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Ashley Proulx

December 19, 2014 London-ON 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik , This chicks name is Ashley Proulx , she is a dead beat , needle junkie whore with DRD’s and He* C . She sleeps with anyone for CHEESEBURGERS !!! ( not even kidding) she is a ratchet whore who doesn’t care for her own child and sold his bedroom furniture for her next fix . She is from St.Thomas Ontario . So beware boys she will fck you and not even think about telling you she has any number of DRD’s

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Scabby Abby

December 18, 2014 London-ON 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this s Abby Mangan, she’s the biggest whore in Wallaceburg. She’s hoping to become a dirty celebrity to further her career in becoming a high paid escort. Abby loves smoking patches and crack cocaine, she also likes spreading her drd around to unexpected clients. This slut should have been posted years ago

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Dirty Bird Barnes

December 18, 2014 London-ON 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Jamie Barnes, the lowest of the low. He likes moving in on young girls that already families and/or boyfriends. He loves smoking weed and doesn’t care that he smokes it in his house where there’s eight children living plus his ditch pig girlfriend. Jamie likes to act tough but he’s really a huge pussy and cry\’s like a bitch when someone try’s to fight him and calls the cops in a heart beat. He’s a dead beat that care about money and getting high on more than just weed, he loves his pills and cocaine. Jamie is on methadone and has been for years but he takes advantage of this program and sells his take homes, pretty low.

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Melissa Cox

December 17, 2014 London-ON 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik tHis is Melissa Cox of Chatham she’s like biggest std carrying slut around! She f*cks with taken men and sends everyone naked photos of herself.She also was married for 6 months but cheated on him the whole time. Melissa stop being just a disgusting whore and trying to hook up with TAKEN men no one wants you’re drdc infested blown out v*gina you’re a disgusting piglet. You honestly don’t expect every guy you banged to tell everyone how blown out and std infested you are? You slept with my man and FOUR of my friends men and two got h*rpes. I suggest you stop and lay off the coke and take care of your son joe because you clearly haven’t been for the past three years. Who neglects their child and locks them in a room so they can bang a married man? A bad mom.I suggest you stop before I post more of your bad behaviour.

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Khrystal the Machine

December 17, 2014 London-ON 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Shes a prostitute, has 2 kids and lets random guys come over to have sex with her where her kids live! she super open about it too, and wore underwear and a tanktop to drop her kid off at daycare during the winter, you might see her riding around in her van that has a ‘SEX MACHINE’ sticker on it. If you dont see here there try responding to her add on back page!

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Tammy Gadbois

December 15, 2014 London-ON 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, blast this ugly mud sucker whore. This bitch is on Fb showing her wrinkly ass. All her pics are photoshopped. She loves sleeping with young boys. The slut loves to insult me for no reason. Ugly, ass, dried up hoe. Hideous. thinks she is hot. She is a pedophile. This bitch needs a good beating. Hooker bitch. Sucks off the whole of London, Ontario. Nik, plz blast this cunt.

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Midwestern Ontario Stank

December 14, 2014 London-ON 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this woman (if you want to call her that) is a money hungry bitch. I have had the displeasure of living with. She likes to mess with your mind. A retired( because of a disability with her head) nurse. Gave me pills ( Bromazipan) to calm me down or else she would threaten to kick me out if I didn’t take them. Of course always when she had bled me for money. Her ex won’t pay her enough child support so of course she’s always on the prowl for a man to support her kids. As far as sex goes a hour of tickling her ass is just plain rediculous. And the smell. I’ve been withna lot of women in my life and never encountered such a stench. I had to hold back from puking on numerous occasions. My advice to men of Midwestern Ont take mybadvice and beware. I\’m in a fight now to get all my belongings and family heirlooms back from this bitchnfor so called money I owe. More like helping her play catch up with last wintersnbills before I lived at her home. Spread the word that this lady is messed. Don’t let this happen to anyone else.

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Town Dump

December 12, 2014 London-ON 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik… This is Tara hallinan of chatham. The most disgusting piece of trash this town has seen. She has two kids. 1with a pedo and 1 with a drug addict. Real winner here. She party’s and does drugs while her children are home. Her teeth are NASTY. Ever use a tooth brush you ratchet ass whore. I’m surprised she hasent been put on blast yet! This slut can take a pounding.. I’ll give her that but that pssy is stank! Eewwwie.

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