Can’t Stop Hating Her

November 21, 2011 Kitchener 4 6,316 Views

Can't stop hating her.

Can't stop hating her.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok, i just can’t get this out of my head and i need some advice. this girl’s name is April Mitchell. You can find her on Facebook. She lives in Erin, Ontario. she is my current boyfriend’s ex girlfriend of 3/4 years. She is a skanky home wrecker who is just using her boyfriend for the sake of not being lonely. Everyone in town knows her as a bitch, a whore, and a complete c nt.they were best friends in high school and dated and had thier issues. They broke up and about a year later my current boyfriend and i met in toronto also a year later after my son’s father and i split, while i was down visiting a friend. I visited him here in now my current living town in Acton, ontario over a year ago. She messages me on facebook telling me was an abuser and an asshole ect ect, then preceded to attack my ability as a mother even though she has never even talked to me before! I have done everything in my power to make sure my son is safe, take care of, and getting all the love and everything he needs and wants. I’, in his life half time as his father is the other half, and i see him all the time and so my best to be the best mom i can be for him. I gave up my life of partying , drugs, and booze, to make sure i can take care of him. She attacked me on a personal leverl and continued to send me msgs saying how they slept together while i was with him. I never believed it, and still don’t.

Recently i was bumped into by an mutual friend of theirs and she told me that they were talking behind my back. So i dug into his email with is permission and found out he deleted msgs of him and her talking, how she wants him back, how she hates her current bf but won’t leave because ” it works”. So i get a friend to contact her for me and she send’s him text msgs from him to her saying I miss you, i miss your smell, your touch, and the way we used to go at it. They had plans to meet up when i’m away seeing my child, and he lied directly to my face when i asked him if they have talked, he promised he would tell me when or if he got emails or txts just from this ex, and i promised i would let him know anytime i got a msg from my ex ( who is my babys father, so there isn’t much he could do about it anyways but i was still honest about it when i didn’t have to , and kept my promise to him). I asked him countless times if they talked and i had to find out all of this through another source. the worst part about it is he proposed to her when they were broken up out of desperation he says, yet he says he isn’t ready to ask me because he has his “things”. I asked him once and he shot me down even though i actually love him and want to start a life with him, compared to the skanky tramp he asked previously.

I really love this man , and after all this i took him back, it would really hurt to leave him, but i ask you think nik, am i stupid? Am i just the rebound girl even though it was a year after they broke up, and we’ve been together a year and a half now? should i just left him and moved on? do you think i could ever get over it all? Is he even worth it?She is the first picture and he is the second with me, and one of me on halloween. Please help nik, what should i do?

She wouldn’t keep sending messages if he wasn’t responding.  Dude sounds too young for a relationship, he won’t be good for your child.- nik

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Cory Loves To Share

November 14, 2011 Kitchener 17 5,700 Views

This Guy has STD's and wanted to share!

This Guy has STD's and wanted to share!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I’m warning all you beautiful, intelligent women out there to WATCH out for this little boy! His name is Cory William Mercer and is 25 years old. He is a blond haired white boy who thinks he is as hard as can be, he speaks with a Jamaican accent and wears the biggest clothes he can find. He rooked me into moving in to a 1500 dollar apartment with him because he “loved” me and wanted to start a family. Little did i know when I was out working full time he was taking his car (which he can’t legally drive because he went to jail or a DUI) and he was picking up other girls to bring back to OUR apartment. When he got caught he gave away ALL my things including jewelery, clothes, makeup, and hair products to his OTHER girlfriend. When I found out who she was she told me she was pregnant with Cory’s baby because ” he wanted a baby with her”…. while i was also finding out there was ANOTHER girl. SO YES 3 of us. This guy will give you an apartment key within 3 days of knowing you to “prove he is trustworthy and has nothing to hide”. When you ask him about his past he either lies, denies it, or switches peoples last names. We have been broken up for 6 months and in that time I have had to change my phone number 3 times, yet he get its every time and calls me all day every day and texts me. In this time span he has also managed to get caught driving with no license, no plates, and no stickers. And spent some nice time in jail for having grow-op in his apartment. The guy clearly has no job and lives off the government and whatever girl he can find. Yet he’ll tell you he has a welding job. And that he wants a family so bad because “there’s a difference between having a baby and starting a family” OH! and may i add, he told me he had breast cancer when he was smaller… but then got me to read legal documentation for a car accident he was trying to sue for and they were just calcium deposits. The guy seems like prince charming and he will tell you EVERYTHING you want to hear.

Its hard to look cool when your surrounded by guys.- nik

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Watch Out For This Pedo

November 7, 2011 Kitchener 0 8,913 Views

watch for the pedifile.

watch for the pedifile.

