Travis Newport of West Coast Choppers

August 12, 2014 Las Vegas 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Trais Newport of Las Vegas is 38 years old . He works out of his family’s Auto body shop . He supposably has his own shop “West Coast Choppers ” Ha !! ( He fixes motorcycle’s & builds them ) Yeah well he has worked on someone’s bike & it took over a year 2 get it back. Job was paid up front, or he will not finish the job (including 4 his own child’s bike) & if he does u better believe that a one week job will take him 2 months because he will ride your motorcycle all over town & be busy searching the internet 4 whores, while he has a girlfriend . When you finally do get your Bike back he will over charge U, & b sure if needed parts that they R not stolen …. Yeah real cool guy ? I think not … As far a girlfriend, LADIES BEWARE He likes 2 put his hands on U if U stand up 4 your self if u have a fight . He will choke u , hit u ,& throw u around. This has happened to more than one woman . He is the biggest cheater yet . Tell me how a simple paint job can take 2 months when Travis says he is always at his shop working on it… HMMMMMMM….. He is on just about every hook- up site that there is avaiable . Goes by something along the lines of “tbonesneak” … Yes sneak he is. He has 2 childern & when they come over on their scheduled visits all he does is SLEEP, FEED THEM FAST FOOD , AND SMOKE M*TH . Can u say loser? I am calling out TRAVIS NEWPORT because peolpe need 2 know who he really is . He prenteds 2b the GOOD GUY… Posts of him cheating

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The Poor Side Of Las Vegas

August 11, 2014 Las Vegas 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, wow this girl is an amazing CNA. One of many from good ole trashy Gardnervilleian.These women will never grow up and realize that the their inbreed asses will never be models. Lets just hope if you ever have children they won’t see this. I would throw this one back out from the freak hole it came from. Did an actual photographer take this or was this some old guys fantasy?!

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The Sad Chewbacca Saga Continues

August 11, 2014 Chewbacca, Las Vegas, The Dirty 46



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik! I follow Chewy on Instagram because boobs, and I had to laugh and cringe when she posted a pic then called out some guy named Mark Reidel with a pathetic, needy “U miss me or nah?” comment. His response was a pretty epic burn: “That’s a loaded question, I’ll refrain from answering!” Chewy, here’s a tip: when a guy likes you, 1) you don’t need to ask if he misses you 2) he’ll make his feelings known. 3) He won’t neg you on Instagram. BUT, when you live for online attention, bottle service and red bottoms, chances are he’s going to be pretty skittish. Or, maybe this dude just didn’t have $500 an hour to pony up to see her. Either way, funny. And sad.

I think he meant loaded like ‘sperm count’.- nik

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Queen Hazel

August 11, 2014 Las Vegas 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: There pimp is heavynthegame,#vegas,going on right now,cuz they got it like that!! Hry nik,i hppked u up with a pic of her IG acct so u can peek her out yourself maybe u will finally post thiz!stop stunnin!

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Stop With The Self Posting

August 11, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Madison or her friends need to stop publishing her. She is not that hot and if she did become a DC, she would be in Nik’s stable, which is not a good DC to be. Yes, Madison looks awesome at sex, but terrible at a relationship.

She does look like a Colts fan.- nik

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Sukhi Sidhu Doesn’t Have Anyone Fooled

August 9, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty, Vancouver 356


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Sukhi thought she could get away from all the rumours that have been going around about her for years. This sloot goes basically goes to Vegas 4-5 times a year, who the f*ck has time to do that if they have an actual fulltime job. This sloot claims she owns a hair extension business with her sister (who is actually the only one who does all the work), I heard Sukhi Sidhu is a high end escort charging up to 1000/hr. Rumour has it this boney bitch even got implants she may have small tits now Nik but they were non-existent before.  You’re approaching 27 Sukhi maybe it’s time you try to find a nice guy to settle down with, only problem is no decent guy would ever want to marry a sloot with a past like yours.

You forgot to talk about the blonde… nobody cares about the Indian.- nik

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Better Than Adderall

August 8, 2014 ASU, Chicago, Dallas, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Newport, Scottsdale, The Dirty, Vancouver 343

I have been testing this product for a while now and it is LIMITLESS. It is the first ever over the counter Adderall (I am not supposed to be saying that, but I have to be honest). This stuff is better than Addies because it doesn’t give you the cracked out meth feeling associated with Adderall. Anyway, to make a long story short… I am 2 for 2 in the advancing life products department. DON’T BUY ADDERALL ILLEGALLY. If you want to focus, here is the safe solution that is actually better for you. Half of the white kids at UCI are taking this stuff and they are kicking the Asians asses. Buy one bottle and if you have ADD/ADHD you will love it!! And for you college kids who are “entrepreneurs” I JUST MADE YOU RICH!

**Click here to buy over the counter Adderall**

FYI: This is my personal opinion and individual results may vary. I always advise you consult with your physician first.

**Now that I got the legal fun out of the way… Click here to buy over the counter Adderall.**


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Christy Mack Is Your Typical Delusional Pornstar

August 8, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 241



THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, pornstar Christy Mack got butt hurt that someone on her IG mentioned how fake she was and how much work she has got done… she got a little crazy and mad and said her boobs is all that she has had work too… well not true, check her out just a few years ago… huge difference right?  Also, if you have watched her porn, she really need to trim up that labia, its repulsive.

Pictures don’t lie.- nik

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