Don’t Go Near This Snake

August 29, 2013 Langley, Surrey 24 9,911 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, meet the (so he likes to think) famous Luke Holman. This guy likes to walkaround the streets of surrey and vancouver picking up young whores with his giant snake Buttercup. He will walk up to young girls and tell them to touch his snake and it will get bigger. I wonder if his cute little milfy girlfriend knows that he only keeps her around for a good fck,  when hes not getting it from the younger sloots downtown vancouver while she sits at homewaiting for him with her baby? She should know of all people, after all that is how he managed to snag her. Do not touch this sleazy smeegle looking snake hustler. He will invite u over to his house when his gf isnt home to take sexy pictures with his snakes. Any dumb chick whos fallen for it knows that isnt his intentions. This guy will tell any girl anything and stoop to nasty levels to get what he wants out of them before tossing them aside and moving onto the next victim.

Using that snake as fore play is a mistake.- nik

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Langley Parents of the Year

August 20, 2013 Langley 8 9,765 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet Levon and Tiffany. This couple is notorious for f***ing people over. From Langley, to Edmonton to Surrey these two will suck the last penny out of every person they “befriend”. They’ll literally eat every last morcel of food, destroy anything you have of value then proceed to take the food out of your childrens mouths and the clothes off their backs. Once these pieces of s**t are done and you have nothing left they’ll blame everything on you and accuse you of s**t that isn’t true. Their lies are endless starting with their first born being levons when shes not, we have our doubts about the second since all tiffany did was party and do blow before and during the time she conceived. While one of her eyes was focused on Levon her lazy eye was seeking out the next c*ck to choke on. Even after she found out she was pregnant she continued to drink on a daily (probably to drown out the pain of her pathetic past as a dope smoking w**re) a week after baby number two was out she was back in major party mode she’d leave her kids with anyone who’d take them, being found at a biker/pimps place having to be carried out by her sisters. We feel bad for these poor kids who lack attention but their moms too busy drinking to the point that she’s throwing furniture and begging for her own mother. The toddler craves so much attention that she shakes the newborn almost to death. Don’t forget about daddy, he may be whipped now but in his day he was known for taking underage girls home and feeding them liquor and drugs until they blacked out(some as young as 12 years old. He’s such a lowlife that his friends have gotten jumped for just associating with him. He runs a business and manages to sc**w almost every employee he has out of money, then brags about it. This g**f has no morals at all which we assume is why he ended up with Tiffany and puts up with her narrow *ss.

I see some heavy gaps in those teeth.- nik

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Steve Nash Langley

July 31, 2013 Langley, Vancouver 66 7,410 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Natasha N Naidu….This Chick worked @ Steve Nash Langley, she makes friends with the woman so that she can fuck your men…….Beware…she ruined my engagement and was fcking my man there and in my house when I wasn’t home. She even was messaging and calling me, that’s how conniving she is, she goes to Kwantlen college in Vancouver, ladies beware! And she isn’t even good looking.

Steve Nash isn’t a terrible role model.- nik

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Joshua So Pathetic

July 17, 2013 Langley, Surrey 7 6,660 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this would be Joshua Stewart… He’s supposedly a lovely Christian man raising three daughters with a wife he told me he hated and was leaving. Sadly, he’s just a liar who uses women… His crimes? Faking throat cancer, lying about his daughter’s health, pursuing women to use them as playthings… among others, some more serious. He’s also really quite perverted and among other activities, enjoys the thought of having ‘relations’ with the noisy downstairs tenants… Well, the male resident, that is, who seemed to be the focus of his fantasies…

This doesn’t look like a picture from a married man.- nik

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Big Bad Cole Weeks

July 5, 2013 Langley, Vancouver 104 11,014 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I would like to introduce Langley’s biggest piece of shit Cole Weeks a.k.a Bobby Smith. Another water baby with a pizza back. His friends call Yellow head nation, but have to make sure to always laugh about it behind his back because this insecure water baby is known for having spaz attacks that rival Danny Devito. By wearing only Hugo Boss this nob feels like he is the cat’s meow but really everyone just sees the scared little chubby boy that went to jail. Rumour has it he was forced to eat his own shit. Pretty shitty shit eh Cole. I’ve heard something really gross is going to happen soon because we all know the saying “What goes around, comes around Cole”. Just another Chump from Chump City. Nobody likes you Cole, See you soon Bobby.

Pizza boy eh…he’d definitely be able to carry out the most on his delivery routes.- nik

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Langley’s Weapon of ass Destruction

May 22, 2013 Langley, Vancouver 72 7,778 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: All most 30 years of whoring but here she is Tammy Yacyshyn. This “woman” is almost 30 and takes more cock than a pornstar involved in a gangbang shoot, I rearranged my life to be with her not realizing she isn’t who she claims to be! She isn’t independent at all, lives on mommy’s farm and makes others feel bad that they cant afford to just spend money on shit! She rides horses all most as much as she rides cock! She will let you fck her without a condom and let’s you cum inside her, then tells you so much bull shit your head will be spinning. In my short time of knowing this awful person her grandma has told me she is a slut! Her own family turns a blind eye to her whoring behavior! She is still friends with her ex fiancé too! Friends you mean your fucking him, talking about his kids constantly! Fck if you like him so much marry him! Oh right you almost did, but your not a one cock kinda girl, trolling on Plenty Of Fish for new dick and I see you’ve found another one! Ian Masse might want to get you shit checked out? I’m sure you got something new man! Google this girl and pics of her with different dudes pop up! Maybe one cock isn’t enough cause she keeps comparing them to the horse cocks she’s been playing with her entire life!!! !

Looks like someones been brown nosing.- nik

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Langley Raver

March 27, 2013 Langley 62 8,040 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Jamie Buxton. she is the example of a ratchet langley skid. i have never met someone so disgusting.. she is brain-dead, probably from the bottle a day she drinks. she works at mcdonalds to support her weekly raves. someone needed to put this mutt on the blast. she needs to start respecting herself fix her fcking face, and get an education.. i dont understand how she lives with herself.

Ravers are a bunch of finger twirlers and hula hoop enthusiasts.- nik

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Infested Dog

March 11, 2013 Abbotsford, Langley 7 7,069 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: SO Nik, this is Robert(Bobby) Abbott. As some of us have previously seen; his sister has also been posted on this website. Must run in the family lol. So why is mr. abbott being posted on the dirty you ask? Well, Robert seems to think it’s okay going around giving young girls drd and genital drd- one of which has even been diagnosed with cervical cancer; true story. He runs around acting like he is top notch shit, but in reality only chops and does drugs for a living. LADIES…BEWARE. Approach with caution.

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