Victor aka The Penguin

August 12, 2014 Kingston 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: See this guy? His name is Victor Episu from Kingston Ontario. This asshole is a cheating woman beating douche bag. He was caught by his girlfriend of 7 years sending naked pictures to other girls. He was asked to leave without a fight. Couldn’t do that though. He physically abused her, stole some of her belongings and took off. I truly hope he gets what he deserves. I just wanted everyone to know. Feel free to spit on him or tell him what a piece of shit he is! This by the way is a repost. Someone told him about my original post and he had the nerve to tell his now ex-girlfriend to tell me to remove it. lol suck a dick Victor, you cowardly fck! By the way, he also said to her that the cheating and beating were her fault. What a piece of work. I also forgot to say the police say there NOT charging him with anything, not the beating or the theft!!! They left her a message to call them and when she did they said that he had told them she was freaking out for nothing, and is a paranoid bitch who never stops yelling at him. That he only “bumped” into her and if she wasn’t in the way then wouldn’t have gotten hurt. Like are you kidding me?? I\’d also like to add this picture is nowhere near recent. He’s a lot fatter (close to if not over 300lbs) and has black gross teeth from not brushing. He’s only like 24-25yrs old as well…That’s disgusting. He kinda reminds me of the penguin. LMAO! Seriously though..

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Ashley Elizabeth

August 11, 2014 Kingston 92

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, dis is 1 of Ktowns dirtiest hood rats and shes not even from Kingston but her rep is all over town and so are her nasty rashes. Ashley loves parties and doin party favours and making sex videos and shares wid everyone yo. she also steals from friends and sleeps with der bfs

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Kim Frenette

August 11, 2014 Kingston 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this gold digger is Kim Frenette and she can be found trolling POF and other dating sites looking for sex with randoms, and is famous for one night stands. She has no respect for relationships even hitting on her friends men behind their backs. Don’t be the next one to get a rash.

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Napanee Barstar

August 11, 2014 Kingston 80

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well nik nasty ass liz is a low life fcking scum bag she is a bar whore every chance she gets she is at the nasty dirty bar in napanee called the queens she leaves her kids at her mother’s house so that she can go to the bar and hang out wit the napanee finest dirty hoes there is real winner it’s pretty sad when liz mom gets on Facebook asking Ppl if they can call the queens to get liz to come and get her kids cuz something happened and she won’t answear her cell phone someone get this useless cunt a trophy for mother of the year like really this bitch shouldn’t have kids at all .all she does is scream at these poor kids all day long like really nobody on the block wants to hear u screaming at ur kids like ur voice sounds like nails running down a chalkboard no wonder ur kids don’t listen. To u either would I …. now on to drama this bitch is the biggest drama queen shit disturber u will ever meet she can tell more story’s then the Toronto sun has then turn around and say she didn’t say that at all then if she is told something about someone else the story gets all messed up and lots of things are added to it lol like really u low life scum get a life close ur legs and get the fuck off welfare and Facebook cuz I getting tired of paying my tax dollars for u nasty ass to sit at home while I gotta work and pay as much in 2 weeks as u get in a month like none gives a fck what u put on Facebook they just pitty u cuz ur a low life nobody

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Ali Wells

August 7, 2014 Kingston 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: here i bring you Ali Wells, if you don’t know her(i’d be surprised) then you’ve probably atleast heard of her, known for faking a pregnancy or 3 this girl is the hole package in all the wrong ways, she’ll screw you over and the place she’s living in right now actually has bed bugs ewwww!! one day “being different is beautiful” and the next she will tell you that your gross for not wearing name brand things, what a laugh!

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Krystle Rickard

August 6, 2014 Kingston 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: well nik this is krystle, kay starr, k, the hoe from Moose Factory, Ontario live in Kingston and sit’s and shit’s on ever ones boyfriend dick.she a nasty hoe just like her mother, crack hoe , anything for money just so she can get what her kids need’s…. well let’s just say she get’s her way around…

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Horse Toothed Loser

August 6, 2014 Kingston 10


THE DIRTY ARMY: Check out this loser, Ethan Taylor. This man has more problems than he does friends. From being a drug addict, to a pathetic loser, to a desperate asshole, he has it all. He drives a Nissan Sentra with huge obnoxious stickers, thinking he is a bad ass. He sends dick pics to everyone, including me. I hooked up with him once, huge mistake. He started stalking me, including trying to run my new boyfriend off of the road on the 401 Highway. All you girls who are 16+, stay away.

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Jordan Christy-Lee Houghton

August 5, 2014 Kingston 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jordan Christy-Lee Geoffrey ( AKA Houghton ) is a straight up custy slut. This one’s straight up dirty right here Kingston, she sleeps with you within minutes of meeting her, and then she asks you to be In a relationship because she can’t find anyone who will continue to fill her up without a relationship, she’s one of those fck and Chuck kind of girls. She likes to sleep with the guys, date them, convince them to get her pregnant, as sh\’s trying to do so already. Once she’s she’s pregnant she packs up her stuff and moves back to her mom’s in Yarker because she can’t handle the responsibility of being in a relationship. This one right here is a little messed up in the head as well, she tells you things that you supposibly said, you tell her you didn’t and she argues with you. This one not only is one of Kingston Ontario shes alzo apart of Frontenac County watch out Kingston and surrounding area because once she’s pregnant there’s no going back, she got what she wanted. I even received a text message from her ex fiance of something his friend sent him and it was her saying she could only get off thinking of Josh.. Straight cust. She has nothing better to do with her life but sit at her moms place in Yarker and be a closet smoker because her mom thinks she doesn’t smoke pot anymore. This one’s dirty Kingston, watch out ! This all happened less then a week ago.

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