Nasty Victor Boon

October 6, 2014 Kingston 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: nk this is Victor Boon From Gananoque, Let me start off with this guy is a sick nasty pervert that likes younger women and will come on to them and try to have sex with them and then if he gets caught he says it was all there doing that they came on to him. He went to jail for sexual assaulting a women. and then the daughter and him posted a girl saying she was the slut and a child abuser . He is so nasty will go on facebook and post that his daughter has nice breast , like come on really… He use to beat on his ex wife… He sexual assaulted another lady in the past and got away with it… I just wanted to post this fuking nasty old pig and let everyone know about him.

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Breanna Walker

October 3, 2014 Kingston 83

THE DIRTY ARMY: hi nik dis here is stalker breanna walker an brittany booboo, dis kingston white trailer park trash is straight outta da heights and will fuck any skid ball around for dairy queen coupons and drugs they jus plain nasty ass pizza face hoes who bang any1 on pof watch out even married men stay way these 2 dirtballs

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Dirty Danielle

October 2, 2014 Kingston 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Danielle Bell-Gee! Kingston’s notorious back stabbing meth head, she rips anybody off that she comes near and has got to be the biggest snake around. She took the stand against her “boyfriend” and had a mental breakdown saying she wasn’t stable enough, in other words high enough. She is now the reason he’s sentenced to 11 years. Shes also now pregnant with some 40 year olds kid, and apparently going to school for police foundations. Sweetie, you gotta put the meth pipe down first to get in there. Hahah, only a matter of time that baby is taken from her. I guess you can’t blame her though she learned it from her Mommy Bobby O’Keefe . Both scam artists, careful Kingston. She’ll use your couch for a week, get you smoking mth, steal your shit and disappear.

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Romeoville’s finest Hochelle

October 2, 2014 Kingston 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this gutter slut right here is known as Rochelle Vermeulen, also now known as Rochelle Edmonds, she works at Gelsasomos in Lemont and lives in Romeoville off Kingston. She is the epitome of a dead beat mom. She’s got 4 kids and doesn’t have custody of one of them bc she’s more worried about getting fcked up and fuking lil ferrets like her new bf Brian Mccreedy who is also pictured above. Now don’t get confused, the ONLY reason she has a bf right now is bc nobody else wants her bc she’s already been ran by the WHOLE town and the lil rat boy Mccreedy likes to taste everyone else’s sloppy seconds. She’s literally torn apart a line of friends by opening her legs. This bitch is a pure waste of life and needs to be nurtured asap. She’s a horrible mother and person. All she cares about is herself and will run to any guy who will take care of her and her lawyer fees and then on to the next one she goes. No one learns until it’s too late, so watch out for this broad, she’s one manipulative, dirty, gap-toothed hoodrat!!!

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Kingston Plazas Main Feature

September 29, 2014 Kingston 84

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty bird is Justine Orr. When she moved to Kingston it was the worst thing. She used to be a dyke at least she called herself one. She would cheat on her girlfriends sorry ass probably once or twice a month and because of it she got drds, cr*bs AND the cl/*p all while she was still in highschool. She stole this guy Dom away from a younger girl because she’s a homewrecker. She was fcking Dom in the next room from Ashley when they all lived in a sketchy little apartment together because he was homeless he bunked up with them. Its shocking this girl graduated high school. At least I think she did. Because she has no other talents or uses besides using her body for money, this girl found Kim and the Plaza. What a zoo. Didn’t take long to become a feature dancer because she let the men touch her during private dances. She hooked out of the top of the Plaza and the was scared the baby she has just had wasn’t even Dom’s to begin with. No idea why her ex would find joy in hanging out at the plaza watching Justine rub her infested vagina all over a stage and old men’s faces, I would throw up all over that. About a year later and Justine’s violent criminal of a boyfriend is in jail and has her writing statuses trying to get rides up to jail to give him money. You’re daughter really needs a criminal deadbeat dad too. Wow. Too bad the child has now been taken from you! Whoops.. I mean good thing! Are you gunna raise her to be a whore for money like you? No, she just isn’t going to have a mom.. Much like yourself, so she will probs be a whore for dollas just like you. Get your life together. No daughter would ever be proud to have a mom like you. You’re embarrassing

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Rachel Cryder’

September 29, 2014 Kingston 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! This here is Rachel Cryderman… or as we all know her as cryder’doanyman. She’s one of Kingston’s bar stars, she goes around telling everyone that she’s a nurse but really she just sucks dick for a living. She will literally go home with any guy she meets and have sex with him I know because it ruined my relationship of almost 3 years! Kudos you over weight idiot.. Also another fun fact about Rachel is she claims she prescribed Morphine for cancer… as far as i’m concerned Doctors don’t prescribe Morphine for YOUR NOSE. I do believe you’re supposed to take that shit orally? hahah… but whatever helps you sleep at night ”nurse” Rachel. LOL. Who in the right mind would hire a Morphine addict as a nurse? Her and her friend left the bar with two randoms guys and the one guy was soo disgusted in them both that they both went upstairs and had a three some with that bobby cotter guy that we all know should just be posted here as well lol.. there’s another example of her sleeping with another girls boyfriend pretty sure he’s still with his gf? Someone lock this home wrecker in rehab!!

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Rat Goof

September 24, 2014 Kingston 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Dave Barrie of Smiths Falls ontario. He is no good he gose around sleeping with everyone’s girlfriend. He thinks he is untouchable. He is nothing but a walking disease. If you’ve sleep with him ladies I suggest you get tested cause he gose around spreading it to everyone he has had drds multiple times. He will talk sweet get you into his trap and then leave you. He gose to bars to creep on woman. Smiths Falls beware of this douchebag you might be the next one with drds.

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Onrout Slore

September 22, 2014 Kingston 92

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This whore Cheryl Poffley is not only a bad mother but one of the biggest whores i know. Starting with breaking her daughters nose and taking child support for kids she docent even have. Then shes banging her own son.Can this dirty whore get any dirtier??

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