’ll leave her ass and look down on her too this old lady needs to grow up and stop smoking weed you\’re not in high school I help feed her tribe by paying taxes on those food stamps she uses to feed her 3 kids your welcome trashy welfare bitch! I bet she\’s the type to have all this shit n her kids be looking like shit wearing generic diapers n clothes from Walmart riding the fkn bus or a beater ass car I’m sure her baby’s dad would like this ass better than her loose ass any day funny how both of them her and my bbydd seek revenge cuz they get cheated on all the time idiots I’m not putting my self down to her level but god damn some ppl as ignorant as her just need fcken hear the damn truth!!! She’ll get her karma with someone else baby mom cuz that I\’m sure that u won\’t stop being the hoe that she is and fuck anyone that comes ur way literally she’s dumb and full of cum all she knows how to do is open her legs you can see her weave tracks and I wonder if she thought that hot Cheeto was good

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The Rangel Sisters

June 16, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me tell you about the Rangel sisters. . First we have the oldest sister Loyda she is a low life who can’t keep a man to save her life.. She is like 31 years old and got nocked up by a 19 yr old little boy on a one night stand.. Second we have Norma who has three different baby daddys and they have all cheated on her many times.. They only use her to have sex and cause she pays all their shit.. Third is Zaida who also has three kids from different dad’s. . She is the most ghetto of the 5 sister..She can’t hold down a job and lives of her sister .. 4th We have Liz who would seem the most stable of all cause she is married.. Truth be told she cheated on her husband before their big wedding , their first little girl isn’t even his.. This bitch cant spell, write or read .. Did I mention she is jealous of her other sisters cause she got the ugly fat genes.. And finally last we have Lucia she thinks she is so pretty and perfect that every guy wants her. She has a boyfriend but is cheating on him poor guy doesn’t have a clue of what a slut she is.. Nikki these are the ugly slutty Rangel sisters Who feel the need to gang up on every one .. If you look at one the wrong way they will attack you like the hyenas they out boys and girl..

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Lying Losers

June 16, 2014 Kansas City, Olathe 2


THE DIRTY ARMY: These guys I’m going to tell you about are easily in the top 5 of all lying scum in the state maybe many states. Mark McEver and his little side Mario Washington are known as the “Face of Ford” in Olathe and home to the “Worlds Happiest Customers”. These two yank each other off on a daily basis. They treat employees and customers like shit because they think they are so rich and mighty. These guys are the type to call hard working women and mothers even grandmothers into their office and degrade them till they cry or get mad and quit. Mark had his scronny little hand held by the original owner and was spoon fed the position and Mario actually ran out crying and quit like a little bitch a few years ago and then showed back up one day with a even better job title. This guy would and has tea bagged anyone and everyone possible to get his lying, fake ass, an easy ride up the food chain at this dealership. They talk about everyone that walk through the doors, everyone that spends money with them and everyone that works for them. They degrade, make sexual jokes, racial jokes, anything to belittle other people even friends. When business owners or auditors, chamber of commerce members they front like they are angels and everyone is family, just for a short time. Once the coast is clear they go wishing shit on everyone and thinking they own the world. These people are the real deal. Lying, manipulating, fake, shit tards. *TRUTH*

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Smelly down under Brook

June 10, 2014 Kansas City 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl brook, is disgusting she sleeps around fights over dudes that won’t calm her. she’s a homie hopper beware get checked lol she smells like rotten fish go see a doctor that needs to be checked. Also has a daughter who she pawns off every weekend. And yet when she feels like a dudes leaving her she tells them she pregnant so they don’t leave and yet when you ask her what happened I had a miscarriage stop lying already there are only two options you weren’t pregnant or you had a abortion. Take care of the one child you have. She wants to be wifed up and no one wants to wife a dirty hoe she’s so ghetto she steals for a living and then sells it to other people to make money she’s banned from Victoria secret they have a code name for her ha ha . She thinks she’s fine you look like a bum in person learn how to dress and going out like a bum freak is not cute. She talks so much shit about her so called best friend Darlene you should be happy that Darlene would even clam you as her friend cause who would with your track record. Can’t turn a hoe into a house wife

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Sherry Manakul

June 9, 2014 Kansas City 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: This woman is a liar and a manipulator with the education of a 5 year old.. If you get involved with her, it will be non stop games. She has multiple facebook accounts and goes by different names in the bars. Sometimes she goes by Cherry Sarika or Candi Sarika. She pretends to be a Christian at Life Church in Olathe KS on sundays and is in the westport and joco bar scene the rest of the time. She is a boozer and a user. She has accounts on plenty of fish and is always trying to hustle on the craigslist sex ads. She gets men drunk, then she cleans their wallet out when they pass out. She spends the money on getting her nails and hair done… oh and don’t forget victoria’s secret. She hoards Victorias secret. To the point where she can’t pay her bills. Her electricity, gas and water got shut off and she spends stolen money on shopping. She definitely didn’t spend it on her kids. She just recently lost custody of her two children because she was always out partying and not home feeding them. One time she was gone for over two weeks and left the kids in care of the neighbors and room mates. She has been under investigation for child abuse and neglect several times and most recently, exposed her vagina to her 9 year old daughter and asked her daughter to check her for herpes! This is a sick woman. Watch out guys. She’ll use you and abuse you and not even tell you her real name.

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Undercover Psycho

June 9, 2014 Kansas City 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is maureen also known by mau under cover whore who fcks her babys daddys friends and who not she is fucking her babys dads friend for money he buys her and her baby stuff you should be ashamed of yourself you dirty whore shes a gold digger and dated a guy named tiny and broke up with him after her birth rthday after he bough her a phone she makes face facebooks to stalk people and she is phyco her pssy stinked like fish when I fcked her and her baby was in the same room while she gave me head broke ass whore always using people for rides and to be honest I just fucked her because I made a bet with a friend that I would fck billys girl lol

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Brandy Bradshaw 42 year old Cougar

June 9, 2014 Kansas City 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi guys! I love to prey on young men at the clubs, especially the hookah bars. The younger the better. I love group sex, the more the merrier. If I can get a free tattoo out of giving a blow job then it’s better than Christmas morning. My favorite tattoo shop is Adornment Tattoo off of N. Brighton right next to Antionette’s. Come see me on “taco Tuesday!

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Angela Lyman Is Proof That We Have Hot Girls In Kansas

June 8, 2014 Kansas City, The Dirty 85

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, everyone says that there aren’t hot women in Kansas. I’m here to prove that wrong. This girl is not only amazing hot, she has a great personality and is a fantastic model. She constantly lands photo shoots and even tv spots. Clearly Kansas does have hot women. Both inside and out.

She is not hot. Average to normal looking. I give her a 4.288928 at best.- nik

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