I Love Chewy’s Backside

February 27, 2014 Chewbacca, Las Vegas, The Dirty 195 122,575 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, reading TheDirty is a great distraction during the work day. As another distraction I decided to follow Chewie on Facebook. She posted a pic of herself on the beach in Miami and a poster added a cartoon drawing of her booty as a credit card swipe machine! Does he know something that the rest of us don’t know? She’s taking cash, credit or debit?!? Since I liked the new RoboCop, I must add that I’d buy Chewie’s booty for a dollar! (the Wookiee pelt has been lasered off, right?)

Who is taking the creepy picture?- nik

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Rapper AP9 Is Soft As A Tissue

February 26, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 39 96,487 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ok so rapper AP9 was talking crazy to some guy from Modesto, CA on Instagram and had a autograph signing in Modesto a week later.  Well while he was in Modesto he went to the mall with his bodyguards and ran into the guy he was talking crazy too, long story short a fight breaks out and first thing AP9 does is run into the back of foot action and calls 911, what a joke right?  For being a part of the MOB and being a pimp in Vegas he sure did run like a little coward.

I wonder if he still rubs it out to Coco?- nik

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All Her Beauty Is Fake

February 26, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 37 98,332 Views



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this insta-famous whore claims to be a “natural beauty.” I think not… Check out these photos… Lips [FAKE] Hair [FAKE] Tan [FAKE] Boobs [FAKE] Butt [FAKE].  It’s a shame really… Those photos from “RealSelf” are questions she asked herself. She was dumb enough to use her instagram handle. Just google her name “Miladoll” and you’ll see the original posts for yourselves.  Its funny to see how many times the girl has been locked up as well, for so many reasons.  You literally can’t trust this b*tch.

She looks more like a @MiraLax IG handle to me.- nik

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Meshelle likes Orgies

February 25, 2014 Las Vegas 40 7,145 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This girl has no shame. Her name is Meshelle Korzonek and she flaunts her dirty tactics everywhere she goes. She brags about stripping and takes dirty pictures and posts them up on facebook for the world to see. She thinks she is being cool and sexy but in reality she makes her self look pretty bad. Why do alot of girls today have such low self esteem? I think it starts at home and when there isn’t a strong foundation there for kids they stray as they get a little older and these are the results you see, girls like her that have no self respect. You know the old saying “it takes a village to raise a child” and its very true. It’s a shame that a lot of people don’t realize this.

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Who Let The Dogs Out

February 25, 2014 Las Vegas 46 6,030 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- my buddies and I went to Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas a couple of days ago to check out the hotties, and who or what do we stumble upon? A scary creature or should I say “manager” walking around blinding everyone with her presence. Her name is Becky and she is actually married with two kids. How she convinced someone to spend the rest of his life with her is a mystery. Anyway she walks around with a radio thinking she is tough s*** I heard she wanted to bang one of the other managers “Chase” but he rejected her. If you or your readers should stumble upon her, turn the other way and run as fast as you can. You’ve been warned!

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Vegas Girls Need To Grow Up

February 25, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 72 101,182 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, how is possible that some girls can travel almost everyday and party in Vegas like it’s their home?  I’m sure they have a job (not a career) that allows them to indulge in such lifestyle. Most of them are either turning 30 soon or sadly already is. I think it’s a bit weird because they are still in that childish mindset and it seems desperate to me. I just can’t find myself to party everyday at a club/lounge, It does take a toll in your body, and you’re going to age quickly from all the alcohol you’ve consumed.  I’m talking about the bottle rats that works there and not leaving any time or the one that goes there very often and you’re beginning to suspect if they’re just high class escorts and sugar baby. This one girl in particular threw me off because she lives in Orange County, but she’s in Vegas literally everyday.  I seriously think she’s an escort. Her IG is all partying… yet her work is only makeup artist (amateur style)… How the hell does she afford this lifestyle? I think Amy is fronting her life, and needs to hashtag the word spoiled because we all know what that means. She hangs out w/ this other girl and they both look/act like a porta potty Nik. Her best friend is definitely an escort and a sugar baby.

Asians with color contacts are so obvious. It’s not Halloween every weekend.- nik

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Verifying Scooby Snack’s Age

February 24, 2014 Las Vegas, Scooby Snack, The Dirty 481 124,356 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here is the proof that Kina aka Scooby Snack is only 24.  So all you idiots can now shut the f*ck up.  You cannot make a fake passport.

