Dave Rat Boy Barrie

September 11, 2014 Kingston 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: already had his 2mins of fame on here once so Id like to focus most the attention on Pauly. So this guy is a bottom feeder rat, grinder, wanna be, mule, losa! This guy needs to use a anal plug when packin cuss he’s so loose his ass got to much attention in lock down I herd he can hoop 12 bars of soap congrats bro you won everyone’s canteen $$$ this boy yes not yet a man I sware his balls have not dropped haha has no shame he has boned all of kingstons finest. At least 4 of the dirtys highlights he rob his own boys rats on his friends I could go on and on be careful when you buy Off this man his cut is kife & for little ricky you need to put some pounds on bro come on paulys showin you up not good not good bro rick is known for banging Kingstons finest as well if they bang needles or the have scabs on there facebor nether region’s little rickys had them (last note for little ricky the beastie boys called they want there hat bro!)

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Scum of kingston Enrique

September 11, 2014 Kingston 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy Needs to be outed, Hes married and cheats on his wife. Also heard he beats her. Just thought the Dirty should know.

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Brittany Leach

September 11, 2014 Kingston 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: Back on thedirty.com by popular demand. The original post was great accurate, the real deal and has been fan favourited and TheDirtyArmy knows Kingston’s BIGGEST Junkie Loser needs to be known!!! “Backpack Bitch” Brittany Leach “The Leach”!!!! Kingston knows Brittany Leach aka “The Leach” aka “BackPack Bitch”. Her tall titless, assless alien ass can be seen probably walking around the city of Kingston wearing a pink visor walking around with a pink backpack with drugs for sale such as marijuana, MDMA, crystal meth, crack / cocaine. Absolutely all the facts are straight and this crusty individual is back on thedirty to emphasize the extreme level of scummy dirty-ness we are talking about here. This long tall skiny skidmark on the under parents of society looks like a crystal-head zombie and steals from senior citizens she was supposed to take care of! She has a tattoo that says “believe” on her arm. “Believe” the bitch is dirty, this is not slander and she’s fuked over enough people to be posted on here for that reason. The dirty is not a about cyber bullying all the time, some people fuk people over endlessly and as the word travels around they get posted repeatedly for doing wrong to so many people. She abuses and uses more hard drugs then she sells, goes around ripping people off, lying, lying about ripping people off, stealing and fucking people over so she can support her junky lifestyle and consume various chemical drugs. The Leach’s personal favourite drug is crystal meth, which she is often strung out on acting like a big wheel, when in tweaked out reality this tall little tweaker is a nickle and dime rip-off artist who can’t be trusted and should not be let inside your home. Watch out Kingston. She is a rat, a theif and fucks any guy who is horny enough to nut in someone who has less with no tits or an ass that is very dirty. She will rip you off. She does a bunch of drugs and spends the money she owes, then makes up stories about being robbed as an excuse to not pay for some drugs shifting the blame onto others. She does it all the time. Stop going around ripping people off and lying about it. Everyone in Kingston knows your a drug addict out to rip people off or fuck them over to get more hard drugs for your own personal consumption. Watch out Kingston. She’s a rat, a liar, a thief and rips people off day in and day out to get by. My advice to the Leach: get a Lysol wipe, wipe front to back and then shove it your mouth…. you dirty bitch lol

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Krystle Rickard

September 10, 2014 Kingston 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey!! Nik the NASTY SLUT here knows her way around, Krystle Rickard (kay starr)can be found on FaceBook In and out of relationship. For right now, she has this awesome guy Phil Seguin (Awesome to party with) and Krystle is bring him down from his awesome friends.(LIKE MEEE.#HISPARTYGIRL … Krystle is a sad ASS mother just like her mother. Needs to get cleaned, INSIDE and OUT…. She has her way around people, And TRUST ME!! If I wanted!!…(If WE wantED each other we WOULD!!) Krystle Rickard your a NASTY LOSE CRACK,CRYSAL METH ALCOHOLIC WASTE OF SKIN!!!.. And TUST ME!! I have meet up with MY PARTY BOY #Phil AND THIS GIRL IS #NASTY and OOOHHH MMAAAYYY GGGOOODDD!!! WHEN SHE DANCES!! #NASTY fat is ever were and in AALLL!! the wrong places!!! and the more she #DRINKS the more #nastier it gets. Krystle Rickard is nasty looking and needs to find her baby dads…

