Aaron Talley is a woman beating snitch

June 17, 2014 Little Rock 85

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This bitch decided it would be cool to try to get his own wife thrown in jail after beating the shit out of her multiple times and cheating on her with other women, one of them being a transgender black man. Apparently the multiple cycle of steroids offset his bi-polar and caused him to not sleep and severe bouts of paranoia.. If you are looking for a personal trainer, DO NOT go to Markham Street Gym.

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Codi Alexa

June 13, 2014 Little Rock 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this little peach is the princess of Hooters, fu**ing anyone she meets or sees. She claims to be a princess and money will buy her in a heartbeat. Shes quick to screw over her friends for a quick 50 bucks. She sucks di*k on a regular basis. You will see her every night at Bar Louie looking for another victim. Oh and doesn’t use condoms so I know shes spreading that stank around town. So watch your men because if they throw her a 20 she will be all over it. #shanksofhooters

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Paris aka Fistina aka Christina Smith

June 12, 2014 Little Rock 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here we are again with Christanka aka Paris aka Christina Smith… She didn’t learn much when I put her on blast almost two years ago. See here —–>Also See — Christina pretends to be in love on social networking sites like instagram and facebook with her fiance Brent Hooten. Poor Brent is a good ol boy that works for the Arkansas Commissioner. Brent, run… Fast. You should hear the things she says to us Brent. (By us I mean her group of gf’s) She advises us how she’s not sure about this. She’s too young. She might be able to find someone wealthier with more money or perhaps hotter. I didn’t realize she was serious until I came across her match profile recently. You dumb slut… Did you think I wasn’t watching you? Do you think your crimes you did to me when we lived together won’t go unpunished? I am working with karma now and it’s time you paid your dues…no, and Paris… I am friends with your gf’s. They tell me everything you tell them about your life. P.S. Learn to shut your mouth and your dermatologist did a great job fixing your face up I’ll admit. So credit given where due girl. I still hate you though. Enjoy the pizza sauce I poured on your mercedes.

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Pantheralatina is a Deadbeat Mom

May 13, 2014 Little Rock 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Audreiana Ruiz, AKA pantheralatina is one of the biggest liars and drug users in the world. She claims that her kid live with her, when in fact she has lost full parental rights to 3 of her 5 children and her other two children have been in foster care for 3 years because of her abuse and neglect. She admits to smoking weed constantly and was drug tested and found cocaine in her system when she was preganant with her kids. She claims to be the CEO of several companies online, that she has several degrees, when in fact she never graduated high school, and is so broke, she has to rent a room in the ghetto streets of Staten Island. She whores herself for drug money and owes over 100,000 dollars in child support. She is only allowed to see her last two remaining children supervised, because she is such a deadbeat. She has slept with men and women that are contaminated with drd and in fact one was drd POSITIVE!!! She changes her address and appearance so the Feds don’t catch up with her, and she has been in several mental institutions in NY and Puerto Rico. She has severe mental issues and smokes things not made for human consumption. To sum her up she is a coke head, Molly using, deadbeat parent and the nastiest piece of ass in the world.. Sleep with her and you are guaranteed nothing but drd. She’s a washed out 35 year old hooker with nothing but made up lies and delusional images of a pretend world.

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Emily Anderson

May 9, 2014 Little Rock, Wichita 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Emily Anderson …. The in the closet smut… This flat chested no ass looking skeleton ass hoe has fucked her entire ex boyfriends clique of friends… She’s been passed around… Just so people can laugh and make fun of her… She’s dumb as fuck you can not even hold a conversation with this broad.. She takes nude pictures with dope heads and loads them on to Instagram.. She needs to cover up her no shape body and stop opening her legs up to anyone she lays her eyes on…

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Holly Pritchett is a Fake Facebook Profile

May 7, 2014 Little Rock 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: Really? Anyone can tell Holly’s FB is fake. Nice try. Wonder who Holly really is. In the meantime, check out the pics. Holly, whoever he/she is, is using pics of an actress from Turkey Named Ece Erken. Thats all I gotta say. Busted

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Syd n Kris

May 6, 2014 Little Rock, Would You? 39


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these two girls here are Sydney Gibbons and Kristan Carpenter. Yeah they may look all nice and stuff but they aren’t. Kristan likes to become a girls “bestfriend” and then stab her in the back. Sydney is her newest BFF I’m sure she’s already screwed this poor girl over too. Along with her poor hubby Dalton Wiedekind who she has forced into marrying her because she got pregnant. Kristan and Sydney are both whores who crave sex and alcohol and just can’t stand to see someone else be the center of attention. They’ve both been married 2 times and neither of them gave a sh*t about their first husband. Now they are both married again and I’m sure these marriages will last maybe a year. Kristan has 2 kids that she leaves with other people all day and every weekend so she can go out and get wasted. And the best part, she don’t even know who the father of her little girl Carley is. And Sydney has turned into a crazy cat lady who doesn’t give a sh*t about anyone but herself. They make the perfect match don’t ya think? They are the exact definition of southern charm? No. They’re the exact definition of southern slut. Poor pitiful Kristan, she thinks she is so pretty (when God knows she’s nasty and butt ass faced ugly) she lost all her hair and she still tried to flaunt that sh*t. Bi*ch that sh*t isn’t cute. Get a f**king wig and keep that sh*t on before someone sees your ugly face and thinks your a godd**n man! You think you rule the world? You don’t bi*ch! And Sydney is standing right beside her thinking she’s the baddest bitch around when in reality that bi*ch is a f**king fat a**. Y’all act all Christian and holy. Bi*ches the only thing y’all are is lame sluts who can’t make a living so your mooching off someone else like always. Kristan I now your husband knows you cheat on him all the time with random guys and does Dalton know that you pawn your babies off on a babysitter everyday so you can sleep off your hangover? Oh, and Sydney I’m sure your cat doesn’t appreciate the fact that you got a different guy at your house every night. Put me on f**king blast you stupid c*nts. Paybacks a bi*ch! Y’all don’t like me that fine but you’ll get yours.

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Who’s the real ‘idget’

May 1, 2014 Little Rock 374

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this Maleah Marie McAllister & she is a heartless individual! In light of our state going through tramantic events this bitch feels the needs to say she’s not donating to the victims. The choice to not donate is hers; however, the comment is very heartless and frankly shows how much of an ‘idget’ she is. You cannot own a home & not have insurance on it. You do not see any results from claims anywhere from moths to a year from filing date. Insurance doesn’t cover for food, water, and shelter. Insurance doesn’t cover the loss of a loved one.

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