Smells Like Smoke

May 27, 2014 Kansas City 72

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is nasty. she suck or f*ck you, your boy,your brother, cousin, father, just give her that cush and liquor. this broad is drunk, high 24/7. out with different dudes every weekend for free food and smoke.she post this disgusting selfie on facebook every single day. her face is no worth to looking at but she thinks she is the finest thing in kc. oh yea this broad like to blowing up your man’s phone it doesn’t matter what time of the day.she be calling texting bugging allday. asking for money, smoke, liquor, place to stay.if you run into to this broad just RUN!

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Cheating Kaylee Wenerstrom With A Tongue Ring

May 26, 2014 Kansas, Kansas City 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kaylee Wenerstrom. This chick will sleep with anyone that will stick it in her. She has slept around on her husband several times. She went to her slut friends house and slept with a guy named Travis while her husband was at home. Once a week she is talking to a new guy and “thinking” about leaving her husband for which ever dude she’s talking to for that week. She is disgusting and I know for a fact she has HPV. her whole family is disgusting alcoholics. Her mother is the same way. I guess the saying is true, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I am really surprised she hasn’t been posted before. She is NASTY!!!!

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KC’s Newest Hooker

May 23, 2014 Kansas City 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nasty snatch goes by the name of “LOTUS” on She changes her hair color all the time. Gentlemen pls get yourself checked as she is not clean….IV drug user! Bed bug ridden garbage trashy whore! Don’t pay her she’ll do it for free anyways…but get checked!

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POS Kansas State Football Player

May 23, 2014 Kansas City, Kansas State 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik  this tough guy likes to make fun of kids with disabilities, calling them names and leading the charge to cause them problems. I don’t think this is the kinda player Coach Snyder would want, he is a pour excuse for a man. Hope his kids have a disability when they are born and they suffer the same fate that the kid Logan Thompson that he is a sad little boy that will never be anything g in life.

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Not Paying Child Support

May 23, 2014 Kansas City 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: He is really showing off that new tattoo. Trying to be a Poser wannabe something. I thought Thug Life ended around 30 something and you start taking care of life and business like an adult.

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Grandsons Dad Not Paying Child Support

May 21, 2014 Kansas City 3


THE DIRTY ARMY: Please help me stop one of America’s largest growing problems. I choose this as my cause of the day. Below is a picture of a man that decided getting a NEW TATTOO was more important than taking care of his child support debt. The Quote says \”Keep Pride In Yourself” I know him personally he is my daughters ex husband, he is behind in child support to not only my daughter for my grandson, but also the mother of his other 2 sons for current and rears child support. All 3 of these children are costing unnecessary tax dollars because he is supposed to carry health care and pay support instead he works under the table for cash money. This leaves the burden of healthcare on the government. It also cost labor hours for the sheriff to pick up these fathers or mothers that don\’t pay their support, then to house them in county jail where they receive meals and shelter while a lot of children go with out those things because their mothers struggle. My daughter is lucky she has a hard working man in her life that has taken not only responsibility for her, but my grandson as well. There are men like him out there, but not a lot. Help me stop part of one of our nations largest growing problems. Men and women alike “if you are grown enough to have a child please support them.”

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No Love with a Rubber

May 21, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Jess R. and the only term suited for this lying, backstabbing, two-faced, drd infested meth whore is Sociopath!! She may look sweet and innoc3nt but this bag whore is anything but… she has herpes and doesnt even tell the guys she is dating, even going as far to tell them they dont Love her if they want to use a condom!!! Obviously something is seriously wrong with this ratchet whore if she has no problem spreading her disease just so she can feel like shes not the only one with it,,,, selfish b!#@h!! She only thinks about herself and talks s#!t about EVERYONE she calls a friend!! She wont think twice about stabbing a friend in the back and is the most convincing liar you will ever come across, DO NOT TRUST this herpes patient and do not fall for her lies and deception! She shows no remorse or any signs of human feelings when it comes to what Jess wants she doesnt care who she hurts in the processs. This twacked out whore needs to stop picking at her face and back andstart being honest with the men she is jumping in to bed with!!

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And you call yourself a Mom

May 21, 2014 Kansas City 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Finally the truth comes out. Let\’s get started… first off your are the most ugliest person inside and out. You only care about urself. Your a SNITCH! You helped k**ll Denise Streeter and u walk away with clean hands. Hmm … wonder how she got out of that one??. You are a nasty slut. New boyfriend everytime her old one goes to jail. She will do ANYTHING to take a hit off that glass pipe. You take your 12 year old daughter to dope houses and if she\’s not with u, then you drop her off with ANYONE carelessly. LIKE I SAID SHE COULD GIVE A.FCK LESS ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BESIDES HER DAMN SELF. Shes a liar and a manipulator. a HORRIBLE MOTHER GET OFF THE GLASS PIPE!!!!!!!!!! Someone needs to set ur ass straight. U don\t deserve ur kids. Ur the BIGGEST P.O.S … and she will NEVER amount to shit. TRY DOING SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE YOUR OVER 30 & HAVENT GOT A DAMN THING TO SHOW FOR YOURSELF. THE ONLY THING SHE EVER LEARNED TO DO WAS LAY ON HER BACK AND SPREAD HER LEGS … WIDE OPEN SPACES.. Want a quick fuck? CRYSTAL WILKERSON WANTS ANY DICK AND EVERY DICK.

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