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Laura Leigh Daugherty Is A Poor Soul

November 17, 2014 Little Rock 71

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Laura Leigh Daugherty a no count, poor pathetic alcoholic mama that thinks she’s found the love of her life but in reality he cheats on her more than he has sex with her. She has 4 sex prizes not from the cheater boyfriend, pushing 40, and waits tables when she’s sober enough to carry a plate of food. She rants on facebook about her boyfriend cheating on her then deletes it hours later because she’s in love. Nik she’s in love all right but it’s in the form of a bottle. She needs to get her shit together and stop chasing the teen life. It’s all about the kids right?

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Sports Med

November 5, 2014 Little Rock, Wichita 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Victoria Rosa is deffinately a sports skank. A little over a month ago Victoria and i started fooling around with no intentions of dating ya know lol just a good fuk aka fck buddy. Well her n i have one class together but i mainly see her at my practices and gamez and shes a hella cool ass chick who loces to get dirty and is into cars . Hot right… whats not fuckin hot is her nasty ass not tellin me she had chlamydia (thank god for spell check) she refuses to admit she gave it to me but she was the last girl i slept with and now im hearing from other ppl at school they have it after sleeping with her to. So if you go to antioch high with us and go o the races be warned! This girl is hot as hell but nasty as fuk. Victoria Rosa doent know how to own up and has slept with me and my boy!!! Hahahha dont get me wrong she knows what shes doin but that pssy is somewere between tight n saggy and loos and stretchy. You will have a fun time but regret it later.

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Renee Hohn

November 5, 2014 Little Rock 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: so nik I met this girl on fb and really thought she was beautiful but come to find out she’s fat and kinda flabby she has this huge mole on her neck and it is all harry . Well come to find out she is married and has 2 kids I noticed that she is rather well ungroomed downstairs and has bumps and warts so I went to the Dr and sure enough I got 3 std she gave me drd w**ts and trich get this bitch in quarantine asap I mean nasty who ever sleeps with her needs to get checked asap

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Sneaky Klint

November 3, 2014 Little Rock 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sneaky nasty klint and I dated for 6&1/2 years! I have stuck by his side through many rough times including deaths in the family! You can ask anyone who knows us I loved him with all my heart and was a great girlfriend. He cheated on me 7 times that I know of and I still stuck it out! I always hoped he would change and not want to hurt me anymore! We broke up and he worked on the road so he still lived with me,he refused to move out! Finally my mom and I dumped his stuff in his friends yard! We will be split up 2yrs on may 6 2015 but I still held on and let him come around. He sad he loved me and wanted to get married and change. He even put me in a situation where I could be in prison! I decided to go through his phone and it made me sick. I have’t slept and lost 6lbs in a week from not eating. He is playing about 15 different women including me! He has had many dirty sexual conversations and there were many nasty pics! It was like looking at a porn site! The video was the worst I was bawled over wondering how could he say he love me and do this!!! If that isnt bad enough, the first girl he ever cheated on me with almost 8yrs ago let me know that they never lost contact! He told her I understood they were best friends and it was OK but I wanted to kill her for many yrs and knew none of this! So I warned the girls!!! I blocked their names and numbers and put their conversation s on his Facebook. I hope at least one of them sees the real klint and doesnt go farther and be as hurt as I did! So he decides to unfriend all of them so they can’t see! I have also learned that he has made some of my family very uncomfortable by kissing their cheek and calling them sexy when I am there but not standing by their side!I don’t know how people could be so cruel and why he could do that!!! This isn’t half of what I have been through. Ladies watch out for sneaky nasty klint.

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Jacqueline Elliott – Halloween edition

October 31, 2014 Little Rock 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it didn’t register in the last post you approved for me (ALSO SEE) And on the brink of Halloween, what’s scarier then a lying pregnant drug head that has 3 boyfriends and continues to drink while pregnant? All that post did was made her move out of Little Rock to escape her problems instead of face and own them. She ran off to Dallas to “start a new life” (her words not mine). And you know what she did? She immediately met a boy by the name of Matt. She didn’t know Matt was an acquaintance of mine. Dumb whore didn’t start a new life. She simply migrated her whoredom to another zip code. Picking up where she left off with her open legs, sad stories, roxy addiction, and lies…. And oh my God the lies are abundant with this one Nik. Let’s start with Lucas. Her newest addition to her 3 boyfriend lineup. Lucas Luis San Martin, you giant overgrown Spanish idiot. You graduated with a degree in law and u can’t see how retarded you are to be with this girl? Just call James Elliott, her husband… He’ll fill you in. That poor schmuck is still married to her. Or, maybe you should call Matt, my acquaintance (her second boyfriend). He is still trying to figure out if she’s going to have the baby or not. Or perhaps you should ask the baby, you know the one you keep poking your dick towards at night. I’m sure the baby has many stories it could tell u of drunken nights and mistakes its mother has made. Lucas you deserve better. A girl like me.

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The Ultimate Poser from Hot Springs

October 26, 2014 Little Rock 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Please tell Maria, Dolo, Dolores, Doe, whatever name she is using at the time to ease up on all the selfies and posed pictures. Everytime we are out she wants me to take lots of pics of her for her to pick to post on facebook. This latest pic of her “checking the oil” makes me wonder if she is working at a has station now. Fill er up! I’m starting to believe that she is her own biggest fan. What do you think Nick?

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Cindy “Insane” Hudson

October 25, 2014 Little Rock, The Dirty 135

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Cindy Lee Hudson (Conway’s Insane Jeweler) has to be the craziest women ever known. She wants people to feel sorry for her so she pretends to be actively involved in charity events where she preys on innocent people’s genuine kindness then turns the table on them and goes psycho threatening to call their wives, husbands, friends, employers, etc. claiming to be a victim of some unforeseen circumstance which was of course no fault of her own. She has no life other than her cats who are her only friends, and is obsessed with her ex-husband who she stalks constantly. And she definitely loves leather; just look at her face. If you happen to see her run and run fast from this psycho, squeaky voiced costume jeweler who delights in making everyone around her miserable.

You can see the cats in her face.- nik

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Micah Kellebrew

October 22, 2014 Little Rock 25


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I can’t keep my mouth shut about this slooze any longer. Guys if you are in the central Arkansas area beware. This trick will burn through your wallet then kick you to the curb. She uses her three kids(from 3 different guys) to lure these sympathetic guys in, then after they get hooked she boots em. She only keeps a job for a week or two, then its back to living off her babies daddies and whatever sucker she can manage to drag in. And ladies watch out to cuz she’ll snatch up your exes faster than you can imagine. She’s managed to work her way through the suckers in Hot Springs and Malvern. She’s spread herself around so much there’s no don’t she frequents the health department. She trolls all the dating sites and has been on a military guy trend lately. Matter of fact she’s gota new guy tthat’s she’s “Oh so in Love with” that she’s only known for like a month and has already moved her kids in with this fool. Nobody who should really care for their kids should just dump them on somebody like that. “Hey I like you, let’s bang, buy me dinner, I’m moving my kids in with you.”

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