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The boy next door

November 25, 2014 Kelowna, Victoria 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy might come across as sweet and genuine, but the quietest one in the room is the one to watch. He passes off any involvement, in anything as a coincidence.. too convenient. Disappearances, Drugs, etc. he always seems to have an excuse, and a fake last name. His real last name leads to connections in Kelowna, international drug convictions.. great family. There is always a nice outfit, or car overshadowing the truth behind this lying piece of shit, normal people dont have guns and gloves hidden in their car seats. Keith you are outed, and lucky jail time has evaded you this long. it all catches up with you buddy..

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Slooty Sammy

November 24, 2014 Kelowna 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Samantha Hill as a lot of people know her as Samantha Mclean, She not one to go un noticed with her fat gut hanging over her pants and shirt rolled up to under her titts, stretched out all over. She has recently become a mom SHOCKER anyone would have a kid with that….. she is an awful mother to her child but claims to everyone shes so great. She has hade S.S in her childs life since he was 2 months old because of her disgusting way of living. She cheats on her husband through the computer but what ever he does the same thing he\’s just as a bad person and a loser as she is. She thinks shes the hottest thing on the planet but if she could only smell herself she would see why no one really likes her. She has her titts hanging out on almost all her photos but no one can tell her YUCK with out her thinking they are the crazy ones. She spends most of her child tax on booze for herself and just gets f*cked up for a good two weeks after pay day till she has no money and has to constantly borrow money from who ever she can, even strange guys on Facebook. She is a low dog everyone keep your children away she will most likely harm them. LOOK OUT…….

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Shawnna Michelle is a Theif

November 24, 2014 Kelowna 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: well it’s shawnna the whore. miss yellow teeth fishy smelling vagina is back to her thief and slutty ways,.this whore likes to be a homewrecker, if a man has a ring, she’s on him like white on rice, she likes go clubbing and steal money and drugs anything she can get her grubby hands on.she’s a foul smelling nasty easy woman, hear her talking to friends bragging about a gangbang she had other day with no condoms,she’s been pregnant 4 times, everytime she didn’t know who father was,she has abortions all the time, men stay away from this worse then ebola slimy ho,

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Crying Little Baby

November 24, 2014 Kelowna 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this little loser is the biggest baby in Kelowna. She continually complains about her life on facebook, puts pictures of herself crying over a bf she was with maybe 2 months and saw maybe once a week and acting like her life is over. She tells guys she’s pregnant when they try and break up with her, and goes to the doctor or hospital because she’s looking for pity. She needs to grow the hell up and stop wasting hospital resources, and peoples time. STAY AWAY from her guys, she’s an 18 year whiny, needy, child.

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November 19, 2014 Kelowna 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is one Kelownas biggest sluts! Brittany Fry. She’ll get with any guy that’ll give her attention she reaks of desperation. SUPER crazy and just plain fcking ignorant! This little cunt talks shit about everybody and she’s bragged about having gonorrhea multiply times in front of people! She’s also told me other drdS she’s had. This chick is so disgusting. Keep your dirty legs closed you whore!

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Summerland Slore

November 19, 2014 Kelowna, Penticton 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik, so this summerland homewrecking slut amber coltrin is one of the dirtest bitches i have ever met, she got pig roasted by two of the dirtest guys out there and thats not even the bad part… shes proud of it and she was only 14 at the time!! do not associate yourself with this girl she will do nothing but fuck your guy and talk shit behind your back. amber wonders why she doesnt have any friends and no one likes her but shes a twofaced dirt bag bitch. she would do anything to ruin your relationship because shes so unhappy with herself, get a hobby b*tch! not to mention her dirty ass nudes that everyone has recived and seen. talk about dirt sl*t, karmas a bitch.

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Kelsey Mercer

November 18, 2014 Calgary, Kelowna 68


THE DIRTY ARMY: Inside tip for the rest of you, take fair warning with this one…for ones who know her,not a big suprise. Those who don’t well here she is. - getting kicked out of SHSS for getting caught Fcking on the toilet - gang bang by Selkirk saints - 4 some at Shambhala- cheated on her fiancee multiple times - going to concerts and sucking the Dicks of band members - bad coke and alchol problem -sucks dick for free drugs -does lines of coke off of guys dicks -hooked up with multiple guys in one night -she is super fake. -all that hair is fake hair. Weave and extensions. -fake eyelashes and fake complexion -she is full of cellulite and stretch marks cuz she is a fat girl trying to be skinny -throws up all her food -looks gross naked -horrible in bed and at giving blowjobs.-loose as hell and her vagina smells like something crawled up there and died! Nik you gotta help with this infestation and shut her down.

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K-town Pedo

November 17, 2014 Kelowna 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. this is adam he lives in Kelowna and hits on 14 to 17 year old girls and buys them beer and smokes weed with them to try and sleep with them. he is 26 years old and always brags about sleeping with little girls and i have also seen him do it as well. he showers once a month and almost always wears the same dirty clothes. I am putting him on the dirty so all the lg’s out there can be aware of him. he thinks it’s okay to sleep with 14 year old’s cause he is slow in the head but its still not cool. beware kelowna. this kid is a SLOTH!. DONT TRUST HIM OR TELL HIM ANYTHING CAUSE WHEN HE GETS MAD AT YOU HE WILL RAT YOU OUT!.

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