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Theresa Batten – Celeste Sorensen

September 8, 2014 Kingston 151

THE DIRTY ARMY: Theresa Batten. Lying, back stabbing, FILTHY, whore, stealing, two faced, brat. This women thinks she is the hottest thing going, and if you are an ounce better looking, look out. She will pretend to be your friend for the week, then turn around and say the most hurtful bullshit and lies. The worst part is she has 2 kids that may take after this idiot. Lets hope not. I watched this women bring home a guy from a bar, with her current boyfriend sitting on the step of her house asking why she is bringing some guy home and this heartless bitch let the guy she brought home kick the shit out of her current bf. Literally broke his face, and for what? Cause Theresa wanted some attention. Fucking makes me sick. He ended up in the hospital with a broken cheekbone and ended up having multiple surgeries after. And this bitch didn’t even blink an eye. Still went straight to bed with this new guy and continued to be a slut bag. She carries every drd you can think of because her ex baby daddy, brings it home to her after sleeping with all of kingston. Now, lets get on to lovely Celeste. So this crack whore thinks Theresa is her friend but every time she isn’t around Theresa is telling everyone about the sport team she allowed to run a train on her for some cocaine. I hear she is a fat pig now, which serves her right. Her Alice n Wonderland tattoos were done for free cause she sucked off some short fat greek idiot for them. Alice n Wonderland, HAHA like its kool to be a complete drug addict.

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Sticky Hickey

September 5, 2014 Kingston 216

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik dis hood rat is Samantha “Sticky” Hickey most know her from Lonestar or back ally where she will please fo a dollar bitches. Smallest boobs eva but gives da meanest hand jobs. Message her on facebook and she will do what u want boys money talks

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Linda Peters Higginbottom

September 4, 2014 Kingston 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it’s obvious we have to post this Rideau Heights PIG again! Linda Higginbottom or Linda Peters, is Kingston’s nastiest amateur porn queen. Apparently this disgusting piece of work just loves eating the goo and taking it in the face from multiple men! LOL! Can you believe this dumb bunny was stupid enough to do a bunch of facial movies for the net thinking no one in Kingston would ever see them! (Gee, where have we heard that one before! LOL!!) What is amazing is that this PIG wasn’t discovered years ago! Well it’s not a secret anymore!! LOL!! Anyone running a quick internet search for MYBUKKAKEWIFE” will see what a disgusting PIG this fat slut really is! With movie titles like “cum eating pig” and “black cock whore” there is no mistaking this stupid welfare slut has had her brains screwed out LITERALLY! Nasty shit!! This fat retarded slut will suck any number of guys!!! Once the biggest BJ-artist in the history of CFBK, rumour has it this bitch lives north of the city and is sucking all the dick she can handle. Linda thinks she’s a movie star and acts like she’s all high & mighty but she’s just another cocksucker from the north end (her family lives on Compton), Oh, and BTW someone needs to tell our princess that giving BJ’s in cars for $$ and taking multiple loads on her ugly mug for the camera isn’t a job you stupid slut!

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Toni Tusio

September 4, 2014 Kingston 196

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this thing right here is named Toni Tusio (you can find her under Ludwig Van Tusio). This is fact. Years ago she was with this guy Brian and he used to make fun of her smelly vagina in front of people. She moved in with a girl we’ll call “T”. Toni would keep her Chihuahua locked in her bedroom all day in the dark and let it shit and piss on the floor. One day “T” was doing laundry and couldn’t figure out why all her clothes smelled digusting AFTER she had washed them. She washed them again and found one of Toni’s balled up discharge-encrusted thongs (it had been washed twice). Months later she moved out and still owes “T” rent money. She had one tattoo, a Guns n’ Roses tramp stamp. I heard her say ” I need to start modelling. I’m too hot.” In the next two years she covered herself in prison-quality tattoos (the one on her chest says nothing special”.) She paid for these in sexual favours to Andrew Ottenhoff, Berto, and some other guys I’ve never heard of. Now she’s a “real” alt-model! She sleeps around more than any one vagina should… it probably looks like a big red raisin bleeding elmer’s glue. She admits to having c****ia and I know some guys she gave it to. Last I read online, Interpol was looking for her for ripping off some tattoo artists in South Africa:

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