Little Rock | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Homewrecking Coug

July 28, 2014 Little Rock 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty bitch likes to sleep with your man or your woman, makes no matter to her! She is the biggest whore in Arkansas and Texas!! She lies and manipulates her way thru life, going as far as saying her daughter has a serious mental health issue so she can get a check for her. She’ll sit on her ass and try to scam food pantrys daily, churches at Christmas, and overall the welfare system just so she doesn’t have to work. But guess who’s hair an nails are always done???? Her and her husband Steve like to fuck there friends wife’s and then move them in with them. They will both do anything for money! Her parenting skills are atrocious at best. Little rock if you see her, RUN! She will only give you something you can’t get rid of and then lie about it!!

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Everything is a Lie

July 24, 2014 Little Rock 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl Crystal Wilson or Vondran whatever she goes by these days is a user, a liar, a cheater, manipulator. First off she has 8 kids!! Only had custody of this one since she doesnt know the father!!! All the rest are with the fathers 8 kids with 8 different dads. She loves to play the victim but we all know she isnt. She is a whore and probally slept with all of central arkansas. Just watch the comments start coming!

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Homeless Madness

July 23, 2014 Little Rock, Wichita 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello nik I know both of these people personally Trevor Dugan and Jenny matheny so I’m just going to start by saying That miss jenny matheny is like a door knob she once had a birthday party full of guests that the she had sex with male/female she has had sex with construction workers for money and rides she’s addicted to spice and loves to drink vodka in water bottles to try and fool everyone around but here is the best part she got with homeless Trevor after dating a guy who was arrested for molesting his own sister…Her .other must have been proud, anyways that’s not all she has done, after her older sister broke up with her son’s father she had sex with him inside the car while her nephew was in his car seat now let’s get to Trevor this dude is the most annoying piece of trash he is a money hungry spice addict as well he’s the reason they are both homless he allowed his girlfriend to get punched in the face by another man and then told the guy he had nothing to prove and he didn’t want to fight then leaves and later that day lets his gf get into a random car with a random guy for money so they can eat dinner ) I would say they’re a match made in heaven what is your take on this

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Breanna Mcfeely

July 17, 2014 Little Rock, Wichita 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: Breanna Mcfeely is the dumbest chick to ever walk the planet. She went super crazy after her boyfriend left her in october. She says makes her exes out to look like the bad guys when she is actually INSANE. After her breakup in October she turned to drugs, violence, stalking, and harrassment. She was getting so high on pills and meth that she had a seizure. In an attempt to get her ex back she called his work, harrassed his coworkers, faked a pregnancy and oh, how could I forget, CRASHED HER CAR into his friends car WITH A BABY IN THE BACKSEAT. She later was so high she totaled the car her aunt bought her. With that she was fired from her job and moved in with her ex’s MOM! yeah, that lasted about a month till it was discovered that she was doing drugs in the house around kids. She then moved in with her new boyfriend Daniel. He obviously thought she was the world and drove her everywhere, paid for everything even got a new apartment for her. When she finally got a job she was fired less than a month later and forced him to pay rent, food and of course, everything she wanted. As he was trying to help her get back on her feet she went a little more crazy. He broke it off and moved out but left her a check for the next months rent. She stole the rent check, cashed it and blew it on drugs and a new tattoo. She then tried to blame Daniel for the missing check and apparently a missing bong. Daniel completely cut her off and now she is playing the POOR ME game. She is constantly guilt tripping her mom and rich aunt for money. WATCH OUT MEN, she is single and would love for you to take care of her. If you check out the picks youll see the obvious effects of drugs on this chicks body from September 2013 to May 2014.

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Kaylee Jackson

July 15, 2014 Little Rock 102

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Kaylee Jackson. She takes the cake. Drug addict drunk and whore. Tripple trouble. In one of the pictures is her man Bradley Walker. Poor guy. She is constantly cheating on the guy and he’s too stupid to believe it. She went and became a web cam whore with the suggestion from her mother (what kind of trashy woman suggests her daughter to become a prostitute?) and even when her man said he wouldn’t put up with it he did. Dumbass. She is a theif she steels from her own family. She is completely insane makes up lies about anyone who doesn’t like her. She beats children she is watching. This girl not only needs help but should get jail time. Brad man get rid of the dumb hoe for all your friends sake if you don\’t you will no longer have friends.

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Ashton Westmoreland Harrison Metcalf

July 15, 2014 Little Rock 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is ashton Westmoreland Harrison Metcalf whatever she is going by now days. She is completely insane. She and her husband separated and she started dating immediately. Yet the whole time she’s begging her husband to take her back. She has had her son taken away many times because she likes to get drunk or take drugs while watching him. WHen she isn’t watching Trystan her drug addict friends are watching the child. Its one big party all the time. She hooks up with guys any chance she can get and when they don’t want to be with her she slashes their tires or starts crap with theyre friends causing them to lose their friendship. This girl once accused a friend of mine of harassing and threatening her. I read all the texts. My friend doesn\’t even have a cell phone her husband does and he never once harassed or threatened her she even days later was still texting him and trying to hook up with him. SHe then when he made it clear he didn’t want her spread rumors about his wife my friend claiming it was her texting and threatening once again my friend hasn\’t had a cell phone in almost 10 yrs. This girl also like to claim she has anxiety as an excuse for her actions so she doesn\’t have to face up and apologize. She claims she gets so anxious that she will faint. Try a mental ward girl. You need help

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Francesca Cicirello

July 14, 2014 Little Rock 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this fine piece of work is Francesca Cicirello. Whats not to say about her? 1st she is a crackhead. 2nd she’s a hoe has cheated on every man she has ever been with. 3rd she’s an all around trashy person. She does many drugs besides crack yet has the nerve to say anyone who drinks alcohol no matter what kind or what portions are nasty. The girl cant hold down a job bounces from place to place including stipping and web cam whore. The girl cant pay her own bills or even buy a roll of toilet paper she has to steal the tp from waffle house. This girl loves to suck d*ck. You don’t even have to offer just pull it out. She thinks she is ms hot sh*t though. Hunn theres a reason your not married yet.

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Desaray Presley

July 9, 2014 Little Rock, Wichita 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl gives drd a bad name!!

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