Marina Martell

June 30, 2014 Kingston 93


THE DIRTY ARMY: WATCH OUT KINGSTON! This whore from Napanee ran out of cocks and pussies to fuck and hit Kingston last year with her well-known pedofile boyfriend Josh Edgar thinking they could make a cozy life ripping people off. She finally decided after years she didn’t like his abuse (or maybe he went back to little boys) and proceeded to scam people selling flour as coke with her new boyfriend everyone knows Matt Two Tall Crouse. Well shortly after he became abusive (after she pulled her regular banning him from facebook, texting or communicating with anyone other than her – is it the guys or is it her) and she decided to go for a free-for-all, fucking her goof ex, and 6 other friends/brothers from the same group at the same time, getting pregnant and claiming 2 of them were the fathers – one white one black that baby wouldve been a surprise. She did coke and thank god had her 10th abortion. She started making them all out to be abusive, meanwhile she\’d claim she could hear them talking shit about her when no one was even talking, hear death threats, accuse them of cheating, or getting off to girls moaning in the other room when no one was even there, asked them to pimp her out for money and more sex – basically a sociopath schizophrenic headcase. She stabbed a backpacker she was fucking down the arm in a fight and started moaning when he turned the knife back around on her. This bitch now has her recent ex in jail on attempted murder for walking in on her fcking a 40 year old.

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Emily Newell

June 27, 2014 Kingston 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Emily Newell loves to party and get around. She doesn’t care if the guy is in a relationship or married. She just loves attention, unfortunately for her she is a disappointment when you meet her in person. She’s all makeup and camera angles and her boobs looks so big because she’s fat.But hey at least she is easy.

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Leesa Judge

June 26, 2014 Kingston 61

THE DIRTY ARMY: Good Evening Kingston Id like ta intro yall to ms. Leesa judge. She has many talents escort, sloot, junkie, scam artist, heartless cnt. Given the most recent tragic event I chose not posting this but I cant hold back anymore. I hate this woman so dose every single friend of her ex who has passed away. (That’s a lot of people) she is a filthy pig. She cheated on him so many times, she tried to run his name into the ground often. She was a full out raging lunatic. After our dear friend passed she was found in bed with two men by a family member of his. Not even 24hrs after he had passed. Now you can find her at any local crystal joint begging for dope looking for her next meal ticket. She has been going after friends of her late ex. Disguising. I’m so glad his sister was able to lay the beating on her.

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Colin Bucci

June 25, 2014 Kingston 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this pig… this pig right here, lemme tell you, Mr.Bucci or shall i say, Rescue Hero, this guy as you can see obviously is the farthest thing from attractive, uses the “I’m a volunteer fire fighter” thing to try to lure women and men. He flashes his fire equipment thinking he’s impressing young girls, also using his security job equipment(guns, batons, cuffs, etc) in public places, including playing with his loaded fire arm while driving. He also abuses his “green light” in his truck, using it to run stoplights and even make shortcuts into McDonalds parking lot 5-8 times/day for his “snacks” (double big mac meals, 2 snack wraps a super size fry and large diet coke.) He is abusive, physically and emotionally towards any woman that has ever been in his life playing everyone of them, 4 in the last week to be exact. This guy will try and buy his way into your pants. Keep this pig locked up in the barn. He doesn’t even deserve to roll around in his own shit.

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Tommy Dirtbag Hunter

June 20, 2014 Kingston 151


THE DIRTY ARMY: For those of you who don’t know this guy, this is Tommy Hunter. Tommy is the former fat kid from high school, who was picked on for most of his youth. Now he owns a bar in downtown Kingston and has lost some weight, so like all former high school losers he’s buying up friends left and right. I grew up with this guy and he genuinely was a really good guy…..That was until he lost some weight, bought a bar and started thinking he owned the city. Now Thomas is your typical cliche, has a beautiful girlfriend he cheats on often, treats people who used to be close with him like strangers because he’s a bar owner now and walks around town in his sleeveless leather vest like a tough guy because he drives a bike. I have personally seen him get his ass kicked on multiple occasions for acting like a tough guy. The only reason it doesn’t happen more often is because of his army of alcoholics that have his back(for the free drinks he provides them). This guy comes off as a really nice guy, but that’s only because you’re meeting public Tommy….Anyone that actually spends time with the guy sees the insecure alcoholic douchebag he really is. He also threatens his servers jobs if the don’t get friendly with him I’m told (I can’t prove this but three former staff members told me this)

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User in Prescott

June 20, 2014 Kingston 88

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Jessie Lapier. She goes after any guy she can that has a big truck or money that you can spend on her and her 2 kids. She’s 18 and her one kid is almost 3 and the other is 1. She will do anything to get you to spend your money on her and then she’ll block you from everything. I feel bad for her kids because she never cleans her house and there is stuff laying around everywhere. I really hope that no one ever gets caught with her again, she will suck you dry of all your money.

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April Rose Wilde

June 18, 2014 Kingston 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: APRIL ROSE WILDE…Well guys if you come across this girl she is a cheater and a whore. She had a boyfriend and would go out to the bar and act like she was single. On top of it all she is a manager at dominos pizza in napanee and she takes the delivery drivers in the back and fucks them and while she has a boyfriend. She is nothing but a whore who is crazy and will beat you if you let her she needs help because she is mental and should seek help. She was lucky her last boyfriend was a real man and didn’t hit her back. And ladies beware also if you have a boyfriend as she wont care she would still fck him and have no care in the world. This woman is going to end up with some drd so this Napanee whore is now with a guy from Kingston so if you happen to run into her you should stay clear from it. And when she is in the bar and her boyfriend at home she acts like a whore in heat and when asked about her boyfriend she says oh were not really together. Her day is coming she is going to pay for what she has all done the dirty whore. KARMA train is coming miss april

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Westy Scumbag

June 16, 2014 Kingston 404

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I am surprised this guy hasnt been on here yet how I don’t know. Westy or Jordan or Wes Ty on facebook is a scumbag owner of the spot night club skid garthering, whore house.this guy acts as though he is top shit mr professional of kingston, hes a loser druggy who couldn’t find a real job after trying to be a “dj” so he owns a bar. Landing girls all the time sure sounds cool right? Dude is so ugly looks like a mentally challenged person but the young silly girls take the D for a chance to get on the good books of a scummy bar owner. He fcks all his employees so they in turn kiss his ass. Likd how cool is it to get to work beside a girl who just finished getting it in withthe guy you just had 2 days before. Just trash. I could say so much more but I am sure all the comments will do the work for me

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