Crystal Sunn

October 27, 2014 Kelowna 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this ratchet hoe bag, is the nastiest bitch I know she has a new guy over every night, all she does is drink and runs her mouth all over town thinking shes tough shit, her make up makes her look like a 70 year old transvestite Crystal sunn please you sound like a cheep two cent porn star. She walks around thinking everyone thinks she is hot.. BITCH take the 10 pounds of cheap make up off your ugly face. She is such a rotten lying FAT Skank! Her life is a lie, even her name is fake because she has ripped people off and is scared. She has been with so many guys she can take a fist up in that gross shit! That’s what you call a succubus!!

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Kelowna Womanizer

October 23, 2014 Kelowna 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is the worst player ever, Ryan Lussier, I don’t even think he knows what game he he’s playing when he try’s to hook up a girls best friend but gets shut down hard, doesn’t even have a his own place to hook up at and think it’s ok to just take a girl up to a secluded area to fck in his shitty ass truck, like grow up, he’s not attractive at all but sleeps with probably most of kelowna god knows how he does it, he cheats repeatedly on girlfriends and is very disrespectful behind girls backs, he plays girls by sweet talking them, so if you want an std go head you’ll just end up another notch on his belt

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Greasy Cheater

October 20, 2014 Kelowna 16

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik! this is Robert, Rupert or Omnitrex with as many faces as names this kids a dirtbag. This little wanna-be DJ/man whore cheated on his underage fiance with a dirty Kelowna girl. Goes on a girl binder constantly bragging about three somes and screwed this girl screwed that girl. Hed be pathetic enough to complain about how he wished he’d never done it when in reality he means wished he hadn’t been caught, because I know for fact that wasn’t the first time he cheated… along with being a cheater this kid is the biggest dirtiest thief stole money from promoters ticket sales, stole a huge sum of money from a festival, stole rent money off his roomates as well as games and other accessories which he admitted to doing for drugs after he denied and swearing to god he didn’t steal even when he had a piece of stolen property in his hand still denied being a thief even brought his mother into it just to admit to being the thief and start crying… worse of all, all the people he stole from, lies, and talks shit about are the only people who were there for him before he had to runaway to his mommy in Kamloops when he got caught screwing them over. This kids a disgrace if you know this kid don’t date him he will cheat. Don’t let him touch your laptop he will f*ck it up. Keep an eye on all your dj gear when he’s around because if he breaks something he will walk away and not say a thing about it. This greasy ass kid will only bring you trouble betrayal and a puppy face sob story.

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Loves Underage Ravers

October 17, 2014 Kelowna, Vancouver 71

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik! This is Rachel (Alice Dee) she is kelownas worst promoter. She is the dirtiest whore in the rave scene in Kelowna. While setting up for one of her events she cheated on her fiance. Her life consists of drugs, alcohol and partying with underage kids. Most of the events here are 19+ but because they host the worst parties ever all they can attract are underage kids. Their event has a fan page over 2030 “fans” and becausee of that they think they are the best promoters in kelowna. Her and her fiance are so stupid because out of those 2030 “fans” they cant even get 5% to show up at their events. This summer their event was so horrible that they faked being robbed so that they wouldn’t have to pay any of their artists. They also hacked into my facebook account and posted that I robbed them so that others would believe their story. She is so clueless as to where her reputation lies. Until then enjoy your underage friends.

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Old Wench

October 15, 2014 burnaby, Kelowna 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this 40 year old thing is a ratchet slut! She is away “working” in Kelowna right now… so she tells her bf Cal Cairns (whom she met on his drug line as a customer), really shes there to see some other guy shes fucking behind his back. She won’t let her bf even see any of his friends, shes a controlling bitch. She is only using him for his money and is fucking around on him anyways. Sasha here is a newsflash for you, all of your bfs friends HATE you. They cannot wait until you are out of his life for good! Your nothing but a druggy whore trying to use him for drugs and money, she also used to be an escort back in Cali. Sasha do us all a favour and go back to the piece of shit hole u crawled out of!

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How to Catch a Predator

October 14, 2014 Kelowna, Penticton 72


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this piece of shit pedophile f**got is Mark Lanchick. He is a bum and an alcoholic claims he is disabled because he is fcking lazy and refuses to work. Funny that you cant work but you can work on vehicles, go mud bogging, and so on. nice fake cane you dirty bum. spends his didisability cheques on drugs and alcohol and uses it to lure young girls over to his dump of a house and tries to take advantage of them. He is dating a young desperate skank who is just a little older than his own daughter, who i might add just had a bunch of nude pictures posted to facebook. Shes gross. He has multiple kids by multiple crack heads. He used to ride his bike to rutland school to try to pick up young girls when he was like 30. He is to goddamn lazy to shut the gate and his dog got out and got hit by a car, then cried he didnt have money and begged for donations to pay the vet bill. Get a job you no money bum. Dont own animals or have kids if you cant afford to care for them. Nice to see my tax money is being spent so well, hope you enjoyed wings and beer on me. You are disgusting.

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Donovan Macleod

October 14, 2014 Kelowna 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies in BC and AB: BEWARNED! Meet Donovan Tyler Jordan Macleod aka “Mickey Knox” (fb name). He is 5’7″, has green eyes and his hair is usually either red or dark brown. He is a lying, guitar playing, golddigging, manipulative junkie piece of scum. He currently resides in Kelowna at the moment, but likes to travel around. At first, he will sweep you off your feet with songs and poetry, make you feel comfortable, get you to open up, tell you he loves you and then later on he’ll do things like act super depressed all the time to make you want to help him and prey on your emotions. After that, he will tell you he “doesn’t know why he feels like this lately and just wants to be happy and have a good job and a good life” and claim to have a strong career and life goals blah blah blah. DON’T LET HIM FOOL YOU though ladies-not ONLY does this asshole use women for their money and sex HE DOES IT WHILE PRETENDING TO BE STRAIGHT, “SECRETLY” WHORING HIMSELF OUT ON CRAIGSLIST TO OTHER GUYS and STEALING from ALL HIS FRIENDS to support his habits!!! He runs around pretending not to be a junkie while SHOOTING AS MUCH METH AS HE CAN into himself and as much liquor down his throat as possible, all while his loving girlfriend sits at home without the slightest idea thinking that he is travelling for work. TRUST ME-I HAVE THE PROOF. SOMEBODY-DO THE WORLD AND FAVOUR AND SHUT THIS GUY DOWN. Most pathetic disgusting waste of a human being I have ever met.

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Plastic Raquel

October 13, 2014 Kelowna 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh, Raquel. This is not pretty! She used to be soooo beautiful. But her new sense of ‘style’ or whatever this is called, is making her look absolutely atrocious! The fuzzy caterpillar lashes, matted out lips, overly obviously caked on foundation, etc… There’s nothing attractive about this look. Please, Raquel, go back to slightly more natural. As the years go by, she’s beginning to look like a middle-aged, bored plastic housewife who sits there and cakes on makeup all day. This is just awful…

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