Sociopathic Dave Wilson

April 24, 2014 Kingston 4 6,489 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dave Wilson met a single mother of 3 young daughters(5,11,13) on welfare Nov.2002 online.She lived in Ottawa & he in Kingston.After about 5mo’s compelled them to move to his hometown,because Dave couldn’t get a job without knowing someone,as he never completed highschool,apparently he’s too smart for it.They got married 2006..& in 2012 he was caught spying on the youngest in the tub at 5am,bcuz she was sick..the oldest had moved out by this time.The middle girl thot she had caught him 5mo’s before,but it was so coincidental that she couldn’t prove it,the mom said to pay attention & that she would too,bcuz the youngest loves him so much that she wouldn’t believe them.The mom & the two youngest spent a few weeks in interval house during xmas after filing a report.No charges were laid due to lack of solid evidence.When asked by the detective if she(youngest)how positive between 1 & 10 was she it was Dave.She was in shock & she had the flu, she ended up saying 8, he needed a 10 to press charges.Dave over the 10yrs mentally & emotionally separated the mom from her 2 youngest who are now 16 and 22.After the incident,he again lured the youngest the next yr when she turned 16.Knowing her vulnerability saying it was her moms fault.After much research I have determined Dave Wilson is a sociopathic sexual predator.He has completely followed techniques that one uses in order to gain access.He now has a g/f w/a kid in Kingston & gets the youngest to babysit, to gain trust and then deceive

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Mackenzie Trenchard

April 24, 2014 Kingston 6 7,669 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This here folks Is A Mackenzie Trenchard , Very rare and elusive species of Whoresinballiolos as they where hunted in the 1700 for Spreading disease and Famon, they tend to keep to Dark And Merky Places afraid of light and anything resembling cleanliness, She Covers a Large territory of the Male population and very temperamental towards Other Mackenzii Trenchards, If there is a Kenzii In your area call your nearest Hazzmac Unit as she is Radiactive with in 100 feet Warning sights are fowl smells and a clapping sound at approach, Her Odor is pungent and Fishy She does not have a mateimg season as her legs are always Open, She was A loner growing up, Abused by her alpha male father who would smake her and the Alpa female around, She Hangs With Child Molesters , Named Josh and Puts her Children In danger, She carries A rare form of Flesh eating disease that causes her to have an enlarged for head and Mangeld Face , If you see a Kenzii trenches do not be afraid to shoot on site as she May spread ill fortune o any one close to her , she uses. People. Treats them like shit and has no respect for anyone or understand how people helped her. I once met a Kenzii and have drd because of my encounter. Be safe and stay away from this Nasty Ass Cum Dumpter who should simply End her disputing miserable life.

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Aleria Bishop

April 24, 2014 Kingston 5 9,859 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I honestly don’t even have to write anything here, Kingston will do it for me! We all know the infamous Aleria Bishop.. Why isn’t she on here?!

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Miranda Morey

April 23, 2014 Kingston 14 8,660 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this ditch pig here,is the finest around. shes nothing but a “wolf” crier! she tries to get with guys who has gf’s and families… she doesn’t know the word NO… and should be outed… she owes alot of people money ! she claims to have guys at her beck and call! she harasses them and doesn’t let up .. she tries to get what she wants and it doesn’t matter who is on the other end. Nik this B***H has a wake up calls but shes so stupid to see it! she has had her fair share of people telling her to back off and get a life but still nothing.. she has so many drd’s she should be a walking poster for them .. LADIES WATCH YOUR MEN ! shes a bar sloot at the local pubs here in Kingston and claims her best friend which is a bigger pig than her is at fault for all her dirty work … nice friend eh ! MIRANDA MOREY GET A LIFE YOU SKUZ!!!! EWWWW PUKE

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Ryan Major

April 23, 2014 Kingston 6 5,461 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dude sleeps with teenage girls 15 and up aka shawna kelmen Also sells drugs outa his noms house with his Auster there that has unknown mental disorders pipe girl cant talk all she can do is scream and point out ass movie and alao his mother kathy major threatens her constantly like really sens her to a home where she won’t be stuck in her piss and shit all day inhailing pot smoke from both your kids honestly it’s your whole family who should be on here treating poor Ricky like that you all should be charged

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Cottage Cheese Crystal

April 23, 2014 Kingston 8 7,690 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik meet crystal bush ! This chick here is a Nast me*h head pig she is such a ratchet girl she tries WAY to hard ! She likes to sleep with men for meth and money ! She also likes to through them all in jail ! Preety sure there is not one guy she has been with she hasn’t charged yet ! She gets jealous cause they move to bigger and better things and she gets right jealous! She lost her daughter to CAS because she beats her and chooses men and meth over her kids ! Thank god her mom has full custody ! She use to be huge but all the drugs made her all saggy it’s disgusting when she walks it looks like she has a gastro bypass surgery she is so saggy ! She wears things she “thinks” she looks good I. But really it’s gross as fck! For example look you can see the Nast dimples in her legs through a picture that’s when you know it’s bad ! She’s a nasty needle poking junkie ! She would get her ex boyfriend Taylor to letter fuck all kinds of men for dope when she was 8 months pregnant !!! Disgusting eh ! I remember one time her little girl was like 3 she dumped bleach and stuff all over herself and crystal just put dry clothes on her didn’t change her soaked diaper full of bleach an smacked her in the head ! Like honestly she thinks she is mother of the mother even though she gets other people to do her piss test cause hers will come up dirty! She’s a doth bag who deserves to rot.

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Fluid Night Club Alcoholic Owner Preetam Dadiala

April 23, 2014 Kingston 18 5,521 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Preetam Dadiala is one sack of shit. He runs his daddies night club called Fluid in Kingston but all he does is drink and roofie girls drinks and take advantage of them. I used to buy him drinks all the time and he never bought any for me this cheapo. He is from Pakistan and stinks bad. Preetam walks around acting tuff like he owns Kingston but I seen him get his ass whooped several times. If you want watered down drinks and to snort some drugs go to Fluid night club he will be happy to sell you sum.

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Halfway House Bobbie-Joe

April 23, 2014 Kingston 26 6,322 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Its time that Kingston’s biggest, nastiest “halfway house whore” was exposed!! This dirty little trick is full of disease. You name it this bitch has it!! And there is not enough meds to be curing it!! She has had more balls in her mouth this week alone then the game Hungry, Hungry Hippos since it was first invented!! She’s a regular at Raxx and works at the Plaza Gentle Men’s Club, giving trips around the world (as she says) in the VIP room for pills!! And she totally believes that the term Yolo is a reason enough to be a slut! She likes to walk around acting like her shit don’t stink and that is she something to be worried about but trust me when I say she stinks!! Rotten corpses are less offensive! She is a regular visitor to the half-way houses and homeless shelters looking for her next future ex! She will suck and fuck anything and everything that she can get her hands on. She is an outstanding joke with all the guys there!! She is a “for-sure” thing! Bobbie the Blow Queen. Bobbie Hoe. She also claim to be some sort of social worker, stripping and escorting is social work?? Just a little tip for you, you nasty bitch you ain’t shit. YOUR JUST A FOOL!! YOUR A NO BODY GOING NO WHERE! And its time someone knocks your gross saggy ass off the stage and into reality. And by the way, Marg Simpson called and wants her hair style back. And my camel wants his toe back!! “MOOSE KNUCKLE”!! Class not Trash, sorry you got that backwards!!

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