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September 9, 2013 Hamilton, Kitchener 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: Another Kitchener backpage hooker.. but this one is just plain nasty. Samantha “Fitzgerald”.. she claims to be married to her junkie jailbird boyfriend, but i highly doubt they would give up the heroin money for it to be legal…Her junkie master boyfriend, hooked her on the needle while they were homeless, so she would be compelled into becoming a hooker. i know for a fact he has H*p C (as he will proudly tell anybody), and since they love their needles she moooore than likely has it too. next, this one i havent confirmed yet, but theres rumours floating about that she has drdS and has knowingly passed it on to 2 other people. Since hearing this, she has since started claiming that shes going to nova scotia, to be with her in jail, jailbird boyfriend. this little treat is also not-so-well reviewed online, according to “SP411″ she is the biggest, baddest rip off to have ever hit this city. according one post, she gave him a dry handie while on the phone the whole time bitching about her job.. and apparently shes “saving sex for her boyfriend but will do anal for an extra 20$” (search Skyla or Courtland, kitchener on. pics are taken from her backpage ad. the last pic is with the boyfriend, and yes they are naked.. this was taken from her facebook page.

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Ditch Pig Tania Gracie

September 9, 2013 Hamilton, Kitchener 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: well, what can I say about this dirty backpage slut… she cant give up the booze, or the dick long enough to keep her kids. she loves the black dick and can be found most nights shitfaced at frankies or whatever passions is called now (the local african bar), and theyre usually crack dealers, just like her baby dad. her kids have been in childrens service for the past 5 years, but she still claims shes “getting them back”.. well, she did eventually, but it didnt last very long as they are no longer in her care. and as mentioned before, she is a dirty ol’ backpage hooker that claims to give “massages” but according to some things I’ve found online (search madison kitchener on ), she goes the full mile.. sucks and fcks! & she cant be bothered to change her sheets and apparently has a funky looking p*ssy,. she seriously thinks shes the hottest shit, i wish she’d realize her face looks like she left it in the dryer too long. these pics are right from her ad on backpage.

She needs to start blurring her face if she expects to get her kids back.- nik

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Watch out for this Groupie

September 5, 2013 Kitchener, Would You? 696

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me introduce you to the groupie of Kitchener. She goes by Alyson Sax. She dated Karl Wolf, And likes to spread her legs for the black d*ck,She’ll spread her legs if it will get her ahead in life, she also likes to cake on the makeup like there’s no Tomorrow, I’ve had the displeasure of seeing her in real life, what a mess, fat rolls hanging over her clothes and it’s like she slept in her makeup over night, if you have money this whale is all yours.So Nik would you do her since she likes to sleep with Singers?

Answer: No, you can tell the last 2 pics are dated, she fills out that puffy coat.

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Meet Ashley

August 1, 2013 Kitchener 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This is Ashley McDonald, she is a 24 year old drug dealer and self proclaimed escort who claims to make $1000 a night, She is a no good mother who had her kids taken away, yet still collects government money for them. guys of kitchener watch out for this one, as she is one dirty hoe, who meets men and bleeds them dry for money, she tries to force other girls to work for her with blackmail. so, guys and girls stay away from this gem, she will pretend to be your friend and before you know it, she will be trying to make money off of you.

That’s a hefty income for someone who doesn’t have a dollar to their name.- nik

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Train Wreck Neves

July 31, 2013 Hamilton, Kitchener 169

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik we all know this trash bag, or atleast weve heard of her. Kassandra Neves A.K.A “Hurry up and get my welfare check so grandma can watch my kid and I can go get drunk’ She flirts and fcks around with guys so theyll give her rides and buy her booze. Her choppy boy hair cut with the shitty extentions is not fooling anybody. You looks like something my pitbull dragged in the door slut. You see her in nice clothes then her son is old shit clothes. ps how many abortions has she had already?

That second pic is a desperate attempt at hiding her belly.- nik

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Pish Posh Sellin Squash

April 24, 2013 Hamilton, Kitchener 168

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this sorry excuse for a prostitute has been loonnnngggg due for a post. Muskrat molly/ bailey bowles is her name! her buckteeth are yellow and dissolving from all of the crck she smokes with her boyfrends she has a thing for crckdealers u can fcknchuck this trashbag but umust be 30+ and u must have sum lube on u that pssy is USED UP. mashed to bits Im telling u Nik ive had the muskrat molly experience and it wasnt pretty. we went out for a night at hess n mite i add it was the most anoying event of my life..tramp would not shut her cocksucker about the STUPIDEST shit..something about her rich dad dissowning her. Her squash is SO mashed and dried up you could compare it with a raw burger and would nt no the diference. OH and ur going to love this nik… this girl has a scabby asshole YES a scabby asshole, this girl has been fucked so much I didnt even want too put my dick in there saddest whore ever

Looks like we got a hanger (in the pants).- nik

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Dalia Chaban The Dirty Sharmouta Of Kitchener

April 12, 2013 Kitchener, Toronto 214

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik where to begin about Dalia Chaban, she works at Arabesque Café Family Restaurant in Kitchener where her family works robbed the place from us so they can make money, TO BAD BITCH MY FATHER IS MAKING MORE MONEY YOU SHARMOUTA!!!! she has secrets her family doesnt know about her, she sleeps around with different men when she goes out who do you think is paying for that cheap car she cant even drive in cant park and hits parked cars with and drives off you dirty arab slut she had 4 abortions done and does coke with her friends in the bathroom at clubs a friend has a video of her giving him top at his house and she doesnt even spit she swallowed everythin what more do i have oh yeah she had 3 guys fckin her at once before 2 black guys and 1 mexican she loved the 2 black guys she kicked the mexican guy out what a dirty whore she will give you drds so STAY AWAY FROM THIS ARAB SLUT!!!!!!

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Natasha Loves Older Guys

February 26, 2013 Kitchener 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is NATASHA EVANS.. She is the mother of 4 little boys at the age of 26 with 3 different men. She loves to suck off old men.. her second youngest son’s dad is 55… No man her own age wants her because she is biploar and a dirty fcking pig. She can go days without showering.. Her house has shit covered floors because she is too busy sucking off 70 yr olds to drive old piece of shit trucks.. Every man she gets with she allows her sons to call him daddy. She claims she works and makes all this money but really lives off of these old men and stripping at bars around London, ON… Ladies keep your father and grandfather away from her or she could be your next mom or grandmother..

Four kids and zero child support (if you catch my drift).- nik

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