Joel Landry

September 18, 2014 Kelowna 84

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dirty Army Meet joel Landry, he raped me at a party and I want to know the rest of the dirt people have on him. Ive hard hes done this to other girls before so heres the warning to any girls watch out he carries handcuffs with him and is known to hit on underage girls

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Homewrecker Murphy

September 15, 2014 Kelowna 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Jessica Murphy a home wrecking dirty person. She’s passed around c**p in pen city. She took him away from his preg gf. Cheated on her husband whom she has 2 kids with. Lives on child support and welfare. Her new man works out of town while she’s home partying her face off taking different guys home every night. He’s taking care of her. I guess her and her new bf are a great pair. She was looking for a new baby daddy to her 2 kids and has him wrapped around her dirty finger

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Manipulative Campbell

September 15, 2014 Kamloops, Kelowna 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lena Campbell, This girl is probably the biggest bitch in vernon. She is incredibly manipulative and just down right horrible. She takes advantage of all her friends and expects them to do everything for her, but cant be bothered to help her friends when they need her.. She is also a slut.. she treats her boyfriends like straight up shit and flirts with and takes boys home while in relationships, she leads on boys, excepting them to wait for her and continue to do everything for her while she is out being a whore. Not to mention she is bipolar beyond belief.. be warned and stay away

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Ian Campbell Adams

September 9, 2014 Calgary, Kelowna 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies in the Kelowna and Calgary areas: this is Ian Campbell Adams, a manipulative piece of skum. He will sweep you off your feet, make you feel comfortable, get you to open up, tell you he loves you and he will also claim to have a strong career and life goals. He is smarter then the average bear, and will take his time slowly screwing you over. Don’t let him fool you, he uses women for their money and sex. He runs around with different women stuffing as much cocaine up his nose and liquor down his throat as possible, all while his four month pregnant girlfriend sits at home without the slightest idea. He is out on a 10,000$ bail for major bank fraud. He will tell you that he paid the bail himself, but in reality his girlfriend paid for it, and also gives him a 100$/week allowance. Most pathetic disgusting human being I have ever met.

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September 8, 2014 Kelowna 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Seen here is kelownas nastiest trashy skank isabelle (jizzabelle) johnson. This whore has slept with more +30 year old men than i can count on all my fingers and toes. She gets drunk and smokes meth at queensway everyday waiting for her crack dealer bf to show up and take her to some nasty greasy skid parties every single day. She has had 4 pregnancies in which she killed the baby each time cuz she couldnt stop snorting meth to save her life. She will approach random middle aged men and ask them to get her drunk and take her home in exchange for sexual favours. Ive known this greasy skid hoe for about 3 years and ive seen her sober twice, and even then she was crying on the floor cuz she wanted something to snort up her nasty fcking huge jew nose. Oh yeah and i almost forgot, she has slept with over 15 of my friends bfs including mine of 4 years. I have never even seen this crusty slut without a cigarette in her drd infected mouth. She suck on those things like their her crack dealersdick!she even sent pics of her disgusting warty snootch to my bf!!! Ive even seen pictures of her passed out at patrys with random guys sticking their dicks in her face!!!! This bitch HAS to be stopped before she spreads her drds all over kelowna!!!!

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Clubrat Hayden

September 8, 2014 Kelowna, Vancouver 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: #ClubLevel #Kids #DRAMA #LMFAO #LadiesOfLevel #HSkids # Haters #Jealousy #HorribleFigures #KeepHatin (you won’t bother me  Your bc left you and your dad don’t want to deal w ur BS drama. Cnt needs a good ass beatin to shrink that head bc she is a nobody and has a horrible figure to be walkin around in bra and boy shorts.. REALITY CHECK you DON’T look as good as you think you do plus being a bitch won’t get you anywhere. Level turning into OTR bc of the teenagers.. They lost all the good old school crew it’s not the same anymore.

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Legendary Local Beach Bunnie

September 3, 2014 Kelowna, Lethbridge 123

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik Meet Anna Van Gool she likes dumping her kid off to others so she can go Suck on Some Smellys down at Beach Bunnies with her bestee Elyse Jean McElroy typical Kelowna white trash mommy just add some booze and a few pulls from a crack pipe and she will be your Honey for the Night Check out her pig room her kid is probably buried under the trash on her bed while she takes endless selfies Her Tongue is Blue from infection of countless BBFS sessions she wants to be Bunnie of The Month Soooo Bad they have a saying in Hollywood even bad advertising is good advertising so Nik please help her out Here she is with Beach Bunnie champ Dallas BEACH BUNNIES FOR LIFE !! Ride Bunnies Ride ! Keep on SUCKING umm I mean trucking Is it true that you get a extra 25 dollars at beach bunnies to swallow ?

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Lorrat Disgrace

August 26, 2014 Kelowna 181

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Lorran Grace. LorRAT is an old dried up a needle using meth junkie who sells shitty meth to keep her disgusting habit. She bangs dope between her toes so no one will see the marks on her arms. I hear she sleeps with her dealer to get an extra discount…. even though the shit she is slangin is gross. Shes slept with most of Penticton and half of Kelowna. She’ll fuck almost anyone, married, single, doesn’t matter as long as she can get some jib or cash, shes down. Shes a theif and a rat. Word is, shes actually a paid informant and takes regular trips down to Kelowna to meet with her cop buddy. Way to go… You know you made it when your an old shriveled up piece of shit junkie. Fck this lady is naaaasssty

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