Kingston Man-skank

June 9, 2014 Kingston 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: This douche bag here is Taylor Linderman, im posting this because 2 of my friends have been used by this scum. he talks and flirts with anything with a vagina and isn’t afraid to show it. he probably has more then 20 kills and has dated and fucked half of Kingston. he cheats on his girlfriends and uses them for sex, money, cigarettes and anything else he can get. heard that this fuckhead did cocaine after him and one of his under aged girlfriends broke up. he has some major mental heath problems and is crazy. hes an alcoholic and an abusive, violent person. he usually dates girls younger then him but has now moved up to older women with children.. he also hangs out with people in grade 8, and 9 while he is in grade 12. watch out and don’t sleep with him or else youll come out with ch***dia and probably more

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Sharbot Ho Katie

June 6, 2014 Kingston 29


THE DIRTY ARMY: This folks is Kate Harpell…she tries to let on that she is Mommy of the yearyet she smokes dope right infront of the kids. She sleeps with anyone that is willing, leaves posts on her facebook about being faithful yet she is the biggest hypocrite out there cuz she has fcked alot of peoples old men, husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends (oh yes this pig swings both ways)! She is a horrible excuse for a mother and girlfriend to Ian. One day he will realize how bad this girl sluts around on him and yes even with his own brother Scott! Stop spreading your dirty stench around Sharbot Lake scab and stopping sleeping with everyones boyfriends!!! How are you gonna feel when someone sleeps with yours??? This girl needs VD meds badly before all of Sharbot Lake is infected with her drd’s! Nik pass the word…

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Kracker Kellie

June 6, 2014 Kingston 119

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Kellie Bryce-Burns, the biggest crck head, m*th, pill poppin princess around! She is a dirt whore from Ernestown and moves around with her kids wherever there is dick to cover her habits. She is ugly as shit but hey if it puts out guys be tappin it right! She thinks shes tough but get knocked out all the time because of her flapping lips (both sets). This girl is a back stabbing, man stealing, pill popping, coke snorting, drd dripping, meth toking, money grabbbing, welfare case, deadbeat mom, daddys little girl, whore!!! Stay as far away from this as possible, she is BAD news!!!

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Dillan The Snitchy Dealer

June 6, 2014 Brockville, Kingston 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy here literally kills his liver, all his Facebook pictures are of him drinking and being fucking immature. He needs to straighten his life out for fuck sakes. He owes EVERYBODY in Brockville money, he has no job, no life, no friends and no family. He couch surfs and he is recently a snitch. He deals marijuana and cocaine. He steals, lies, cheats and fucks up eveyrones life, you best stay away from this one. He’ll take everything of yours and run. Little cockscker will do anything for money and sex. He’s soooo dirty. And he has Chlamydia, woo what a winner.

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Cat Faith

June 6, 2014 Brockville, Kingston 56


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I would like to introduce you to Faith Neal. She’s 18 and she lives in Brockville Ontario. She is a complete dirt. Her whole family is disgusting. They are on welfare, they have NO money and spend there welfare money on stupid shit. Faith and her 2 brothers and sister are ALL CRAZY! Nuts I tell you. There house smells literally like cat pee and its disgusting. They don’t clean their house and they don’t like taking their dog “baby” outside. Instead they tie her up to the bottom railing of the stairs and allow her only to walk approximately 4ft and they yell and scream at her when she whines to go outside and than they punish her when she pees on the floor. Faith smells like cat pee, fish, salmon, tuna, spam, whatever the fck you want to call it. In other words, shes disgusting and smells worse than a dirty asshole on a Monday morning. She is a liar, she’s selfish, she’s a backstabber and a no good SLUT.

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Doobie Snacks aka Cristina Noble

June 5, 2014 Kingston 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Listen up Kingston this escort, deadbeat, nigga wanna be bitch is suckin dick every minute of everyday to get her drugs and party all day and night. She use to be 400 pounds but lost it all due to drugs. Coke chrsytal m*th cr*ck and awestimg like a pig she is. She has been prostituting and escorting for yearz amd will suck or fuck ur man. She is the dirtiest bitch ull ever meet. She has every drd oit there. Doesnt get chexked and she loves it best bear back!!! Her goof bf is high profile and she choses him over her own kid. Tru skid

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Kingstons Slooty Duo

June 4, 2014 Kingston 119

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik, time you learned more about kristal burke and her little side kick amanada morrison. These two sluts go to the bar every weekend with no money and mooch off everyone down there. They hangout with the guys down there because they think their friends..but in reality the guys just hangout with them so they can get a piece of ass. Ive been seeing amandas ex boyfriend(tommy villineuve, also posted on here) for a little while now and recently found out that he still gets messages from his crazy ex girlfriend to come over and hook up. These two sluts have slept with everyone that lives in nick kellys house(surprised hes not on here) these two girls will sleep with anything that walks so better watch your boys cause they dont care. Dont know if they know this or not but maybe kristal should wear clothes that actually fit her instead of wearing dresses and mini skirts downtown when shes 500 pounds not 90. Sure kingston has lots to say about this little slut tagteaming duo. xoxo

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Bill Fountain the diddler

June 3, 2014 Kingston 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: This here folks is Bill Fountain he is a sick twisted piece of shit who preys on girls aged 14-17 he is 43 years old he is a manipulating douche bag who lures these girls in and promises them the world by buying them shit and making them leave their friends and family.. …he is a loser who is married even his wife Kim knows what he is doing an she supports him an sticks by his side. Keep your kids safe and far away from this pos!!!!!! He will be done with his newest victim and move on to the next soon, problem is he keeps them quiet n scared til they hit 16 so he knows he can’t be charged!!!!!! This goof needs to be locked away!!!!

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