Kingston | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Taking Out the Trash

October 26, 2014 Kingston 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Julie Sweet has two kids , She pick her boyfriend over her own kids , WHAT A LOOSER Cory Hayman and Scott Clark are dirtbag uses girls until they run out of money and then desert them (until he finds out they have more money, then he starts contacting them again). He’s horrible for cheating with multiple people, moving from one girl to the next, telling multiple girls at the same time that he’s in love with them and wants to spend the rest of his life with them. Tamarah Hughes and Katie V Daigle. Fcking everybody she can get her hands on. Married men, taken men. She loves them all. WATCH OUT FOR THEM’ THEY ARE TRASH .

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Brennan Taylor

October 23, 2014 Kingston 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik So we all know he is Kingstons biggest dick/loser/drug dealer. Brennan Taylor has multiple warrants for his arrest for dealing weed and does not care. He has warrants pending in Alberta and recently returned to Kingston, Ontario just last year to avoid being arrested in Alberta as he is no longer able to return to that province he is such a loser and a drunk avoid him please……

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Tamara Hughes

October 22, 2014 Kingston 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Tamara hughes the dirty monkey bitch get off everyones dick obvoiusly people keep leaving you bc they dont want you first rodiney then cory you are a whore with multiple kids with multiple fathers hes never goin to love u ass much as he loves Julie so get that thru ur head u trailer trash ho! U r a fat skank that fucks anything that will show her attention ya well I was told to tell u to waash ur fcking vagina bc it smells so ratchet and that u gave someone chlamidia bc ur so fucking dirty u r nothing to nobody u r not even prety u r so fat and ugly I cant beleave you even have kids let alone from cory rodineys just as ugly the rat looking guy . I feel bad for ur kids for having to grow up with a mom like u nasty monkey tried to hid ur picz but they were found on ur skidmark friends page SMARTS

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Brian Robert Moxam

October 22, 2014 Kingston 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: penty of fish be on the look out for Brian Robert Moxam. He is a cheater and he will take you for everything and leave you with nothing. He is dirty and will leave you broke.

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Natalie Burns

October 22, 2014 Kingston 58

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yes ladies and gentlemen after 9 years of knowing each other and finally having the chance to date one another he finally purposed to me this morning !! Things are finally starting to go right in my life… Got an AWESOME job, an AMAZING son and a super sweet man in my life!!! I love u babe (aka Chris Hassenstein)!! I announced my engagement on October 16th and let an aging band member sign my right by my ass on October 19th. I’m classy like that!!!

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Janell Sidey

October 20, 2014 Kingston 415

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Janell Laurie Sidey she is so dirty and is a huge druggie and she has 2 or 3 facebook profiles to message as many guys at once as she can, sucks d*ck for weed and wants to be an escort all she does is post selfies and talk abuot herself, and complains no men want her, take a hint your gross and stop messaging my man you attention whore.

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Woman Beater

October 20, 2014 Kingston 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Steve Baker is a dead beat bipolar dad, barely knows his kids because he’d rather get high and wants to make it big in the rap industry. Haha I don’t understand why a person would even WANT to be in that industry because they will just make you out to be a completely different person. Then again they would’t have to make him look any worse then he already is. Steve likes to make up stories that he used to be in a gang in Toronto. LOL do’t make me laugh. Plus he’s all talk and no action who treats women like garbage and doesn’t care about anybody else but himself. I wish I never met him. I am far better off now! in conclusion all I’d like to say is…. GOOD RIDDANCE!

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Mika Whitstone aka Trenton Trash

October 20, 2014 Kingston 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Mika Whitstone aka Trenton’s Dirtiest Trash. She may be native but don’t be fooled this girl is 100% white trash. She has a 1 y old daughter she has stated many times is a “fckin mistake” She has stated hundreds of times she is leaving to different provinces and time and time again she remains in Trenton (the town with the highest meth use in all of Ontario by population! Cute!) Her on again off again boyfriend of the last three years (and baby daddy) has written many times of her cheating, lying, and positive drd test results on Facebook. This little girl has claimed pregnancies and then miscarriages within hours after announcing her supposed pregnancy. During her real pregnancy she repeatedly posted statuses asking for drug dealers and drugs. She only parties with Picton and Trenton’s dirtiest residents. She has been caught lying stealing and cheating more times than anyone can count anymore and had lost so many friends because of it. Oh I forgot to mention she’s racist! She has posted statuses about how much she hates white people over and over again. This girl has got to be the most disgusting in all of Ontario. I feel bad for her poor daughter- imagine having a mommy like that! Oh I also forgot that she lies constantly about being a professional model. She has given blow jobs to fifty year old drug dealers in Picton (Wane) in exchange for just dime bags. I almost forgot she once gave brice tim a bj with Ashley Carnahan (aka trashley carnawhore)… Really nik this girl is the definition of dirty slutbag. Personally I think she should have her daughter taken away. oh and one last thing she named her daughter MILYKA lol

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