Shelley Drive Kitchener’s Famous Mother

April 29, 2014 Hamilton, Kitchener 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this mother is another Kitchener hooker by backpage and craigslist, she goes name by Amanda, or Tiffany etc., abandons children every night in and out. Never seen during days but she gets out to street after children and husband are asleep, waving down midnight drive-by old pervs, offers head for 20 bucks and sex for 40. The dwelling at Shelley Drive townhouse is full of midnight sluts and bunch of sick tards, turning the area Kitchener’s worst ghetto garbage dump. If seen any short fat women at corner of Courtland Ave E and Shelley Drive behind Tim Horton’s drive thru asking for cigarette don’t ever talk. She gets in the car and wont get off until you pay demands money to force to act. Guys!!! careful with drive thru! Nobody needs drds from her bareback. They should be locked in the hospital for possible **vs and other drds not to even spread to areas pervs. Nik please help us to clean the area.

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Caution Trolling Dumpster Amy Frost

April 4, 2014 Hamilton, Kitchener 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok So Attention KW,Guelph,Cambridge,London,Brampton,Hamilton This is Amy Frost The DRD infested Cum Dumpster,look out for this dirty whore, she known to hook up with any guy she can just to use them for money,cars a free place to live, sleds, anything she can, she is originally from Sudbury, then moved to Brampton where she was know to Fuck every guy at the Mazda Dealer she worked at, now she has moved on to another dealership in the Guelph Area, This girls Vagina smells like a Garbage Dumpster on a hot summer afternoon, this is your warning guys be aware,she will empty your pockets, take your car, then play victim so that her next guy feels bad for her and starts buying her things, DONT BE TRICKED By the Dirty Bitch, this site is the perfect place for her ugly face to be posted, Amy can also be found on POF Trolling looking for guys to fuck.

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Perc Addictecd Skunk

March 10, 2014 Kitchener, Toronto 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this sorry looking mongoloid is Jessica Dupuis! Shes a nasty drd infested sloot who likes to fck all her friends boyfriends and baby dads behind their backs and giving them diseases! She likes men that will beat her ass and choke her out in front of her kids! Which is why she lost all of her kids! She’s nasty and don’t brush her teeth! Plus she loves to call cas on all her friends so that they can loose their kids like her and become perc addicted rats!! This btch is so proud of her self cause she can finally pour a cup of coffee and make a few bucks to keep supporting her addictions!! She’s been going behind Elisha’s back talkin shit about how annoying her kids are and this is not the first time she’s talked shit about her bestie behind her back, Jessica your trash and you don’t deserve your children!

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Meet Julie-Ann

March 5, 2014 Hamilton, Kitchener 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: This prize gem is a thirty year old whore. She’ll spread her legs for just about anyone who will screw her because she’s dissatisfied in her marriage. Ladies hold onto your man with this gold digging tramp around. She works at blessed kateri in Kitchener as a daycare worker and she does drugs so often its not funny. I would pull my children out until she was let go because I dont want somebody like that watching my kids. Julie-Ann stabs her friends in the back and then throws them under the bus to protect her own cheating ass. So even if she’s your friend watch her with your man chances are shes trying to get into his pants too. Women need warning and so do men because when hubby funds out she throws both women and men under the bus to avoid his wrath. Shell lie boys she’ll say you pursued her which come on now no chance of that with the nasty stinking bitch who

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Trash Tayls

December 30, 2013 Hamilton, Kitchener 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: This man is the biggest cocky man whore ive ever met. with over a 100 kills and , ladies stay away!

