Big Bad Cole Weeks

July 5, 2013 Langley, Vancouver 104 11,023 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I would like to introduce Langley’s biggest piece of shit Cole Weeks a.k.a Bobby Smith. Another water baby with a pizza back. His friends call Yellow head nation, but have to make sure to always laugh about it behind his back because this insecure water baby is known for having spaz attacks that rival Danny Devito. By wearing only Hugo Boss this nob feels like he is the cat’s meow but really everyone just sees the scared little chubby boy that went to jail. Rumour has it he was forced to eat his own shit. Pretty shitty shit eh Cole. I’ve heard something really gross is going to happen soon because we all know the saying “What goes around, comes around Cole”. Just another Chump from Chump City. Nobody likes you Cole, See you soon Bobby.

Pizza boy eh…he’d definitely be able to carry out the most on his delivery routes.- nik

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Langley’s Weapon of ass Destruction

May 22, 2013 Langley, Vancouver 72 7,788 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: All most 30 years of whoring but here she is Tammy Yacyshyn. This “woman” is almost 30 and takes more cock than a pornstar involved in a gangbang shoot, I rearranged my life to be with her not realizing she isn’t who she claims to be! She isn’t independent at all, lives on mommy’s farm and makes others feel bad that they cant afford to just spend money on shit! She rides horses all most as much as she rides cock! She will let you fck her without a condom and let’s you cum inside her, then tells you so much bull shit your head will be spinning. In my short time of knowing this awful person her grandma has told me she is a slut! Her own family turns a blind eye to her whoring behavior! She is still friends with her ex fiancé too! Friends you mean your fucking him, talking about his kids constantly! Fck if you like him so much marry him! Oh right you almost did, but your not a one cock kinda girl, trolling on Plenty Of Fish for new dick and I see you’ve found another one! Ian Masse might want to get you shit checked out? I’m sure you got something new man! Google this girl and pics of her with different dudes pop up! Maybe one cock isn’t enough cause she keeps comparing them to the horse cocks she’s been playing with her entire life!!! !

Looks like someones been brown nosing.- nik

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Langley Raver

March 27, 2013 Langley 62 8,047 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Jamie Buxton. she is the example of a ratchet langley skid. i have never met someone so disgusting.. she is brain-dead, probably from the bottle a day she drinks. she works at mcdonalds to support her weekly raves. someone needed to put this mutt on the blast. she needs to start respecting herself fix her fcking face, and get an education.. i dont understand how she lives with herself.

Ravers are a bunch of finger twirlers and hula hoop enthusiasts.- nik

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Infested Dog

March 11, 2013 Abbotsford, Langley 7 7,070 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: SO Nik, this is Robert(Bobby) Abbott. As some of us have previously seen; his sister has also been posted on this website. Must run in the family lol. So why is mr. abbott being posted on the dirty you ask? Well, Robert seems to think it’s okay going around giving young girls drd and genital drd- one of which has even been diagnosed with cervical cancer; true story. He runs around acting like he is top notch shit, but in reality only chops and does drugs for a living. LADIES…BEWARE. Approach with caution.

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I Would Love To See More Of Her

February 25, 2013 Langley 67 8,744 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, her names Racheal Herrington. Shes super smoking and I would totally love to see more of her on TheDirty.  I have heard from people she loves greg and loves to dress up and have a naughty fun time. Anyone else have pics of her? Anyone else have stories about her. I would love to hear more about her.

Not digging the pigeon toe.- nik

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Your Friendly Sandwich Maker Harp Bhinder

February 6, 2013 Langley 59 10,179 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This guy right here is a piece of work. He works at subway in Langley BC & claims hes the owner to get with girls, while in reality his dad is the owner but he is just a measly little sandwich maker. It gets better he’s married and has a daughter. I’m posting this due to him leading me on for the last 2 months I do not live in his province but he has lied profusely about his wife and daughter & how they do not even live together, but upon further investigation I have found out not only do they live together but I am not the first girl he has cheated on somebody please tell his wife to leave his raunchy ass she’s drop dead gorgeous this guy looks like a RAT!. I feel bad for his wife for staying with such a scum bag, he does not take care of his daughter or his wife. Word on the block is that he has a drug problem and steals from his dad’s Subway business to support his bad habit. Ew what was I thinking believing this guy he’s 26 & does’t even have a drivers license! He also deceived me and told me he has multiple vehicles & properties gosh this is just a typical Indian guy who lives off his parents money & claims it his never even considering dating an Indian ever again. What do u think of this guy nik? Put his ass on blast will ya

I bet he loves working late nights and weekends.  Easier prey.- nik

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Natasha Needs Help

February 5, 2013 Langley, Surrey 3 9,802 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this pig needs to be put out on blast again as she is a fcken hoe that will sleep with anyone and anything. I know I have seen it ewwwwww gross. I was a friend of hers until she slepted with my bf and then was thinking it was ok. She is a mom haha not even been with her kids longer then a day at a time unless she is trying to show her welfare worker that she is a mom. Fcken sick. Natasha Vowles is a c*nt. She like to date baby diddlers great mom. She goes around and talks like she’s all that but when it came down to a fight she never shows up. Chicken shit. So she thinks she is gods gift to everything including sleeping with her moms left over and other family left over. Gross learn on how to be a mom you gross nasty fken pig. Or keep on sleeping with everyone you should get paid for it or you just like giving it out for free haha hoe.

Those are some little paws for them big ol’ flapjacks.- nik

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Steve McCallum

January 29, 2013 Langley, Surrey 5 6,701 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Steve McCallum a resident of Bachlor Hights is a frequenter of GAY Chat rooms, he will try to hit on anyone to get them to come over to his house. he uses a hot tub ploy to get them to do things. He is madly in love with at the time a 15y old who he also did stuff with. most of which he could be put in jail for if there was proof or evidence of actions. this guy is in his 30′s. he is now waiting for this kid to become 18 so that they can live together because they are madly in love. He is a Predator at the highest level. People need to watch out for him. and if you see him with a young guy u need to tell someone. he needs to get caught and tried for what he has done and still does. he uses apps like GRINDR. be warned! someone has to have seen something. he cant continue to get away with this.

Does that mean the thing in the middles a guy??? no offense, just trying to follow the story.- nik

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