Hide your Boyfriends and your Drugs

August 28, 2014 Little Rock 216

THE DIRTY ARMY: Crystal Arnesen is a major drug addict who has left her husband Doug Arnesen to starting a sexual relationship with Jason Green, whom has no game plan , he is only after his next fix, much like Crystal. Crystal is on parole for fake prescriptions. She was arrested the third time on. She was Married to Doug but left his drug addicted, alcoholic self. Doug has broke Crystal arm and attacked her numerouve

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PC Strong

August 25, 2014 Little Rock 5


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this woman is just horrible. Okay first, her name is starr maness. She hangs around forest park and jonesborro at all the hotels. She posts ads on backpage and Craigslist selling her body, and I’m no saint but I could understand if it was just servival but she always uses the money to bye drugs. She is so cr**ked out her head that she walks in public wuth see thru clothes on, no underwear, flirting with men trying to get some money doesn’t even care if his wife is there or kids!!! She thinks she is the sh** just because she is skinny now but does”t even realize she looks loke roadkill on the side of the road.. she does dates with strangers no protection. She goes from “boyfriend to boyfriend “and its always a pimp. Every time they get ready to leave her she screams I’m pregnant and magically looses the baby every time and blames someone else saying stressing her out. You guys plz watch out for her. She has been know to.slip drugs in your drink. Take your money, credit cards, and a few times had her pimps throw a gun in ppls faces. She is scum.

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James ‘Keith’ Black

August 20, 2014 Little Rock 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: James Keith Black..he goes by Keith, lied on a friend/ co-defendant who could’ve given him up and got in no trouble, but now faces prison time because this bitch wanted to get his prison sentence cut…SNITCHES GET STITCHES!!!! If you rub around the east end landmark area watch out this bitch has no backbone. DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR!!!

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User and Abuser

August 20, 2014 Little Rock 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Kanesha creole Barbie Webstaer. She is a people user and all she wants is money. She claims to be a mother of four, but has no car seat in her car. I think that’s just a pity ploy to get your money. She jumps from motel to motel, just using guys for rooms and food, plus drinks. She claims she has so much to offer but really doesn’t, don’t be fooled guys keep your eyes open for this one..

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James Keith Black

August 20, 2014 Little Rock 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware of this certified snitch…I’ve attached the docs to prove it.

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Leslie Fry Vs. Lauren Crow

August 19, 2014 Little Rock 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, DA strong for years.  Let’s take a vote… Which girl deserves the D more then the other? Which one wins queen of headshot selfie award for 2014? We all know that if a girl takes headshots all the time that she’s hiding the fatness. So let’s hear it fellas. Which one of these girls is queen catfish in duping you into thinking they’re hot but in reality they’re size 6′s and fat? With saggy breasts and cellulite. Both of them have youtube channels where they discuss beauty tips and make-up secrets… But neither of them talks about going in the gym and losing weight. We know why too. Neither of them look the same with their make-up off. Sad. Pathetic. Insecure girls are a dime a dozen in this city and it’s time we put these two on blast.

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Arkansas Mom

August 19, 2014 Little Rock 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tiffany N. Holt, age 23 from alexander, ar. Mom of 3 kids by 2 men, no job, drug addict, lies, steals, in trouble with the law. Will do anything to get her way without thinking of her kids.

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Brandy Wrenfroe

August 18, 2014 Kansas City, Little Rock 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Shis bitch thinks shes “hot shit” because she used to have some friend u was a stripper and the strippers boyfriend was a cage fighter. So now she thinks she can get away with anything and based her whole outfits and looks off this stripper and forgets about her floppy used up body and doesn’t have any responsibility towards her son! Shed rather smoke weed and go party and dance. Oh! Shes also an escort! She thinks her shit is worth 400$ a night! She gave me an std. And 2 of my friends! And who knows how many other guys she is nasty nasty nasty! If u go to the grizzly rose your sure to find her! Shes been kicked out of her parents house at least 50 times because she cant pay rent or wants to be a whore…stay away!

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