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Pepsi for Bimbo

December 19, 2014 Kelowna, Penticton 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Janine Stangoe seemed like a nice girl, easy and cheap, but nice. Until she got waaay too clingy and out of control. Guys (and girls) stay far away!! She’s uber emotionally unstable and snorts enough coke to kill a horse. She’ll snort and party all night and sleep all dasy and then cry to you about how her on again off again bf named shane |(who was pimping her out of various motels) talks shit about her and leaves her and only comes back when he needs money. has no place to live and begs her exs to sleep on their couches. And she wonders why her family wants noyhing to do with her. Girl, the best thing you can do for your poor kids (shes gpt two) and the rest of penticton is OD. Seriously just go. So happy I didn’t waste more money and time on you

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Aniko Fatass

December 18, 2014 Kelowna 8


THE DIRTY ARMY: NIk here’s all you can eat restaurant worst nightmare,this 400 pound cow, is chugly as hell, always single, cause no guy will date her, always just a wet hole one night stand,very judgmental stuck up bitch. shames people that use atm’s without cars, tell’s woman that they skinny so no one will love them, listen up no one likes fat woman, and that guy you wanted he wanted me more then you. you ugly chewbacca looking c*nt, so how about you get out of my town cause i run this place skank,

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Backpage Mutt

December 18, 2014 Kelowna 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this poor excuse for a woman is named Nesa, she constantly post her drug use and sexual exploits of having most guys in her pants ever, She is the smelliest skank ever, smells like fish and wears hipster glasses that she thinks is cool. and a pathetic nose ring, anyone that has nose rings are losers.she post garbage marilyn monroe and tattoo woman garbage on facebook, no one cares you fat pig stop posting garbage, no one cares you made $1000 in one day off backpage. she only charges a $100 a hour on backpage and does greek and bbbs, and bbbj, and cim. this is a piece of trash men please stay away

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Who is Cole Matchett

December 18, 2014 Kelowna 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: My mom left her computer up and I saw a random fb message from this guy. He said hes 19 but she’s in her 40s. Is he a scammer trying to rip off older women? What 19 year old would want to hook up with someone in their 40s other than to try to rip them off?

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Karma Is A Bitch

December 18, 2014 Kelowna, The Dirty 97

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, most of Kelowna knows her, some of you have seen her on here multiple times already, and to those of you who don’t know her… you do NOT want this POS in your life. Dawn is THE biggest waste of skin created on this planet. Get on her bad side, she will ruthlessly f*ck your life up.

What is she smoking?- nik


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Junked out Deadbeat

December 15, 2014 Kelowna 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dead beat mother if you could call her that has three kids with different dads and lost them all right away her daughter is five her son is one month and the other one is 3 she smoked meth and herroin and was an escort on the streets of Kelowna while being pregnant with all her kids. She has been clean for three month and calls her self an amazing mother it’s sad and pathetic I feel bad for her kids and the dad that knocked her up I would have thrown her down a flight of stairs. She has fcked all of westbank and Kelowna and is a herpie infested slim ball. I wouldn’t fck her with condoms and a bag on my dick she is greasy as fuk and such a low life she even moved away from Kelowna because she had no more dick to infect and needed money to support her habits. I feel bad for those kids so sad. Kyla your a whore and I feel bad for Marc your boyfriend who has to sleep with you enjoy my sloppy seconds bitch! He is the only reason your even allowed any where near your kids because he isn’t a dope head and had money cuz he works and is supporting you. Let’s see how long you keep this real job before you go back to stretching your gaping vagina for a living haha your a dead beat just go ***l yourself at least your kids could grow up with out you instead of you being in and out of there life you don’t deservw them they need a real mom

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Davin Seagris

December 15, 2014 Kelowna 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: So I met this guy in the summer that just passed. And I met him at his house, in westbank. He had two roommates, i think. Anyways this guy raped my friend and then tried to sexually assault my friend samie when she was drunk. He does ALOT of coke, and has a pocketpussy that his roommate josh showed us when he was passed out. He is just a huge creep and I heard he left kelowna, good thing since he would probably try and rape me too. Gross as fuck this guy is.

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Kelsea Whoreson

December 15, 2014 Kelowna 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: hello kelowna and nik this is kelsea morrison maneater she thinks she will use you for everything you got. she dates guys and after 2 months usually cheats and sets up there bf. telling other ppl bullshit stories theres been months ive seen her fuck 11 guys in 1 month.even in high school she fucked every guy set em up got them jumped arms broken etc. beware shes had drds shes only 19,soon to be beach bunny lol. shes backstabbed all her friends and rips all them off.her last bf she lived she got him home invaded. shes a low life scum using whore be careful kelowna

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