Kingston | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Janell Sidey

October 20, 2014 Kingston 415

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Janell Laurie Sidey she is so dirty and is a huge druggie and she has 2 or 3 facebook profiles to message as many guys at once as she can, sucks d*ck for weed and wants to be an escort all she does is post selfies and talk abuot herself, and complains no men want her, take a hint your gross and stop messaging my man you attention whore.

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Woman Beater

October 20, 2014 Kingston 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Steve Baker is a dead beat bipolar dad, barely knows his kids because he’d rather get high and wants to make it big in the rap industry. Haha I don’t understand why a person would even WANT to be in that industry because they will just make you out to be a completely different person. Then again they would’t have to make him look any worse then he already is. Steve likes to make up stories that he used to be in a gang in Toronto. LOL do’t make me laugh. Plus he’s all talk and no action who treats women like garbage and doesn’t care about anybody else but himself. I wish I never met him. I am far better off now! in conclusion all I’d like to say is…. GOOD RIDDANCE!

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Mika Whitstone aka Trenton Trash

October 20, 2014 Kingston 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Mika Whitstone aka Trenton’s Dirtiest Trash. She may be native but don’t be fooled this girl is 100% white trash. She has a 1 y old daughter she has stated many times is a “fckin mistake” She has stated hundreds of times she is leaving to different provinces and time and time again she remains in Trenton (the town with the highest meth use in all of Ontario by population! Cute!) Her on again off again boyfriend of the last three years (and baby daddy) has written many times of her cheating, lying, and positive drd test results on Facebook. This little girl has claimed pregnancies and then miscarriages within hours after announcing her supposed pregnancy. During her real pregnancy she repeatedly posted statuses asking for drug dealers and drugs. She only parties with Picton and Trenton’s dirtiest residents. She has been caught lying stealing and cheating more times than anyone can count anymore and had lost so many friends because of it. Oh I forgot to mention she’s racist! She has posted statuses about how much she hates white people over and over again. This girl has got to be the most disgusting in all of Ontario. I feel bad for her poor daughter- imagine having a mommy like that! Oh I also forgot that she lies constantly about being a professional model. She has given blow jobs to fifty year old drug dealers in Picton (Wane) in exchange for just dime bags. I almost forgot she once gave brice tim a bj with Ashley Carnahan (aka trashley carnawhore)… Really nik this girl is the definition of dirty slutbag. Personally I think she should have her daughter taken away. oh and one last thing she named her daughter MILYKA lol

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Side of Sidey

October 20, 2014 Kingston 70

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik this is janel laurie hideous sidey the comments will say it all. hops from dick to dick for drugs

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Erica Maiholz

October 17, 2014 Kingston 110

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik! Just have to worn everyone about this drd girl. She Infected two people I know. Stay away! She is now pregnant and still searching for someone to play daddy after leaving her kids and nice boyfriend. She is very big polar but that\’s not an excuse to spread disease. If anything I hope this gets her back on her meds.

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Woman Beating Goof

October 17, 2014 Kingston 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik this guy right here is BILLY PC WOODCOCK he goes in and oout of jail sticking eggs an what ever else in his ass.. he worked for a male escort service he says “if sucking dick will get me dope why not?” he beats woman burns them throws them down stairs ,, pulls their hair.. he is a manipulator who needs to be shot an pissed on. he steels from litte kids stuff they’ve worked to purchase them selves worst of all he trys to steel their moms.. Billy is so fcked in the head he steals over the counter cold an flu pills from shoppers and takes them to get high ,,, someone needs to put a stop on idiot woman beating pc rat goofs like this … like seriously nik take a loot he is creepy as fuk !

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Kingston Drug Dealer

October 17, 2014 Kingston 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK Brennan Taylor is Kingston’s biggest dick/loser and drug dealer he has been on here before. He sells drugs in hoping to make it big one day. He runs from his obligations and says he never has any money when he walks around with 1000$ in his pocket from selling drugs. He plays the poremoouth and tells every single person he is broke when he actually has 1000$ in his pocket.He is running from (FRO) the Familty Responsibility Office in arrears for $5,000 and does not give a fuck. The guy owes countless bill collectors to and does not pay them it is sad come on pay your bils retart.

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Calgey Manslore

October 16, 2014 Kingston, Ottawa 169

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is will calgey hes one of the biggest cheaters i know trust me. he will tell you how unhappy he is with his baby momma but say he cant leave cause the baby so he just screws all these girls on the side. i know of many girls hes sent his pic to and received pics from and all the girls he hooked up with he hasnt been faithful in the 2 years hes been with his baby momma i heard someone hacked his facebook and saw everything its sad his baby momma stays with him but being her i would take what i could get too. i screwed him a little ago and think i have sumething so if your one of his girls you should go get checked.

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