Pedo Alert

September 8, 2014 Kitchener, London-ON 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: THIS GUY CALLS HIMSELF YLBER HENNESEE on facebook! Nik, This fcking dirtty nasty man goes around picking young girls ages 13-17 and tries to turn them into prostitutes! He purposely choses young girls who are vulnerable and going through hardships in life and buys them drugs and booze and gets them so fcked out of their mind and takes naked photo’s of them and then posts ads on criags list. This guy is a nasty fucking loser, I know he does this because IVE SEEN IT HAPPEN TEXTS AND PHOTOS AND ALL! He has numerous diseases and tries to fuck these children because they are too young to know any better. This guy needs to be locked up! Poor young girls get forced to do so much MDMA and COKE and K that they dont even know their own names or how to blink. Nik, i would love your input on this fcking loser!

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Sandy/Ian Pacheco

July 22, 2014 Hamilton, Kitchener 73

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is dirty Sandy Pacheco and her dirty husband Ian. These two are the nastiest married couple around. The two of them sleep with anyone who will let them touch them. They both claim they are DJ’s but never get work. Sandy has no friends because she fcks all their men. If you see either one of these two proceed with caution they are fully loaded with DRD’s.

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Watch Out for this One

July 16, 2014 Kitchener 83

THE DIRTY ARMY: This nasty girl had 2 kids which she never mothered. shes too busy sucking cock in alleys and doing meth to give a crap about her kids. she hangs out at the Saint Johns Soup kitchen and all over downtown. when this junkie isn’t getting high shes bumming money. she will do anything to home wreck. if you need a rim job look for her at the soup kitchen! she’d probably do you a freebie! shes been claiming men are her babies daddies for years. this girl is a real class act. shes had numerous 3sums and sucked cock for money. this is the definition of a pipe huggin’ whore.

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Homewrecking Stripper Spence

July 10, 2014 Kitchener 182

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik this nasty stripper whore apparently cant seem to find her own boyfriend, She apparently likes to stick herself in the middle of a relationship say shes nothing to worry about then BAM they are fucking the next day, When one of her “exs” show up at the strip club she likes to try and bring all his friends into the back room?! LOL EW, this chick has also been ” engaged” to i dont know how many people. She also has 2 other job options apparently she went to school for things? but yet she keeps going back to being a nasty stripper, why? i don’t know apparently she likes to be a whore for a living, as well as home wrecker? Or maybe its to feed her coke addiction who knows, time to grow up Melissa your what 26 years old?

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Adding on to Sarah Shamoon : The Gahba

July 9, 2014 Hamilton, Kitchener 43


THE DIRTY ARMY: I feel bad for this girl! She will do anything for anyones attention! You will see this bar star everywhere every single night but the sad part is she doesn’t even have any true friends. Of course anyone will go out and party with u, ur a party friend that doesn’t sleep for days sniffing blow. Suddenly working at Atlantis Nutrition is all of a sudden a fitness queen. How do you go from doing drugs everyday to giving anyone advice to being healthy. 100 percent he girl doesn’t even no the difference between whey protein and isolate . I’ve added pictures of this ‘fake wanna be bikini girl” and a regular picture last week at the beach. Ur fat n descusting ur not fooling anyone , u don’t look like u have even gone to the gym ever, then the picture you take at the gym is charging ur cellphonelmao come on did u even sweat. Wanna be fo sho

Also See: Sarah Shamoon

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Mary Adlys

June 13, 2014 Hamilton, Kitchener 140

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik nik nik.. This is Mary adlys.. She’s a well known ktown slut, has fcked every guy around including any girls boyfriend and has also given road head for a ride 5 min from her house. Everyone thinks she’s some innocent little chick but really she is nothing but a lieing manipulative coke head. I watched her fuck guys for blow it’s sad really she used to be fat as fuck then she got all skinny and now thinks she’s the shit. She drives some shit box car that was handed to her by her family (as everything else is cause Wally don’t pay the bills forever) and thinks she queen B It’s sickening to watch all these Kitchener drug hoes throw their lives away. She hasn’t graduated high school and probably never will with the amount of blow she sniffs … Her friends are the hugest hippie druggies ever and she was also friends with a fellow “Kassandra neves” … That says it all right there. All these bitches are ratchet as fuck .. And one last thing, please fix your fucking eyebrows.

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Krabby Kirby

June 5, 2014 Hamilton, Kitchener 72

THE DIRTY ARMY: This chick is one big cum dumpster. Kirby Koulter, it ai’t hard to land this thirsty bitch. All you have to do is let on what comes out of her big mouth has an ounce of intelligence, buy her some drinks and if you want to seal the deal wag a bag of powder in front of her. Don’t stick around too the drama that come with this dirty puss ain’t worth it. I’m not saying shes a slut, but….her favourite shade of lipstick is cock.nmShe’s not that good and souvenirs you get after this ride definitely aren’t worth it. Don’t believe me? You can find her at her favourite watering hole King and Wellington. She’ll be hanging off one of her so called friends on the dance floor. This skank is cleaner when you cover your wiener!

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Felicity Pilon

May 28, 2014 Kitchener, London-ON 74



THE DIRTY ARMY: This backstabbing, 2 faced bitch is fcking crazy. She is probably out sucking some guys dick right now in a motel room or maybe in an alley downtown. She admits she hooks and seems pretty proud of it and wears minimal clothing which sometimes literally show her ass or vag. She uses the excuse that her dad raped her all her life for all the fucked up shit she does now. She’s proud of being an addict. Any time you see her, she’s fucked up. She has the most annoying voice and laugh that just makes you want to backhand her and tell her to STFU. She gives the “poor me” story any time you see her. Claims she has no where to go.. yet her mother has no problem with her going home. She “cuts” because sh\’s “addicted\” to it. Basically she wants everyone to know how fucked up she is so they can feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for all the people who have to deal with her shit. There\’s more but it would take hours to list all her crazy shit.his is moderator purposes only and will not be published

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