Redhead Escort

February 24, 2014 Kingston 22 9,099 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, this dirty scum bag is an escort on backpages Kingston and she’s is one ugly herpie infested whore. I don’t know how anyone would pay for her like that’s like paying to get kicked in the balls also she likes to beat animals on her spare time and sleep with her own father for money and a car plus she’s thinks she’s a singer but the only reason why she got recording time cause she slurped every guy in there for a minute of there time and I know a guy who slept with her and got drd and she won’t reply to him …. She’s a dirty pig who most Likely has already gotten pig roasted

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Stock Living

February 20, 2014 Kingston 342 7,713 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Angie Livingston or cook who knows she changes her last name more then I change my under wear this chick will fck any guy lady’s hold on to you boy friends cause this chick will tuck him and his brother at the same time also she is a dirty stinky whore with every kind of studs going there is proof in the picks of her admitting to fuck other women’s men she fcked my bf and then that saw night fcked his cousin with out washing she stuck like rotted crotch all the time this chick also swings both ways and men watch out she will steal your chick to she gave my ex boy friend drds thank The Lord I found out she fucked him before I got any

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Pimps His Sister to Support Habit

February 20, 2014 Kingston 108 8,126 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy Scott Gregory pimps his own little sister out so they can get some crack and then after he waits outside while his sister fucks or sucks the dealer he sets the crack pipe up and packs it in rotation between the two of them . No morals or self respect for himself or his younger sister . Lowest of the low . How do j know this because I seen it happen more then once and they have used my washroom for hours smoking crack when I found out what they were doing i kicked them out and stopped associating with them both I can not believe how sick and low some people can become when they have a crack addiction . He acts all tough and solid and thinks he eminem . Only fight I’ve heard of and seen him in was he knocked a clearly really intoxicated guy who could barely walk let alone fight and Scott was sober well he hadn’t been drinking thats for sure he showed up downtown to sucker punch this guy after last call when he knew he couldn’t lose lol real tough guy . He truly believes crack makes him a better rapper . Fucking lowlife crack head get a job your never going to make it into UFC or into the rap game . So go hide jn a basement smoking your crack free of charge because you allowed your sister to escort her way to the drugs and follow in her big brothers foot steps get your shit together Scott . Oh and p.s while him and his sister party mad hard together smoking crack and getting her to fuck and suck for the supply she is dating his best friend so they lie and hide and there dirty secrets

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Formula Switch at Walmart

February 19, 2014 Kingston 22 10,517 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: this is Lance now a few years ago this man took a can of his sons formula emptied it out so is baby got to eat at least and then fill the can with flour returned it to Walmart so he can get money for dope he was a really good con artist so he do how to make the can look like it was never touched so Walmart stupidly put it back on the shelf and sold it to unsuspecting parents two babies were affected one was seriously injured although this rat. got out of jail LANCE BADOUR. I’m sure if you google it it will come up it happened locally at the Kingston Walmart not to mention he also has had two children with Rachel Badour same last name from the same area although not married yes they are family yes they have two children yes the children have the facts they’re both needle poking junkies don’t ever trust them also Lance cheated a lot on Rachel the biggest well kept secret exposed here I’m sure not for the first time but he also slept numerous times with her little cousin Katie her friend Cassie her friend Jocelyn and many others including some native girl although I can’t think of her name at this time the first two girls Katy and Cassie were just young 13 and 14I’m always sending this out as a warning he’s been able to hide the formula story for a long time but seeing how they have two kids in their custody because they made deals with the police in CA s and lie about the children’s whereabouts and who the living withyou should know in case they show up at a play group near you

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Thinks Its Ok

February 19, 2014 Kingston 33 9,222 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This dirt ball is Jesse Beltrami he likes to abuse women and this includes his sister/girlfriend who he like to throw around and beat, yes that’s right his current girlfriend is also his sister. He can’t work cause hes fcked up on prescription meds and drugs. He tells his girlfriend/sister that he’s going to ** if she leaves him and the whole time shes at work paying his bills, he’s out cheating and getting fu*ked up on dope, this guy is such a loser.

