Loosey Goosey

July 23, 2014 Kingston 107

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girls name is kassidy knack also goes by kass morrison because she thinks shes part of the morrison family. ive heard from people that no one in that family likes her they just put up with her. Me and my brother went downtown 2 weeks ago and i took her home with me. let me tell you shes fat and very unattractive naked. dont be fooled by her pictures. the funny thing is my brother took her home last weekend and said that she was nasty and smelt funny. fucking her was like so hard because shes too loose to feel anything and i couldnt stay up because her nasty body, had to turn the lights off cause i couldnt stand to look at her. when i told my buddies about her they told me that she fucked two of their buddies the same night. This girl is nasty and *WARNING* DO NOT FCK HER UNLESS YOU WANT TO SMELL FISHY!. lets see how many people in the comments has fcked her .heard she has over 50 kills. comment away on this LOOSEY GOOSEY SLUTTY KASSIDY. PS the girl in the picture with her is brianna gardin kingstons other loosey goosey. her and her bf break up every day so they can fuck different people, my sister just fucked her boyfriend brenden mills last week, good enviroment for her kid to be around.the do coke right on the same table her daughter eats off of. call cas asap. if your looking for a good time call brianna shell put out as long as you buy her grocries. their all a bunch of welfare bums.

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Money Hungry

July 23, 2014 Kingston 174

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this whore bags name is Cheryl poffley and she likes to take money from her boyfriends and then kick them out she’s been through more men then I can think of and she just keeps going through them she plays the part of a loving girlfriend at first then she turns into a cunt from hell , stealing, lying, cheating, even go as low as to steal from her own children for the things they need most like hearing aids. Watch for this dirty one she likes to get around and if you have a nice car ask for road head you will get it!

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Kingston and Niagara Falls Floozy

July 19, 2014 Hamilton, Kingston 39

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Sophia Xadjieva. She sleeps with whoever she can because she has low self esteem. Then she uses her man for their money and social standing. After she is done with them, she moves onto the next one within days claming it is true love. She has slept with so many guys people would recognize her on here and she is a well known slut

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Donny Milton

July 18, 2014 Kingston 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik, this nasty rapist stabbing peice of shit is DONNY MILTON, he likes to give girls ch***ia and punch them in the stomach and break their ribs, he gave four of my good friends the cl*p and badly hurt one of my best friends he punched her in the stomach hard enough to break three ribs. He also a few years ago cowardly stabbed someone 28 times in the back while sleeping on a couch turns out he stabbed the wrong guy anyways. He is nothing but a liar and a cheater, he likes to send young girls naked pictures and take them to the loaf and ale to get girls drunk then takes them home sleeps with them and sends them away in a cab. he has a daughter god only knows how many other children he abandened his daughter when she was little hasnt seen her since because he was abusive to her mother and also to his daughter, i warn everyone to stay away from this dirtbag he is not good news. a month ago he gave a 15 year old c***dia and she got really ill, he is nothing but an alcoholic and coc**ne druggy and scum bag. I would watch all little kids around him, my bestfriend walked in on him with another man and she left him. He is the biggest disgrace ever, he is a pedophile. Stay away from him i warn everyone even men.

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Sarah O Brien

July 17, 2014 Kingston 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this poor excuse for a human being has absolutely no self respect for herself or others she assocaites herself with. She has slept with over 20 people and I’m shocked she hasn’t been posted here before. I’ve heard she has an sti or two wouldn’t be surprised I feel bad for her poor boy toy she has trolling along. She looks and smells like a demented rat, she’s known for her snitching around the high schools. She piles on the makeup and loves her pot and molly a little too much. She’s looser then loose trust me boys it’ll feel like a hot dog rolling down a hallway. Her voice is so screechey its irritating.She’s known for her numerous blow jobs she gives, she’ll give them for pot or a soda and a hamburger. She’s so pathetic she can’t get a real job instead has a bow selling buisness thing. Pretty sure she got at least two abortions if not more. She’s been seen pissing in public parks on numerous occasions drunk out of her mind, stay classy not trashy hunny, pleeease. This loose goose needs to learn to brush daat staaanky breath as well and get those fcking teeth fixed eww eww eww so many people have had issues with her its crazy! she thinks she’s top shit and that she’s “been through” stuff. Bitch you’ve been through notta! I’m surprised someone has yet to beat the living shit outta you! You are the biggest bully around town and the biggest hipocrite. Better check yourself before you wreck yourself. stop using the c word, because honestly a cunt is all your good for.

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Molly Mom

July 16, 2014 Brockville, Kingston 200

THE DIRTY ARMY: When she isn’t inviting people over to drink and watch her kid for her she’s getting family members to baby sit when she’s over at a friends getting high on molly and weed. Nat the rat wants everyone to feel sorry for her and she’s not the mother you see on Facebook!! if you have actually been with her when she’s with her doughter you’ll be so disappointed. She snorts coke and molly right on her living room table where I’ve seen her child play just minutes later!! her place is always a mess and her only job is to look after her child and she is horrible at it from what I’ve seen!! when the child was younger and couldn’t sleep nat would use her soother and suck up whiskey from the little hole at the end and she saw nothing wrong with his!! child services should really step up their game and stop allowing drug addicts to raise children.

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Devon Barbe

July 15, 2014 Kingston 88

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is the dirtiest lowest guy you’ll ever meet. His name is Devon Barbe and he has had sex with two 14 year olds and he is 19 but acts like a 16 year old. He has ADHD and when he is off his meds beware. He has ugly stupid looking tattoos and thinks that he is muscular!! Hahaha this guy will never be more than a joke. He is living off the system and is so lazy that he can’t ever keep a job, he was fired from metro lol. He drinks, smokes and loves MDMA and coke. He loves putting down others to make himself feel better about all the horrible choices he has made in his life that he blames on other people and past girlfriends. Never trust him he will take thing right out of your home of you allow him to stay on your couch for a night! He loves to act like he is a good guy but its just an act. He’s defiantly one of the finest from Brockville

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Brockville Dities

July 15, 2014 Kingston 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: welcome Charlie shaw to the dirty everyone; 24 years old still sleeps on mommy and daddys couch and doesn’t have a job, He has a two and a half year old son who lives 10 steps away from him and cant get off his fat A** to go see how he is doing!!!. He tells everyone his baby mamma wont let him see his son but he just wants some attention!, Charlie shaw always smells like bad b.o and never showers!!!!. or cares to brush his teeth as Charlie has black rotten stuff on his teeth! . His baby mamma took his A** to court and he couldn’t even show up because he doesn’t care ! . He leds on like hes the most smartest guy in the world but in reality hes the dumbest person anyone could ever be!. His baby mamma’s fiancé beat the shit out of Charlie when he served him court papers,. Charlie was asked by his baby mamma to watch his own son while she went to work, and all Charlie could say is, give me a week to think about it?. Who needs a week to think about watching their own son!! I mean come on. its funnie how an 18 year old can take care of a 23 year old responsibilitys. Charlie shaws own family cant even stand him. I thought I would let everyone know a little bit more info on Charlie shaw the deadbeat deserves a little attention

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