Kingston | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Rob Lanteigne

December 4, 2014 Kingston 208

THE DIRTY ARMY: Rob Lanteigne is the owner of Overtime Sports Bar on Bath road. On December 2nd I was at his bar. I was already drunk when I showed up and his girlfriend Tina served me about another ten pints to the point I was almost blackout drunk. At the end of the night we were out front and I must have said something stupid because Rob who is twice my size and was sober, threw me on the ground and started beating my face in with another long haired guy who I am trying to find out who is. Real professional Rob!

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Old Sydenham Scum

December 2, 2014 Kingston 123

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, these two girls are the dirtiest of all. Sam Hickey and Lauren Hebert. They both went to sydenham high school where they probably got a taste of every dick in that school. even after graduating they didnt change. Sam has already been posted up here before, but she doesnt seem to think she should be hahaha. That girl will sleep with anyone if it gets her drugs or if shes bored. Not to mention shes a stuck up bitch. Will turn on and talk trash about her friends if itll save her ass. Lauren is just as bad. she will sleep with anything if its got a dick between its legs. Shes cheated on everyone shes dated. she just cant get enough of the d. she sluts it up at the bar any night she can. shes the definition of a cumdumpster. shes always fucked on weed and cocaine, she proably doesnt even remember half the shit she does. know wonder shes so fucking stupid. i heard in the summer she had abortion cuz she was fucked on cocaine and got pregant. these two girls are dirt. id get checked out if youve been with either of them. theyve deserved to be up here for a long time now. sucks to suck girls, sorry not sorry youre trash xo

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Human Scab Chelsea

December 2, 2014 Kingston 88

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik it is the moment you have all been waiting for kingston! yes Chelsea bienias is finally being blasted for the slutty m*th junkie that she is. this girl is such a whore she will drop as low as anything just to get her next high if you got the bag then you have her as well until it is gone chelsea runs around kingston jumping from dealer to dealer. she also will do you and your brother for a quick but one thing is you will never be able to forget chelsea because she will leave you with a nasty disease that you cant get rid of / word around town was she was sleeping with her own brother chris disgusting right ? who knows what really happened to this thing she used to be a alright person now she is a washed out junkie shootin needles and selling herself YOU WILL SEE THIS HUMAN SCAB PICKING HERSELF OUT IN THE HEIGHTS STAY CLEAR OF HER i thinks its time u quit digging at those craters in your face you might also recognize her little rat hep c infested looking friend there kyrsten i can say kyrsten is a bit worse then chelsea but i wont say much on her because she has already had her time to shine on the dirty

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Camel Toe

December 1, 2014 Kingston, Ottawa 165

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik dis is Maria Wurlz she has the biggest gunt ever casue she cant keep her legs closed. single mom slutting around on dating sites like pof lookin for hookups same as her whore sister Missy Wurlz who was already been posted on dirty they are 2 ho\’s in a pod.

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True Pig

November 28, 2014 Kingston 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: here is a man that uses women to the max, he plays the nice guy in the beginning, but ladies beware, he will run you into the ground and stalk you harass you, he is a real fcking pig,he gets a girlfriend and plays them to the max, he gives the sexual diseases,he thinks he is GOD I kid you not.. he has a tiny dick but it is full of disease, so ladies if you see peter evans run the other way.. no joke

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Frankford Slore

November 28, 2014 Kingston 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: ok sorry about the previous post, the frankford whore is sommer driscoll, she lives in frankford Ontario, yes she is an avid drug user, sleeps with whoever and whatever, and yes their is beastiality involved with this thing.the thing that gets me is that she repeatedly keeps getting drds, and is passing them on to everyone, she is a home wrecker, she has lost her own two children from the life syle she has chosen to live , she is one of the biggest whores in the quinte area, so be carefull everyone she is bisexual and there is nothing wrong with that but just a heads up she likes to pass on the stds.

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Who is Jessica

November 24, 2014 Kingston 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: Who shot on Jessica Rabbit?

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Scumball Central

November 24, 2014 Kingston 257

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh boy where to begin.. Well this thot here goes by the name Melody Patterson. You might recognize her from POF, she’s on there constantly trying to find a guy to screw her. This yardsale will spread her legs for any guy, and I mean ANY guy. She is constantly at the spot with her hood rat friends getting loaded and making a fool of herself. Beware of this home wrecking whore ladies! And fellas, I’d wrap the dome up if I were you because you’re in for a surprise if you don’t! This girl used me countless times for money and many other things! Sorry Melody! Your ass needed to be up here a long time ago

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