KC Pepsi Queen

March 12, 2014 Kansas City, Would You? 46 11,033 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Jennifer Yates, the Queen of Coke. If you offer her a line, she will give you anything you ask for. She can be seen frequenting the clubs of downtown Kansas City. She is also one of the biggest whores around town. If you see her out, give her a try.

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Blue Eyed Bombshell

March 12, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita, Would You? 69 9,561 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girls name is Courtney Ann. She has a lame boyfriend but she is the most beautiful girl in this state. Would you?

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Ashlyn Galbraith

March 11, 2014 Kansas City 30 8,165 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ashlyn Galbraith is a 19 year old ex-stripper whore. Regretfully I dated her for about a week, but it didn’t work out because she couldn’t stop snapchatting naked pics to other dudes. If you’re in the independence or blue springs area, you’ve probably been there done that. If she looks familiar, you make recognize her as she is a stripper at the shady lady off prospect. Once she asked me how many girls I had been with, I told her, then asked her the same question, and she started crying and said she had no idea. At least she was honest? She’s just one of those chicks who will take tons of Xanax and drink and have sex with multiple guys in one night. Gross.

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Cindy Rodriguez McSkeezer Marries men for citizenship

March 11, 2014 Kansas City, Missouri 3 5,612 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her entire family are illegal immigrants. She married my friend for citizenship and left him within months of their wedding because she only used him to get herself legal. A $20,000 wedding. She told him they’d be together forever she never had sex with him but has plenty to go around for everyone else. She is such a whore, she has been with at least 10 guys in the last year while she is STILL MARRIED! She married the same guy twice and still isnt divorced after 2 years because her citizenship isn’t legal yet.

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Real Bum Ass

March 10, 2014 Kansas City 0 5,052 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Scotty the real bum ass neech this guy here you can find in the dirty north end setting up dealers and robbing them he claims to be real but he is nothin but a bum ass neech also heard he is a child molester so parents if you kick it with this loser watch your kids he also gave my friend the drd while he was dating Deleen flett must have got it from her dirty ass because she’s no better herself spreading her legs for Pepsi if your down with this guy watch out he will set u up trust me he’s shady.

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The Definition of Recidivism: Glen Cusimano

March 10, 2014 Kansas, Kansas City 71 8,739 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Kansas City (P&L district), I’m pretty sure that several of you have been informed about Mr.Cusimano’s recent ordeal against the P&L district by the local media and/or friends. This 40 year old “child” is nothing but a looser BIG TIME. His recent allegations against Cordish are ridiculous. He possesses an extensive criminal background including a federal charge for wire fraud (which he server 9 months in prison) and outstanding warrant for his arrest for fraud in Greene County, MO. He is what I term a “low-life shemale (masculine outside-feminine inside) gold digger”. I have personally witnessed Mr.Cusimano getting physically aggressive with patrons both African American and whites at Mosaic lounge on numerous occasions. He is an old man who has absolutely nothing going for his life and wants his financial looses to be reimbursed my people (tax payers) who have actually worked hard in a law abiding fashion to get to where they are now. This guys is a wanna be gangster/pro-boxer. He hangs around with dreadful individual such as Jonny Causevic. At this time, most of the negativity that is taking place at P&L (Rockbar, Mosaic, Hotel and Tengo Sed) are due to people assigned to management positions who have minimum experience on how to run a nightclub (The two faced Ron Martin, crippled Brain Collins, and heavy accent Carlos Falcon). I have visited all of these places multiple times and noticed that the employees who work at these clubs have little to no skills in the hospitality industry whatsoever. Lastly, I believe that Mr. Cusimano given his “checkered” background (which is public at Case.net) knew about this “rabbit” operation for a particular time frame and even participate fully in these incidents. I think that he feels disappointed and betrayed at Cordish by about the way he was terminated. As a result of Mr.Cusimano loosing his job as Manager and “Security Chief” at Mosaic he feels the need to get back at Cordish by revealing to the public what he witnessed at Mosaic as an employee. He should have quit immediately after he felt uncomfortable with the policies & procedures of the nightclub instead of waiting after he got fired to make his claim public.

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Renee Davis

March 9, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 9 9,687 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I am tired of this hooker. Her name is Renee Davis and she is constantly sleeping with old men to support herself. She is all over Instagram posting pictures of her going out on her escort dates. I have proof she is a hooker. When is she going to retire? She is getting old and her wigs need updating. She looks like a man and she is a joke just like that clown in her picture.

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Street Crumb Kasey Cavanaugh

March 8, 2014 Kansas City 5 9,431 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: It’s about damn time! someone put this slut on full blast. This is Kasey Cavanaugh that bitch is such a troublemaker and she is gross she drops like 1g of coke every other day and turning tricks in the back-streets in tenth ward of mckeesport, cutting lines with crystal kunf it’s really bonafide they are both admitted in and out of western psyche, kasey’s mom betty candy coats things acting like everything is okay with her daughter. kasey is gangbanging dudes in abandoned houses,she was kicked out of Founders Hall Middle School about 5 yrs in 2008 reasons why for harassing other kids, throwing things, beating up her teachers and she’d dropout of junior high of 2012 she is so uneducated it’s a damn shame she doesn’t know how to read or spell she only have an 9th grade education, she can’t get a job in anything physical because she is slow. Now she thinks she can make it as a pornstar she has a sextape leaked on the net called high life It’s not a private tape when she wants to be a pornstar, She stupid enough to film it and post that on the net!. She’s good at causing trouble with people,her attitude is horrible harassing people, she has no respect for her elders stealing out of family dollar and 7-eleven and even stealing out of people’s houses with Ryan Williams he’s in the sex tape with her. He was messing around with her when she was 15 when he was 23 That’s when started doing drugs from weed to meth now to cocaine she’s still turning tricks in the back-streets in tenth ward. This is all true don’t let her so called her innocent looks fool you! she’s 18 and a major drug addict she steals money from her mom.

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