I’ll Unfriend You If You Don’t Find Me Hot

April 9, 2014 London-ON 14 10,462 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alright Nik, I’ve been DA Strong for a while now and I like to submit things about relevant celebrities or DCs, but this girl is so dirty she deserves to be a DC in all honesty. Her name’s Riley and I cannot emphasize just how ass-backwards, ratchet, flamingo-looking she is. First of all, she wears her makeup like one of those pot-addicted hookers you find on the corner of King with ripped fishnet stockings because she’s too busy bouncing on dick for free to afford good ones, so that’s always fan-f*ckin-tastic. Next off, she’s got this big thing with sending her body around on the Internet. Let me go into depth; she thinks that, just because this is the Internet, repercussions won’t come back to haunt her and she can send all the dirty, Photoshopped naked pictures she wants, but I want to teach her otherwise. If I could I’d pull up some older pictures she’s sent out but she’s unfortunately blocked me on everything when I said she was a hard 2/10, but stay tuned, Nik. I’m ready to send in so many that she becomes a DC. I’m sure there’s enough floating. I included her Skype profile picture and a picture with her contact name (+ one with it blocked out), rileyykinz for anyone who wants a quick snapshot. She will give it up RIGHT AWAY, just like she did to my buddy here (see the Skype convo, that was after 1 hour). So Nik, she’ll delete and block you if you say you find her unattractive. Knowing this, would you? And how do you feel about the soccer mom not arms, no, but legs?

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Druggie Sisters

April 8, 2014 London-ON 19 9,608 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Jessie Orlotti and Hayley Jena Orlotti. They are sisters and escort and strip together. They are both addicted to pills and coke, they’ll suck dick for Oxys, they also have an std, h*rpes and spread it around. They’ve banged half of chatham kent and the other half wouldn’t touch them with the pole they dance on. They both have kids which are with cas, and Jessie doesn’t even know her baby daddy’s!! Both of there ugly little rats contacted an std through them and are coke addicted. There both fat as fuck and make people leave the club when they go on stage. Not to mention there C-section scar !! There kids coke into there coke stash hence why cas has them.these two girls are straight whopple island trash!!!

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Caked Up Rat, Nikki Knap

April 8, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 61 8,027 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey Nik, this gremlins name is mikki knap she’s a stripper at Cheetah, Alley Catz, and her bff Nikki Fraley the ‘escort’ these girls are nasty they think their hot shit ’cause they cake on make-up like Caillou using crayon mikki is the ugly’s thing Ive ever seen she looks like the little boy from the grudge without her make-up all her ‘friends’ talk shit about her I hear about this creature everywhere DT, Central, East, West WTF do guys get off on this bitch going to the strip clubs to see her this girl use to shoplift everything her clothin’, make-up, anything she can get her hands on even b’s her her brother Adam tried shovin’ his cock in her mouth this nasty sloot probably loved it she fucked DeAndre McLaughin’s brother that nasty niggs that sends pics of his cock to every girl in Windsor this girl is dirt nasty and has mad DRD’s she tries so hard to be important but really no one gives a fck about your stupid ass hoe stteer clear boys and girls this girl will rob you blind.

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Child Molester Scotty King

April 7, 2014 London-ON 2 7,215 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this child molester’s name is scotty wilford aka scotty king. women and mothers beware he gets with women just to molest their kids, this sick freaks time will come. Hes also a wanna be biker but hes a rat, so it never works out for him, he currently lives in london, ontario but he roams around the country.

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Druggie Lindsay Molema

April 4, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 116 8,249 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lindsay Molema of Chatham and Owner of Luxe Ladies is a pill head whore. She’s addicted to Oxys and will do anything to get them. She’s a pathological liar and will steal, sleep with men and even take money from her store for her next drug fix. Pretty much every cent she makes at her store goes to get oxy drug habbit. She’s an undercover slut and has been forever, her oxy addiction goes back to 2006 she’s been using the money through her store for her addiction forever. She expects everyone to have sympathy for her, get over yourself!!! You’re a disgrace! Watch out for her on top of this she has an drd! H***s. And she’ll give it too you for some pills! Beware of her and her lying, and money laundrying through her business!!

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Dead Beat Mom Dawn Thomson

April 4, 2014 Detroit, London-ON 61 6,023 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Where to begin. This precious treasure is none other than Dawn Thompson, lives in Sarnia Ontario. Has 4 children who were taken from her by child services, for neglect and drugs being found in the home and pipes to smoke her Meth. She couldn’t even stick it out in rehab for 48 hours. “Felt like jail.” When she isn’t getting high she is getting all liquored up instead of fighting to stay clean and sober long enough to get her kids back. Plus she is a nasty, ugly twat who is all over the online dating sites. When she finds one she wont and cant stay loyal. She brags about sleeping with there brothers, cousins, roommates. Even slept with her brother in law…… Come on hunny you are creeping on 40 real soon. Time to give it up before to late and you loose more than your kids. She definitely a new kinda wonderful ain’t she

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Eltervoog the Escort

April 2, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 42 8,161 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is vanessa eltervoog of blenhiem. She use to live in London and escort at fantasy world. She got the drd and is a HUGE coke head. She’ll sleep with guys for whatever she can get. She also brags about all the money she made escorting. Eventually she left fantasy world and starting escorting independently, in London, windsor and chatham. She moved to chatham recently and escorts there now on back page. She’s just as dirty as she looks !!!!

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No Class Julie Root

April 2, 2014 London, London-ON 12 6,334 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Check this one out : Who: Julie root What? … unsure, she looks like a female/ alien bug , kind-of. When: since she learned what for a vagina was for Where?: With someones husband Why? Im not sure, she likes the ones that seem to be tied down. Plain and simple, she is a home-wrecker. She goes after married men and has no problem with men with pregnant girlfriends. She likes coc**ne and dis-likes food, prides herself on being anorexic and aborts her babies so she can continue snorting blow. Someone get this girl a sandwich.

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