Langley’s Biggest Problem; Wolseley Silva

April 16, 2014 Langley 0 6,995 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is wolseley silva. You cant go anywhere with out his name some how being brought up. Everyone is either madly in love with him our they cant stand hearing his name. Mainly because he can somehow make any girl fall for him and he knows it. But he plays stupid and tries to say he doesnt get why girls like him. Oh and he says he doesnt even try to get with girls yet he always has a new girl on his arm everytime I see him. Oh yea and another thing is he tries to put on this little act that hes actually a really good person yet he gets in fights all the time, hes been to jail multiple times for assaulting people even cops, stealing cars, and even almost beating a kid to death, hes one of the biggest criminals in langley. But some how he always talks his way out of everything. This guy needs to be put on blast for all of this. Not only is he a criminal and a man whore but he has the biggest ego out there

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Jason Welkie

April 14, 2014 Kelowna, Langley 3 7,798 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jason Welke is one of the hugest man hoe’s in Kelowna. In the past Jason has done horrible things like assaulting his own mother! Jason has so many women on his Facebook profile he can call up. It is also known that he stole a banner at a festival and wrecked it, then bashed the festival lying to everyone claiming that he was intoxicated when he stole the banner and didn’t know what he was doing, when really at the time he was caught at the festival he was completely sober. Jason is a compulsive liar and has been known to steal things from people often making him a cleftomaniac. Clearly Jason has mental issues and needs to seek help but won’t. Ladies watch out! What kind of guy tattoos tiger above his crotch Nik?

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Juggalette Fakes Pregnancies With a Full Beer Belly

April 11, 2014 Langley, Victoria 60 7,603 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this fug juggalette trainwreck known as Erin Stirling or Erin Groundwater hails from Victoria BC and lives in LAngley now. She has been posting all over Facebook about her pregnancy saying shes 24 weeks… up until a few days ago when she posted a ultrasound pic that was dated and said she was only 5 weeks. Turns out that baby belly was just a giant ass FUPA full of beer and shame. Her last post on March 20th said she was 24 weeks and she was talking about the baby kicking and moving, gave it a name and was tellin people it was a boy… then all the sudden April 8th shes 5 weeks pregnant. After getting called on her bullshit she tried to say she lost the first one… WITHOUT having to go to a hospital or doctor… and then got pregnant with the other one. I know this piece of dirty porked up trailor trash doesnt know how to count or add… but march 20th to april 8th is not even 3 weeks so how in the fck did this nasty guttermutt manage to have a miscarriage, heal, and get 5 weeks pregnant IN ONLY 3 WEEKS?!?! The best part is this is NOT the first pregnancy she has faked and she has her poor boyfriend belivein that she really was pregnant even tho she been drinkin and getting high the whole time. She also has been crying on facebook to ppl who have ACTUALYY had real miscarriages which is just SICK!!!! the whole world needs to know the truth about this crazy lard beast before she drags more ppl into another fake pregnancy! she is a fugly slut. do not trust her!

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Ash Burton, Cheating Manslore

April 3, 2014 Langley, Prince George 25 5,888 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: She sleeps around with numerous people at once, dates and manipulates one of the people she is sleeping with. she will lie cheat manipulate and sleep with anything. She is abusive to the women she dates, physically and emotionally. She will tear you down and fck you over. She sleeps with all her “guy friends”and all her ex girls who will allow it. Girls and guys beware of this horrible person, she never gets tested for drds and probably harbors many. She thinks of herself as a man but really she is just a big bitch. She will bounce back and forth between as many girls and guys as possible.

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What in the Gods Name Happened to Terra

April 1, 2014 Langley, Vancouver 14 10,409 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Wow nik, this girls name is terra deroshe from langhole, this girl use to look pretty but now she is a gib head with her gangster wanna be boyfriend ben i find it sad that she has no friends and no life just a nasty looking skeleton girl just digging herself into a grave… How do you have custody of your child ? You take pictures with a gak pipe in the picture ( one of the pictures posted on the bottem right side ) Someone please should considering calling a social worker its sad! Terra you are a discusting whore who looks like a cancer patient grow some meat back your ugly as fck.. Men like booty not a skeleton.

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I Know What You Do

March 28, 2014 Langley 0 9,370 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Nikki (on the left) she is the biggest backstabber whore ive ever met! She works at snowshoe sams at big white and thinks shes the shit! She bangs a different guy every night after her shift but acts all tough and mighty at work. Well you dont fool me hoe you sleep with locals and visitors. Maybe change your career? Escorting would make you more money and perhaps guy you a nose job.

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Lindsey Langley, Yay or Nay

March 27, 2014 Langley, Washington DC 8 10,053 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Lindsey Langley she wants to be a model. What do you think? Is she hot or not? And what don’t you like about her?

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Beach Bunnies, Nothing more then Pimps

March 24, 2014 Kelowna, Langley 923 11,552 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Porscha and Stephanie are nothing more that Dirty washed up Hookers that now act as Pimps and operate Beach Bunnies in Kelwona. Hello Nik lets change it up a bit ! instead of outing the prostitutes why not see what the pimps of these girls do when they are exposed. Since Stephanie and Porscha or what ever their real names are maybe we could see how they like it being exposed as the pimps they are. The are no more than common street pimps just because they use the internet and have a DIRTY location attatched to a junk yard doesn’t make them any better they will try and no doubt justify themselves as contributing to Kelowna but that’s farthest from the truth seems most business owners will be proud of their accomplishments lets see how proud they are in taking advantage of you misguided girls only to turn out sex for money for these two old Whores .Porscha and Stephanie they certainly promote themselves but they are not the ones going to get Aids or worse from the customers. lots of girls getting exposed from Beach bunnies makes you wonder if its coincidence or if they do it on purpose to run them outta town when they stop producing money for these old whores just so they prevent them from going independent SO I WOULD LIKE TO INVITE ALL THOSE THAT HAVE INFORMATION ON THESE TWO OLD WHORES TO POST IT HERE AND MAKE IT PUBLIC ADN LETS SEE HOW THEY LIKE IT PLEASE USE ” SUBMIT MORE INFORMATION ” to add pictures and please add Face book and personal links to their families and friends Its only fair if these Whores who live off the avails of prostitution are going to continue to profit and take the money and run and then dump the girls they should BALL UP and take it like a real whore would. Please Post and advise the City of Kelowna and its Council Members you will find Beach Bunnies telephone number on its advertisement Heck Maybe even expose the Receptionist they greased over to do this DIRTY Job for them. PLEASE POST MORE INFORMATION ON THESE TWO WHORES ” They will try their best to sugar coat their existence ” LOL they have big mouths from being stretched out no doubt from all that Dick going down their throats. Good Luck and enjoy

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