London-ON | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Robert Edwards The Musky Rodent

December 10, 2014 London-ON 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, meet Robert The Musky Rodent. He thinks hes a rap star but he can’t even rhyme and he has no rhythm …he doesn’t take care of his kids he has with his baby mother’s, he gets with them tells them lies, gets them pregnant, and cheats on them constantly.He’s physically abusive to his girlfriends. He drinks all the time always at the bar, he uses meth and leaves his women at home with their kids, while hes out with his friends cheating PEOPLE BEWARE IF YOU CONSIDER HAVING A RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM!!HE LIES,HE CHEATS, HE STEALS! (LEFT SIDE OF PHOTO ROBERT MUSKY RODENT)

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Here comes Kat Lilly

December 9, 2014 London-ON 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: The newest baby daddy might want to start saving up for a dna test for Kat Lilly’s latest child. This former working girl and rub and tug attendant and latex porn model goes through men like you might go through toilet paper and thats just what she does with them after, flushes them and their lives right down the crapper/

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Donna Burk

December 9, 2014 London-ON 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Donna Burk/Ogle/Barnes. She’s a huge alcoholic, sex addict and druggie and has been married multiple times. Her husbands realize how big of a gold digger and cheating skank she is and divorce her nasty ass. Donna is a welfare bum just last everyone in her family but what can I say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the crazy tree. She loves money so much she became a prostitute in Blenheim and Chatham. She picked up h** C, the c**p and cr**s along the way and has been spreading it all around town. This cougar will fck guy of any age, old and under age. Donna should have been posted on here a long time ago

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Aalyah Hurst

December 9, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Aalyah justus janisse-hurst needs major help and people need to know shes a chronic liar and will do anything for attention and sympathy so dont believe her unless you know she aint lying!!! she thought she was so mature and wanted to show everyone that she was an adult so around 13-14 she started sleeping with anyone who would have sex with her so she could get 15 she got pregnant by devante kersey whos father is dave meadows with a record longer then you can imagine and who’s a child mature she was homeless and had to live in shelter when she was pregnant and until after the baby was born she then had another kid with a different man and since the 1st baby was born she lets her father Rodney Hurst babysit whos rapidly raped her as a child but she dont care as long as she gets her welfare cheque and attention for bring so skinny from crohns disease her and her new bd are drug addicts and alcoholics who live with his mom who works at studio 4 worse part is she smokes weed with her kids next to her and makes then eat cheap mcdonalds starting before they are even 1yr old shes a disgusting “mother” but not much different then her parents so i c where she gets it

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Tab Vantomme

December 8, 2014 London-ON 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, check out this nasty whore Tab Vantomme, she may look pretty in some of her pictures but she’s a walking disease. She has two kids by God only knows who and another one on the way. Tab is following in her sister Tanya’s footsteps by wanting multiple kids to fee her drug addiction to coke and pills. She has sex for money with her dad and all of his 60 year old friends, she’s one of the dirtiest of the Vantomme family. Tab leaves her kids with random strangers so she can sell her body on the streets of Chatham and Wallaceburg. If you have sex with her you’ll end up with herpes and H** C, pretty nasty!!

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Nadine Longe

December 8, 2014 London-ON 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this nasty whore is Nadine the wannabe hairdresser. She with Ryan Burke the biggest drug dealer in chatham-kent. Nadine has a little girl who she neglects and abuses all the time and currently cas has stepped in to remove that poor child. Nadine and Ryan both sleep with everyone they can to spread their herpes and whatever diseases they’ve picked up along the way, she won’t smile in any pictures because her teeth are right jacked up sorry but it’s pretty funny to see. Watch out for these two nasty people unless you want to be on your death bed!

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Margaret Hustwick

December 8, 2014 London-ON 146

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Just throwing this dog a bone. Margaret is a trick who has 4 kids by just as many baby daddies. She likes to put her exes on blast but this hoe is classless. She can’t pay her rent and her kids are her meal ticket! She just got a job at Coffee Culture to support her meth issues. Her Boyfriend Derek Ververka she claims raped her to get sympathy fucks from 70yr old men. She abuses her two kids and creates fake profiles of her exes and posts fake inboxes from them. She has DRD for sure, Her patch is rank and has green discharge. BEWARE this hoe will come off sweet and will use anyone and fck anything to get what she wants. She is involved with CAS cause she don’t have the sense God gave her to raise a child without her kids having questionable injuries. If she only had a clue or maybe even a pair of decent pants that perhaps covers her ass! HINT~ If you are a size whale don’t try to fit into a size 2.!

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Junk Head Couple

December 5, 2014 London-ON 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these two right here are chathams biggest me*h and cr*ck heads. This is LEE PILON and Tonya Tiffin. They lost there kids to cas on Oct 10 2014 because they are addicted to all sorts of drugsand because Lee is a child molester hes been up on sexual assault charges and is always in Protective custody this is why. He had his jaw broke cause hes a rat and child predator. Tonya tiffin was fine until she met this slob. Lee Pilon pokes needles as well he has no teeth cause he smoked to much crack just warning everyone stay clear of these two.

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