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Still fat and still a douchebag

November 10, 2014 Kingston 345


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik here’s an update on Matthew McEwen. He\’s still a sick perv who owns The spot. I’m sure Kingston will do the rest and tell you more about him while he comes on here trying to defend his fat disgusting ass with poor excuses.

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Ryan Wirght

November 10, 2014 Brockville, Kingston 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: I would love to introduce you to this guy Ryan adam wirght lives in Athens ont with his mommy still the whole family is fucked in the head they all love to cause drama and play head games He was currently caught cheating on his girl friend (ex gf now) as he was seeing other girls and sleeping with them behind her back he loves sending pictures of his dick and sexting other girls.Ryan works at benson tires in Brockville on his lunch break he meets up with girls to get a blow job or a quick fuck he does not use condom at all in result to that he has a disease now and got a girl knocked up and fucked off .while his mommy and brother sit at home on their ass and collect welfare ..He is on a few dating sites such as POF and he has been on there for for awhile while in a relationship with a girl that he said he loved and what to spend the rest of his life with. When things dont go his way he runs back to his mommy to save his ass his mom love to stick her nose in where it does belong and will threaten you …I am warning you plz stay away from this guy he is very bad new as well as his family he will break your heart use you for all your money

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Selfe Slore

November 5, 2014 Kingston 421

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik dis here is missy Wurls she is one dirt squirrel who loves nuts lol she thinks she is gods gift but hunni yur just another single mom stat who cant find another man because your such a dirt ball slut. Missy lives on pof looking for randoms and have messaged my man when she knows he not single, pathetic loose ho take another selfie its all you do all day long

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Escort of Sorts

November 5, 2014 Brockville, Kingston 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Were to start. This woman will cheat on any of her men or women she is with. She plays the system so well that people actually believes she needs to be on ODSP because she has some mental issue. Her kids are only important if she needs them to be to make herself look like she is mother of the year. Been fired from almost every job because of either stealing or fcking the bosses. She was married but who knows what happened there I can certainly say she more then likely came out sparkly clean because she had everyone in her corner saying how great she is, till they actually found out she is a dime bag escort of sorts. She has open sores all the time on either her face, arms, legs or some place. She lives in Prescott and I’m sure she has screwed half that town. She screwed me out of money and was pretty dirty even though she shows off she is clean. Melanie you should know better then fuck around with other womens men. Thank you though for the std.

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Adam Hayes

November 5, 2014 Kingston 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Niki this is Adam Hayes he is Napanees biggest m*th head. He is on plentyoffish looking for women as he says, but once you meet him and if you blow him off saying not for you , he then says you look like a guy, lmao , so i guess he is gay then, and he talks shit , calling people names when he is a big meth user and is nasty smells because he is fat and ugly, has no eye brows .. He says his last girlfriend was 20 years older like nasty. Lady s stay far away from this looser, with no job, he sites on pof all day and night looking for men and women to sleep with,, nasty i would not touch him you might get some nasty bed bugs or something.. Lady s stay far away..

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Dave Barrie

November 4, 2014 Kingston 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: already had his 2mins of fame on here once so Id like to focus most the attention on dAVE. So this guy is a bottom feeder rat, grinder, wanna be, mule, losa! This guy needs to use a anal plug when packin cuss he’s so loose his ass got to much attention in lock down I herd he can hoop 12 bars of soap congrats bro you won everyone’s canteen $$$ this boy yes not yet a man I sware his balls have not dropped haha has no shame he has boned all of kingstons finest. At least 4 of the dirtys highlights he rob his own boys rats on his friends I could go on and on be careful when you buy Off this man his cut is kife & for little DAVE you need to put some pounds on bro come on DAVE showin you up not good not good bro rick is known for banging sMITHS fALL finest as well if they bang needles or the have scabs on there facebor nether region’s little rickys had them (last note for little DAVE the beastie boys called they want there hat bro!)

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Katie V Daigle

October 31, 2014 Kingston 78

THE DIRTY ARMY: Becare of this Katie V Daigle, she is a bitch with C**P, she would steal you blind, DON:T HAVE HER IN YOUR HOME. She is going with a dirty bag call Cory Hayman . they have cause so much trouble for everyone , Cory is a deadbeat dad, he pick his girlfriend Katie V Daigle over his kids, they are both trash Lol I’ve heard that Kate Daigle is notorious for sleeping with people’s men.. But she looks like she das a serious case of the downs. someone put this on another account HEY THERE THIS IS CORY HAYMAN AKA CJ THE PEACE OF SHIT GOOF HES A DEAD BEAT DAD HE CANT EVEN SUPPORT HIS KIDS HES A CHEATER SAYING HE CAN FCK WHO HE WANTS SO KATE…………IF I WHERE U I WOOD KEEP A GOOD EYE ON HIM LIKE 4 REAL HES A PEACE OF WORK THAT CANT EVEN GET A REAL JOB HE HAS TO MOOCH OFF HIS DUM BITCHES HES WITH OH AND ANOTHER THING IS HES A CRACK HEAD AND LIKES HIS BOOSE AND HE LIKES TO TAKE HIS SO CALLED PAY CHECK AND GET HIS BOOSE AND LIKE TO SEND PICS OF HIM NAKED TO OTHER DUDES IN JUST HIS SOCKS SO LADYS WATCH OUT FOR THIS PEACE OF SHIT RATTTTTTT………GOOOF People from Kingston are the most uneducated pieces of yokel’s I have ever seen. Many posts from Kingston and still cannot even understand them. TRash

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Like Mother like Daughter

October 30, 2014 Kingston 481



THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik dis is sloothbag Jordan McManus and hoodrat mother Tina Inman. both are sluts legs wide open and take what they can get and fcks others girls boyfriends, Jordan had the clap so many times and fucks guys in the park and gets ditched after while cheating on her bf. Jord has been on the Dirty before and will bang anyone with her mom for cash an drugs and shouldnt be allowed to have kids.

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