Is Winter Terry Dirty Celeb Material

October 5, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 40


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what do you think about Winter Terry? She is a bartender in Vegas and I think she’s gorgeous and has amazing +2′s. Is she dirty celeb status?  She is slowly becoming more and more popular here and I think she deserves the recognition.

She needs to lose 9 pounds, you can see it in her arms and face.- nik

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Eunice Kaye Is So Proud Of Her Jet Setting Life

October 4, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 104


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, seriously where is this girl parents? Her life is based on f*cking around and boasting about her jet setting “life”.  How pathetic is that, what exactly are you proud of? You waste all your school education to be a stripper at Rhino. People in Vegas know all your shady business during and after work. You’re nothing, but a Warm-hole for guys coming through. People already know you’re a hooker, the next time you meet a client, realize he might’ve heard of you from others. Even Amy no longer wants to be your friend because you don’t even know how to hold a healthy relationship with anyone as long as they benefit your need. You are truly a sh*tty ass insecure hoe, thank god Amy Vuo ditched your ass. I’m sure she’s having the last laugh with her other actual friend, who also think you’re a sad human being. We know you be reading what people say about you on the dirty haha, how sad. You say you don’t give a sh*t about others opinion, yet you went out and got your ugly uni-boob fixed and it still LOOK like sh*t, Ms. SquareTit. Your life is nothing to be proud of honey, you wasted everything by getting fired for f*cking around with the head doctor even when the wife works there too, when you were a medical assistant (didn’t think I know, did you?) even my bf who knows you personally said you were always out for better things in life even if it means sleeping around. If you think life is awesome based on the amount of attention and gifts you got, then your life is f*cking pathetic.

It looks like she didn’t have enough breast tissue for those implants.- nik

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Vegas Scam Artist/Runner Gianni Karali

October 4, 2014 Dirty Business, Las Vegas, The Dirty 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Vegas Runner, real name Gianni Karalis, is a rather sad story. Hopelessly addicted to crystal meth (as you can see in the picture), Vegas Runner (Karalis) exhibits classic drug seeking behavior and has left countless victims in his path as a result. Perhaps the most egregious story dates back to 2004 when he created the ACE Sports Network. It was formed as a hedge fund of sorts where Karalis took on investors and bet in the sportsbooks on their behalf. He marketed himself as a true Vegas professional and for 20% of the profits plus a management fee, you too could be involved in beating the sports books. There was only one problem. In addition to a raging meth habit, Karalis is a degenerate gambler who has never been able to display the proper money management nor the technical wherewithal to make a profitable sports bet.

You know where this story ends up. With the ground quickly sinking beneath him and the money all gone, he needs to create an excuse. Claiming to be on his way to the bank, he stops at a Starbucks for coffee. He gets back into his car and proceeds to the bank but notices something is wrong. His tire is flat. He drives home on the rim to fix the issue. He goes inside and asks his wife to grab the money in the car. But guess what? The money isn’t there. It’s been stolen! In an instant, over $250,000 of investor funds are gone and there are no explanations other than the fact that he must’ve been robbed while he was getting his venti mocha.

Gianni should have chose a better filter.- nik

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Pregame Vegas Scam Artist RJ Bell

October 3, 2014 Dirty Business, Las Vegas, The Dirty 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, RJ Bell is the circus ring leader of and you can read about all the scamdicappers that he employs who lie, cheat, and steal to make a buck. His real name is Randall James Busack. Pregame and RJ Bell (Busack) are often times sourced on major news outlets such as ESPN and The New York times. This only serves to prove how far their con extends. This site is dedicated to making sure the general public does not continue to fall for the fraud being perpetuated by If one less customer pays money to pregame, we have done our job. It is our hope that the major news outlets who have also fallen for their con see how this organization truly operates.

Perhaps the most frightening part of all of this is the reports of fraudulent credit card transactions on customers bank statements shortly after making a pregame transaction. There have been reports that RJ Bell (Busack) sells the data he collects on the black market to carders in exchange for a kickback. Perhaps this is the real reason why he does not go by his real name in any pregame related matters. RJ Bell (Busack) also hates losing paying customers (which happens quite often when you don’t sell winning picks). He has auto-enrolled clients into daily picks programs hoping that $25 charges are ignored by the customers who thought they had stopped buying picks. He has refused to offer refunds and has made customers resort to filing disputes with their banks. A practice RJ Bell (Busack) is.

What a creepy picture.- nik

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How Was It Swimming In Pee Nik

October 2, 2014 Las Vegas 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. I saw your celebration video where you swim in all the fountains of Vegas. I lived in Vegas for a year and was on the strip a LOT. One thing I never saw was anyone cleaning the fountains… And what I saw very often was people drunk off their ass and pissing in the fountains… so congrats on being a huge douche.

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NOW HIRING For Wet Republic 2015 Pool Season

October 2, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 0

Wet - FB ad - 2015

NOW HIRING for Wet Republic 2015 pool season!

Interviews will be held at LAX Nightclub inside the Luxor, Tuesday Oct 21st – Friday Oct 24th and Monday Oct 27th- Wednesday Oct 29th. 12pm-5pm.

All Applicants Must Audition in Swimwear Attire.

  • Model Cocktail Server
  • Model Beverage Runner
  • Model Bartender
  • Model Barback

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Lyndsay Love Moved To Vegas And Lost It

October 2, 2014 Las Vegas, Portland, The Dirty 66


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Lyndsay Love. Sh thinks she is the hottest sh*t because she moved her nasty ass from Salem, Oregon to Las Vegas. She says she models but is never doing anything besides looking like a little boy in her pictures. From what it looks like no one can stand her in Las Vegas either. She acts like her crappy 10 dollar site is worth a damn and that anyone cares what she is doing. I hate this girl. She is a complete joke to our society.

Why is Darren McFadden creeping?- nik

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GoDaddy Is A True Loser In Life

October 1, 2014 GoDaddy, Las Vegas, The Dirty 219


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I guess GoDaddy needed her meal ticket and had no choice but to get back with ItsMidgetDave.  I love how girls will get back with any man that has money because they get to used to not paying for everything and the vacations. Even though he went on his IG and called her out for hooking…  Danica have fun sucking little d*ck, and Dave have fun with your escort that you basically pay to date.  Match made in heaven if you ask me.

Sounds like true love to me.- nik


Vegas Dave And GoDaddy Are No Longer A Couple

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