The passport could be fake.  Haven’t you seen the movie Argo?- nik


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EXCLUSIVE: Famous Shoe Mogul Steve Madden Cheats On His Wife Wendy Madden With Francheska Bennett

February 24, 2014 Las Vegas, Louisville, Manhattan, The Dirty 1326 707,635 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it was the morning of August 17, 2010 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Magic Platform. I was pumped! Excited to finally launch a lifelong dream… A Fashion Forward line of sexy shoes! It was no accident that I bumped into Steve Madden as I strolled down the lonely isle looking for my lost agent. As, I made my way around the turn to continue in my search I noticed it was he Mr. Steve Madden himself, I could see him standing all alone as if he were waiting for someone. It was in that moment that our eyes meet and we said, ‘Hello’ with a pleasant mutual smiling. I couldn’t help but make my way to him it was then that we begun to strike up conversations that allowed us to engage in the mutual acquaintances we shared, to his early expression of his ‘Being Lonely’, to me sharing my dreams and ambitions. As the conversation grew quit lengthy I felt it appropriate to close our talk and merry on my way… It was then that Steve ended our meeting with a very kind and generous offer he tells me, “I will help you”. As I walked away I did a quick turn and said to him, “Steve, I just might take you up on that offer” and pointed at him with the biggest and happiest smile EVER! I was excited in that moment. I returned to my booth as the girls were waiting on me. Within minutes of my return I noticed Steve and he was making his way to me. As he approached the booth he shyly slides by me. It was then that I called out to him and he made that proud turn to make his way back to me smiling all the way we were quite smitten with each other. I said to him, “So, Steve were serious when you said you would help me”? He replied “YES”, and he gave the assertive yes nod. It was then that Steve gave me his phone number. I asked my daughter and assistant to write it down for me as I could not hear his whisper. He told me to call him as he made his journey back. We were on opposite sides of the bldg. a little jot, I must say. But as he was leaving I walked a few steps towards him and said, “Here take my card”. He smiled with excitement as he made his way back to his Booth. This is where the journey begins…

Shortly, after I return home from the show we start to slowly reach out to each other in small talk and an occasional text. But, it didn’t take long for the little flirtatious comments to pop up… Like, “How are you”? “Are you still grinding”? “ Your funny”… I did however remind Steve from time to time that I’m interested in the offer he made me. But, he would tell me to write him an email or say something like “I might…” or “Yeah… Maybe”. I remember this particular conversation as Steve had called late that night from San Francisco and he had referred to me as ‘Country’, I suppose because I lived in Ky. And, I soon learnt of his love for country music. It was then that he gave me his email address [[email protected]] and tells me to send him a email. But, cautious of him I am as he is married and I am in a very lengthy relationship. I want to keep it clean, build a friendship and ultimately a business relationship as he had promised. I decided to leave it alone and within a week or two Steve Madden reaches out with a text as I’m un-boarding a plane in Atlanta. His text is suggestive,“Are you still grinding”? My reply, “I Don’t know no other way”… As I board the plane for takeoff he sends the text that kick starts his desires, “Call me if you get lonely”. I share it with my girlfriend and send a reply “Shutting her down… off to Spain, I hope they show a lot of love”!! Once I’m in Spain we continue texting But we keep it friendly. I did however send him a pic text of me and my girlfriend “Two lost girls in Spain”. By now October is in season… I let him know “I’m Home” and he lets me know he’s just purchased Betsy Johnson. Things take a backseat for the most part…

Do I really want to go there to that place he is suggesting? The attraction is growing as I find myself referring to him as babe and he to me as sweetie! The holidays roll around and I was actually grateful… Keeping us busy with parties and festivities but, I did begin to miss him. We break in a brand new NEW’S YEAR! It’s 2011… and this is when things started to get really heated up. The Passion was rapidly burning, The Desire was increasingly Un-deniable and The Thoughts of him begin to rock ‘n’ control my day. Soon we will see each other again as the Vegas Magic Platform Show is right around the corner February 14-16, 2011. I remember arriving at the show on show date it was a red hot Valentine’s Day and to celebrate the occasion appropriately I had adorned myself in a gorgeous red silk skirt and jacket with a matching red silk bodice top with lots of black beading, it was purrrific! I had a passionate desire to see him but was making a conscious effort not too. And, was doing an excellent job at doing so until a guest of mine insisted on an introduction… but I refused. After her nagging and persistence ways I decided it would be better to do the meet and greet vs. having her find her own way to him. So, once again I found myself in his presence. However, while my guest makes her approach to him I stand back on the side lines that is until he looks up to notice me. It was in that moment that we gave each other a hug, and plant a friendly kiss on the others cheek. We all three then begin to part take in some open conversation about anything and everything but the focus seemed to be more relational. I being the one of fewer words but my choice of words pierce his heart and he paying close attention to what I’m saying. Basically, My guest and Steve share the disappointments and complaints of being in marriage while I share the beauty of my partner and it’s unorthodox arrangement and the beauty of it. As the discussion comes to a close I can feel Steve’s eyes on me as we walk away… The shoe show comes to a wrap and everyone returns home. What’s about to happens next… is un-stoppable!


