Kitty Payne

March 8, 2014 Little Rock 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kitty has had sex with over 12 people in the past 2 months and now has genital drd! This is a public service announcement to the Little Rock area men!! She has slept with over 50 dudes and NEVER USES CONDOMS and is NOT ON BC!!! She is one of the biggest whore druggies in LR!! Consder yourself warned!!

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In Sheeps Clothing

March 7, 2014 Little Rock 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this piece of shit is Mark Eckelkamp. He likes to charm women, bend over backwards helping them, and sell his sob story about how he was wronged by his 2 ex-wives. Once you move in with the sick fck, he becomes an abusive monster. He enjoys cornering women with a barrage of screaming, spitting, threatening, and physically abusive gestures…. all for asking simple questions like “are you still planning on grilling tonight?”. He will even go through the trouble of cussing you out in front of your children and follow behind you screaming and cussing while you try to remove the children from his psychotic tirade. Once a woman escapes his basement-prisoner style relationship, he likes to cyber-stalk her and tell everyone how she is the crazy one. Ladies beware! Its always these dorky ones that end up sawing women up into tiny pieces!! Also, I’m pretty sure he has sex with dogs.

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How Hasn’t She Been Posted

March 7, 2014 Little Rock 146

THE DIRTY ARMY: This sloot was my husband, Bruce Pennington’s, secretary for years until she ended up pregnant and her husband outted her for sleeping with my husband. I mean how did she think she was gonna pull that off when she’s been withholding the goods from her own husband but giving it up to mine (and anyone else’s who’s life seemed a tad bit more interesting than her own). FYI this is the barslore who served my husband the night he was arrested at Denton’s Trotline. And the reason he could say he only had one beer is bc tha’s all she charged him for. This bitch was taking my husbands cash and loading him up all for her own benefit since at this time she was a single mom who now is a college basketball coach with a resume that only consisted of volunteering to coach a team at the boys and girls club in Benton. Isn’t it obvi how that she’s slept her way into that job too. Does she even have a college degree? Anyways long story short she will chase the greg to get whatever she wants and until her divorce hearing (where it was brought up against her) she only posted about how many trips and selfies of her on the ‘road’. Each time blasting herself for leaving her three kids behind to ‘live the life of a coach’. Nik- would you? VOTE FOR PENNiNGTON 2014

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Dbag at his Finest

March 5, 2014 Little Rock 62

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Thomas DaRon McNutt, Little Rock, Arkansas, likes to date girls (or really just sleep with them) until he has used them up and they are no longer for his benefit. He got a good friend pregnant and now since he doesn’t want to deal with “her shit” he is going around telling people he had a vasectomy and that he didn’t like her in the first place. FALSE, everyone knew otherwise. Considering he sent out these pictures on text, I’m going to say this was beyond a friend relationship until it wasnt fun anymore. This is one of those infamous 30k Milli guys that are truly not “ballin’”. Watch out ladies, he will ruin your life and not take a glance backward.

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The Good Wife

March 4, 2014 Little Rock 75

THE DIRTY ARMY: The long toothed white trash is Jessica Bennett — She’s the one on the left. She’s an Amazon of a girl you could put a bridle in her mouth, a saddle on her back, on and run her down the track. A lot of guys have. Her current jockey is an MD who before she rode into his life had a great reputation and a lovely family, but she has rode him hard and will put him up wet. He was an MD before she was even born but she doesn’t care how old the rider is as long as he keeps her in saddles and oats. She is a predator who lied and manipulated and dumbed this man down with open legs. She has just about run this old pony out though. She’s going to realize he’s not really trying to get a divorce and the last thing he wants is to be put out to a pasture with her in it.

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Round Two

February 24, 2014 Little Rock 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik – A few days ago someone posted on The Dirty that Hollie Crimmins was one of Arkansas tier one models. Later that evening Hollie and her sister Heather were arrested and booked into jail on 3rd Degree Battery charges. Guess she will be modeling some of the jailhouse fashions waiting to make bond.

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Twin Peaks’ Final Review

February 19, 2014 Little Rock, The Dirty 125


THE DIRTY ARMY: Dearest of Nik…. okay, I’ve decided to finally give my vote on this, after MUCH hesitation of ever going to a ‘family restaurant’ with a name that rhymes with ‘SIN EEKS’, I finally went. So after confirmed by police and public cases of waitresses prostitution, terrible reviews and ZERO family orientation by having day sh*t ‘lingerie’ day (girls coming to wait tables with kids while wearing nothing but clothing sold at adult stores)… I decided to check it out myself. I’m not judging anyone who works there for things I haven’t seen with my own eyes, but here is my review. Terrible service, terrible food even after asking for the best thing on the menu and the second best thing on the menu, watched two waitresses slip phone numbers to men at tables with wives (with my own eyes) and girls doing things that are illegal at Arkansas strip clubs. Here’s the deal, you are what you are, don’t advertise you’re a family restaurant when you clearly are not. You are pretty much a strip club that sells food. I’m not one to judge, but my service was terrible and I’m a great tipper when service is good. The food was terrible and I can judge that since I actually know how to cook and have ran my own restaurant. The girls where not working tips, they were working bankrolls for later. If this is not the view of the management, then CHANGE IT. Because this is how you are viewed by anyone who walks in there. I’m not judging what you’re doing, I’m just letting you know what I saw.

It’s even easier to get phone #’s from Hooters girls.- nik

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Amy Castillo

February 18, 2014 Little Rock 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This 44 yr old gold digging whore sleeps with every man in town and asks for money. She doesn’t work and relies on others to support her life style. She is a 2nd Dwi offender with a class A misdemeanor. Is a nasty witch with a flabby body with cellulite all over it. Throws herself on any man truly a desperate woman I really think it’s a cross dresser might be a man.. Ewwww

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