June 6, 2014 Kansas City 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey, this is my soon to be ex husband curtis anderson. He cant keep a job. Hes a cheater. A liar. And a dead beat father. He walked out on me as a teenager and hasnt been involved in his sons life only but 8 months since hes tuened 5 and walked out again. Hes narcistic impulsive liar and a manwhore. Ladies beware in the kansas city mo area. Hes an drd dead beat and shpports non of his children. Oh yes. I aint his only mother of his children. Youve been warned ladies in this area. Hes a low life p.o.s and cant do shit but flip burgers for his uncle at big burger and is a total mamas boy. She will act like she likes you and cares then betray you. Trust me his mom lois anderson is white trash as well. And his bipolar crazy ass sister whose the dead beat mom. Brother and aister are deadbeat parents. Watch out for this family. They will fck up your life. Watch out ladies, do not give this man the time of day

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Mr. Feminine

June 2, 2014 Kansas City 159

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Kansas City (P&L District) I hope that all of you are ready for an awesome summer, but first, before we begin to indulge ourselves with the warm weather let me help you Kansas Citians oust this two faced, back stabbing, still hiding in the closet, Ron Martin aka Mr. Feminine. The conniving child pictured above has a tendency to mistakenly believe that he manages both Mosaic Lounge and Hotel Nightclub, but in reality the only thing he fails to realize that what he does manage is to pervertedly point his junk towards the same sex. Ron Martin’s immature practices leads others not trust him. He will act like your best buddy and yet stab you in your back as soon as he sees an opportunity to advance his agenda(Greg & Engelo be careful). Here is another good example of his two-faced personality. On Mr. Feminine’s FB page he criticizes nightclub patrons at Mosaic and Hotel about the way they dress, their tattoos, and how they are wannabes. Furthermore, on his FB page he proclaims how no one has the balls to approach him and say something negative to his face. Look here kid, I suggest to you that if you don’t enjoy the types of people you come into contact with at Hotel or Mosaic, then I advise you to travel back to where you came from which is Sioux Falls, SD and start performing your awful bartending skills over there. Finally, Miss Ron Martin, shut your mouth because you’ll never be the man your mother is and we dont welcome you back to KCK for the handball tournaments.

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Cassie Cunningham

June 2, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is Cassandra Cunningham or Cassie. She is a druggie skank. She will bang any dude that pays attention to her. She is only 19 but claims to be 22. She got caught using drugs with her cousin and he died during the use of such. She has an extensive criminal record. She also will cause a major scene if she doesnt get her way. She needs a good boot across the face. She even got involved with a 40 year old man in attempt to get plastic surgery. She also stole my dudes credit card and maxed it out 10k worth of online crap.

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I & I Agency: Working for Your money

May 29, 2014 Kansas City, Olathe 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: WARNING about I & I Agency in Kansas City, Missouri. I am submitting this complaint in an effort to protect other models and actors who may deal with this company and avoid having a series of bad experiences like I did. The owners of I & I Agency, LLC are Mark Anthony Jones and Clark Cordova. When I attended their agency interview and orientation they tried to sell me many things; which included a participation at the Global Stars Network Cruise, which Mark Jones admits he owns. The cruise was explained at a cost of over $5,000, not including airfare and transportation as well as a hotel stay to arrive one day early before getting on the ship. Not for me… I was not offered any bookings for the first six months after I signed/ represented I & I Agency and the only email booking I received was one that I inquired and was promptly denied. After waiting the amount of time that I did I could see that this agency was not working for me and I believe it was because I would not spend money doing all of the “recommended” training and workshops that they were offering to make money from me. I then sent a notice to terminate my agency contract with them via email. Mark Anthony Jones told me that I could not get out of my contract and immediately followed by threatening me with legal action.It is quite obvious to me that I & I Agency makes most of their profits selling castings, cruises, workshops and classes, expensive photo shoots, and more. Beware, there is always more to tell…

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Shelby Tribbles

May 28, 2014 Kansas City 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Shelby tribbles she goes by Barbie you can find her fat ass with any black guy that is willing to deal with her she is crazy and needs help she is the one touching the other girls but she is really fake my dumb black ass dated her for a min she’s crazy and she thinks she is so hot what do you think

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Smells Like Smoke

May 27, 2014 Kansas City 72

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is nasty. she suck or f*ck you, your boy,your brother, cousin, father, just give her that cush and liquor. this broad is drunk, high 24/7. out with different dudes every weekend for free food and smoke.she post this disgusting selfie on facebook every single day. her face is no worth to looking at but she thinks she is the finest thing in kc. oh yea this broad like to blowing up your man’s phone it doesn’t matter what time of the day.she be calling texting bugging allday. asking for money, smoke, liquor, place to stay.if you run into to this broad just RUN!

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Cheating Kaylee Wenerstrom With A Tongue Ring

May 26, 2014 Kansas, Kansas City 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kaylee Wenerstrom. This chick will sleep with anyone that will stick it in her. She has slept around on her husband several times. She went to her slut friends house and slept with a guy named Travis while her husband was at home. Once a week she is talking to a new guy and “thinking” about leaving her husband for which ever dude she’s talking to for that week. She is disgusting and I know for a fact she has HPV. her whole family is disgusting alcoholics. Her mother is the same way. I guess the saying is true, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I am really surprised she hasn’t been posted before. She is NASTY!!!!

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KC’s Newest Hooker

May 23, 2014 Kansas City 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nasty snatch goes by the name of “LOTUS” on backpage.com. She changes her hair color all the time. Gentlemen pls get yourself checked as she is not clean….IV drug user! Bed bug ridden garbage trashy whore! Don’t pay her she’ll do it for free anyways…but get checked!

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