Chris the douch Canoe

March 27, 2014 Little Rock 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Chris he owns Cabot Quick Lube. He is strung out on M*th and has pushed his family away. He need help. He used to run a successful business but now he doesn’t even show up. He is running around with meth whores and ruining his life. All he does now is tell one lie after another. Chris please get help it’s not to late.

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Benton Bryant

March 25, 2014 Little Rock 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this Courtney spur lock one of the biggest whore in ln little rock she always at the cowboy waiting for some guy to get drunk and to suck off in the parking lot her ideal of birth control is anal or just getting a abortion just saying she is a price of work just white trash at its best

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Locak Musician Busted for Harassment

March 25, 2014 Little Rock 384

THE DIRTY ARMY: David S. Hall is a so called local musician who only performs at a local eatery called Bo’s BBQ. which NO ONE ever goes there to eat not sure how they stay in business. Guess its a drug front I guess. David aka. P.r. Deltoid has been harassing hundreds of people for the last year on facebook and other social outlets. He and several other people he knows thinks its funny to bully and slander people just for the pure HELL OF IT. If he doesnt like you , he makes sure no one will have anything to do with you. This old fart and his terrorist friends need alot of time in Saline County Jail. Him and his group are responsible for the torture and harassment of several law enforcement officers and ex-sheriff Bruce Pennington. Please call Saline County Sheriffs Dept. if his fake facebook profile P.r. Deltoid is harassing you. This is the only way to stop this Satan worshipping ASS-MUNCH.

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Elizabeth Strickland Needs To Stop

March 18, 2014 Little Rock 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Elizabeth Strickland she is just a hoer that needs to be known she is a cheating hoer on her military fiancée she is always tryin to hook up with complete random strangers anywhere anytime little rock beware of this hoe.

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West End vs Twin Peaks

March 16, 2014 Little Rock 74

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik – The Long Head Clan at Twin Peaks Little Rock has been blasted lately on The Dirty. Seems only fair that it’s neighbor across the street, West End Smokehouse & Tavern, gets it’s fair share of attention. This is Chloe Piazza, a waitress/bartender at West End. Chloe and her co-star Kenny perform live sex shows on a popular sex cam website. Word is that Chloe is trying to raise some cheddar for +2′s. Perhaps you can give her some advise on a better was to get them.

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Bailey Allison

March 16, 2014 Little Rock 40

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Bailey Allison is a homewrecking whore that is known all over Central Arkansas. When she’s not trying to fck your man, she’s trying to score some drugs: her most recent favorite, shooting dope. She claims to be a “model” but in reality she’s just sucking photographer’s dicks for pictures. Mark Jesse in particular who pretends to be a lawyer by day who really is just a pedophile with a camera is her favorite go-to guy for money. As you can see by the picture I’ve attached they’re quite close. I thought the rest of Little Rock should know that she’s got genital drd (I’ve also screenshot the message where she’s discussing the issue with her ex boyfriend) because she has no intentions of telling her future hookups that she’s gotten the drd. But if you’re looking for someone that sells meth apparently that’s her expertise now that she got fired from her job at Club Level on the weekends. Watch out Little Rock!

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Homewrecker Rachel Ingle

March 16, 2014 Little Rock 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nick this is Raechel Ingle she is as fake as the titties on her chest. Dont let the big blue eyes and giant chicklett teeth fool you she is a whore and a half. She works at On the Border in Little Rock. While working at Ruby Tuesdays in Conway (the best place in Conway to find skanky loose waitresses if anyone is wondering), she not only tried to but did fuck many employees there. After starting working there she kicked her live-in boy friend out then moved in and started banging one of the chicks that worked as a cook there. As most little whores do she got tired of her crazy new lesbian fry cook and kicked her out. Only to continue to string along her and a few other girls and guys for her ego boosting pleasure. This girl is an attention whore in every aspect of the words. She doesn’t care who its from what kind of attention it is or who she is getting it from.As long as you have weed and Jack Daniels she is always down to get drunk and fuck around! But dont worry she would never tell a soul. She makes you a friend then uses self pity and her shitty self esteem to fish for compliments then once you start hanging out with her she has you hooked. streaming sexual innuendos and passive aggressive advances. After I confronted her about doing this with my boy friend( who I have also kicked to the curb because he loved the attention and the flattery of sexual advances by her 22 yr old ass) and all she had to say was Im an alcoholic I don remember doing anything wrong. I have a problem, I shouldnt drink, I dont remember so you cant get mad at me bc I cant control myself and makes herself the victim. This disgusting little Red Head has torn my 5 year relationship apart and taken the father of my daughter away, broken up long-term friendships and doesnt even see anything wrong with it because, well she is a fucking drunk and cant remember?????!!! Man she is a helluva drunk though, Ive never seen someone smoke 2 blunts and drink a 5th of whisky ( her favorite if anyones interested) that can still text and message in perfect literary format and correct spelling! so if you are ever in Conway and you see her and are looking to have a little bit of fun grab a bottle of jack and a blunt She will jump your bones in a heartbeat! And dont worry about having to call her the next day She wont remember anyway! good luck to anyone who tries

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Mindless Pyscho

March 16, 2014 Little Rock 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: desperate pyscho

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