Druggie Sam Macqueen

April 7, 2014 Kingston 41 7,708 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this fucking he she is a fucking dirt ball she sounds and looks like a fcking man she is by far the dirties he she is Kingston she will fck anything that has 2 legs two weeks ago she slept with my friends dad for a pack of smokes all she does is smokes crystal meth and drives around in a car her parents lease thinking she is so hot she got pregnant with her best friends boyfriend a month after she passed away she is an embarrassment to Kingston she thinks shes all thy bragging about being with one of the meeks brothers ha something to be proud about she has no job no place to live nothing to show for her life she fucks guys for gas money so she can go out keep poking needles you disgusting junkie you look like you were hit by a bus do everyone favor and leave Kingston

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Trailer Trash

April 7, 2014 Kingston 17 5,760 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is patients rock. Ms rocky her self thinks she’s so bad ass because she has cop friends. She makes mad threats harasses people and damages there property because a few cops on the force aren’t suffering from blue balls thanks to her care and nursing ways. Note this woman is a looser. She is obsessive abusive controlling uneducated run down and washed up! If you sleep with her even if you don’t impregnate her like that last 5 or 6 men have she will still stalk you, your wife, gf, family, gf/wife family, children. She will cause a problem at your work your friends work families work. She is an over all crazy person. Time Kingston knows and is warned about this lunatic! !!!!@@ patients rock aka Caroline the eacort cop Fer stalker lunatic! !!!

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Nasty Polack

April 3, 2014 Kingston 7 6,683 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: This nasty ass piece of garbage sleeps around with anything he can get his hands on. Tends to play girls for whatever he can get from them and then leaves once there’s nothing left to have, he manipulates everyone he talks to and doesn’t know how to tell the truth about even the simplest little things but figures everyone believes his bullshit when in reality anyone with half a brain could see he’s lying. He will use anyone and everyone for his drug habit that is his most important priority. Be warned he says he has excema on his dick when in reality it looks like he had some nasty warts removed. If that’s not bad enough he might give you an drd and then deny anything happened and get mad! Dylan should maybe get a reality check and realize he’s a piece of ahit nasty polack (that’s what he refers to himself as and even has it tattooed) and give his dizzy head a shake

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Alex Roussel

April 3, 2014 Hamilton, Kingston 50 6,627 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here you have it ladies & gents. The fakest bitch you’ll ever meet or hear about. She claims she is the greatest mother & that her baby daddy is a dead beat loser. Yet she was the reason the child was taken away. She acts if she has her daughter but she’s out getting drunk 3 hours away. She’s lives in Hamilton but use to live in dirt town Napanee. She’s a slut, who as been with numberous guys. She’ll go on about how she doesn’t give a shit about her baby daddy but post stuff about him all the time on FB . She puts her head in everyones business. The girl is a dirtball, and tries to act ” act ” go clean yourself up, get sober and take care of your daughter alex.

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Josh Beaushaw

April 3, 2014 Kingston 39 5,789 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik this kid right here oh my where to begin with this josh beaushaw well lets start off with hes nothing but a cr*ckhead junkie who thinks hes high an mighty and thinks his shit dont stink well hes wrong he sell weed,crack an cke.drugs an beats his mom janet all the time an all they doo is call the cops so watch out for this puke kid you wanna talk stds and shit well yeah thats right hes got it all aand his moms nothing but a neddle poppin junkie as well like mother like son thats for shure he rips people off an then expects not to get beat up for it an then hiddes in his house all day an night whho does that ahah spends all his an his moms money on drugs an josh your nothing but a scum bag piece of shit your not worth anything ewww

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Do truth, Neil Docteur

April 2, 2014 Kingston 52 6,415 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik this guy here is Neil Docteur , he is a huge scum bag ! He cheats on his previous girlfriend jess watts who can do so much better he also does crack and coke with his mom and step dad his mom is a prostitue he beat jess several times she went to work with black eyes all the time , he will skew anything he can ! He has syphilis that hasn’t been treated ever and he’s had it for 3 years almost Denys he has it ! He steels from anyone he can to get his dope he also use jess she would work all the time to support his welfare ass! I hope you get what’s comming to you Neil no girl deserves that! Also he swings both ways notice his nails in the one pic ya he likes to dress as a woman and suck dick ! He also use jess little brothers because he ha no friends who like him to he thought he would beig them down with him ! Scum bag

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Derek Mcallister AKA Beanz

April 1, 2014 Kingston 45 8,170 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Derek Mcallister AKA BEANZ RAT ALTER!!! RAT ALERT!!! Nik this guy is real KINGSTON WHITE TRASH. He lived in Sexton place for years in some fags basement and sucked his cock every day for rent. This kid has been known to go around selling baking soda to people instead of coca*ne and thinks he can get away with it. he was kicked out of his house at 16 for stealing from his parents for drug money. His parents live on Montreal street in kingston, he lives upstairs because his asshole is to loose to pay the rent. This guy sucks on black cocks for cr(ck rocks. This kid is a low life goof piece of shit who won’t even fight someone after he vandalizes their house. Now here comes the worst part, THIS GUY IS A SNITCH PIECE OF TRASH. I just got out of the pen after doing 3 years for this fukin little snitch rat. Derek owes tonnes of people money and there are also tonnes of people who know that he’s a snitch. Watch out for this cop calling piece of shit, do not front him and don’t trust him. And he also gave a pregnant mother He***tus C. Derek is a needle junkie with a her**n problem (reason they call him beans, his arms are just like BEANS). stay away from this guy he is dirt trash

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Tim Westlake

March 31, 2014 Kingston 7 7,136 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is one of Kingston Ontario’s biggest crck head losers there is. Tim Westlake, is mentally fcked up and lies so much he cant remember anything he says. He is a very big coke head/crack head, he abuses women and gets escorts all the time because no woman wants him because hes so nasty and rotten both inside and out. He works at the penitentiary as a cook with all the convicts, he should be locked up himself with the key thrown away! Hes in his late 40s and has no one is his life consistent bc he fights and creates everyone problems, talks down to them and treats them like scum and thinks he can get away with it. Some one needs to call his work to let his boss know who this guy really is and how rotten and disgusting he is. He has no respect for anyone or anything. He watches kiddi porn, which is illegal and tries to get young girls in bed with him by giving them drugs and getting them all messed up. He even associates with the convicts that he worked for at the prison who are now released. What a loser. He also works for DND/ARMY BASE as a cook and they have no idea yet who he really is. I hope this guy gets his head kicked in because hes screwed so many people over in Kingston, hes a rat and goes to the police on drug dealers. Be warned, stayed away from this creep bc he will either molest your kids or screw with your life!

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