Deadbeat Steven Goguen

March 24, 2014 Kingston 26 8,523 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kingston Brockville Franksville and Toledo Ontario this is the biggest pos deadbeat you would ever meet (hopefully not)! Steven Goguen !! I must admit I was young and dumb and slept with this idiot 10 years ago ! Well those 2 times we slept together made a baby a son who’s now 9! Steve Goguen knew about this and just threw me off like there was no tomorrow . A few years ago I contacted him and his wife holly goguen aka holly Martin of brockville only to be blocked and deleted! How sad ! If someone said your husband has a kid out there who I might add looks identical to his idiot sperm donor I’d want to get to the bottom of it , I offered to pay for a DNA test told them I wanted nothing in return just the closure and put my mind at ease if my boy ever asked about his dad I could answer. I seriously hope he sees this pulls his dick outta his ass and realizes he’s missing out on an amazing kid ! That I have done a wonderful job raising on my own as a single mom!

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Gavin Boyd

March 20, 2014 Kingston 4 5,711 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this nasty fuker right here, gavin boyd, is not only 25 still living with his mommy but he doesn’t work or Pay rent either. He has a 3 year old son but he wouuld spend his last 10 dollars on weed not milk for his little boy. He has a Reputation for fcking little girls and it didn’t start with his 15 year old girlfriend larissa hall. He dated larissa for 9 months and he was so controlling of her. She wasn’t allowed to talk to any of her old guy friends or see them because Gavin thought she would cheat. Gavin broke up with larissa so he could ‘skateboard, hang out with his friends & do his own thing’ only she later found out he broke up with her cuz he wants more kids with his chug fcking ex Meagan Farrell. He can hardly look after the one he has!! Gavin has no respect for anyone or anything he used to let his friends bash larissa left and right and he never did anything about it. & he may seem like a mommas boy because he lives at home rent free but you should hear the way he talks about his own mother!! This piece of shit deserves a lot more than a kick in the balls. I’m sure you can agree nik?

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Brockvilles Favourite Dealer

March 20, 2014 Kingston 22 10,281 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Brody Day, what can I say. This lil fck right here things a big time baller now selling mollies to al.The hot young tramps that run around this town. He’s nothing but a low life hipster looking chump. If you ever need weed, coke or mollies look this douchebag up. He frequents the phoenix thursdays and Saturdays targeting the young skanks.

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Alcoholic Teri McDonald

March 19, 2014 Kingston 83 7,391 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIk this so called mother right here is Teri McDonald. She is one of the worst mothers out there if u even want to call her a mom. Her daughter Breanna is the one that raises her little sister while her moms passed out drunk somewhere. I live in the same units as this girl and Teri is NEVER home. Breanna and her little sister Maddy are home alone almost 24/7. Teri used to be a decent person and then turned into a cheated whore so her husband Trevor left her. Best thing he ever did. She works at a beer store (how ironic) where her pay cheques end up being spent anyways. When she is home you’ll find her in her living room or kitchen smoking bongs with her teenage daughter while her youngest daughter watches. Don’t worry Maddy she’ll pass the bong to you soon. Breanna always has the house full of teenagers drinking and getting high. Screaming and yelling. It’s absolutely horrible to listen to. You’ll also see breanna on the step making out and dry jumping her boyfriend who apparently she has sex with in the basement even while Teri is home. Also posting inappropriate comments and pictures on the internet. Like mother like daughter. Teri step up and be a mom. Breanna shouldn’t have to raise your little offspring. Get a grip on your kids before they turn out like you.

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EviL Janet Le Scum RobZero

March 19, 2014 Kingston 32 9,531 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik, these two kingston “gems” have actually left the town, and moved onto belleville, and quinte. but their presence lingers. Janet Lisqum, AKA her “rapper” name Jane Dough (yes it’s spelled like bread) is a bummy, mouching, OBSESSED girl, who fcks a dildo the size of a mans forearm for daily entertainment, she will try to be you’re friend, to stab you in the back. & watch her around your man, she’s the c*ack whore of a cr*ckhead. (Rob Marshall) who are going to be big rappers.. more like youtube falldowns trying to promote a shitty label that signs artists to bullshit contracts they know will be voided in three months. stealers, and junkies. Rob is a ‘model’ father, yet he’s sitting in jail on DIRTYYY drug charges at the age of 26, while his BARELY 18 year old ‘fiance’ (she purposed to him in prison)after fucking his previously listed on the dirty brother, Brandon DeDon Marshall. trys to carry on the rapping career. CAN YOU SAY CHARMING ?

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Josh Hill

March 18, 2014 Kingston 30 6,306 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This man right here is a lying cheating asshole who ruins the lives of everyone he meets. He cheated on his fiancee numerous times with 18 year old little girls while his apparent love of his life worked her ass off to pay the bills and take care of everything for their upcoming wedding. When things finally turned around and thought they were getting better he decided to leave her for a girl, Diane, whom was his first crush not only destroying everything they had but the lives of their friends and family as well. She appears to be be pregnant. Baby bump? Or just too much beer? I hope she destroys you and get you what you deserve. Karma is coming your way. Have a good life.

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Brockville Slores

March 17, 2014 Kingston 36 6,454 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Amber tuck is a lying cheating whore. She used a guy for over a year and put him in a huge debt while fcking every guy she could get her dirty little mouth on. Diane MacDonald, on here before isn’t any better. See her whoring around town with a different dude every week. These bitches playguys like a bored game. These pathetic excuses for human beings need to get run out of town.

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Dirty Moms

March 16, 2014 Kingston 106 10,748 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This slut here has had everything that walks I bet she has slept with at least someone you know her and her wanna be black friend do the bars and half the men in them both think there these great mothers both are dead beats

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