Useless Baby Maker

January 21, 2014 Langley, Prince George 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This little slore is Celest Parsons, she’s in her late 30′s dating a early 20 something guy, she has 6 kids that have been taken by MCFD and has still decided to yet again get pregnant.. I really don’t understand women like this they know there kid is going to get taken away at birth and not be allowed to be in their care but yet they still produce offspring.. I wish the government had the right the sterilize low life’s like this, she’s nothing but a back stabbing two faced lying little slore, she creates nothing but problems and drama for people she even goes as far as to post people on here and then turn around and defend them because she doesn’t have a life or anything to occupy her time other than laying on her back making babies for other families cause she is red flagged.. she even went as far as to threaten to burn down the house her twins and ex were in, that’s why she had a no contact order and restraining order on her for the longest time, she says she owns her own business and is making lots of money, I’m sure if that was the case she could afford to do her laundry and afford to feed her innocent child that is inside of her.. she lies, steals, gossips, spreads rumours about everyone and then when sh*t hits the fan she plays the victim.. Celest is nothing but a USELESS BABY MAKING SLORE.. i feel bad for her children but yet at the same time I’m glad that they will be taken care of and not beaten, abused and neglected by there low life mother

Lucky # seven.- nik

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Baljit Lidhran and Mandy Bains

January 7, 2014 Langley, Vancouver 1878

THE DIRTY ARMY: These two losers got married a few years ago and had 2 boys but sadly Bal already had a child with another woman and now refuses to see or talk to his first born son it might be because his first born is half caucasian and not a big nosed east indian pig like him and his pancake faced wife which btw looks like his sister CREEPY INBRED FREAKS so I am posting this to bring awareness to this problem we seem to have in Vancouver where these dirty pigs like Bal think they can have babies and not take care of or talk to or pay child support for which is court ordered and only a measly $261.00 per month because he lied about where he works and got a job at a furniture store in Richmond to prove he has a low income to the courts when really he is the owner of 2 very profitable blueberry and raspberry farms in Abbotsford and Langley but still is so petty that he will not pay his child support or maybe he still has a powder problem and really cant afford $261.00 I dont know what do you think??

Sheriff Joe would gladly take care of him…- nik

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Daves Dirty

January 3, 2014 Langley 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: As far as dirty dudes are concerned this guy takes the cake!! He runs a social house out in Langley and thinks he’s a pimp. This dude is around 50, married with kiddies and has bragged about cheating on his wife over 20 times!! His latest conquest is in her early 20′s and works for him and is so fkn dumb, or just a slut, either way this bitch knew he was married but sucks his dik in the office during shift once the door is closed. Hes been bragging that she takes it from back to front and then orally. If this little bitch ACTUALLY thinks he likes her then she’s as fuckin dumb as she looks – either way it’s fkn disgusting. Buddy is using this bitch big time making promises of a wedding, money and a life of privlidge that he has no intention of following thru on. Hes using this little girl cause he needs an address and a place to live since the wifey found out. DIRTY AS F#CK!!

She’s wrecking that home with pride.- nik

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Dumb Redhead

December 11, 2013 Langley, Prince George 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, This is Ashley Mitchell/Prince . She’s a lying, stealing, back stabbing, smelly, full of it, loose bitch. When her mom kicked her out I let her move into my house for a while and I found out she was stealing my shit , Not only mine but my moms . She has no respect not even for herself . She lied about being raped because the guy she fucked said she saw nasty after , she’ll get with anybody and everybody . Even that hobo down the street .

Nice bags…just move in?- nik

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He Burns

December 10, 2013 Langley, Vancouver 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this stud is Jason Wiggins and “fire fighter” I’m from his neck of the woods and I’m a dirty kid! But this guy has more s than any ditch pig in town! He’s fcked them all and just like me he decided to head across the water and get a little action from langley’s very own ass to mouth whore Tammy Yacyshyn! What she might not know is that Jason lives to get his ass eaten out my cousin’s friend actually gave him the gift that keeps giving. Maybe these two deserve each other and cock sucker and a slutty ho who claims to be a good girl! If you see this wannabe looser kick spit and throw shit at him, he ain’t gonna do nuthin he is a bitch!

Less profile pics more water!- nik

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December 2, 2013 Langley 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies this bottom feeder pretends to know whats up but he really just fcks around . he says he wants to get married, but then he goes out to strip clubs and orders escorts behind your back .Hes a drug dealer, hes a cheater and most importantly he is a LIAR . He is the DEFINITION OF A GOOF . And to top it all of he gave me **s . Fuk this goof .

When do those signs not hold true?- nik

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Water Bag

November 22, 2013 Langley, Surrey 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik this is Serena couston she thinks she’s the hottest bitch around. Posting her self in Instagram thinking she’s hit . Be careful everyone she isn’t as pretty as she looks with bounds of make up and she has saggy tits and innys lmao! I fcked her once and it was like fcking water couldn’t feel anything lol and she puked on my dick :$ it was nasty! She tried to rape me while I was sleeping next to my gf! She’s crazy and is poor . She doesn’t even have a job. Please help me nik

Nice try photoshopping away your flapjack gap. nik

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Langley has a Dark Side

October 21, 2013 Langley 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is one of the most dirty Langley girls there are.Her name is Katie Rumley. She will act like your friend then when you trust her she will go and fuk your boyfriend. She thinks she is super hot even though she has a umpa lumpa body and a ass the size of China that is totally not proportioned to her body . She has been with tons of guys (dirty guys at that)and is not afraid to sleep around so if you see her around beware she is a dirty ass slut!!

What’s with the dirty tagged ceiling, does she live in a frat house.- nik

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