Now, after this last personal encounter it was more evident that Steve Madden and I’s attraction for one another was forging its way forward. We were becoming more and more comfortable with each other. Our talks had become more frequent and our desires were being openly expressed. Our texting had now turned into sexting. I remember shortly after returning home from the Vegas Show. Steve had an live appearance on HSN. He began texting me earlier in the evening and together we began to express our sexual wants, needs and desires with one another this continued until 2:30 a.m. In the following days we would share and describe The ultimate fantasy of what it would feel like to be touching one another, the sweet tastings of our kisses in areas unseen, I would give him intimate details to visualize as I described the softness and the dewy touch of my precious spot, Our sexual passions would heighten with each intense suggestion of what it would be like if we could just be together in that moment. And, how would it feel to be inside of me… This continued. Steve and I had made plans to meet one another in Louisville, Ky. In April 2011 when he was scheduled for a Dillard’s appearance but with our appetite wetting for sexual intimacy he thinks we should meet before April and asked me to come to New York, Like Soon. As intense as my desires had become for him I still had reservations to meet him due to our current situations. I explained my concerns and the repercussions of why I didn’t think I would be meeting him but after we talked about it he reassured me it would be alright and not to worry. Just get here! I said, “OK”. And, off I went. On March 3, 2011 I meet him at the Crosby Street Hotel. I arrive first and shortly later he arrived letting himself in. He took me by the hand and as we proceed to the living room. Once there the game was on… Holding each other, looking into each other’s eyes and locking lips. What happened next was a series of events that resembled a sizzling sex scene in a movie. Once we found our way to the couch we couldn’t stop… the kissing and the stripping off of each other’s clothes. We were literally all over the room at one point. I found myself with my back against the wall with his hands locked in mine in what I call the ‘Hold Up’ position as to keep me from escape. Steve’s kisses began moving slowly down my body stopping in all the right places, He was going crazy for my love! And, I was in the state of Intense sensual erotica! He suddenly transports us to the bedroom where we play and tease with each other like two little lambs. The sex is heightened with pillow talk as we tell each other how long we waited for this moment, how great the sex is and then he asked me, “Can I have all of you”… I scream the orgasmic, “Yes”. Need I say more… We hold each other, talk, even watch TV, Commenting on Charlie Sheens dilemma. But, the encounter was challenged by interrupted phone calls, misunderstood comments that were internalized as insult and ultimately he did break his plans to return later that same evening claiming “Problems with the wife”. I quickly learned that Steve Madden’s intense personality could be turned off as quickly as it could be turned on. But, it didn’t keep us apart for long.


Here is a picture I texted Steve Madden which he requested during sexting. 

After spending a weekend in New York. We Kiss and make up… And, we keep our original plans to meet in Louisville, Ky. On April 1st, 2011, Steve and I met at his hotel room at the Hyatt. When I arrived he opens the door with excitement and lots of nice compliments. The one thing I did admire about him was his passion and energy. It was that night that he learnt that I had given him an A.K.A. The Champ! He smiled and said, “I like it”. The one thing I remember about Steve was he was always so anxious to get his hands on this ( My Body) but I would make him wait and slow down… He’d say, “I can’t help it your so damn sexy”. And, I have to admit, It would turned me on. When I would reach for the drinking glasses and attempt to pour myself a glass of water he would insist on doing it for me and say, “Only the best for you”. But, then I do recall him making statements such as, “You only want me because you can’t have me”, “Oh, You tell all the guys that”, Or “Maybe you should stop seeing me”. This particular night was filled with a rollercoaster of emotions. But, When it came to the sex… Our passion would take control! We made love but this time with a ‘slow-hand’, no rushing… take your time. This lovemaking session things were a little more relaxing. I stayed a while, we talk, watch TV, talked some more and then I give him a Back Rub, he LOVES his back rubbed!!! he’ll never forget mine. But, I got cheated. However, in this particular visit Steve Madden exploits his unhappiness in his marriage to greater depths. Not, the conversation piece I’m hoping for but I do try to consult him and encourage him to try to find true happiness and love in his marriage. A difficult topic. But, the rollercoasters around and tells me I make him happy and we agree to meet again in June at the Ffany shoe show in New York.


But, When the Ffany show arrived in June, No one reached out and it was a good thing I suppose because We were beginning to see that as much as we may be attracted to one another… We are battling a situation. This relationship is now beginning to take a toll on my personal life as well as my relationship with my former partner. However, we continue the saga. I might get a text one day that reads,
“Today, I was thinking of you and my cock got so hard”… But, I would reach out with a storybook text trying fit all the missing links. The relationship was consumed with emotions and never ending Passion. But, it lacked respect… A key element to friendship and this became a concern of mine. Desire was still the driving force… And, the next time Steve and I would meet up “The Proof was in the SEX”!

