Nasty Nikki

October 15, 2014 Kingston 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nikki lemche is the most aannoying two faced c*nt in napanee/kingston. She bounces from dick to dick, passing along drd’s. This girl is a dime baggy slut and will do anything for molly and ecstasy. She steals and sells whatever she can to feed her habit. She does not care if your in a realationship. She sends unwanted sexts and nudes. This girl tried to fck me in a tim hortans parking lot. I brought her home because she was so persistent, we had sex and then claimed she was pregnant with my kid, after fcking 2 of my friends. 1 in witch had a girlfriend at the time. She is a pill popping scummy fcking sleeze bag. BE CAREFUL.

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Dawn Lapensee

October 15, 2014 Kingston 32


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik I’m Dawn Lapensee from Cornwall, Ontario I come and goes sleeping with guy’s using them for there money my favorite thing is Crystal m*th I’m a big user.. some say a low life, I makes MY family look bad and I DONT CARE. I will get my money the way I want to and need too, so here I wrote something for my haters it called Crystal M*th Slut. Wuts up new friend, my name is DEATH, some call me Crystal Meth. I’m easy to find, and a breeze to make, just ask around, I make you feel great. Try me for free, I can afford one hit, I know if you do, I am hard to quit. Forget Dominic ur sisters n parents n those who love you, I am all you will need, take my hand, to ur death I will lead. I have no conscience, grief is my soul, I will not leave you, until ur body is cold. You will meet new people, I am social you see, I’ll teach you to cheat, steal, rob n lie. Your new group of friends in Kingston they know me well, and if we get caught, they will leave you in hell. I am important, I am the best, I make some rich, then I destroy the rest. I’ll keep you awake, pump bliss thru ur veins, I\’ll make u as a mother cry, some call me a Bitch… If you have children, or someone you love, I can destroy them, remember, I am Meth, a.k.a Death. Don’t look in the mirror, you won’t believe what you see, the reflection looking back, some say it is me. I’ll rot ur white teeth, and steal ur beauty, make u sleep with a knife and gun, but just remember having fun.. One important!

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Dirty Tag Team

October 15, 2014 Kingston 14


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this mom and daughter Deb Dbird Bender and Stephanie Bender are pretty dirtay…Mom has 3 kids and doesnt know who the father of any of them really is because rumour has it she used to hop into the back of any car on Montreal St when she first got knocked up as a kid. Her 2 sons Zach and David are dirtbags too! David recently abandoned his wife of 13 yrs for a diseased stripper out West and had a secret life out there with kidsa and really screwed over his ex wife and Dbird and Stephanie helped him cover up his lies. Everyone of them is in a relationship but they are all on POF! Trying to lure ppl with money for their greedy, gross habits. Stephanie got knocked up too just like Mommy and it seems like they all have kids with different people and cant keep track of the baby daddies! Stephanie also lies about getting knocked up to try and keep men and they have done men before as a tag team when they are high. Stephanie passed some drd’s on to 2 different ppl I know. She likes to bully on smaller girls in the bars downtown. Watch out for this disgusting, slobby team of assholes and dirt bags. They have tried to ruin lots of ppl and I think ppl need warning of em

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Goof Drug Dealer

October 14, 2014 Kingston 77

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’d like you to meet Austin Neville. This little goof is a well known drug dealer in Napanee, selling drugs to kids as young as 13. He has recently moved to Kingston where he is back to his old ways. In his spare time, he likes to hit little kids and assault women. This kid has the biggest mouth when you’re at distance and the moment you get anywhere near him, he runs away. This kid has honestly never had a job in his life, leeching off society and stealing everywhere he goes. Ladies, do yourself a favor and avoid this abusive, drug dealing little goof at all costs. I have included his favorite toy in the photos. Seriously, who carries around a rubber vagina? What a loser!

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K Town Slore

October 13, 2014 Kingston 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is sherise laird and she is a needle poker who hops from bed to bed of every drug dealer in town, this girl will let you fck her in her ass and then suck your dick after with no rubber. She is 23 and loves to sleep with men over 50 years old. She also loves to shoot crystal meth and share her needles with her boyfriends Trevor heartson and Jay Searson. She has to be one of the biggest junkies sluts in the town. She is always so whacked out on medication she cant remember even having sex with people so she probably loaded with drds. You can find the junkie at the methadone clinic every thursday with a new guy. Please nik, Post this so kingston knows about this piggy.

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Ghetto Troll

October 13, 2014 Halifax, Kingston 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl Mya Borden is terrorizes our little town of Kingston, Nova Scotia by spreading her drd and hep * virus! She had no shame and is always taking “Selfies” with her tits hanging out, in hopes of infesting her next unsuspecting victim. WORD OF ADVICE USE A CONDOM YOU DIRTY PIG!

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Couched Clouche

October 10, 2014 Kingston 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dirty skunk is Little miss Brianna clouter is her name and boy does this nasty pig nose have a dirty past present and future. And guy she dates she goes crazy bitch possessive on them while she’s out sucking and fcking every guy out the she ACTUALLY has drd I was told this by both of her exes troy vanzooland and Connor mclean. This crazy psycho pathetic excuse for a girl needs to be put to shame

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Napanees Biggest Jerk

October 8, 2014 Kingston 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this piece of shit right here is Rob Devrie. He uses innocent women to get what he wants. He lies to them, says hes separated from his fat lazy wife and will tell them what they want to hear until he gets what he wants from them. As soon as he gets in your pants he’s back with the loser wife, and claims he wants to be your friend but just to keep you on the back burner (just in case). He says he’s got millions invested, but you can tell just by looking at him he’s just a broke ass loser! Ladies watch out, I hear he’ll be on the prowl again soon

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