Little Rock | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 9

Sloot Buddies

April 16, 2014 Little Rock 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Thid is Keenan Jeffers and Emily Watkins . Keenan aks ELIJAH aka Barnyard is married w 6 kids and runs around w nasty ass hoes on his wife! whst the girls Dont know is HE HAS drd!!! He portrays his self as a christian man but snorts powder all week pops x all weekend and then sits in church w his family on sunday. The hoe in the red next to EMILY WATKINS morriltons top bop! she has been ran through and used by most the men in.morrilton her baby daddy is locked up and she is hugged up to a married man! the second hoe is alise she knew he was.married sleeps w him.then crys when he doesnt want nothen to do w her! while shes not selling her pssy shes sitting on his drd infested penis!!!; TRICKS BEWARE!!! the bottom pic is his 2 year old daughter hes never around so all.she has is this pic.

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Chris and Tiffany Barr, Molesting Family

April 15, 2014 Little Rock 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Chris and Tiffany Barr, karaoke hosts and she is a DJ for y107. A few years back, Chris was accused and found guilty of sexual assault in the second degree on his step daughter, Tiffany’s actual daughter who was only 13 at the time. The story told to teachers was that they came home drunk, Tiffany didn’t want to fck and she told him to go fck her daughter and he did. The only reason he didn’t get jail time is they hired the most expensive scumbag lawyer in the state that they are still in debt to, and he created a story that her daughter wanted to k**l herself if Chris went to jail. So, best interest of the child was he couldn’t go to jail in order to save the life of the child. Chris continued to host a kid friendly karaoke show until it was brought to owners attention and still lives at home with his trash wife along side the child. Why people continue to support her as a local radio DJ is beyond me. She chases Kris Allen around to every show he does in the area, she can’t stay sober during her DJ shows and has to have other people that work for just try it Karaoke come save her and pack up for her. I’ll never go to another show they do or listen to y107 again until she’s off the air. I just recently found out about this but it happened about 4 years ago and they got away with it for nothing more that a few council sessions and a huge lawyer fee. Trash. Pure trash.

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Deadbeat Dad Anthony Prado

April 11, 2014 Little Rock 282

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is Anthony Prado, a deadbeat dad who thinks he is a big shot around Little Rock. He has over 30k in back child support and his payments are only $56 a week but says he doesn’t have the money for it. You can always find his sorry ass in the bars taking photos, out at the soccer fields, and acting like a big shot. Then his ass got busted at one of the bars he hangs out in! Doesn’t he look pretty in his mug shot photos… Karma is a BITCH

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Hide your Family

April 8, 2014 Little Rock 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Alise! She lied about how she was a lesbian and made me fall for her! Just to find out this girl was really looking for a man! Girls don’t fall for her she will make you think she loves you than when she’s done useing you bounce and go spend all the money on her man!

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Two of LR’s Finest

April 8, 2014 Little Rock 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet two of Little Rock’s finest. Casey & Brandon Hughes. This two are always out looking for there next fix. Whether it’s Casey having whoring at the Paper Moon where she works as “Stevie” or Brandon pimping his wife of many years out to anybody who would touch that nasty shit. This 2 are the biggest pill heads in LR & will do whatever it takes to get the next pill by any means. The saddest part about all of this they have a 7 year old little boy. He had been torn between there house and Brandon’s moms house. There is no tellin what that poor child had seen, heard, or been through. Brandon had proof that his wife is a cheating whore, but still continued his relationship. As long as he got his next fix he doesn’t give a damn, and that is what makes him just as low as that dirty whore. Watch out men if you see this women run as far away as you can! Everyone already knows she had herpes and god knows what else. This two are the ultimate example a toxic and detrimental relationship!

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Conway Sloot; Lacie Jeffers

April 8, 2014 Little Rock 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Lacie Jeffers. She is one of the biggest hoes I know! She wants to talk shit about her husband cheating. Bitch you been cheating! I know I was there She will let guys run trains on her! Smile for the camera now you been caught! I hope his ass finds out you tried sleeping with most of his homeboys! Some of them are guilty!

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Keep an Eye Out for this Wig

April 8, 2014 Kansas City, Little Rock 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: My friend met her online got ripped off watch out for her she ask for a donation up front goes outside to say she’s gonna get ice guys come in an take the rest of us cash watch out for this hoe

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River Dumpster

April 3, 2014 Kansas City, Little Rock 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here you go Nik. I bring to you the hugest shit starter .. Drug addict… Con Artist .. Hooker .. And worse Mother . She has NO friends for a reason .she has screwed everyone man . Married or not . She Jason respect herself or others Not to mention she’s on major drugs . Her one son is gay the other one is in prison for 20 years. And who knows where the other one is . She’s. A real pos. She talks about everyone . She needs to be put on blast the comments come rolling in on this Carp .

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