Patsy St. Pierre

July 31, 2014 Kingston 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi my name is Patsy and I am a fall down m*th mom of two kids that i dont have custody of both of which are from different daddys. i post selfies all day long till its time to meet up with my next guy or girl that wants to fill me up, dope me up and leave me to dry up crusted on the floor to sleep all day the next day while other people raise my kids and i start all over again cell phone in hand infront of my mirror in my pink dress that i will wear with my pink bikini till they rot off my sorry std infested ass. yum. call me for a good time, maybe i can be your next baby mom storage till its born then someone else can raise it.

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Kate Harpell

July 31, 2014 Kingston 65

THE DIRTY ARMY: This gurgling two timing piece of shit scab sucker has been on here before but I have to hand it to her she is really snowing everyone including E!!! This girl has been around more in her short life than any old hooker you can find on a corner. She is a dope smoking, meth head, drunk ass slice of meat that tries to portray to her few friends she has scrapped together that she is mommy of the year just trying to do her best, till she is behind closed doors taking selfies & sending them to guys of her naked dumb ass while her kids drink bong water and spill her weed dish, someone needs to call cas on this mom of the year. don’t send in a dude worker, she’ll fck him to close her file.

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Kingston’s Biggest Dick

July 30, 2014 Kingston 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Military Dropout/loser Nik where to begin with this lad. Brennan Taylor has been all over the place and does not work whatsoever. He sells dope on the side for extra money and randomly disappears for long periods of time like into thin air. He has a child he does not support and does not make an effort to even do so. He is a cocky dick and treats people/women like shit. When he tried to join the military he got discharged I wonder why?…. He is just like his cousin Brodie Sherbert a loser and cocky dick

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Breeder Courtney and Lazy Ass Adam

July 28, 2014 Kingston 77

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik these two losers are Courtney Christine Rushlow and Adam Eves but he called himself Captin Adam Eves and these two are so pathetic I don’t even know where to start, but here goes, a friend of mine that I know they owe 153 dollars to him and his family cause he was nice enough to give them his internet password because they just moved in next door to him and as the months went by the internet bill kept going over the limit more and more and when he confronted them about it Courtney said okay well Ill help pay for it and that was in April when he first said something and is still waiting for at least a $20 payment all Courtney is good for is breeding she has 3 kids and she’s only 21 and in my opinion she doesn’t deserve any of them the aid should have taken them along time ago I think either her or Adam is blowing there worker to keep the kids, her boyfriend is nothing but a loser who sits in the basement and smokes weed all the time. If these people become your neighbour’s don’t give them f*c* all unless you don’t expect anything back in return, almost everyone in there neighbourhood knows how they are now and they hate them, it shouldn’t be long before they are run out of there considering its the north end of Kingston (the heights)

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Napanee Pedo

July 28, 2014 Kingston 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this disgusting pedo is Jon Carpenter. He’s 28 years old and tries to get with girls under 18. This scum bag tried to get with most of my friends (whom are 17 and under). He’s a disgusting pervert and deserves to be put on here. He adds random young girls so he can try to fck them. He’s tried to rape one of my friends because she said she didn’t want to have sex with him. Luckily she got out of the room. He’s a disgusting cunt and thinks that because he cant have kids he can fck whomever he wants. This prick makes me sick.

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Welfare Horse

July 28, 2014 Kingston 137

THE DIRTY ARMY: KINGSTON! Where do i start; Currently dating a pedophile who is old enough to be her father; This chick has little girl syndrome to begin with. Dont let her looks fool you (even though she looks like she smokes meth). You know how they say no matter how good she looks someone somewhere is sick of her shit? – Well that is the perfect saying for this situation. I’ve never met someone so bipolar and crazy in my life. Constantly sending random older men nude pictures of herself, cheating, lying, using and abusing, calling children’s aid on her kids father when he hangs out with other girls, even though they aren’t together and havent been for a while, denying him rights to his own children. The list goes on and on. She’s a straight up sh*tty mother. Ive never met someone so selfish and self absorbed in my life. She has never had a job in her life other than Quiznos which she quit after a week of working there, shes just been living off welfare and baby bonus and making excuses of why she cant work. Oh did i mention shes a sl*t? She has never had a boyfriend for more than a couple wees before fucking some other guy who will get her nails done for her and take care of her and buy her sh*t. You give this girl a compliment and she will drop her pants for you in a heartbeat. Stay away from this dirty, smelly, cop-calling, piece of trash.

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Money Hungry Update

July 28, 2014 Kingston 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: I can’t believe this lowlife deadbeat hasn’t been on here before , lying , cheating, drug and substance abusing whore Cheryl poffley . Kicks out boyfriends and then on the same day moves her so called ex husband in with her , dated Cecil lee morphy for a short time only to kick him and his 3 kids out with nowhere to go. Hooked up with a guy from a furniture place for all of 2 weeks then had enough of him so she kicked hi. Out only to move her so called ex husband back in with her, this thing has got to be stopped . Here’s a few more pics to add to the collection The first one is of her and some Steve guy and the second is with the crack dealer Kelly Jackson who should be on here to he’s no better then she is .

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Karma Couple

July 28, 2014 Kingston 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik. Where do I begin with these two? I seen on a post on fb these two complaining about your site saying they will probably end up here for talking about it soo here you go! Where do I begin the red head is Rachel running who can be found downtown every weekend drunk beyond belief dresed like a hooker probably going home with anyone . she dated Markus vanhooser who is also on this site. I went too high school with them and there wasn’t a week that didn’t go by that this dumb broad didn’t come to schol with two black eyes , bruises all over or actually getting yelled at by him during school hours . I’m sure this bitch deserved every bit of it for being such a little slutty cnt. I wouldn’t be surprised if her new man has too smack her around to keep her smart mouth in line. She’s one fat ugly bitch with the personality to match. She is a waste of a life . And the other is Cody stratiuk they are “cousins” somedays , other days I think the relationship between them is questionable . His fam posts photos of Rachel in bikinis . He is also one of Kingston’s downtown trolls . Hell fu$k anything with two legs and a heart beat , no standards at all . They will both stab you in the back friend or not . Watch out for this duo Kingston Ontario

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