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November 24, 2014 Kingston 257

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh boy where to begin.. Well this thot here goes by the name Melody Patterson. You might recognize her from POF, she’s on there constantly trying to find a guy to screw her. This yardsale will spread her legs for any guy, and I mean ANY guy. She is constantly at the spot with her hood rat friends getting loaded and making a fool of herself. Beware of this home wrecking whore ladies! And fellas, I’d wrap the dome up if I were you because you’re in for a surprise if you don’t! This girl used me countless times for money and many other things! Sorry Melody! Your ass needed to be up here a long time ago

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Melissa Richards

November 24, 2014 Kingston 121

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik, THIS DIRTY SLUTBAG, IS NOTHING BUT A WHORE. she posts nudes photos for everyone too see, she is supposed to be a role model for two twin little brothers she has. I wouldn’t look up to her if someone paid me, her mother is a fucking pyscho she stabs herself and blames it on someone else , Melissa isn’t much better she works at the spot for another Kingston scumbag. She probably has every disease possible, stay away from her. She has been found passed out drunk multiple times in ditches alley ways and worse. she never keeps her legs shut, god only knows how many abortions she has had. this dirty bitch earned her reputation im surprised she isnt already on here multiple times already. she uses people and sleeps with everyone for money, braces, jewellery and more. stay away from Melissa unless you want every disease to man kind !!!! youre a whore Melissa. you backstabbing bitch she stole over $5000 from my brother and slept with my boyfriend shes digusting.

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Kindra Fox

November 19, 2014 Kingston 114

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Dis hood rat (Kindra Fox) is the biggest of them all. She snorts coke like its her day job even WITH a child involved in her life, its time to stop partying Kindra even though its hard to put down the booze for you. She is also a huge whore, she sleeps with dozens of guys thinking they like her when they all call her a dirty whore and worthless behind her back and is obsessed with Jordan.. sucks that hes back with his ex now. She is always the other girl (trash) in relationships and that’s all she will ever be, all the guys chirp her saying she has the saggiest vagina that smells like bad B.O and sweaty crotch. She is 5 foot tall and chubby.. time to shape up kindra. xx

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Kaylee Reynolds

November 19, 2014 Kingston, Toronto 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: This low life peice of shit is kaylee reynolds.suck n fck for drugs.Shes literally the worst parent ive ever met.her family hates and cant stand her.shes right off on the pills gets her own perscriptions its a sin.if anyoneones lookin for a cheap fck hit her up just watch out for her stinky yellow looking well you know.Do not beleive one word she says she will agree with you on anything.straight ugly air head

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Dead Beat Trailer Trash

November 19, 2014 Kingston 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: This tramp beat her kid, then took off out west to be a stripper. Then got together with this dead beat dad who abused his ex and owes like $8000 in child support. They told the court they don’t have any thing to sell for child support but they lied and have a bunch of boats and a new camper tralior and go camping all summer. And then she bragged about lying in court to all her friends. The 2 friends she has. She chats online to other peoples boyfriends and husbands. Backstabs her sister all the time. Shes a piece of crap Mom who never cleans or cooks.

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Double Di

November 17, 2014 Kingston 215

THE DIRTY ARMY: hi Nik, this here is dirty Diana Kingston such a hood rat that will suck any dick for drugs and leaves you itchy. don\’t get the clap

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The Spot’s Heads

November 14, 2014 Kingston 180

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik we have here the spot’s crack heads from Kingston. ever one know who these so call people are. there nasty people from Daily St. thing’s there the coolest shit in the world when the nothing but o.d.s.p drunks, Robyn Ann Marie Poffley and Asjia Mae Nicole Poffley is the worst they will sleep around then kill there baby\’s they are low life loser that keep on trying to have kid’s and losing them because they rather do drugs and drunk and for any one that hang with them looks not better then what they are, and they are the nasty dig pigs from Daily St.

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Used Up

November 13, 2014 Kingston 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Shannon is old pro, druggie escort who tries to extort from clients when biz is slow. She is a pepsi head who a abandoned her kids and will spend the rest of her life spreading her legs for quick cash

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