Langley | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Slimeball turned Christian

August 14, 2014 Langley 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this loser lived off a single mother for 2 1/2 years promising to pay her back. Then when her father passed away borrowed way over 5000 to pay off the fines on his Class 1 License, promising to pay her back and help with the estate expenses. He went up to Vanderhoof, BC with her later Father’s Truck, made one payment, got a job, and left her in the dust to marry his 19yr old cousin. Not a dime paid. Oh yeah….he turned Christian alright. Sure repents every Sunday. Left a mother and child in dire straights while him and his new bride own a home and I\”m sure want for nothing.

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Bootched Langley Boobs

July 29, 2014 Langley 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Chelsea. She is a used up ugly red head who dies her hair black. She is full of freckles and bags upon bags of hair extensions. All she flaunts Is her botched boobs and puckers her lips. Ok Chelsea we get it you have implants. No one likes looking at your jacked up knee pads. Go find a man instead of posting all of these dating and relationship posts. Too bad your never the main girl, your simply a tosser. Next surgery get skin peels to hide your real freckle face

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Langleys Daughter of the Year

June 18, 2014 Langley 76

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Mackenzie Johnson, she can be found here,  at this escort site.used to go to school with this girl i bet her parents would be so proud of the great career path shes chosen, if anyone in langley would like to use this cum bucket please call[] she has great rates cause shes also a fatty. what do you all think of this young 18 year old girl that just got out of highschool?

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Megan Barqueros

June 18, 2014 Langley 64

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Megan Barffffffqueros. Nobody likes her because shes a filthy ditch pig. Shes a dirty filipino butt slut and has had two drd’s in the past year. The most recent one I found a bottle of valtrax in her room. She has taken more than one guy in one night at the same time. What kind of girl has sex with more than one guy in a night? She has been double teamed constantly. You can smell her nasty pussy from a mile away. She likes talking to other peoples boyfriends for attention. LOVES to hit the jib pipe. Staying up for days at a time fucking one guy after another. The definition of DIRT. No respect for herself because she loves being a whore. You fucking little cunt. Her skin is the same colour as diarrhea that came out of some other dirty filipinos assshole. Shes had two abortions now your baby killer! Rumour has it that when she got pregnant the third time she lost it in the toilet then hooked up with someone that same night. Her face looks like ground beef thats been kicked in and covered in semen way too many times. This is just a warning to anyone who encounters this dirty fcking homewrecking SWAMPDOG. Shes no cleaner than the bottom of my shoes. What a walking talking breathing disease. Nobody get near this ratchet hoe.

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Newz You Lose

June 17, 2014 Kelowna, Langley 371

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Ryan Newz Scarpino Hes on his 3rd tattoo shop because he can’t pay the bills or spends all his money on drugs or his girlfriends fake tits instead of paying for his kidHe drives a POS has some 20 something bimbo girl gives the worst tattoos in town and walks around thinking he’s big time there’s so many people that hate this guy grow up act your age

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Curtis Jandrew Womanizer

June 11, 2014 Langley 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Rodney aka “Curtis Jandrew” FB name. Curtis is a Womanizer, manipulator, lair & a big time Cheater. He will pursue girl\’s into Believing so much of his Lies its gross. He tells lies of ppl who suppose too mean so much to him to make himself look better & feel better! Once these girl\’s believe his Lies; he will start asking for thing’s making it sound like he has nothing because of his baby moma; which he goes above and beyond to make her look bad. Once thing’s don\’t work with one girl, he\’s so quickly to jump onto his next victim. This disgusting goof of a human, puts so many Single Mothers at Risk with his manipulation. So don’t Let his sweet n innocent ugly looks decisive You. He is known very well with Ministry of Child and Family Service’s. He has a charge on him that concerns them. He is NOT fit to be around any “Single Mothers” as he does some nasty distructive abuse towards them. Hes known for his lying, abusive ways from people in his past. He Goes after any walking female out there and age doesn’t matter. Hes suppose to have kid’s out there, he Abandoned as well. He plays a victim of his baby momas keep him away; when he chooses to stay away to party, fck any walking female who will have him and do drugs. So Lower mainland Woman Beware of this Womanizer and don’t let Him fool you.

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Tova Crane

June 11, 2014 Langley 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tova Marie Crane, is a low down c*nt, that will do anything to wreck a Family. Especially going back to her so called ex-husband she bashed all over fb & stalked his gf, baby moma & was his finance at one point! 2yrs this b*tch kept butting into their lives and saying a lot of nasty sh*t to her and going as low as Calling their Baby & her other children “Bastards” what kind of human being does this? She also claimed she worked for Child & Family Services! Really, this low life needs to be KNOWN for the nasty woman she is,for always trying to Take a father away from his own blood! Which she aalready ruined his oldest so’s relationship because of her insecurties & low down selfishness!

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Closet CallGirl

June 6, 2014 Kamloops, Langley 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: truly is amazing how some boys are so clueless as to what their women are doing….Kierstyn Patterson is a fine example of such a topic. a former girl of mine, due to her nasty lifestyle.sick!! does nothing all day but work shitty hours aat dq, screw her so called man for drugs and mooches off him and his poor mother, to feed her dirty ass herroin slashcrack addiction.she had no problem hooking herself out in the past and had no shame id like to add but now that she has somene to lean on this is no longer necissary . at least thats what she makes evryone think. a couple months ago as ashames as i am to say this, we were still ‘friends’ and she let it out that shes still got a couple old custys of hers to make extra cash on the side. as she says -she doesnt see any harm in having a lil extra cash for myself- im surprised a man would pay her greasy haird scrawny ass for sex anyhow.her fat junkie ass man aint anything special but have a little decensy chicka! dont think theres a way to make urself look any worse ya junkee hookin saalooot!

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