Tyler Phaneuf

February 21, 2013 Hamilton, Kitchener 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Tyler Phaneuf. He is a self absorbed loser who uses girls pitty to fck them. He claims to be a NICE GUY who gets put into the FRIEND-ZONE but he really is just a whinny little bitch bag who needs to shut up and stop looking for attention. His ego is through the roof which is cool if he didn’t shove it down peoples throats and bring people down for his own fcking enjoyment. He is an asshole and a goof plain and simple. He can only date girls for like 2 weeks before he gets bored and is constantly drinking like an alcoholic. He refuses so see anything wrong with himself.

I can tell by his gun he’s for the gays.- nik

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Thug Life DJ

November 8, 2012 Kitchener, Toronto 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: really “thug life” u n ur whole fam is pussi so nothin thuggish bout u hahahahahahahahahahahaha dis sand monkey is a fruit cake.

Those tats are more embarrassing then anything else.  Hopefully you sharpied them on for Halloween.

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UPDATE: Wannabe DJ Steals From His Parents

October 11, 2012 Dirty Predator, Kitchener, Toronto 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this douche bag needs 2 be put on blast again hahahahahahahahaha 2 funny.

Whatever he’s doing is keeping him well fed.- nik

Also See: Wannabe DJ Steals From His Parents

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Robbie The Twink

September 21, 2012 Kitchener 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, It’s been a while since I have put someone on blast fro running their big mouth when they should know better. I was minding my own business when I received a nasty reply from an ad I placed looking for a room for rent available to an open minded and sexy female. I was surprised to see an *sshole replied telling me I’m a loser and he is going to beat me up if I post an ad like that again. This guy gave me his, photo, real name and address cuz he has something to prove. He is pissed off because I live with my FWB and looking for another to live with us. Last time I checked its a free country where people can say what they want. I was looking for a female to reply, not a guy who acts like one. Anyways this goofs name is Robbie Ruelland from Kits.  IMHO people should mind their own business. This loser obviously has too much time on his hands and not getting laid by women. Wake up F*G, you are living in denial and think you are a man. The only sex you get is from hairy old guys at wreck beach. I’m listing your photo for everyone to see. He also uses his real name at hotmail.com to threaten people too!

He’s a gay guy and he was trying to work his way into your home.  He though you’d try to prove him wrong and invite him in.- nik

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Biggest Bird In Kitchener

August 20, 2012 Kitchener 44

Fuad Styll Swaggin Barucija: biggest bird in kitchener

Fuad Styll Swaggin Barucija: biggest bird in kitchener

Fuad Styll Swaggin Barucija: biggest bird in kitchener

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Fuad “Styll Swaggin”, biggest f*ggot in Kitchener. This guy would sell his own parents for a toke of weed, and snaked out every single one of his friends. If you can even call them “friends”. He thinks he can get any girl he wants, by commenting on their Facebook pictures, but what he doesn’t know is that every girl talks behind his back calling him a creep. He tries to get people to trust him by saying wallahi for everything but continues to lie and lose trust in even more people. Biggest disgrace to Muslims. Don’t even get me started about how he lies and says his parents are doctors yet he can’t even afford a decent shirt or a pack of cigarettes. e has to bum everything off everyone. Biggest snitch too. He snitched his own boy out on the phone to people that were pretending to be cops. NOBODY TRUST THIS RETARD, NEVER BELIEVE A WORD HE SAYS.

Swaggin with a tucked in Assliction eh….JB’s definitely on this dudes playlist.- nik

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Trashy Mom To Be Jamie Ermel

July 18, 2012 Kitchener 47

Trashy mom to be

Trashy mom to be

Trashy mom to be

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this mom to be Jamie Ermel says shes pregnant but still goes out to the bar phils TRASH BAG her babys going to grow up a cracked out party sh*t like herself. This girl should be ashamed of herself already being a trashy mom like the rest of them. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF?

She’s cupping her bottle like that out of experience.- nik

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Brent Campbell Former Titanium Nightclub Owner

June 27, 2012 Kitchener 14

Brent Campbell Former Titanium Nightclub Owner

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Brent Campbell, 28, who is the fourth person accused in connection with a blaze at the Campus Court plaza, was released after a court appearance Thursday. Waterloo Regional Police Insp. Greg Lamport says “He’s been charged with a single count of arson and conspiracy to commit arson.” The charges against the Waterloo nightclub owner stem from the $4.5-million fire at the Campus Court plaza in April 2010 that destroyed a number of businesses. Campbell, who owns the Titanium Nightclub in Uptown Waterloo, was arrested on Wednesday. In January 2008, Campbell spoke with CTV News after a New Year’s Eve disturbance at his nightclub, then known as The Vault. “When people use bottles as weapons, that is something that is just not right and from now on The Vault will never serve beer bottles.” A publication ban has now been instated on the evidence at the hearing, but police say the investigation is ongoing. Defense lawyer Craig Parry says he’s waiting for disclosure in the case. “The next step is to gather the evidence. The prosecution has interviewed its witnesses and gathered statements, there may or may not be more evidence I don’t know.” Campbell is expected back in court in next month, an appearance that will likely be part of a lengthy legal process that involves three other defendants. Parry says “Typically a case like this would take at least a year to unfold, perhaps longer.” .

He won’t appear in court, he’ll hide out in the great white north.- nik

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Lex The Snitch

June 27, 2012 Kitchener, Toronto 159

Lex The Snitch

Lex The Snitch

Lex The Snitch

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I come from the city of KITCHENER!They’re are SOOOOOO many rappers and SOOOOO many WANNABE rappers in this city. This certified goof/protective custody case is from the hood.. aka C BLOCK! many real people there! SADLY! He’s the FAKEST person from there. This GOOF raps about pimping b*tches and selling crack but it’s funny because he SNITCHED on a FIRST DEGREE MURDER CASE here in TORONTO. The dude he snitched on his BOY he’s been riding with since they BOTH grew up. His boy doing LIFE in jail because of this GOOF who calls himself “Lex”. What do you think Nik!? NO LOYALTY EH!?

I’m not sure which one you’re talking about but I’m gunna assume its the lightest one in the crew.- nik

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