Sperm Donor

March 8, 2014 Kansas City 3 9,150 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Johnny this guy on an app called tinder and he is local in Kansas City. He will talk to you at first all nice and flirty like then he gives you the scoop on why he’s here. He said doesn’t care about girls feelings he just wants to cum in girls and leave them. He’s a hump and dumper. Ladies watch out especially for this guy do not fall for his trap!!! Do not talk to him on tinder app. All he wants is a one night stand from you and I’m glad I didn’t meet this loser. I want every woman in Kc to know this douchebag needs to be embarrassed as much as possible to get the one night stands is’t right!

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Dis’harmony Harmon or Lathrop Loser

March 3, 2014 Kansas City 10 7,415 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jonathon Daniel Harmon, con artist currently residing in Lathrop Missouri, has had several business names: Chrome Trucker, Chrome Trucker Chicks, Rig’s and Ride’s, Magazines for both, now Chrome Publications and Ravenesque Magazine with his newest wife as the photographer. At first (2012) he tried to represent his company as a charity” which was why I got involved to help the charity! Later he told me, with his own words, that he had pending litigation and was no longer able to have a charity. He never had a 501C on file to begin with! (I checked) He made a bunch of promises that he never followed through with, never paid my friend for writing an article for his magazine or for posters he sold of her, never paid his promotional models for their non charity promotional work that they did for him, borrowed a $200 corset from a local designer friend and never returned it, never paid the photographers he promised to pay–just offered one prostitute services (see below)and now recently had pictures of several girls on his new website with NO credit given to the models or the photographers! He claims he posted in haste and forgot? All of the models and photographers that did not sign releases were not credited and he wrote a BS covering his a** victim letter saying he does have releases but doesn’t. He did not send the letter to any of us that did not sign releases because we know we did not! He is claiming legal action and that he has a lawyer but he doesn’t even have a job except scamming people! below is my post with the link to the site: This website is distributing photography and and not giving credit to the photographer or models! It is using my picture and many of my friends work WITHOUT PERMISSION! Photographer(remain anonymous) “Also as the photographer I never did sign anything with Rigs and Rides or Chrome and was never paid…” Photographer (remain anonymous) “I never signed anything either, never paid and lied to many times. He even had the audacity to offer me a prostitute for payment…..yeah real classy”

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Spray or Lotion

February 28, 2014 Kansas, Kansas City 36 8,423 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is the real Haley King who was previously put on here by someone clearly on drugs. Haley is a student who works to pay for her schooling and has a plan for her life. She is family oriented and a very sweet girl. I met her about a year ago when she was going through a rough time and I will be the first to say that I admire her as a role model and would hate for her to loose her job or take her own life from what was previously said about her. Loveee ya gurl!!!

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Malia Milliyon Is Kansas City’s Hottest Girl

February 27, 2014 Kansas City, The Dirty 56 101,994 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Malia Milliyon is the local Kansas City escort on cheap sites.  Says she is a girl but as advertised herself as a T-Girl, she has been kicked out of several local nightclubs for prostituting.  Stay away from her, I made the mistake in getting involved with her and it was a bad idea.

Every chick in KC looks like this… not a shocker.- nik

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DJ Dark

February 26, 2014 Kansas City 2 9,744 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, can you say want a b DJ this dude has to be the worst DJ in Kansas City all 4’9 lol pretty funny how everybody these days thinks there a The DJ this dude is wack!

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Holy More like Hoely

February 26, 2014 Kansas City 38 6,767 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Alyssa Crane and she has been on here before. This girl tries to be all chritian like and holy but she definitely is not! If anythign is slutty! She send my boyfriend snap chats and messages telling him how handsome he is and what not knowing damn well that we are together! She has a boyfriend and is still sending him stuff! She wears extremely way too much make up and goes over board on where to put her eye shadow. She does all this but then goes and posts something on facebook about being faithful, bible or something hypocritical. She needs to grow up and get over herself!

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Chad Trust Fund Scum

February 26, 2014 Kansas City 0 7,472 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy supposedly runs a company that daddy owns. But instead of running the place he’s more worried about sexually harassing the females that work in the show room. Texting them to send nude photos and even banging one of the females. Heard he promises iPhones vacations etc etc over their heads . Saw where one of my friends told him something and then didn’t come through with his promise. This guy is pure scum and I feel sorry for his wife. Time you get put in your place trust fund baby!

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Big Attitude, Small Greg

February 25, 2014 Kansas City 10 5,927 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this idiot’s name is Andrew Gomez. He is such a douchebag. He thinks he’s Gods gift to women when he is really just a liar and a womanizer. I dated him for about two months. He really had me fooled and he made me think he was really into me. All the while he was just using me for whatever he could. Before we slept together for the first time he would brag about being really good in bed. I also found out that was a lie too. Not only did he not know was he selfish during sex, he also has a very small weiner. He is such a loser. He is 22 years old and cant manage to save one red cent. Instead he just spends it at this trashy bar called Stix & Stones. Right now he is staying in Independence but has been known to hop from state to state to mooch off of whoever he can. He also told me that he actually slept with this girl that he claims as his “cousin”. Real winner right?? WRONG

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