Home Wreckers In training

May 27, 2014 Kitchener 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is a story of two little home wreckers in training. Ashley Millar feels that she needs to fornicate with all her friends boyfriends, even had a little “shirtless massage” with her best friends boyfriend. And does she feel bad? do these hoes even posses any sense of morality? This bitch will proudly count her kill count for you, which goes beyond the phalanges on your feet and hands. I heard her slutting escapade contracted her some DRD mmmm, how nice. But as I rage on about her you can’t forget to account for her bestie Samantha wolf.

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Chrissy the Cow

May 22, 2014 Hamilton, Kitchener 65

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this big bitch broad thinks she is so hot shit. She is at the clubs every weekend with her friends promoting herself like a whore. She use to be like 600 pounds and look like a dude. Has anyone seen her dance at the clubs haha haha its watching her and her friends is like watching a bunch of retards at a grade eight dance moving around like some epileptic retards. Chrissy is at the bar every week with her friend in the picture Cassandra. The anorexic hoe who is a complete home wrecker but claims she had cancer. She had cancer but gave her mom custody of her child who she never sees to go to bars and be a club promoter. Really classy ms cate. Chrissy loves to make fun of anyone and everyone she sees probably to make her tubby ass feel better about her self. I’m sick of her acting like she’s better than everyone else when she’s nothing but a hairy bar rat. We see you chrissy. We’re watching you like the dirty animal you are. Ps your sense of style is ridiculous. Your contacts are fucking lame and your furry boots you and your friends wear look like you’re walking with fucking goats on your feet. Have fun continuing being the laughing stock of wax, elements and fowl you grimy, filthy bitch.

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Disgrace Mallish

May 22, 2014 Hamilton, Kitchener 106

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here’s another mommy who chooses the jib life over her son. Another dick sucking m*th addict who is just a defeating hoe now. What happened Holly. The drugs caught up with her. She doesn’t have custody a job money she pretends she can sing a haha what a joke. Anyone have anything else to say?? Haha

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Miss Queen Jib

May 22, 2014 Hamilton, Kitchener 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ohhh sammie what have you done with your life. Sammie penk aka justin afoldis girlfriend has turned into a huge meth head. She use to be a heavy set girl especially after she gave birth to her son and now she’s skinnier than a twig. Soak in the compliments sam cause this will get ugly quick. Her son is 2 and she smokes with her boyfriend out back when they’re watching him!!! Her friend Ashley ratted her out to so many people. Not to mention Ashley Frey is a druggie herself. Sam is so lucky to have her family to raise her son because if she didn’t he would be out of her life like that. It’s sad when these mothers chose drugs over their children. Watch out for facs bitch. They’re coming for you. Justin allows his girlfriend to suck other guys off for money for jib. They steal together and do this all when her child is around. She’s out every weekend at the bars with her jib friends it’s so gross she sucked my good friends baby dad’s dick!!! For like 20 bucks. Absolutely ridiculous. Before her son she was pregnant and lost it because she continues to drink and smoke. Sammie you meth head. Do you like being known as that dirty meth head mother of kitchener. It’s so embarrassing to your son and family. Smarten up you peice of shit. Do you think about your son? Or just smoking your meth getting high then becoming a violent asshole to your son boyfriend and family. Words out bitch. Have fun being one of kitchener skummiest ‘mothers’ ditty dick sucking whore.

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MF Eric “Patterson” Cohen

May 16, 2014 Hamilton, Kitchener 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: This little fa*ot’s name is Eric “Patterson” Cohen. He is one of Kitchener’s biggest goofs i’ve ever seen. He thinks he’s hot shit cuz he apparently works for Children’s Aid.. REALLY? his adoptive mom pays for his apartment cuz he can’t even save a fuking dollar cuz all he does is drink.. HE’S FCKED OVER 100 GIRLS AND PROBABLY HAS A DIRTY DRD.. HE IS A LIAR AND CANNOT BE TRUSTED. DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD HE SAYS!! LADIES STAY AWAY FROM HIM, I HEARD HE LIKES TO PLAY SWORD FIGHTS WITH HIS DICK WITH OTHER GUYS!!!

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Jocelyn Ditch pig Weber

May 15, 2014 Hamilton, Kitchener 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this girl right here is the biggest jib text there is in Kitchener Ontario she likes to suck dick for jib and for bus fare and she still walks home not to mention she is a home wrecker she broke up a wonderful family oh and the guy that\’s with her in the pics is a dlead beat father who only cares about getting his duck wet instead of his own kid pretty pathetic if you ask me he is more worried about his dick and Jib more then his own son and wife…..that\’s all I gotta say

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Kitchener’s Biggest Rat

May 12, 2014 Hamilton, Kitchener 58


THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Donna Jenkins, Kitchener’s biggest, baddest, meth addicted RAT! She starts drama with anyone and everyone in the hopes she can rat them out to the cops. She’ll use any excuse to get out of backing up her big talk, including claiming she’s pregnant but 2 sentences later she’ll say she “miscarried”. Give her your address and tell her to come try her shit, and she’ll chicken out and say you gave her a fake address. She gets her friends to send you inbox messages telling you “leave her alone, you don’t know what she’s been through” anytime you call her out on her shit. Her whole family is FCKED, large retards. Her brother Will got kicked out of school for pissing in a cup and pouring it on some poor girl (probably cause she rejected him). Her boyfriend Ben Picard is a major dope fiend, I went to school with him years ago and he used to be so sweet until he met this cum guzzling dumpster. And what’s the deal with those eyebrows? Does she seriously think they look good? You can tell by her pics that she thinks she’s the hottest shit to walk the earth but I’d rather lick the dog poo off the bottom of my shoe than be in the same room as her. Nastyness at it’s finest, I’m actually shocked I’ve never seen her on backpage.. yet. One of these days, someone’s going to come along and be fully willing to go to jail to put this dump truck 6 feet under. Wouldn’t surprise me if she had some nasty disease.

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Warning Neisha Baker

May 5, 2014 Kitchener, Ottawa, Toronto 24


THE DIRTY ARMY: im just writing u too tell u some more on this nasty lil dirty fcking bitch neisha she has been passing around the drd here in kitchener how do u i no this u ask well she gave it to me and 3 of my boys. …Warning neisha lee perry baker has the drd

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