UnderCover Lover

September 30, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this Is Kenneth Verkaik AKA Kenneth Wellington He Is A Low Life Of All Low Lives,He Sleeps With Everyone And Anyone Taken Or Not On Either Side,He Spreads drdS To Everyone He Sleeps With So Beware.He Has Way Too Many Kids To Count And Doesn’t Take Care Of Any Of Them But Likes To Threaten Their Mothers And Beat On His Girlfriend While Drunk And High On Whatever He Can Get His Hands On.He Travel All Over Chatham Tilbury Windsor And Wallaceburg

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Chatham Dirty Bird

September 29, 2014 London-ON 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this little punks name is Joey wanna be gangster Hawgood he lives in chatham he thinks he’s hot shit and can get with anyone. News flash bro your nothing but a loser. I did meth with this guy and while I was out he tried fcking my bitch. He owes me money and hides any time I try to get it. He’s cheated on all his girls…and he’s had some pretty sexy ones. This guys a walking disease. He’s a deadbeat to all of his kids and who knows how many that is. This guys track record speaks for its self. He will use you for your cars money drugs and poon. When’s its all dried up he will leave. Don’t need to say much more. I’ll let the comments speak for them selves.

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Christine Ditch pig Stanish

September 29, 2014 London-ON 162

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Christine stanish is a pig who likes to send married men nude pics who lets her boyfriend rape her daughter,Gets her kids taken then sits back and watches her 16 yr daughter use meth and now her daughter is prego and gunna have cas take it as soon as the child is born

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Sarnia Thot

September 18, 2014 London-ON 17


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this little gem is from Sarnia Ontario, she works at the local strip club called studio 11. I was dating this dirty hoe for 7 months, just to find out she was screwing the customers at the strip club, she was busted when she gave me syphilis, she also has an ongoing case of DRD. She gets caught cheating and thinks she has the right to be mad, ha! She gives cheap blowjobs and will fuck anything that has a penis. She goes by bianca or raven, her real name is sheila tetrault.

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Rat Goof

September 15, 2014 London-ON 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Chris sheeler of chatham ontario. He is no good he gose around sleeping with everyone’s girlfriend. He thinks he is untouchable. He is nothing but a walking disease. If you’ve sleep with him ladies I suggest you get tested cause he gose around spreading it to everyone he has had drds multiple times. He will talk sweet get you into his trap and then leave you. He gose to bars to creep on woman. Chatham beware of this douchebag you might be the next one with drds.

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London Trash

September 12, 2014 London-ON 17



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is kayla Ladd of Chatham ontario.she is a nasty slut. She fcks random guys. And acts like she is innocent. This bitch is the biggest slut. She had to leave chatham to move to london cause she wanted to cheat on her boyfriend who did everything for her. She is now with a man that dose everything for her. He even has a child with her and she is still out sleep with random men. She has had drds multiple times.she traps guys by getting knocked up. This girl is nothing but a nasty little slut beware london you might be the next guy trapped in her scam.

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Chatham Troll

September 11, 2014 London-ON 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is tiffany vanhumbeck from Chatham Ontario thathas been rolling with one of the biggest sluts in ham Kent .so you can see where the apple dont fall far from the tree.all she does is fuck around with who ever when ever.nasty slut she will go with who ever takes her home.she also has these so called friends that talk mad shit about her.there all to funny looking like sluts in the chatham bars.there all jokes actually there whole family is a joke.if u wanted to get head look for this one or the two she roles with u will get it.there all nothing but fat sluts.she had nothing but a bad past who trays to hide it.well keep trying hunny not working to well for u is it.she is a thief and fake as fuck .she always already has one slow kid.watch out chatham u could be the next to fall into this and she will steal ur money like the rest do.pretty soon the whole family will be up here .where they all fcking belong.

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Clinton Perrin

September 11, 2014 Edmonton, London-ON 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: Updated information: Confirmed DRD carrying scum bag, months this loser spent(POF winner) , he rented a car came down to Edmonton from Edson where he apparently lost his job (if he had one) for refusing a drug test for weed but more likely blow bc hes cool like that. We “got together” then he got with my roommate not hours later (also confirmed by the condom found by MY BED, winning lol) anyways this loser stayed in my bed creeping my fb hitting on my friends, i know this by my LOYAL gfs, he ends up going back to Edson, sorry i cant spend the whole day in bed im not a drug addict junkie, he calls me, boo fucking who my grandma “died” come pick me up, like a retard i drive four hours to get this fg lol he needs a medal for that one, only for me to find it all out the next day, apparently hes married too probably to a girl in london ontario (if thats not a lie who knows who really cares) anyways sorry for that life choice, seeing as hes still lurking like a DRD predator on pof prepare for this psycho hes a catch

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