Desaray Presley

July 9, 2014 Little Rock, Wichita 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl gives drd a bad name!!

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Sammy’s Slore

July 6, 2014 Kansas City, Little Rock 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay so this sloot Starla (what kind of trashy name is that anyway?!) Shanel is the biggest joke and trust me there are plenty of those out here. She is usually at Seville when she’s not working the pole at the trashiest Sammys around here- when she isnt hooking up with your man that is. She is constantly fucked up, calling her ex boyfriends from 10 years ago and of course posting “selfies”. Honey its time to get off the pole; youre what, 35 at very least? Your tits sag, your ass is flabby, and no amount of Photoshop or IG filters can cover that old ass face. Grow up, get a real job, or at least find some stupid trout. Stop putting pix all over FB showing off 6 figure Mercedes; your lifetime earnings couldn\’t even cover one. Stop getting it from old men, red bottoms are trashy and so are dollar bills in your G string. So are G strings for that matter, it’s not the 90′s anymore. She is constantly looking for attention or whining back for her old boyfriends then playing victim when their women call her out and deleting the shit she said. She is a Pepsi lover and my God it shows. Thank God that she hasn’t bred but thankfully DRDs often leave one sterile. Nurse my ass!! Youre a Junior College dropout bitch. Stop acting like you’re something )

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Scum Bag Of Little Rock — Houston Franks

July 1, 2014 Little Rock, The Dirty 230

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I feel that this guy deserves to be on The Dirty. Meet Houston Franks. This low life had the nerves to start a donation page for his friend who’s daughter is suffering from an inoperable brain stem tumor. Houston decided he was more deserving of the donations and kept every penny.

Is putting huge holes in your ear lobes still cool?- nik

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Kelly Burnett

June 27, 2014 Little Rock 166

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik Kelly finally decided to go get a real job instead of being the bar whore at boogies. She decided to take up something she is quite good at. She’s a CNA at the Arkansas Health Center, which means she wipes old retarded people’s ass all day, she’s used to that though, aren’t ya Kelly? You’ve been doing it for what 3 years already. She did have herself a boyfriend, but of course he didn’t give a shit about her so he dumped her. It’s hard to like someone who is so self consumed with depression and anxiety. Get yourself together honey, you’re pathetic.

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Donna Padilla

June 20, 2014 Little Rock, Wichita 15

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this Donna Padilla always looks for attention good or bad she bartends a street light n doesn’t know how to make shot cuz she’s worried about her tight ass pants thats holding in all her fat go sniff more coke and maybe you’ll lose weight slut looking for the next boy scout to take advantage of bitch what u need is a dude ur own age your fcking 50yrs old retire already…….your not fine you don’t know how to walk in heels with all that weight miss piggy bye fat girl…:

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Aaron Talley is a woman beating snitch

June 17, 2014 Little Rock 83

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This bitch decided it would be cool to try to get his own wife thrown in jail after beating the shit out of her multiple times and cheating on her with other women, one of them being a transgender black man. Apparently the multiple cycle of steroids offset his bi-polar and caused him to not sleep and severe bouts of paranoia.. If you are looking for a personal trainer, DO NOT go to Markham Street Gym.

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Codi Alexa

June 13, 2014 Little Rock 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this little peach is the princess of Hooters, fu**ing anyone she meets or sees. She claims to be a princess and money will buy her in a heartbeat. Shes quick to screw over her friends for a quick 50 bucks. She sucks di*k on a regular basis. You will see her every night at Bar Louie looking for another victim. Oh and doesn’t use condoms so I know shes spreading that stank around town. So watch your men because if they throw her a 20 she will be all over it. #shanksofhooters

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Paris aka Fistina aka Christina Smith

June 12, 2014 Little Rock 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here we are again with Christanka aka Paris aka Christina Smith… She didn’t learn much when I put her on blast almost two years ago. See here —–>Also See — Christina pretends to be in love on social networking sites like instagram and facebook with her fiance Brent Hooten. Poor Brent is a good ol boy that works for the Arkansas Commissioner. Brent, run… Fast. You should hear the things she says to us Brent. (By us I mean her group of gf’s) She advises us how she’s not sure about this. She’s too young. She might be able to find someone wealthier with more money or perhaps hotter. I didn’t realize she was serious until I came across her match profile recently. You dumb slut… Did you think I wasn’t watching you? Do you think your crimes you did to me when we lived together won’t go unpunished? I am working with karma now and it’s time you paid your dues…no, and Paris… I am friends with your gf’s. They tell me everything you tell them about your life. P.S. Learn to shut your mouth and your dermatologist did a great job fixing your face up I’ll admit. So credit given where due girl. I still hate you though. Enjoy the pizza sauce I poured on your mercedes.

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