I Guess My Ex-Boyfriend Andrew Has A Thing For Asian Girls

April 7, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 276 132,876 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, after two years of living with my now ex-boyfriend. I’m shocked to know how well he was able to keep the multiple girls he cheated with such a secret. Sucks it finally surfaced and one of the girls finally told me, now I know the truth. I guess he really enjoys Asians.. Wendy Guo she’s been posted here before is his goto girl always waiting on the sideline. I hope you find respect for yourself to realize your just a booty call for him and that will never change. Thanks for two truly memorable years I bet you Andrew got a A+ in acting/drama in school because your great at it. Oh P.S. thanks for putting the spyware and key logger on my Mac sorry you never found anything because at least I was able to stay faithful. Here are pictures of Andrew and his Asian.

That Asian neck really bothers me. It’s nightmare worthy and totally ages her.- nik

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Predator and Scam Artist Photog

April 7, 2014 Las Vegas 1 9,843 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Mr Black tie/ Jack Of Spades/ Freedom Mercado/Jack Frost. Pic a name.This guy is a scam artist,fake photographer, fake radio personality, FAKE DJ/ FAKE BRITISH ACCENT!!!. This crusty looking dumpster bum posses as a photographer. His whole ACT is to pretend he is some sort of person with all these talent connections. He has 4 different fake radio shows he uses to lure desperate girls into thinking they will become radio personalities, DJs, Models.Etc. You name it and he does it. He blends in with anything the victim is into. But in actuality he is a pervert!! Trying to get little girls to be on the other end of his camera. This pervert claims to be part of the radio Broadcasting school, and He also claims to be a sex therapist from the Erotic Heritage Museum. I checked with BOTH of those places and they have never heard of him. NOR DO THEY WELCOME HIM IN THEIR BUSINESS. You can look him up on RipOff Report. Just type in Mr. Blacktie. Also there is no proof or video of him actually bing a DJ, he just lurks the AVN awards posing as one!! Stay FAR away from this SCAM ARTIST! He will claim to do all these things for you a demand money and disappear! He frequents First Friday Posing as a producer type with a fake film crew. He also hangs at the Fashion Show mall. Tricking his victims into thinking they are at high profile shoots.LOL. Stay FAR AWAY from this disgusting sexual predator!!! He is rumored to traffic girls and contraband, who knows what else! Stranger Danger!

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After Her Failed Dubai “Vacation”, Ericka Is Back And Ready To Hustle

April 7, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 26 97,572 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Ericka Kenny… aka Bentley Shea just returned from Dubai after a failed porta-John attempt to get pooped on for cash. Now she is back in Vegas trying to be a VIP Host with a new site erickaoflv.com. Now every John can book her directly when they come to Vegas, although the prices to poop aren’t listed. Its time we gave this hypocrite DC status Nik.

I feel like her website is going to crash today.- nik

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Everyone Is Afraid Of Sharkey In Vegas

April 4, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 227 113,015 Views



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I saw this guy Sharky that everyone is talking about and I’m a host at Hyde and have hook ups everywhere, but the point of this is that he was at Hyde with some nasty new girl that had on a thrift store dress and the most plain hair and make up she looked like a prostitute. So, Sharkey begged Vegas Dave to let him and his paid bitch to sit at Dave’s table at Hyde and Dave said NO so he wouldn’t leave and kept trying to talk to everyone to stay longer.  Dave and his crew left to another club and wouldn’t you know it Sharkey shows up with his paid plain hooker and tries yet again to sit with Dave and his crew but this time he brings shots for everybody in Dave’s crew just so he can sit there and nobody takes the shot they just put it down and Daves personal security kicked Sharkey out of the table and out of the club.  When is Sharkey going to understand that nobody wants him around especially since they are all afraid that their shoes are going to get broken in half.  Sharkey’s face is getting worse, its time to put down the crack pipe bro and move out of Vegas once and for all.

Maybe Scooby Snack is Sharkey’s key to life in Las Vegas.- nik

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Toni Trimboli, Psycho Sloot

April 3, 2014 Las Vegas 38 8,068 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Toni Trimboli is a lonely miserable loser and deserves to be. She was banging one of her so called best friends boyfriends (Shaun Phillips) a black NFL player. She kept this under raps in attempt to hide it so her “friend” wouldn’t find out. Drama aside regarding her and her ex…. here are the facts. Matt paid for Toni’s rent multiple months under the pretense that she would submit to a in utero paternity test, which she ducked and dodged time after time. if the baby was not his she’d pay him back the money. When Matt’s brother was in town she LiED about going into labor for attention stemmed from pure jealousy. She kept this lie going for an entire 24 hours. On the day of her kids birth she denied Matt the right to a paternity test or access to the delivery room and now we know why. Toni’s baby is half black. Nik won’t post pictures of children and that’s fine, but email mary.trussell@yahoo and I’ll send the pics. What she is doing is wrong. She is straight crazy. She claims Matt is a deadbeat father, but refuses to prove the child is his?!?This girl is obsessed and can’t let go. Matt paid for a paternity test, Matt showed up and gave samples. Toni never did. She rescheduled and never showed up multiple times. Matt offered to pay extra money for a technician to go to Toni’s house to collect the sample at her convenience which she denied. Why is Toni refusing to take a paternity but insists on stalking and harassing her ex? Id be pissed too if I didnt know who the father of my baby was.Tell her to take the test, Nik.

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How Are These Guys Getting Paid So Much To Make A Playlist

April 3, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 153 96,625 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Forbes.com released the 2013 list of the top grossing DJ’s in the world.  I about sh*t myself after reading that Calvin Harris made 46 million dollars?!?!?!  WTF??? These guys are really making that much money for turning knobs while they play their pre-set playlist?

The list is wrong. Steve Aoki made $238 million in 2013. They didn’t calculate his Benihana distributions.- nik

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Rachel Loves You

April 2, 2014 Las Vegas 44 9,363 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Rachel loves this site so much she posted about you on yelp talk vegas! Rachel is an elite yelp member and Mega Bully, flagging users off the site if the disagree with her. Rachel is the all time Amazon woman. Here is the link where she talks about Nik.. (click here for article) Perhaps if someone screwed this skank, she would stay off the talk boards and stop being such a whiny bitch. There I said it. Be careful Vegas

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Michelle Phelps Loves Her Fighters

April 2, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 4 93,881 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is boxing reporter Michelle Joy Phelps who sleeps with fighters constantly and thinks she looks like JLO because everyone wants to get in her pants.  Personally, I use to find her hot until I found out how many fighters she takes down.  Wanted to see what you think about this Boxing Reporter?

In the second image she looks more like Farrah Abraham.- nik

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