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Mother of The Year

February 18, 2014 Kingston 314 9,982 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. This half retarded slut’s name is Amber Bellamy. She is 20, with two kids. She recently dated a guy that looks to be in his fifties after dumping her fiancee for having depression. She has now moved on to a new guy and just can’t seem to keep her legs closed. Amber has also been known for soliciting herself sexually for free tattoos and bragging about it. She abuses her pets, and sells all of her children’s things on the Facebook yard sale pages/kijiji. This hoe shouldn’t be allowed to breed, let alone she should be in a mental hospital because she is seriously messed in the head. She does drugs around her kids, drinks every night and lies about everything. Please don’t enable her by being nice, she’ll use you.

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Kate Wilfukyoman E2daP

February 17, 2014 Kingston 180 9,925 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So, I have submitted 3-4 times about this girl & never seen her on here yet, hoping this time she makes her debut!!! Where to start, well she is a junki whore like her mother Billie Hoe Harpell, heading down the same road of drugs, kids by different dads & no custody of them. She smells disgusting & hair is always greasy. She gave a friend of mine a drd, g&&&hea she fucked everyone she could in kingston then moved to sharbot lake & she sleeps with married men twice her age. Her father is crackhead carl that is a hoarding junkie weirdo who she let have custody of her first kid & her new meat of the week is ian mccullogh a bipolar freak from sharbot lake who is also a bipolar druggie who criminally harrassed his ex, burglarized & is probably still on probation for it all. So they just had a new kid in Novemeber last year which is most likely not in her care either…this girl does drugs in the same room as her kids!!! she is bisexual, fucks her few friends she has left with dildos & gets the guys she is fucking to watch & join in. she uses her last name a s a crutch to get her ass out of trouble because she cant fight her way out of a wet paper bag, this girl is a loser and always will be please just watch yourself she will stab you in the back if you dont give her the free ride she wants or fuck her! & dont tap this guys & girls u will end up with very sick parts!!!

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F-You, giroux

February 14, 2014 Kingston, Ottawa 15 9,079 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: ASS-WIPE, Giroux, is an ugly, illiterate, bottom feeder. The picture submitted with this post (the selfie with his hands above his head-ooh-ooh-ooh–is a prelude to him thumping his chest, grunting, and throwing his own feces…in the way that baboons do for their own entertainment.@ So for the record, giroux was the ONLY person considered responsible for and arrested for the brutal and savage murder of the mere wisp of a two-year-old girl. Tanj Marie Dibbelt sustained 150 injuries, in addition to other indignities inflicted upon her tiny body, but not reported or made public. And where was giroux at the time Tanj was transported to the hospital and placed on life support? Just where one would expect of a Neanderthal, he was with a prostitute, and then went into hiding at his mummy’s house when he heard that the police were looking for him…tough guy that he is. And once arrested, he refused to take a polygraph. So why was an indictment against giroux for the vicious slaying of a tiny child not upheld, well that is an answer only the prosecution can answer…albeit insufficiently for the family and friends of Tanj. That said, there is no statute of limitations on murder. In other words, it would be a colossal mistake for that piece of shit, giroux, to think for even a nanosecond that the pursuit of justice for Tanj has ended…it has NOT, and NEVER will! So by all means ASSHOLE, carry on with your pathetic, odious, narcissistic, delinquent, worthless, criminal life, because when you least expect it the proverbial gauntlet will land at your feet and life as you know it will be fucking over! How does it feel, douche bag, to know that  EVERYWHERE you go you are recognized for the baby killer that you are, and that EVERYONE associated with you or seen in your company is scorned for their affiliation with you, a notorious baby killer? I’m sure you don’t give a shit; anyone who can with vicious malevolence murder a helpless baby obviously cares little about anything, least of all the opinions of others. Unfortunately for your children, you ass-wipe, for whom you also care nothing, an enormous burden has been placed upon them in the form of the horrific and painful legacy you have imposed upon them–especially for your young son who was present on the day and at the time you murdered Tanj. Your young son, you SON OF A BITCH, who told the paramedics that, “Daddy said she (Tanj) needed to be punished.” As for your brother Chris, and his girlfriend, both of whom were present on the day and at the time you murdered Tanj, and did NOTHING to help Tanj, I hope they too, both get what they deserve and rot in hell for eternity.

2 handed selfies are for the gays.  his moreso then others.- nik

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