The Reason Britney Spears Is Giving Up On Las Vegas

April 1, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 6 102,246 Views


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SKAM Artist DJ Gusto Is Not To Blame

April 1, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 592 201,729 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was there and yes DJ Gusto knocked her out, head butted her. He did it out of retaliation. Jenn smacked him in front of all of us. So he head butted her back and she got knocked out. It sucks because they are such a beautiful couple. DJ Gusto is a great talent. This is Jenn’s fault, but when alcohol is involved people lose control. Gus should have walked away. Now he will pay for the rest of his life for her actions.

Dude, you can blame her all you want… a GUY should never strike a woman. No matter what.- nik


SKAM Artist DJ Gusto Arrest Report For Domestic Battery

SKAM Artist DJ Gusto Beat Up His Girlfriend

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SKAM Artist DJ Gusto Arrest Report For Domestic Battery

April 1, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 38 114,914 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so DJ Gusto got into some sort of argument and felt embarrased in front of 20 plus people (mostly SKAM artist DJ’s) at an after hours spot in Las Vegas. Feeling weak in the moment Gustavo Mejia wanted to act like a tough guy in front of his friends and head butted his girlfriend knocking her out cold. The cops were called immediately.

Looks like Gustavo will never DJ in Las Vegas again.- nik

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These Guys Will Never Stop

April 1, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 150 100,280 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I can’t understand why these two keep arguing over Kina (Scooby Snack), she is disgusting. Why would you want to bang a gremlin? I don’t condone what Sharkey did, destroying Kina’s stuff, he definitely took it too far and then made it worse when he bragged about it, but you have to admit that she kinda deserved it for all the crap she puts these guys thru. Ben, worry about your kid and stay away from Kina, she’s just pulling you down. And Sharkey, don’t brag about something if you’re just going to delete the post when you decide you need Kina back cause you can’t get laid by anyone else.  Both of you will never be rich enough to keep a soulless girl like Kina.

Guys… look how dumb you sound. I get it, Scooby Snack is a celebrity. This is my fault, you guys want a little taste of the glory. But have some balls.- nik


Sharkey Has Completely Lost It

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SKAM Artist DJ Gusto Beat Up His Girlfriend

April 1, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 183 214,516 Views


Story developing…

SKAM Artist – Born in San Francisco, raised in Los Angeles, and now residing in Las Vegas, Gustavo Mejia aka Gusto, without a doubt is the reference point of the party scene for clubbers these days. Blasting your speakers with blockbuster beats and stirring things up with his hybrid DJ style you can rest assure that Gusto will have you dancing your day or night away.



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Scooby Snacks’ Face Is Looking Rough

March 31, 2014 Las Vegas, Miami, Scooby Snack, The Dirty 230 109,980 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, well SS is in Miami for the molly festival and I’m sure to make some money. Well she had some work done huh? She looks waaaaay older now than the 24 she seems to be. Body is on point but her mug is fading fast. Oh and look who is with her, Kimmy from Huntington. I guess the hookers are teaming up. Birds of a feather!!!

Is the weather really that bad in Miami right now?- nik

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Spreading Freeloader

March 31, 2014 Las Vegas 18 10,184 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Apparently this homewrecker works at the palomino strip club in Las Vegas. No judgements or anything, to each his own. Here’s the thing; its an all nude strip club and she has drd. Supposibly she goes by The stage name of Hayden but its very likely she’ll change it after she sees this. Just be careful guys. She has a habit of locking guys down by spreading her blisters and then freeloading off of them. Watch your men around her because she doesn’t care if your taken or if you have a family or a baby on the way. She’s a classless homewrecker and will screw anyone that she has something to gain from. Her current victim is a man with a three month old child he has never seen but he lets her squat in his house after spreading vicous lies about him and pinning it on the ex causing a nasty break up and leaving an innocent child in the middle.

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Broke Begger

March 28, 2014 Las Vegas 0 7,606 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Broke photogher borrows money never pays back and ducks phone calls and sucks old guy dick for discounts on rent

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