Loser Man

January 22, 2014 Jackson, Little Rock 2 7,275 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This man Donnie Rogers of Yazoo ms is trash every female he gets with he makes sure they have a job so he can sit on his ass and play Xbox and smoke weed all day he cheats has babies with every girls he gets with dont take care of them at all he has 5 kids he has beaten everyone he has been with he puts them thur hell and plays games he is really a trip u have no clue he cheated on his gf and beat her many times talked her into having the baby the went out town stared cheating never took care of his own must less any kid he has he uses the girls for money watch out for him!! He is a true sweet talker make u believe anything! And I no of 4 females he has did this same thing to and one girl I no for acted cooked clean got him anything and he beat her cheated and lied! This man needs to be stopped

I don’t wanna know what’s going on in the bottom pic..- nik

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“Cheer Perfection” Mom Andrea Clevenger Arrested For Raping 13 Year Old Boy

January 17, 2014 Little Rock, The Dirty 369 94,853 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Andrea Clevenger, A 34-year-old mom who appeared on the TLC reality show “Cheer Perfection” has been arrested on suspicion of raping a boy under 14 years of age. Documents indicate that she rocked the world of a teenager, now 14, that lived in her neighborhood. The teenager was so upset by this that he sent nude photos of her to his peeps for comfort and support.  She made the poor kid do oral sex on her and the documents go as far as saying how she made him ejaculate into her mouth when they were having sex.  Can you imagine the damage that this little boy’s mind has now?

I wonder if the boy is a Bengals fan?- nik

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H&H Modeling and Talent Agency

January 13, 2014 Little Rock 417 14,346 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Two local photographers run H&H Modeling Agency, Bryce Holland and Erin Henry (get it? H AND H). At first look at their website hnhagency.com it looks like your normal, cheap, modeling agency. However, in reality, they aren’t doing much modeling. Sure, they promote different models to work promotions and events, but out of all the models under them, only a handful is ACTUALLY promoted on the site or to clients. Bryce and Erin hire girls to work online as cam whores. They start saying you will only have to have a conversation with the guys, but then they push you into masturbating and using toys for bigger tips. It would be great if the promises were kept that these girls would make $10k a week just “talking” to strange men on the internet, but in reality they are lucky to even walk away with $500. The contract states models have to work online for at least 40 hours a week. If they fail to meet the 40-hour mark, then the model loses her cut. They have the nerve to take 40% of their earnings (unless they don’t make 40 hour cut, then they take 60%). 40 hours a week fingering yourself to horny perverts while only making $5 an hour? Sounds great right? Don’t piss off Erin, she’ll put you on a conference call with the other models and threaten to sue you while cursing you out. Then theres Blake. An overweight marketing director that watches the girls work online for free and begs for nude selfies. Some of those models are underage (yes they hire underage models for actual modeling work [crappy photo shoots and local indie films] but they are smart enough to not let them work on cam.) It wouldn’t be so bad if this so called agency would just advertise that they shoot porn and hire girls to work as online camgirls, but they try to hide themselves behind “promotional modeling”. It’s really funny that their clients such as the Arthritis Foundation, Diamond Bear, Clear Channel, and Budweiser can’t see the true side of the agency. Would you really want to go to a charity event knowing the girls handing your flyers could be spanking themselves online every night for pocket change? Underage girls, online camgirls, and perverted managers, sounds like the perfect sluggo agency.

Modeling is a dark world.- nik

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Elizabeth Strickland

December 23, 2013 Little Rock 43 8,785 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this 24 year old has a fiancee serving for our country at this very moment while she is hookin up with all kinds of dudes in total disrespect to him she is fulfilling her insecurities with other men and actin like she be a bikini model while she needs to get her heart right in many aspects she uses sites like facebook and bodyspace to meet dudes everywhere all the time actin like she be doing photo shoot sessions and stuff when really she be out tryin to get her broke a** bills paid by dudes she is a true ho I feel bad for her man ambrose kobb the most cause this ho is doin him wrong she be hookin up with dudes at bookstores coffee shops gyms and all kinds of places pretending to be somewhere workin she needs to be outed on her behavior so other women and men know she is a ho and dont have no respect for nobody look for ya own self the pictures that ho be puttin out there

Doesn’t look tied down to me..- nik

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Designer Britney Hayes

December 17, 2013 Little Rock 148 11,032 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- This someone who deserves more than anything to be posted on The Dirty. She goes by the name Britney Hayes. She’s the biggest sloot that the state of Arkansas has ever seen. Ms. Britney is also very conceited and constantly posts about how sexy her body is and how “fit” she is, when she is actually FAT with rolls on her stomach. I know because I came to her job when she worked at Papermoon strip club and I saw her overweight, smelly, skanky ass walking around asking guys for money to go home with them. Anyway, the reason that I’m posting her is because now Britney claims to be a fashion designer (bahahahaha) and my friend asked her to make a custom dress for her. She gave Britney the “deposit” to make the dress and when it was finished, it was NOTHING like what she wanted made. Just take a look at her hideous designs (pics attached) Well Britney decided she wasn’t going to refund my friends money, even though the dress was nothing like what they agreed to, so here we are on the Dirty. Nik I know you have the power to post the d*ck sucking, BROKE, desperate prostitute, so please do so that others may be warned!

Just cause you were in a fashion show once doesn’t make you a designer..- nik

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Hot Piece of Tail

December 16, 2013 Little Rock, Would You? 150 10,690 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Branda is a HOT piece of tail….Meet, ARKANSAS’ Porn Star Would you DO HER?Branda is super hot Suicide Girl and one of may favorites.

I’m not catching your sarcasm, as I’m sure this post is full of it.- nik

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December 9, 2013 Little Rock 51 6,514 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this skank is Misty Thompson! She likes to sleep with married men and then tell there wives about it. She will ruin your marriage and any chance she gets she will rob you blind, and LOVES to do blow infront of her own kids!  Put this skanky homewrecker on blast!

I always wonder how my life would be in Little Rock.- nik

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Drunken Ex-con

December 9, 2013 Little Rock 110 7,010 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jodi “THE BITCH” Truesdale is a nasty ass bitch who cant stay out of the bars, then drives home. She is on her 10th DUI. She is also on her 5th time going to prison. She is a StankY StanKY ! I feel sorry for her 3 kids. Do you remember you have kids and they need a mommy. Do yourself a fav and stay out of the bars then you wont go to prison again. Stop playing a victim. You know what you helped me do Jodi poooooooo! Westbrook Productions

I don’t think ten dui’s is possible, she’s be locked up by now.- nik

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