Dirty Moms

March 16, 2014 Kingston 110 10,806 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This slut here has had everything that walks I bet she has slept with at least someone you know her and her wanna be black friend do the bars and half the men in them both think there these great mothers both are dead beats

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Whoreable Mother

March 13, 2014 Kingston 16 10,328 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: April Rynyk also goes by Ann Marie Rynyk. She is a dead beat mother that only cares about getting banged doing drugs and drinking. Her kids were taken away from her twice. Her house is always nasty dirty everything everywhere. She cheats on every guy she dates.She will sleep with anyone that gets her high shes straight up trash sleeps with married men to.She has 3 kids and 3 different dads she don’t know who her 2 youngest dads are and pins them on whoever, her youngest has 2 different dads they both believe her. We use to be good friends until we just got drunk together and messed around and now i have an std thanks to her

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Kingston’s New Gutter Sloot

March 11, 2014 Kingston 110 6,987 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik ! This is one of Kingstons new little gutter sluts with a snail trail . Kortney Herrington, she spawns from deseronto/ napanee and has branched her loose vag to Kingston now. GUYS WATCH OUT. This little skank sends nude pictures to guys she don’t even know, Guys that are seeing her friends that she knows about. This girl is going hard, She is a lying , conniving two faced backstabbing slut! At a party she even gave some guy a blow job while her boyfriend was in the other room! Met up with her boyfriend right after and kissed him! After all that, she gave her boyfriend the c*ap. This bitch also uses people for money and places to stay , tells random guys with girlfriends that she wants to move in with them and can see herself with them , and had she to steal a sub at her job because she was so broke and she got fired! This nasty little gutter slut of a bitch goes after every unavailable guy there is . It has also been reported that multiple guys have had to shower after fucking her because of the rank smell she left on their dicks ! Meets up at hotels with guys and loves baby daddies/ Watch out ladies !!!

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Kingston Pig

March 8, 2014 Kingston 36 7,348 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This dirty pig is Nicole timmerman she is the most dirtyest thing I have ever met,she is always going to the hospital cause she is to fucking lazy to go and get her methadone its so bad that even the doctor and nurse can call her by name the secend she walks im there.this thing will pretend to be ur friend then talk shit about u to people when ur not around she will even tell ur secrets to everyone REAL SOLID .she went around sayin she had a misscarage with twins which Is clearly not true she dose it cause she feels left out that the people around her are. Shes nasty she has more hair on her pu**y then you do on your head its nasty .she thinks she is some hot shit girl but she is a dirty pig with scabs everywhere and her toes are nasty stop tryin to be someone you clearly are not u belong in a dumpser like the scaby Bitch you are lady’s lock up anything you own that walks she will fck anything even your dog or cats guys keeps ur pants on unless u want a std from her and if u did fck her hope u wrapped it or go get tested plz do ur your selfs a favor .this thing can’t get a man so she fcks huge bitches.so u stupid fool Nobody likes you why dont u go back to the dumpster where u came from and leave us all alone we don’t want you around us u hairy Bitch

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Erickson at it Again

March 7, 2014 Kingston 575 11,040 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: sup nik heres the crack head marissa Erickson aka marissa sly!!! Shes doing dope still and shes not allowed to see her daughter no more! Thank god, cause that baby would come to harm being around that hite trash! She is sleeping with this kid named matt neddow , he just got a tattoo of a swastika( classy) lmfao! He got it in the ass while he was in jail and has been passing around drd to whom ever hes sleeping with! NASTY PIG!! there both doing needles together and they think its sooo cool, grow up , stop being junkies and possibly one day you’ll have real friends! I also head that marissa might have a**s from mike cotter, looks true since shes smoking crack and loosing weight! These two are real winners!! Kingston Goofs!

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King legzz needs to close his

March 4, 2014 Kingston 85 9,069 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is 19 year old Brandon Clark (aka, Kinglegzz) He has recently decided that this is “his year” because he thinks he will go far in the rap buisness. He makes shitty rap songs with his high school friends and calls it music. He is one of the dirtiest guys in kingston and is infested with diseases. He fucks a new girl every night (young girls from 14+) while he is high off molly,codeine,meth,coke or cr*ck. He parties all the time with young kids and raps about “smashing hoes quick and doing drugs” He needs a reality check and needs to get ONE solid girl HIS age and get friends that are his age. He was recently evicted from his house and is currently living in a crack hole apt building. He also acts tough but will one day learn he is not so tough when he gets his teeth knocked in. xoxo -from the girl you thought you could get

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Attention Seeking Brockville Sloot

March 3, 2014 Kingston 64 6,433 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alright Nik I would like to introduce you to this attention seeking slut from Brockville that feels the need to send the guy I’m with pictures of her god ridden self and what she must think is a nice body. She snapchats him like its her fcking job, like get a life slut and maybe lose some weight so your stomach doesn’t go out further then your tits if that’s what you can even call them. If she wants attention she can have it so I’ve included the pic that was sent and a link for it too!

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D Class con artist of Gananoque

March 3, 2014 Cougars, Kingston 8 9,068 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I write this on behalf of several friends that were conned by this d bag woman. Here are some of the facts that we have learned. She goes by the following names…Tracy Lee Youdell…Tracy Gravelle….Tracy Duncan. She also appears on Plenty of Carp as TashaAngelEyes. She says she attended high school… home schooled by mom . Profession as listed is Automotive technology….. bullshit…she is on a disability cheque and has been for many years. She has a bad back, liar, she cant do dishes cause she has no feeling in her hands, lazy, she has more pills than the pharmacy, her favorite is morphine. She says that people are always trying to steal her pills. She is good at fraud, while being on disability she got money from her uncle to the tune of $100,000 and had it put in someone elses name so she could still get her cheque. She has ripped off people by signing false leases and then telling landlords she only gets a little and then pockets the rest. She has no problem forging names to get her cheque. She ripped off her elderly mother numerous times, even applied for cell phones in her mothers name. I was told about one guy in Brockville, she made up lies to ruin his life, said he stole from the fire dept., she stole his mail, bills , cell bills and even took personal files off his computer. All the while carrying on a relationship with a married army officer from Trenton who got her pregnant, she then lost the children during pregnancy and claims that she communicates with them….she needs a room at the psych ward. This guy tried to get rid of her, threw her out, she started a fight, then knocked him out calling the cops and claiming abuse, the police charged her with assault…..the tables turned. She moved out and took some of his possessions as well as his bbq. She then moved to Kingston, hiding out claiming people were after her, she says she carries a knife in her purse, maybe if she didn’t try to rip everybody off she wouldn’t need to worry. She then found her next victim on pof and moved in on this person, turned his world upside down, she did the fake lease without him knowing and then conned him out of over $2000.00 so she could get a vehicle, stole the lease to his trailer and blackmailed him for it back. She twists words around on people, she stole stuff out of his house, even his safe, then when he tried to get it back she called the police and cried harassment. What a d bag. She dresses as if she is a 16yr old skank, she talks a good game, she claims to be a native Canadian, what a loser, she is a cock tease that runs her mouth to a good game but is frosty as the Canadian winter. She is a con artist who thinks she is better than everybody else, get a life bitch, nobody wants you. Guys don’t be conned she is a low life , dumb bitch who has ruined the lives of a lot of people, She is a gold digger that lies and manipulates all around her. I once talked to her on pof and she wasn’t interested in me till she found out that I had a harley and my own house, the gold digger bitch wanted to meet me so bad, yet all she wanted to do is talk shit about her last relationship. She will be so charming and cute but if she is confronted you are then an abuser. Stay away from this bitch at all costs. She is a psycho that plays the poor me card.

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