London-ON | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Jessalyn Haney

December 5, 2014 London-ON 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Jessalyn Haney she was formally from chatham ont til she skipped town to cambellford ont. She is a dead beat mom who skipped out on her 3 kids she is an alcoholic and druggie. she snorts coke all the time, she has sex with all men for money so she can get her next fix. She is one digusting person she tried killing two out of the 3 kids she left with oxy in the sippy cup thats why she bounced cause she felt guilty what she did. Everyone needs to watch there men she is a walking disease. stay far from her and keep your kids away she might try to kill them.

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Sarah Lehen

December 3, 2014 London-ON 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: she has for mentally challenged boys. she is a drug addict crackerjack who is on welfare. gets her money in the first thing she gets is drugs. she plays around on dating websites to get what she wants while she has a boyfriend she’s been with named Kevin who also uses her for a ride and for drugs. she is a very good liar and has now become prone to believing her own lies. drugs must have eaten out her brain cause she doesn’t even know what truth is anymore. she is a backstabbing friend of whoever she can be, will use you for whatever you have and when it comes down to pay back that’s when she ignores your phone calls and blocks you on facebook. she supposed to be a stay at home momma but yet her kids stay at home with her dad well she goes out running the streets tonight. poor kids are left there thinking when Mama is going to return or if she’s going to be high when she gets home. she thinks she is so cool because she is 90 pounds soaking wet, well guess what honey if you weren’t doing so much drugs you wouldn’t be looking like a cracker whore. don’t keep anything of any value and your her or else ill be gone. why haven’t her kids being taken away, is because she knows how to play up the system. she’s a deadbeat mother who only cares about what guy she’s going to get with next and what pipe she’ll smoke out of.

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Sarnia Lambton

December 2, 2014 London-ON 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: ica kingdon of sarnia she’s a dirty slut with four kids one she has with a married man who don’t want nothing to do with her lol she had the kid to keep the man pulls the shit all the time.. her current boyfriend was cought touching her children and she didn’t do anything about it still sleeping with him she needs help clearly has daddy issues always fucking married man or men who have girlfriends its sickening how desperate she is for someone to be with her ratchet ass lol she should try cutting her ratty hair lol she looks like a troll that i played with when i was younger ew hate this bitch .. ladies be warned this bitch is on the lose lerking for your man !!!!

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LaShaya Wilson

November 27, 2014 London-ON, Toronto 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch is down write dirty and a horrible mother treats her kid like dirt lies to this guy and says he’s the dad when in fact he’s not she’s nothing but a durgy stripper and drunk tells her kids what a peace of shit she is everyday and throws food at her there house is nasty as hell she’s always calling her kids names and she is such a beautiful kids let me tell you she will make her kid sit in her room all day wells she’s in the other room doing coke smoking pot drinking and getting fcked for money she smells like BO and her pussy is so gross she has had the cl*p I dont no how many times and gaveit to bunch of ddifferent men fcks guys in tzers VIP also she Oded in tzers and she still going strong with the drinking and drugs nasty ass bitch

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Crystal Dakins

November 26, 2014 London-ON 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Crystal slept with her soon to be step brother then cried rape. Then she retracted and said it never happened. She’s not sure who the father of her one kid is whether it’s her step brother or her boyfriend. She sits on her lazy ass all day collecting welfare when she can and should be out working. Her boyfriend looks like a Mennonite probably was until she got her grubby hands on him. I heard she spends her whole welfare check on herself doesn’t buy the kids what they need. And judging by the pictures I’ve seen it’s true

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Check out the Nose on Jillish

November 25, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 166

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nikki this dirt ball jillish Thompson is way overdue to be on blast. This drag queen sleeps with anyone and I mean anyone for fun for dope or cash .she never works and always has time to be at bars getting wasted. She has pride to she posts after pics of men in her bed sometimes. She recently moved away as she hit rock bottom and got some poor virgin man with a job to support her filthy ways and dirty living habits. She is the biggest hoarder ever and I mean big big pack rat. Hangs with known escorts strippers and junkies and dealers . Used and abused for years we all see your tears jill. How about grow up and stop wasting your life on Facebook and getting trashed and get a job and buy a house instead of using that poor guy that fell in love that you cheat on every time you come to windsor..

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Cheating Manbeard

November 20, 2014 London-ON 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: This here ladys and Gents, is one of the biggest manwhore, abusive ass in oxford county – Tyler Berry. He cheats on every girl hes ever been with. He emotionally abuses women, and psychically also. He makes beautiful women feel like they deserve his abuse when they dont. One of his girlfriends even “kinda fought back” once when he was pushing her against walls, picking her up and throwing her, and he called the cops and had her charged. He mooched off of his one girlfriend for almost 4 years. Women be warned, he will tell you everything you want to hear, fuck you, and cheat on you, if you dont leave him first because of his small cock and unability to preform longer then 2 minutes.

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Jessica Bottineau

November 20, 2014 London-ON 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessica Bottineau, one of Londons notorious crackies, lets her kids suffer while she goes out with their daddy WHILE her boyfriend is at home (in Brantford on). she sells drugs out of her home, has parties every weekend and calls CAS on her own friends and family. this chick is ONE of Londons BIGGEST backstabbing bitches out there, will use you for whatever she can get (even money) then, when it comes time to pay back she “totally forgets” yet if you owe her (even $5) watch out! she ill harass you until she gets it. she will also text you over and over again if you delete her off facebook (shes done it to a friend of mine) and she will turn your own family against you! WATCH OUT LONDON!! don’t tell this chick ANYTHING you wanna keep private because it wont be for long

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