Arkansas Mom

August 19, 2014 Little Rock 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tiffany N. Holt, age 23 from alexander, ar. Mom of 3 kids by 2 men, no job, drug addict, lies, steals, in trouble with the law. Will do anything to get her way without thinking of her kids.

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Brandy Wrenfroe

August 18, 2014 Kansas City, Little Rock 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Shis bitch thinks shes “hot shit” because she used to have some friend u was a stripper and the strippers boyfriend was a cage fighter. So now she thinks she can get away with anything and based her whole outfits and looks off this stripper and forgets about her floppy used up body and doesn’t have any responsibility towards her son! Shed rather smoke weed and go party and dance. Oh! Shes also an escort! She thinks her shit is worth 400$ a night! She gave me an std. And 2 of my friends! And who knows how many other guys she is nasty nasty nasty! If u go to the grizzly rose your sure to find her! Shes been kicked out of her parents house at least 50 times because she cant pay rent or wants to be a whore…stay away!

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Ashley McGriff, Wrinkle Chaser

August 14, 2014 Little Rock 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: I want to let you know about Ashley McGriff, she is 23 years old and has a 3 year old little girl, she is from Star City/Pine Bluff area, she has been married twice already and carries a baby around and introduces her to dirty old men, the bitch worked for Twin Peaks in little rock for a while but she was not good looking and looked like white thrash so not even Twin Peaks wanted her, She cheated on her husband with her best friend and fcked him in her own house while the husband was at work and with the baby there, she chases old men, I am talking about 40s and above, how nasty is to put your mouth on a wrinkly dick, This dirty whore has a lot of game or she thinks she does, She would act like she is the best person in the world and that she is so into you while talking and fucking to other guys at the same time, there are no limits for her and she does all this while she is still married and with her daughter around, that poor child, I feel so bad for her, My story is I was seeing her and she was all into me and saying things that would make me feel real good and then I found out that she was after the managers at Twin Peaks so when i confronted her about this she just smiled and did not say anything very soon I moved on with my life while still hearing of all of the nasty things she was doing, I recently found out that now she is dating a 55 or 60 years old man from her new job Falcon Jet that left for a 40 year old that she was dating, please people need to know.

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Cheating Wife

August 13, 2014 Arkansas, Little Rock 14



THE DIRTY ARMY: Fcks anyone her husband Joe Barbarossa is so blind to the whole situation it’s crazy . She uses him for money and to buy her a house just so she can move her boyfriend in !

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Lexi Dunkelberger

August 5, 2014 Kansas City, Little Rock 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out guys this girl here is the biggest slut they come! She works at tilted kilt. a perfect place for her to be a skank. She wears no panties at work cause she is looking for a rich guy to please. anything to get that new coach purse! Hey lexi quit slutting yourself out!

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Who is this milf?

July 31, 2014 Little Rock 162

THE DIRTY ARMY: Who is this girl? I came across her pics on IG under the name Jhoney but can’t figure out who she is or where to find her. I’m not usually attracted to the dark curvy type but fck if I cant get thiose sweet little lips and doe eyes out of my head. Come on guys, help a brother out. Those tits. Fck. Must smash!

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Pastor of Church really a sex offender

July 31, 2014 Little Rock 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: According to Branda Blakely she has trust issues with her church’s spiritual leader. “Who would worry about about doing business with their pastor? ” she said. She claims Bishop Jacob J. Taylor, the Pastor of Power Pack Ministries in Little Rock, bilked her and her husband out of money for a barbecue business they were beginning with him. According to James Blakely, he had opened the account but provided the information packet to Taylor so he could have information for making deposits. Instead, the Blakeleys claim Taylor took a temporary check, forged James\’ signature and bounced it to pay for his car tags and registration. “He’s supposed to be there to be your friend and listen he shouldn\’t have any trust issues,\” Branda Blakely said.When we started digging into Jacob J. Taylor’s history, we found nearly 24 nonprofits or businesses that could possibly be linked to him registered or pending registration with the Secretary of State’s Office. The majority of those were geared toward religion and food service. We also wanted to see if Jacob Taylor had a criminal history. In every instance we could find where Jacob J. Taylor was listed as a defendant, including the Departmen  of Correction, the name Carlos Norwood was there as well. Convictions ranged from hot checks, theft and forgery to felony sexual assault. “Anybody in the religious field — you hear about stories, but he honestly seemed like a pretty good guy when we met him,\” Branda Blakely said.

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Homewrecking Coug

July 28, 2014 Little Rock 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty bitch likes to sleep with your man or your woman, makes no matter to her! She is the biggest whore in Arkansas and Texas!! She lies and manipulates her way thru life, going as far as saying her daughter has a serious mental health issue so she can get a check for her. She’ll sit on her ass and try to scam food pantrys daily, churches at Christmas, and overall the welfare system just so she doesn’t have to work. But guess who’s hair an nails are always done???? Her and her husband Steve like to fuck there friends wife’s and then move them in with them. They will both do anything for money! Her parenting skills are atrocious at best. Little rock if you see her, RUN! She will only give you something you can’t get rid of and then lie about it!!

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