Promise Guillotte

February 12, 2014 Little Rock 57 10,035 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is all kinds of messed up.. from prostitution, , drds, stealing money, worst mom of the year award.. but even after all that bitch still thinks shes hot shit! Keep kissing of your bff so yall can both has visible stds. everyone knows your a whore whether its fucking for money to pay your bills which is how she got her way to big fake boobs ( the only reason ppl give a damn at first glance)or flying out of state to try and hide you do porn while your poor son isnt with his mommy. She has the fugliest smile in the world her nose is huge and if she didnt do so much coke shed be fat like she was in those orange shorts. Please do us all a favor and just fucking move. LR is over the fake ass bitches! hang it up with your beat up pussy meat! how much lower can you get than selling yourself for some cash i mean really your a mother start acting like it.. and get a real fucking job hooters, twin peaks and prositution is not reality hunni!

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Only Wanted to Make S’mores

February 12, 2014 Little Rock 11 5,702 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- This crazy bitch was arrested Monday on federal arson charges involving multiple fires at Litle Rock Upscale Apartment Complex. The US Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas announced that Lacey Rae Moore, age 43, of Little Rock, was arrested and appeared Monday in federal court on an Indictment handed down by a federal grand jury on Thursday, February 6, 2014. The Indictment alleges that Moore attempted to maliciously damage and destroy the Forest Place Apartments by use of fire and explosive materials. The fires were set on or about February 24, February 25, 2013; May 15, 2013; May 16, 2013; June 4, 2013; June 22, 2013; and June 28, 2013. As a result of the fires set May 16 and June 4, 2013, two Little Rock Firefighters were injured. The final charge alleges that on July 1, 2013, Moore knowingly possessed a destructive incendiary device and bomb that was not registered to her in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record. An ATF worker said Moore is a former resident of Forest Place Apartments, located at [removed]e in Little Rock. The charges in which someone was injured each carry up to a 40-year-sentence; the other charges carry up to 20 years each. Moore remains in custody at the Pulaski County Detention Center. Besides causing the destruction of apartment buildings causing millions of dollars in damages and displacing scores of residents and injuring two firefighters this crazy bitch posted on Facebook that “I just wanna go home. FP was my home. The other day I just stood with my fingers thru that security fence and I could see the lamp my grandma gave me. And all I could do was cry. I just want to go home. And FP can’t be home anymore…. and” They will NEVER find the person who did it. I promise. Unless someone was seen doing it. And now someone is spreading lies that Jermaine did it. Those are fighting words to me!!! I’m from Memphis honey, and I can act like it when provoked. Blame it on the black guy right?????? F-off whoever is spreading those lies about the most honest, trustworthy, kind man ever. And he’s kinda a hottie too”.

She must have a big sweet tooth.- nik

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Veronica Courtney

February 10, 2014 Little Rock 73 11,660 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Can we get this whore off the streets bc she’s spreading her love to anyone. Warning beware watch out this bitch is tainted.

Sad knowing she got paid to wear that 2 piece.  Bud Lights slacking on their promo girls.- nik

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Sober Living House Owner

February 10, 2014 Little Rock 38 9,707 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Check this guy out Nick. He is Bobby Teague. Hee runs these “Sober” living house here in Arkansas. He stuffs these house with as many people as he can. H doesn’t get the permits to open and run these places but does so anyway. He has been on the local news for this. The neighbors are not to happy to find out that they has ex cons and drug addicts living next to them. Some are sex offenders as well. He use the people there to work on the houses saying he will kick them to the streets or get them sent back to prison if they don’t do what he says. These house are over run with drugs. Whats the saying? The best place to sell drugs is at NA or AA meeting or to addicts. He is a op addict and says he is sober. He has been seen taking and having suboxone. His fiance of four years left him during the holidays. Throwing the ring in his face saying she has been fucking his friend, that they are getting married, and sh is pregnant by the other guy. HELLO!! Some how she got the house and he had to move out. H aired all of this on his facebook page witch h is friends with all kinds of people in this little pond of Little Rock.i say he is for the gays. Like to hear what others have to say…

I wouldn’t guess he was sober with that amount of bronzer.- nik

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Twin Peaks Of Little Rock Is A Disaster

February 6, 2014 Little Rock, The Dirty 75 103,807 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Twin Peaks in LR not only has the worst staff ever!! Not only are none of them hot but they mess your order up so the whole experience there is just awful! The girls are now prostituting themselves in the parking lot for extra cash because they arent even making any money there.  It is disgusting what that place has turned into.

Someone needs to LaserAway that hummingbird, it takes away from her decent legs.- nik

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3rd Times a Charm

February 5, 2014 Little Rock, Would You? 80 8,568 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh Nik, this is the Famous Sierra Oxford again. So Nik, would you? I mean, what guy doesn’t want a woman who wears her bra and panties to work? What “so called” classy mother does this AND then post it on her Facebook page! Get over your self honey.

Answer: No, stripes don’t hide the horse.

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Skanky Sammy

February 5, 2014 Little Rock 42 6,133 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Samantha Jane, or what ever her name is currently! She is the biggest slut in Little Rock. She Bar hops every weekend while she leaves her very young children @ home to take care of their self. Poor babies, please some one call DHS. She works at a night club, and if she is not there you can find her at any spot downtown looking for a weak man to make her feel pretty! She was employed through H&H sucking Greg’s online for extra cash. She will get any man to buy her things and pay her rent. She is always going shopping and buying new cars on a waitress’s salary. Yea right! She sucks greg’s for money. One day them sweet babies will grow up and see what mom was doing online to support them. She also Loves to snort pills, get wasted and hit the meth pipe. She has recently gained a few pounds if you can’t tell… Sam, i hate to break it to you but with your new hair do and your hideous tats, your straight up trash. Try to be a mom and stop leaving your babies at home all night while you party. You look pathetic. And good lord your hair cut makes you look so much worse! Also get over Joe and stop posting 5,000 selfies a day!! your so ridiculous!

The shaved head craze went away quickly for a reason.- nik

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Don’t Fall For It Ladies

February 5, 2014 Little Rock, The Dirty 195 99,069 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Here Nik is the one that everyone calls the “hottest guy in Little Rock” Colby Landers. But get past these looks you will find this guy is a true pathetic waste of a human being & since his ex or girlfriend whatever they are today was posted on here this hypocritical Christian should be also! Start off with him bashing gays on Facebook stating that his religion as a Christian doesn’t believe in that.. But big time Christian lets talk about his drug addiction to steroids, roxys, and any other pills he can get his hands on. The woman he has abused which I hear now were more than one. This “ladies” guy has to be the biggest cheater in Arkansas as we all have to sit back and watch these girls be completely fooled, poor Sierra doesn’t know half of what we’ve seen but we refrain from telling her to save the heartbreak, and not only that but the tool was with last years Miss Arkansas a woman that represented our state whom we saw cheat on also but he kept that one hidden so we couldn’t tell her! You see Nik this man may have the “looks” every girl dreams of but once you get to know him past that he’s an absolute disgrace to this town.  I’ve never seen a man lie to so many woman, the ones he may be trying to take home for the night or the ones he has home being straight stupid and blinded by his bullsh*t!

You can’t be a Christian and have a mug shot. I decided.- nik

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