Twin Peaks’ Final Review

February 19, 2014 Little Rock, The Dirty 115 98,997 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Dearest of Nik…. okay, I’ve decided to finally give my vote on this, after MUCH hesitation of ever going to a ‘family restaurant’ with a name that rhymes with ‘SIN EEKS’, I finally went. So after confirmed by police and public cases of waitresses prostitution, terrible reviews and ZERO family orientation by having day sh*t ‘lingerie’ day (girls coming to wait tables with kids while wearing nothing but clothing sold at adult stores)… I decided to check it out myself. I’m not judging anyone who works there for things I haven’t seen with my own eyes, but here is my review. Terrible service, terrible food even after asking for the best thing on the menu and the second best thing on the menu, watched two waitresses slip phone numbers to men at tables with wives (with my own eyes) and girls doing things that are illegal at Arkansas strip clubs. Here’s the deal, you are what you are, don’t advertise you’re a family restaurant when you clearly are not. You are pretty much a strip club that sells food. I’m not one to judge, but my service was terrible and I’m a great tipper when service is good. The food was terrible and I can judge that since I actually know how to cook and have ran my own restaurant. The girls where not working tips, they were working bankrolls for later. If this is not the view of the management, then CHANGE IT. Because this is how you are viewed by anyone who walks in there. I’m not judging what you’re doing, I’m just letting you know what I saw.

It’s even easier to get phone #’s from Hooters girls.- nik

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Amy Castillo

February 18, 2014 Little Rock 6 8,893 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This 44 yr old gold digging whore sleeps with every man in town and asks for money. She doesn’t work and relies on others to support her life style. She is a 2nd Dwi offender with a class A misdemeanor. Is a nasty witch with a flabby body with cellulite all over it. Throws herself on any man truly a desperate woman I really think it’s a cross dresser might be a man.. Ewwww

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Bronzer Boy Bobby Teague

February 18, 2014 Little Rock 27 7,870 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is more of Bobby Teague. He really thinks that looks wok for him. Works if you are fu*king crazy and no one tells you how much of a umps u look. He is desperately trying to get this all to go away. I guess he really does want his buisness recovery direction to look not on the up and up. And that’s what it is, a buisness. Going into these places telling all the people living there that he isn’t making any money off them. At the same time saying there isn’t a better place in Arkansas for them at the price he is offering. FYI there is. Also basing every ever halfway house around town and how he doesn’t let black people to move into his places. Anyway more photos of the homo slum lord. He rocks the shit out if that hair and the umps look.

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Would You

February 18, 2014 Little Rock, Would You? 60 11,461 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This is Hollie Crimmins, one of our tier one models from Arkansas. Everyone says she has major potential. DA, what do you guys think?

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Homewrecking Playboy

February 18, 2014 Little Rock 21 9,111 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ladies and gents is Josh Kellebrew. Im sure most of you have shared bed space or a deal with him to end up disappointed.You get the skimp on either side. He thinks his shit is the best both in the bed and in the bag. HE likes to keep “multiples” or extras. Whether married, got a bf or just some skank that puts out. Just cuz your first was a homewrecker don’t mean you gotta be.. maybe she wasn’t such a crazy bitch that you tell everyone about and it was you doing it all along. If you wanna take this risk you better have some protection.. he has been with some of landmarks “finest”. If you deal with him you better weigh it out too. He tries and acts like he is some big time playboy/dealer. Keep working your lil part time as a delivery boy and driving your busted up ass honda. Thought you did good for yourself and finally got a dime for a baby momma.. problem is that bitch is busted too. What’s that picture like 2-3 years old before kids. She looks like a sweet girl though. Hope she really is the ONLY one. hah! Get off the drugs,get some clearasil,visit the drd clinic and get all your shots and kick the illegal shit and you might make this one work.. key word ONE. Stick to one.. after you have been with half the area you aint fooling nobody. Stop acting hard cuz you aint, your skimpin and pimpin is gonna get your ass handed to ya one day. Congrats on the baby.. hope this ones yours and you step yo game up! The real game- being an adult. Just cuz you look 17 dont mean you still gotta act it. How this loser doesnt have multiple babies(true to be his) is what blows my mind.. I think stds tend to make one sterile for a time though or maybe the drug use,am i right about this nik? **his role model is Drake**

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Hustler turned to Snitch

February 17, 2014 Little Rock 9 8,196 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessie Mitchell little rocks newest snitch. Used to be a hustler now he’s just the newest snitch. You don’t get busted with 33 grams of dope, Molly, and weed and not go to jail. You don’t get OREd on shit like that. He didn’t even go to the jail. He runs around Landmark and East End. Also around the Roadway Inn. If you see him go the other way.

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What Is Up With Arkansas Women

February 15, 2014 Little Rock, The Dirty 66 95,534 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, what is up with Arkansas women? I thought it was “the natural state”. Why are chicks going crazy with their lashes these days? It’s getting out of control. I woke up the other morning thinking there was a spider in the bed but it was a chick’s fake lashes that had come off! Fake hair, fake nails, fake tans, fake boobs, you never know what a girl really looks like these days. Go to bed with a 10 and wake up with a 4.20 and a pair of Spanx on da floor! Chill with the mascara women! Chill with the drag queen lashes. And chill with the fake tanner. This chick left orange streaks on my Egyptian cotton sheets the other night.  PSA: SPIDER LASHES are out!!!

Everyone knows you need disposable pillow cases if you bang chicks in Arkansas.- nik

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Junkie Thief

February 14, 2014 Little Rock 7 6,278 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Courtney Jones is one of the biggest junkie whores in the metro area. She sleeps with whomever has drugs, money, or anything else she can leech. When she does have a boyfriend, she’ll rob him, and then sleep with all of his friends. She’ll shoot up pretty much anything she can get her hands on, and it’s a known fact that she has Hepatitis, yet she still shares drugs with people. She likes to brag about how she’s been clean and sober, and how she would never rob anyone, yet her mug shots tell a different story. Don’t let the Facebook picture fool you, this girl is a textbook junkie, who gets around to pretty much EVERYONE.

Bottom pics the morning after look, after the Mac rubs off.- nik

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