Sierra Oxford is Having an Identity Crisis

January 30, 2014 Little Rock 179 8,626 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sierra Oxford seems to be having an identity crisis. She is a single mom, who works as a server at Twin Peaks and changes her hair color as often as I fill up my gas tank. Its odd how conceited she is considering her over bite is out of control, and thats probably why she tries to pull off the duck face look in every single selfie that she posts on a daily basis. At first glance you may think she’s cute, and then you stare at her long enough to realize that no pretty girl would ever feel the need to wear THAT much makeup. Its funny because she fell for a guy who loves to hang out at Twin Peaks and flirt with all the other prettier girls that she works with. Once he was over her and moved on, she proceeded to call him “desperate,” and a “pervert.” Honey, are you a natural blonde or do you just think you look cute as an idiot? EVERY guy who likes you is a pervert. Your tiny tits are always pushed up as far as they will go, you wear enough makeup to place you right above the “brown bag special,” and you flirt with guys who would screw your daughter if she were 17 years old. This girl would add your dad, your uncle, your grandpa AND your great grandpa to her facebook page if she thought he would add more likes to her slutty pictures. If you ask me, I’d say that Sierra is the desperate one. Sierra’s moto should be, “Trashy, not classy.”

Peaks performer…what does that mean?- nik

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The Inmate Snuggler

January 30, 2014 Little Rock 50 10,343 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, It’s seems like here lately All of the losers that work at the Saline County Detention Office are getting fired. Kelly Burnett was fired for having relationships with inmates. Like was caught on several occasions cuddling with the inmates. She even liked one inmate so much that she tried to visit him when he got moved to prison. That didn’t work out so well seeing as she has pending charges for assault on her child’s father. The saline county detention office hired her 3 months after this assault took place, she was even booked for 2 days in the Saline county jail. She probably filled out the job application while she sat there for 2 days. Now she’s living back at home in Malvern with her mommy, who can’t even stand her. And now she’s working at Boogies bar and grill in Hot Springs. After she ruined her reputation in Benton she had to get out of town and start over. I must say she’s off to a good start! Ditch your kid with your mom and go barhopping like the whore you are. Well Kelly, You’re still a cunt and a Horrible fucking mother. And I doubt you’ll ever have a family of your own, unless you kidnap an inmate off the side of the road. Hey that’s an idea! Your welcome.

Dude musta been shooting for a reduced sentence.- nik

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Nobodies Jealous

January 28, 2014 Little Rock 36 8,810 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: J Sims is back in the Little Rock spotlight with a mugshot for forgery and hot checks. She claims everyone is a “#loser #hater”… She says haters are jealous because she’s doing better than them. No bitch–none of us have gone to jail this week. We are CLEARLY doing better than you. Still continuously running her Greg suckers about having ‘haters.’ When in actuality, everyone is actually loving every minute of watching her train wreck of a life spiral constantly downhill. She’s currently dating a Mexican midget until she bleeds him of his last dime and then will move on to sell her cum cave to another sucker. Short and sweet for the ‘J Sims’; we don’t smoke crack. You’re a coke whore. Have some respect for yourself because nobody else has it for you. You’re trash, you don’t have haters.. Just people who genuinely think you’re a skank. Try being a mother to your daughter for once. Stop bein a slut for money.. It’s called prostitution. You’re like watching a Mexican donkey show.. Terrible but still we can’t look away because your wreck of a life is so entertaining AND you’re still so optimistic and in denial about it. We laugh at you. Have another drink and pop another pill after your next coke line. Pure trash.

#not a true story…(pic 2).- nik

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Special Treatment

January 28, 2014 Little Rock 73 6,729 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Former Jailer, of Saline County arkansas was reported to have been terminated for sleeping with a former female inmate, providing Special treatment!! Bonded female out and seen dating her. Shes a stripper. Ana ugly one at that. The biggest issue is he is MARRIED!! Has a new born! 10 weeks old. Left his wife to bond out female inmate at the end of his shift. Never returned home. Trying to find aby information possible to help the mother/wife a up commng custody trail. Where mr. Garrett pippin tried to file for full custyd. He has not seen hia child since December. Please help a mom in need have justice on this cheating Jailer!

Sounds like an attempt to keep his job.- nik

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Duck Dy-Nasty Jessie McDuck

January 27, 2014 Little Rock, The Dirty 71 103,121 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jessie McDuck, or as she likes to go by, Jessica Sims. She is from a middle class apartment complex in Little Rock. All she does aparently is party, brag, take duck face pics, and photoshop all her pictures. Why??? If I didnt have custody of my own kid, I wouldnt be posting partying pics. I have no problems with Ms. Duck, just need her ego popped bevause she is her own biggest fan. Live the single kidless life girl! Hopefully your girl wond end up with issues or filtering everyone of her pics so bad she looks like a drag queen.

I tried watching Duck Dynasty and I lasted 10 minutes… I don’t see the catch?- nik

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Call me Coach

January 23, 2014 Little Rock 37 10,558 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi, I’m Lewis DeAngelis. I am a cheer coach and one I have absolutely no problems with having relations with cheer leaders. Age is just a number. Heck, I even married one when she became legal. A couple of my co stars are giving my sport and my state a bad name. We’re not all creeps, just most of us.

Bet he designated himself as the ‘lifter’ for practice.- nik

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Da’Lynn Internet Bully

January 23, 2014 Little Rock 15 7,125 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nuk, this hot mess is Da’Lynn. She is a known wanna be Internet bully on Facebook pages such as “Thats that bullshit too.” She thinks if any guy doesn’t think she’s hot they’re obese and she’s better and prettier than any girl. Her photos are insanely filtered and photoshopped. She’s a good 200lbs. She is 31 and lives with her parents. She just now decided to say she’s persueing a degree in nursing. She doesn’t have custody of her kid and baby daddy wouldnt stay. She says men flock to her at clubs and anywhere she goes and everyone is just jealous. No one is jealous of a 31 year old that lives at home, won’t get a job, is chubby, and lost custody of her kid. She needs a huge reality check!!

Wouldn’t the opposite hold true…- nik

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Loser Man

January 22, 2014 Jackson, Little Rock 2 7,276 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This man Donnie Rogers of Yazoo ms is trash every female he gets with he makes sure they have a job so he can sit on his ass and play Xbox and smoke weed all day he cheats has babies with every girls he gets with dont take care of them at all he has 5 kids he has beaten everyone he has been with he puts them thur hell and plays games he is really a trip u have no clue he cheated on his gf and beat her many times talked her into having the baby the went out town stared cheating never took care of his own must less any kid he has he uses the girls for money watch out for him!! He is a true sweet talker make u believe anything! And I no of 4 females he has did this same thing to and one girl I no for acted cooked clean got him anything and he beat her cheated and lied! This man needs to be stopped

I don’t wanna know what’s going on in the bottom pic..- nik

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