THE DIRTY ARMY: kso, first off this guy is pedifile. He is known on facebook as Randy Mandamin he thinks he is all hot and shit because he has over 4000 friends on facebook even though he just adds random people just to say he has that many friends. So hes going to be 20 years old in a few daysand still in highschool, he also keeps trying to hook up with little 14 year olds even though he is 20. He is gross and needs to be put on blast.

Guys who give themselves bangs like that are always pedo’s, they hide the wrinkles.- nik

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Waste Case Of A Mother

November 7, 2011 Kitchener, Toronto 26 6,298 Views

Dirty little waste case of a Mother.

Dirty little waste case of a Mother.

Dirty little waste case of a Mother.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here’s a shocker of a “Momma” Chantelle Pamelaa, drinks till she’s on overload and dated a major crack head Travis, while she’s got a baby who she drops off at her parents. She’s out every weekend, snorting shit that fcks you up while she should be at home with that little girl. Kitchener has a bunch of fuck ups like this, it suprises me that theres barely anyone on Kitcheners dirty list. Well I guess were going to see a change. Chantelle get your shit together you drunk fucking druggie. Take care of your kid before it’s taken away from Social services, and stop bringing hood rats around her.

Why does it look like she’s growing boobs on her back.- nik

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Creepy Lookin Pedo

October 31, 2011 Dirty Predator, Kitchener, Toronto 7 7,682 Views

Creepy Ass Pedo

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is creepy as hell and he likes to stalk young girls online. His name, age and place are never revealed. What do you think of this piece of work, Nik? He is one sketchy motherf*cker. I am posting this for a warning. If you see this man on any website, block him IMMEDIATELY!

I bet that tat on his neck looks like a greg without the beard.  Can’t cover up the fogy forever.- nik

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Jonny Carter/Shamoon

August 15, 2011 Kitchener 24 8,564 Views

Jonny Carter/Shamoon

Jonny Carter/Shamoon

THE DIRTY ARMY: This would be my cousin Jonny Carter aka Jonny Shamoon! The reason I would like him posted is to tell all the women out there what DAWG he really is! He CANNOT take care of his own children. He does drugs, drinks, and leaves his kids at home with a family member or a friend so that he can party in Kitchener Ontario. He goes out then comes home and doesn’t even bother with his job or kids. Now if you were to go on his facebook page  it’s mostly girls. and 3/4 of them he claims he has either dated, screwed, etc. This guy is nothing but dirty!! My family is getting sick and tired of his games. What Imean by that is he scams girls into giving him money then he spends it on stupid stuff! One girl said that she was going to try to give him some money for his b-day he kept telling me that she owed her money. He’s also this wannabe b!tch @ss thug muffin. He goes around blabbing to everyone that he knows these people. But every single time that he has told me to be downtown to meet one of his “gangster friends” they never show. Or if he tells me that he’s going to take care of someone or something for me IT NEVER HAPPENS! He also thinks that he has a shit load of money and all these manisons. He claims to fly every where like China Mexico Italy. He’s just a pathological liar and my family and I know the real truth! Also Jonny thinks that he knows famous people and just because his last name is Carter he says that he knows Aaron & Nick Carter. He keeps telling me stupid things like that. let all the girls now his real side.

This is the uncle who would touch you on the knee.- nik

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Watch Out For William W

August 2, 2011 Dirty Craigslist, Kitchener 3 9,574 Views

Watch out

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is William W. He is posing as a 29 year old male looking for mutual j*ck-off and oral with other men. He frequents Craislist m4m in different cities around him, collects pictures and meets up with them. He is actually 36 years old, and until recently had a girlfriend ( She left him because of the cheating!). He claims to be completely straight. He’s a manipulative, self-centered, materialist, racist, abusive prick.

He doesn’t look a day over 55 how is he still claiming he’s 29.- nik

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Doped Up Stripper Ashley Dacosta

June 29, 2011 Kitchener 125 7,816 Views

Ashley 'DaCockstar' Dacosta

Ashley 'DaCockstar' Dacosta

Ashley 'DaCockstar' Dacosta

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this sloot Ashley is a heroin addict stripper who will bang any and everything that MAY or MAY NOT have money, something of value to steal, or drugs. She has burned every bridge she has come across, has zero friends left because she has stolen from them or screwed their 60 year old father. She was featured on ‘Jenny Jones’ when she was 15 for prostitution (she has a 50 year old pimp to support her heroin habit). She also has a son that she no longer has custody of due to her drug problem.

It’s sad that even the drugs can’t make her skinny.- nik

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