Adam Hupfer

April 23, 2014 Little Rock 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet adam hupfer. The biggest liar there ever was. His whole life is a lie. Ladies watch out. His family is not as bad as he says. Right now he’s telling people he has cancer NO he dont. He goes around telling girls he was in t he military or he works in an oil field. All lies he is homeless with no money. He’s a door to door sales/scammer he will lie to get you to purchase his product. He says he has a dog and shows people pictures of his ex room mates dog! Lies. Lies and more lies. Do not listen to him!

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Pine Bluffs Junkie Sheina

April 23, 2014 Little Rock 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this here sad pathetic waste of human flesh is known as sheina downward spiral and let me tell you the name says it all. This girl jumps from skanky hotel to skanky hotel jumping on every grade she can just to get a bump of ice. She is so drd infested and so disgusting I want to throw up every time I see one of her nasty ass posts on Facebook about how high she is at what hotel she staying in or how she doesn’t have a kid when she does have a little boy that she denies because she’s probably so embarrassed that she gets that spun out and has nothing to do with her own child. She has never been anything but a nasty bitch even through high school but she has really topped it off. When someone called her out about having track marks on her arm in a Facebook picture her response was “I love my train tracks” can you get much more skanky or nastier than this? She is a thief she is a liar and she is a sad little drug addict so if you come here this girl beware. I recommend if you’re a guy just wearing a condom standing in the same room with her. I mean really what kind of scab post pictures that says spun ducky woo woo. That has to be the mth talking. She likes to defend child molesters and claims to be in love with every Greg that gets thrown her way. If she keeps up with this right she will end up dead and it is kind of sad. I would say jail but she would just snitch anyone out to get herself another fix if it came down to it. Thanks for being such a great representation of JeffersonCounty sheina. You should really consider getting your life together and getting your son a chance of having a mother before it’s too late

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Mr Bobby Haigwood

April 22, 2014 Little Rock 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok people I would like to introduce you to the KING himself of RATCHET! Mr Bobby Haigwood. After getting too wasted on busch to drive his lawn mower home I let him crash on my fold out lawn chair only to wake up at 430am to find him getting sucked off by my brand new shop vac! I should have known better because this is not the first time i have dealt with this dudes crazy stunts. He obviously has some serious fetishes if thats what you want to call them. Ive heard from various people about about him sucking off various gregs and the women he has been involved with are straight from trailer park. you cant expect much from a hillbilly from levy! I know for a FACT he stuck it in WROBLO (past LR dirty celeb)and everyone knows that shit dont wash off! he recently started kicking it with a group of locals known for being the trash of central AR to include Amber “shittingrainbows” as she likes to call herself (real classy)and of course another local celebrity Alise “shittingrainbows” ambers stripper sidekick. I heard he runs trains on them with his other dirty trailer park homeboys in his moms trailer in saline CO. I hope his mom isnt left cleaning up the rancid aftermath i could only imagine is left after such endeavors. This is the epitome of Arkansas white trash at its finest. as f*cked up as this guy is I do give credit where credit is do…he goes HARD

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Christopher Davis

April 22, 2014 Little Rock 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Christopher Davis. AKA the “Jewler”. This might be the saddest most pathetic guy in Little Rock. He frequents the river market completely creeping out chicks and trying to blow dudes in the bathroom. He did work at a jewelry store but was fired. Probably because the people he worked with go tired of hearing his sad please feel sorry for me strories. He always has some new problem or issue in his life and is willing to tell anyone that he can get to listen to him. And affliction?…who the fuk still wears affliction? This guy does, and it really goes good with his big ole man titties. He is real quick to act hard and like a bad ass cuz he’s in a hardcore “motorcycle gang” haha. Beware of this guy. Don’t even make eye contact, if you do and your a chick good luck. Cuz you will need it trying to get this dude to leave you alone and to quit begging and pleading to take you out. And if your a guy he will assume you want to hear all about his shitty life and shitty job. Suck a dick I hear he is a web cam model for H&H

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Old NWA Escort – Ginger Doll

April 18, 2014 Little Rock 100

THE DIRTY ARMY: Old hooker by the name Ginger Doll has Arkansas guys wrapped around her finger. You can find her on various sites such as ECCIE and backpage. Her hooker email is s[removed[. She tries to scare off any younger girl that gains the attention of her sheep…I mean clients. Got to hand it to her though, she’s not bad looking for a 40+ year old worn out hooker (although her photos are a few years old). She has no plans of every retiring so at least you guys have a granny hooker to cuddle up next to. Watch out, she has man-hands.

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No HoMo

April 16, 2014 Little Rock 62

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is Randy, biggest Douche in Saline County. He thinks its so cute to act gay and the “NO HOMO” quote is used quite often! He is always hugged up on is guy friends and makes comments on FB like he wants to f**ck or suck off guys or talking about how hot they are! Its quite disturbing. If your gay cool, be gay, but stop being a douche. All his pictures consist of him surrounded with men! He is the male selfie queen! Its non stop! He is found every weekend at the local bar or his “Randys House Parties”…like grow up!!! And the parties are mostly guys!!! He is a loser. In every department. Big truck, big house, Yea trying to make up for something else? Yea, he drives a big truck but has a freakin scooter in his pants! Like i see now why he don’t have a girl friend! Id be ashamed to show anyone that small thing! I can’t believe i actually fell for him on night. I had to turn my head and giggle a little bit so i wasn’t rude!!

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Sloot Buddies

April 16, 2014 Little Rock 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Thid is Keenan Jeffers and Emily Watkins . Keenan aks ELIJAH aka Barnyard is married w 6 kids and runs around w nasty ass hoes on his wife! whst the girls Dont know is HE HAS drd!!! He portrays his self as a christian man but snorts powder all week pops x all weekend and then sits in church w his family on sunday. The hoe in the red next to EMILY WATKINS morriltons top bop! she has been ran through and used by most the men in.morrilton her baby daddy is locked up and she is hugged up to a married man! the second hoe is alise she knew he was.married sleeps w him.then crys when he doesnt want nothen to do w her! while shes not selling her pssy shes sitting on his drd infested penis!!!; TRICKS BEWARE!!! the bottom pic is his 2 year old daughter hes never around so all.she has is this pic.

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Chris and Tiffany Barr, Molesting Family

April 15, 2014 Little Rock 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Chris and Tiffany Barr, karaoke hosts and she is a DJ for y107. A few years back, Chris was accused and found guilty of sexual assault in the second degree on his step daughter, Tiffany’s actual daughter who was only 13 at the time. The story told to teachers was that they came home drunk, Tiffany didn’t want to fck and she told him to go fck her daughter and he did. The only reason he didn’t get jail time is they hired the most expensive scumbag lawyer in the state that they are still in debt to, and he created a story that her daughter wanted to k**l herself if Chris went to jail. So, best interest of the child was he couldn’t go to jail in order to save the life of the child. Chris continued to host a kid friendly karaoke show until it was brought to owners attention and still lives at home with his trash wife along side the child. Why people continue to support her as a local radio DJ is beyond me. She chases Kris Allen around to every show he does in the area, she can’t stay sober during her DJ shows and has to have other people that work for just try it Karaoke come save her and pack up for her. I’ll never go to another show they do or listen to y107 again until she’s off the air. I just recently found out about this but it happened about 4 years ago and they got away with it for nothing more that a few council sessions and a huge lawyer fee. Trash. Pure trash.

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