Rez Handy Down

June 13, 2014 Kingston 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Amazing Blanche Starr, although i see nothing amazing about her. Spends her days living off her family, drinking and finding new things to suck off. Not mention the big disappointment it is to see her in person!! Like c’mon stop posting pictures that look nothing like you do In person. Such a disappointment. Also the attitude that comes on the cow is indescribable! Why be so confident and look like that? Talk all your talk on the internet baby, cus all you have is the internet going for you.

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Thats the Spot

June 13, 2014 Kingston 139

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Nicole Whitney but at the Spot we call her Nicole the hole because she brings home randoms all the time feel sorry for her roomies. she has the smallest boobs EVER and wears push up bras even fatty matty has bigger ones. you can find her pouring weak drinks or banging staff surprised matty didn’t flatten her.

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Pauly & Little Ricky

June 11, 2014 Kingston, Ottawa 140

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo wat up K-town I proudly introduce Pauly & Little Ricky! Ha Ricks already had his 2mins of fame on here once so Id like to focus most the attention on Pauly. So this guy is a bottom feeder rat, grinder, wanna be, mule, losa! This guy needs to use a anal plug when packin cuss he’s so loose his ass got to much attention in lock down I herd he can hoop 12 bars of soap congrats bro you won everyone’s canteen $$$ this boy yes not yet a man I sware his balls have not dropped haha has no shame he has boned all of kingstons finest. At least 4 of the dirtys highlights he rob his own boys rats on his friends I could go on and on be careful when you buy Off this man his cut is kife & for little ricky you need to put some pounds on bro come on paulys showin you up not good not good bro rick is known for banging Kingstons finest as well if they bang needles or the have scabs on there facebor nether region’s little rickys had them (last note for little ricky the beastie boys called they want there hat bro!)

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Joe Stacey- Nasty Napanee Man

June 11, 2014 Kingston 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: This nasty douche bag here is Joe Stacey , I’m posting this because 2 of my friends have been used by this scum bag looser . He will sleep with anything with a vagina , big or small . He has some major mental health problems and is crazy, he is an alcoholic and love to take pills, and will steal from you.. He has no life and is a looser and is a bum, has no job and is lazy.. He is a Violent person. Was told his ex-wife left him because he was violent , and would beat on her.. He is so fcking nasty and will use you.. Lady watch out for this guy Joe he is a douche bag, oh and his teeth are fcked up and he smells really bad,, So I am coming on the dirty to tell all the lady’s to stay away from this looser, douche bag..

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The Plaza Blackmailer

June 11, 2014 Kingston 128

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, introducing Kim St. Pierre. Also goes by Kim Sudds and Kimberley Ann Allan. She tells everyone she owns “The Gentleman’s club” but in fact she just runs the stinky bar for a guy she’s banging. She constantly harasses the strippers and steals their pay. Kim is a dirty disgusting sk*nky wh*re. She has more miles on her than a 57 chevy. Kim likes to get customers drunk then steals their money. She has even taken pictures of passed out guys then blackmails them, threatens to show their wives or GF’s. Kim is a snake and a rat. She got busted several years ago with a car full of dope but some how beat the charges. She runs a wh*rehouse on top of the “Gentleman’s club” and sells dope out of it. You don’t think people go to that strip club to see 40+ year old dancers do you? Anyone that walks into the club is under police surveillance because Kim’s a major heat bag. Kim you should of stuck to bagging groceries instead of trying to run a strip club.

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Another Spot Sloot

June 10, 2014 Kingston 133


THE DIRTY ARMY: Kassy Fuller literally jumps from dick to dick. She slept with Jordan West, Brandon Gilmour, Tyler Asselstine, and Dimetre Doulas all within 7 days. When she isn’t working at the bar shes drinking there. She’s a complete slob, we used to be friends until she kept bringing multiple guys home from to the bar and keeping me up all night when I had to work in the morning. I have seen her come to the bar with her boyfriend and still end up leaving with somebody different. Typical Spot girl

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Jiffy Lube Jessica

June 9, 2014 Kingston 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirtbag here is Jessica Marie Stewart! I can’t believe this walking drd hasn’t be put on her yet! She is k-towns biggest SLORE. This drug addicted, baby killing, dead beat mother can’t even walk DT w/o getting punched out! Ladies if you think ur man has cheated, ther’s a 99.9% chance it was with this c**t-scab! The best part of this rat ran down her mothers leg! The pig can’t even keep IUD’s up her vag! Exactly why she’s had 40 abortions! & the 1 kid she did keep she pawns off on any Tom, Dick or Harry so that she can get Fcked up on w/e dope she can get her hands on! This lowlife will suck the life right out of you or the Penis right off u! FREE! She’s a pathalogical lying, waste of skin (all 300 pounds of it – 100 pounds of flappy c**t!) You know when you refer to yourself as “Firebush” that your self esteem must be just booming! This pill poppin, crack addict spreads her legs at the drop of a dime while she’s sitting around waiting for her welfare check so that she can find her next victim DT. Her entire life has been dedicated to using and abusing innocent by standers! The bitch even has a list of “people” (yes, both guys an gals) that she has generously shared her drd’s with! Fck who needs to provide a safe place for their child!? Not this Goof! In fact if you’ll fck her, she\’ll let you do w/e drugs u want @ her place! (Even if it is right in front of her kid) And than crys when CAS is at her door every other day! One thing is for sure about this OBESE SLORE is if you come into contact with her she will ruin your life one way or another! KEEP AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE! The sh¡t this pig has you can’t catch twice! KINGSTON YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

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Jessica Stewart

June 9, 2014 Kingston 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: JESSICA STEWART! GROSS, NASTY, DIRTY, drd INFECTED, BABY KILLING, DRUG ADDICTED, DEAD BEAT MOTHER! This piece of trash will steal your last dollar if it will get her what she wants! Between having a different guy in here apartment literally every day (wait she just got kicked out of her 25th apt because drugs are more important than paying rent or feeding her SON with her big welfare check)She likes to pawn her kid off on anyone that will take him (even people she doesn’t know)to get her self off on any guy that will take her greasy a$$. She calls the cops on any and everyone that doesn’t give her what she wants. Stupid bitch has the aid at her door weekly. This dumb cunt would rather be sucking some dirt bag off in a bathroom at stages than making sure her kid is safe. She will do anything for a rock, pill, anything! She is KINGSTON”S BIGGEST Wh0RE! Literally this bitch is so fucking loose she had an IUD TWICE and the thing feel out! She steals from her family, friends, and anyone that gets in her way. Better watch out for this one you cant get what she has twice! She has a list (like a 15 year old girl) of how many People shes fucked (GUYS AND GIRLS) and legit its over 2 lined pages full! Front and back! Shes a jealous, scheming, manipulating, two faced, boyfriend stealing GOOF! She literally fuck her own sisters ex! WHO DOES THAT! THIS SKID! Shes so dirty her bath tub had sh!t in it and she showered in it anyways cause she was so high she didn`t care! LOWLIFEDIRTYPUSSY

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