Charles Nicholls

August 27, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 23



THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy will charm you with his smile and his charisma. He is a club regular at 48, even goes out every weekend he has his son. He has been playing two women for over a year now, telling them both he loves them. On tip of that there is multiple other women that he has “dated” and mislead over thenlast three years. Ladies stay away. This is the guy we all laughed at in our 20s for being at the bar trying to pick up everysingle weekend. Has his son for 48 hr’s every other week and spends it in the club, stellar parenting.

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Chatham Troll

August 27, 2014 London-ON 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Melissa Lozon of Chatham-Kent, Ontario. She’s the fattest slut out there. She’s cheated on every boyfriend she’s had and has fcked multple men at a time. She’s a dumb hoe that tattoo’s other woman’s men on her big fat tits that shes only been with for a week. She then covers it up and gets her current bf of the weeks name tattooed on her. She’s had “the c**p” many times and has probably shared the disease with her many boyfriends. She was on drugs a few years ago but got fat when she decided to quit the drugs and become a prostitute. This hoe will steal your money, ruin your credit, give you a drd and fck all your friends. Watch the fck out!

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Tessa’s About that Money

August 25, 2014 London-ON 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Tessa Cousins loves to suck dick for money, has every disease in the book, she smells like fish and never showers, hit her up people. She is 27 parties with 14 year olds gets them high and drunk and sleeps with them and then sleeps with her friends boyfriends. She goes both ways hit her up dudes and ladies

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Cheating Couple

August 25, 2014 London-ON 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik these lowlifes came to me as friends telling me they needed money for linda for her operation she said that she had cancer and needed 2000 dollers for her teeth i loaned it to her and her husband sluger and they blew it on beer and crap they never paid me anything i had cancer and felt sad for her she took total advantage of me she even slept with my friend rick while her husband was working she would come over after he went to work and sleep with rick what a slut sluger drinks so much i dont think he even knows about it great couple they always live of everyone else and collect welfare while he works under the table roofing a real class act

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Taylor Clark

August 25, 2014 London-ON 119



THE DIRTY ARMY: Taylor Clark she’s a dirt ball that’s lost a kid do to her drug use and had a kid that’s slow and cause she did drugs and drank well she was pregnant she don’t learn her less still sleeping around like a dirt ball don’t care who it is she sleeps with can be a meth head crack head and she still suck u and fck u just like her sister and her druggie mom that takes all there money and uses it on drugs instead her kid that’s slow and needed all her can get can’t afford dippers cause she rather drink do drugs and go to Chatham or London bars she jumps back and forth from Chatham to London to fck different guys she has on the hook that pay for her kid like Dashawn in Chatham that her kid thinks is his real dad and isn’t and he don’t even want anything to do with the kid cause she’s so fuked her real baby daddy is in jail for touching kids cause that’s the type guys she’s attacks she dose cock shoots morphs and oxy like Her mom and sister the hole family is just one big fuck up

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Dirty Casanova

August 22, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 148

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Dwayne Blackwood is jus out to find dumb girls and try to have them them fuck and suck or start striping to get them into the game. He tricks them into thinking he likes them wen really his motivation it to have them sell their pussy. He fucks with girls heads. He has more then one on the go girls you think you’re the only one your not. Lol go get checked cuz he has given my fren drds.

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Amanda Drama Queen Clarke

August 15, 2014 London-ON 183

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is Amanda Clarke everyone in London knows who this bitch is she is drama queen who loves drama and even turns on her own friends. is a horrible mother who lets the whole complex look after her kids tries to make people think she is some skinny girl but its over 300lbs she sits on Facebook looking for a way to start drama anyway she can. Tells lies upon lies fabricates all her photos lures men and gives them herpes, chlamydia ect. Also likes to name drop to make herself sound big and tough when in reality cant fight her way out of a paper bag. men in London should beware and so should women as she acts like your friend and plays the victim to get what she wants. Nik put this sloot on blast

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Lana Mathers

August 14, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Lana Mathers of Sarnia, Ontario, she is the dirtiest slutbag drug addicted whore in town, she is a stripper at triple play and will sleep with anyone for fetenayl, she had a kid who she does drugs around all the time and smokes it in front of him, she thinks that being on the other side of the room is good enough…she’s posted slutty pictures with her kid on her lap, and she’s cheated on her boyfriend with many guys/girls, and her teeth are literally green from not brushing and smoking drugs it’s disgusting! She said her own dad shot up drugs in his dick, like wtf? This girl is disgusting and I’d advise that nobody even be of arms length of this dirty hoe

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