Loose Lindsey

July 7, 2014 Kingston 87

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Lindsey. This girl is in school for police foundations, yet shes a drug addict. Who has been known for giving special favors for drugs. Shes almost lost her kid more times then she can count, because shes left her out side alone stoned and forgot about her, also forgotten to take her to the drs and the list goes on. She’s also known for her pass along train rides she would provide to any guys available and literally one after the other. She needs to spend less time smoking weed and being heard by her neighbors having sex while her poor little kid cries in the bedroom beside her and more time working on atleast sleeping with men her own age.

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Drug dealer Funnell

July 4, 2014 Kingston 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, There are so many things that can be said about this low life loser. He walks around acting like he owns our city (gananoque). He got caught with a bunch of pot and is probably going to jail in the near future. He’s a born cheater and used to cheat on his girlfriend with me until he was tired of me and threw me to the curb..TRUST ME, I wasnt upset cause he was horrible in bed anyways. CANNOT believe he isnt on your website yet since he fucks the nastiest pigs in town. You can find him at the spot night club almost every weekend, looking for the chubbies. Please put this loser up because I guarantee you I\’m not the only one that has been fcked/fucked over by this born loser! He is your regular gan nobody thinking hes the man!

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Amber Bellamy

July 3, 2014 Kingston 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where do I start with this one? She has 2 kids, she pawns off none stop to complete strangers. Just so she can go get f*cked up and jump on random dick. Never pays the babysitters and treats them like shit. She smokes whatever rock she can get ahold of in front of her two boys and has CAS at her door non stop. She lives off everyones taxes, on a geared to income apartment in Amherstview, because she ran out of fresh dick in Kingston. I don’t know when the last time she had a job, she\’s been on welfare. Sucking dick to get free tattoos, although she claims she paid for them. Yes, paid for them with DRDs and a life long nightmare. Constantly trying to get guys to buy her drugs and she’ll ‘pay’ them back when she can. No one wants to cuff you bitch, GET A JOB AND SUPPORT YOUR KIDS. Keep clear folks, this ones a winner for sure!

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Sausage Hands Matthew McEwen

July 2, 2014 Kingston 145

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, we need to post this fat slob once again. He is part owner of Kingston’s dirtiest low life bar called The Spot. His nick name is Fatty Matty but we call him sausage hands Matt. He hasn’t changed since high-school, still trying to get in teenagers pants. If you look at his Facebook friends the majority are young girls. He tells them he’s this big shot bar owner with plenty of money and pretends to be a genius just to get girls. The fact is that he’s a fat disgusting stupid broke pervert, he doesn’t even own a car. Just ask his fat friend Alyssa who drives him everywhere not knowing he’s just using her for her car. I even seen him driving around with teenage girls in the back. The staff at The Spot can’t stand him because he’s always trying to flirt with us and we all know how disgusting he is. He once told me he would take good care of me if I was his girl, can you say ewwwwwwwww. Matt if your this smart rich bar owner then why don’t you invest some real money and fix the washrooms. We are sick of trying to pee on broken toilets. Please post this creep because girls need to know that he is a loser with no game, if you see him with any girl in his dive bar it\’s only because they are using him for free drinks but he is to dumb to even know that. I only joy I get when I see this fat slob is a good laugh when I see his sausage hands

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Brockvilles Pervert

July 2, 2014 Brockville, Kingston 403


THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Tyler Livingston the biggest dirtball pervert ever. He stalks women and sends them nasty perverted msgs over fb. He’s 30 years old and tries to sleep w 17 and 18 year olds. He has 2 assault charges for hitting his baby momma infront of his 3 kids and is a jobless looser who would rather try to sleep with half of brockville than work. He lives at home w mommy and drives his mommy’s car cuz he can’t afford his own. Dead beat daddy of the year award goes to you Mr. Livingston.

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Surprise Surprise Amber Whitney Rose Bellamy

July 2, 2014 Kingston 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Look here everyone! Never would of thought she’d make it back on here again, NOT HAHA. This here is skid ball Amber. Shes kingston, now amherstviews, walking DRD! Nastiest bitch by far. She pretends to be everyones friends, but will back stab at the first cock to come along. I was her friend for years and years, but shes trailer trash and fucked my boyfriend. Seems shes done it again! No surprise there! Pretty sure she has a boyfriend too? lmao Slut.. no other word for her. Well thats a lie, theres trash, pig, std walking whore, dirty as f***… you get the hint.Stay away from her boys, she\’ll give you something to keep forever..and its not good memories. One more thing.. do you think she could be sober for more then 10 minutes around her kids? They should be in someone elses care, for sure. #worstmotherawardgoesto

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Marina Martell

June 30, 2014 Kingston 101


THE DIRTY ARMY: WATCH OUT KINGSTON! This whore from Napanee ran out of cocks and pussies to fuck and hit Kingston last year with her well-known pedofile boyfriend Josh Edgar thinking they could make a cozy life ripping people off. She finally decided after years she didn’t like his abuse (or maybe he went back to little boys) and proceeded to scam people selling flour as coke with her new boyfriend everyone knows Matt Two Tall Crouse. Well shortly after he became abusive (after she pulled her regular banning him from facebook, texting or communicating with anyone other than her – is it the guys or is it her) and she decided to go for a free-for-all, fucking her goof ex, and 6 other friends/brothers from the same group at the same time, getting pregnant and claiming 2 of them were the fathers – one white one black that baby wouldve been a surprise. She did coke and thank god had her 10th abortion. She started making them all out to be abusive, meanwhile she\’d claim she could hear them talking shit about her when no one was even talking, hear death threats, accuse them of cheating, or getting off to girls moaning in the other room when no one was even there, asked them to pimp her out for money and more sex – basically a sociopath schizophrenic headcase. She stabbed a backpacker she was fucking down the arm in a fight and started moaning when he turned the knife back around on her. This bitch now has her recent ex in jail on attempted murder for walking in on her fcking a 40 year old.

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Emily Newell

June 27, 2014 Kingston 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Emily Newell loves to party and get around. She doesn’t care if the guy is in a relationship or married. She just loves attention, unfortunately for her she is a disappointment when you meet her in person. She’s all makeup and camera angles and her boobs looks so big because she’s fat.But hey at least she is easy.

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