Everybody is busy designing their next collection and getting geared up for the August 2011 Magic Platform Show in Las Vegas. It was the first day of the show when I noticed that Steve Madden was staring at me with a very happy smile on his face! The contagious kind. We were placed directly across from one another making it easy to see each other. I also noticed he had sent a text that read, “Do you want to meet up”? But, I was kind of shocked because I had noticed the prior day that his wife was at the Steve Madden booth talking with the staff. However, I agreed and we made arrangements to meet up later on the evening of August 23, 2011. This would have been day 2 of the show. He was wanting to come to my room but that wasn’t going to work as I had a company employee staying in the room with me. So, he tells me to meet him at his room at the Wynn and texts me his room number, he did however push back our time a bit to make sure the wife had caught her plane back to New York. When I arrived I could not get past security so I made a call to him and he came downstairs and told the security guard , “She’s with me”. So now, together we go to his room which had a beautiful view! But, The energy and long awaited wait was far overdue!!!! Once again he is anxious to wrap his arms around me but I tell him I need to set my things down and I want to look at you. In that moment, I looked up and saw the happiest man in the World! He began to tease me… by daunting a little backwards walk as he provocatively slowly unbuttons his shirt and it was working he looked better than any Las Vegas Chippendale and he was turning me on!!! So as I watched this sexy scene unravel I make my seductive approach towards him as to capture him with my sensuality and naughty face! As I closed in on him I began to tease him as well… with wet kisses and running my fingers and tongue down his chest until I meet face to face with his jeans. It was time to turn it up ! So I undo his pants and fall to my knees but not for long … He pulls me up to look at me eye to eye and proceeds to parade me all across the room until my back is up against the wall next he is sliding my dress off as he caresses and kisses the tulips! He traces every line and curve on my body with his tongue and fingers. We are really going at it… hungry for one another! I am now wearing nothing but my red stilettos! And, I am lying back on the bed touching myself as he is leaning against the wall watching every erotic move I make! After, several suggestive moves he undresses and proceeds to crawl on top of me locking hands tightly. WE have tight bodied sex and pillow talk he whispers, “Can I f*ck you every night”? “Damn, You’re so f*ckin hot”! “I want to F*ck you every night”! The sex was Amazing… As we spontaneously move closer to the Big ‘O’ our breathing rhythm’s get louder and louder and we climax simultaneously together mimicking the same moans and same sighs… We collapse, hold and cuddle. We share family photos from our phones and couch it for a while before kissing good night and talking as he walked me to the curbside ensuring I’m in the cab! No doubt… The Euphoric desires from the night before are still wearing on us the next day and the last day of the show! We were like in a dream world… Onto, The next Adult Play.

Steve and I will meet up once again… At the Las Vegas Magic Platform Show in February 2012. History loves to repeat itself… So , I arrive as usual to set up the booth when a text rolls in. Its Steve and he ask me “Do you want to meet up” … I delay my response but I do agree to meet him. I tell him to meet me in my room at The Trump Hotel and, I give him the room #. I tell him the time is 10ish. He’s pumped, his text reads, “Perfecto”. So on February 12, 2012 he shows up at my suite not a minute late. We romance each other starting in the living room and quickly waltz to the bedroom where we play for a while… Then we move our masquerade to the bathroom where we can watch ourselves in the mirror perform beautiful silhouettes. We then dance our way back to the bedroom and I whisper in his ear, “It’s my turn and I want to be on top”! We remind each other how much we love it and we create our own music… We talk in greater depth about the limits to our relationship and why it has to be. I rub his back and we talk some more… but, a sadness enters the room. We place our bodies in each other’s arms as we watch and hold each other in the mirror. Once dressed we visit for a short while and talk at the dinette table. But, discussion proves I am masking a broken heart.

On June 7, 2012- Steve and I would see each other again at the Moonshine Event at the Gravy in New York City. We initially greet each other with a friendly ‘Hello” and hug. Later, in the evening he would approach me and we would engaged in some small talk it was at that time that I introduced him to my sales manager. It was also at this event that I unexpectedly ended it.

The next time I would see Steve would be at the August 21-23, 2012 Magic Platform Show In Las Vegas. Prior to my late arrival on the first day of the show my girls working the booth had texted me stating Steve had been to the booth several times looking for me. When I arrived he was there in the isle waiting to greet me. However, we spoke on a few occasions but the feeling was one of emptiness. I tried to text him but his number had been changed and he departed a day early so the hand written note was never delivered. He will never know the brokenness I suffered as a result of his selfish and unkind ways… There’s only One Truth and it’s in your soul.

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