Looks like an obnoxious drunk.- nik

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Cambridge Craigslist User Robert Waterloo

October 28, 2013 Kitchener, Toronto 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik – DA strong. I have been posted on here before and it made me a better person. I stopped the partying and went on to law school. I am in my second year @ law and I love it! I am proud of myself since I have never done drugs or whored around. Yeah, I’ve been slutty, but it was all for fun and games. I was immature but now I am blossoming into a professional young woman. Thanks to DA for letting me know my place, it was very upsetting at first but now I am pleased that it happened to me. Anyways, it looks like the tables have turned and it’s my turn to hold someone accountable. Meet Robert Waterloo: I met this dude online (Craigslist… I know), but I was looking for love. I find that my classmates are preppy and unattractive as hell. Anyways, I met this guy Robert, he’s nerdy but was portrayed himself as smart and sweet so I gave him a chance, out of pity. I used to strip and I am still really hot, I have just really toned it down, but kept my hair white blonde since I love the attention. Ps, I am a natural dark blonde (but I keep it super light with a superb tan). So, I give this creep a chance, then I found out he’s cheating on me… and he’s a cross-dresser! wtf? I think that explains why he couldn’t get hard during sex. I pitied him being so soft, I just thought he had a medical condition (he’s 27). I gave him a blowjob out of pity. He went down on me for a long, long time but I still didn’t climax. This is bullshit and caused me humiliation. However, I am stronger for it want him exposed. Check out the ad he put online seeking dates and being proud of being a cross-dresser! wtf? Needless to say, I think I am done with online dating. Online men have issues, and I may just “settle’ for one of my classmates at law school, or maybe even an assistant professor? I’m at a university in Mass, but I won’t specify which one. Robert should stick with his own kind, nerdy unattractive quantum informatics chicks! This guy is doing his PhD at MIT and apparently works at IBM so he’ll have plenty of nerds to try to screw.

The ads just a little off (pic #1).- nik

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Face Tattoos & Impetigo

September 19, 2013 Kitchener 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik.. i got a realllyy dirty one for you. This girl I dont personally know, but shes been all over backpage for nearly a year now, originally from London but now she lives in the dirty HOJO in Kitchener and WOW, I’ve literally watched this girl go from relatively hot, to down right trashy. Shes definitely into the drugs, up until a week ago I was sure it was m*th cause of all the sores all over her body but then it was posted on the reviews boards that this one has IMPETIGO (for those of you who dont know, impetigo is a VERY CONTAGIOUS skin infection, generally found on infants and toddlers, openly admits it, and still fucks her johns with it, you can see the scabs and sores all over her legs in one of the pics (i circled them). I tried to find you a before pic of her, but theyve all seemed to have vanished from the interwebs. THEN TODAY, she posts a bunch of new pictures, OF HER FACE TATTOOS?!?! these tattoos, combined with the insanely skinny m*thface make her look just awful. Anyone know this dog? Im pretty interested to know what happened to this girl to turn her into such a delusional mutt. Ive included screenshots of her ad, and the review showing she has Impetigo.

 I hope those tats are a joke (temporary), as well as the twist in her leg.- nik

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Alicia Cummer, Next Maury Case

September 13, 2013 Kitchener 17

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THE DIRTY ARMY: meet alicia cummer the worst mother out there but is so quick to call cas on other people because shes jealous that there better mothers then she is. This bitch is a rat and will call the cops on you when she starts drama this bitch deserves a beating. This whore should not have her kid she had dudes in and out of her house selling crack carrying guns infront of her kid and smokes weed right infront of her kids face this bitch is so waste that she spends all her kids money on drugs and booze and then she so broke after she has to get food and diapers from the food bank lmfaooo she can never hold down a place because shes always getting evicted for not paying rent and bills. Shes prego right now and doesnt even know who the dad is lmfaooo.i think you should go see maury 20 guys could be on that show for alicia wit maury saying “you are not the father!” to all of them. this bitch will fuck anything black white guy or girl. Shes also a cra*k baby lmao yes her mother smoked cr*ck when she was prego wit all her kids including alicia and she probably is still on the pipe.Alicia u and ur family are all waste. u are somebody that should not have kids. karma is a bitch hoe and u will get yours.Im sure you know who this is im not gunna say my name cuz ur a fcking rat

I wonder what her kid thinks of her selfies.- nik

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