Terri Metivier

March 27, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 382 8,914 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik i love this site. This girl is Terri Metivier also goes by Terri Rene. She is nothing but a thief she will act like your best friend just to rob you blind watch out. She just had my house robbed. She acts all sweet and innocent but really she is nothing but trash that needs to be exposed she also goes on back page to hook herself out. She goes by Lexi she charges $200 an hour please you ain’t worth $2 an hour .She says she has sass and class, classy girls don’t sleep with guys for money loser.Your family must be so proud of you pathetic drug addicted thief

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Jocelyn Hoe-sée Ouimet

March 26, 2014 Hamilton, London-ON 27 6,955 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Jocelyn Ouimet she is an awful person who neglects her animals (id rather put my cats down rather than have her watch them) and does not know how to keep her legs closed. She is a terrible friend, i have not heard one good thing from anyone who talks about her. she hops from one guy to his friends and when she gets bored she decides to find another boy toy (preferably in the same friend group). i knew this slut was trouble since i met her, she acts all shy and innocent but shes a fcking stripper! stripping usually leads to another, R.I.P to her pssy.

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Little Addicts

March 25, 2014 London-ON 18 9,858 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Erin Magee and Morgan Lindsay(Robinson) of Chatham Kent, Ontario. They are by far the two dirtest people around of course they’d be best friends. Erin is 18 and is dating a guy that’s nearly 50 he’s a drug dealer and dealers Erin and Morgan m*th , they are both addicted to m*th. Morgan is a stripper/ escort and will fck anything that walks to get her next fix. She’ll even fck taken men!! They both also have drd, Morgans notorious for spreading it. Stay clear of these losers!!!

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Amanda Wilson

March 24, 2014 London-ON 10 1 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this here is Amanda Wilson. She is from London Ontario and started her hoe career working at Taco Bell, sleeping around with the employees and then working her way up to the coveted manager position. Hoe’s gotta pay her bills, especially if she wants her teeth fixed. She is as dumb as rocks and even school can’t help her as she went to the “special” school here in town where are the special high school kids go to. She specialized in spreading her legs open & popping out kids! She had three kids by the time she graduated and who knows who’s the daddy is as Taco Bell has many employees all those years, it’s rumored she still works at one, maybe you can pop by and say what up! Amanda is so dumb she is a man’s DREAM side chick! In fact she was kept a side chick for over 6 months & thought she was “in a relationship” and “in love” She doesn’t mind! She’s dumb as bricks she will wait around for anyone as long as the dog get’s a little bit of attention she is good!! She is knows for being the side hoe in marriages & relationships and when she finds out she doesn’t care she will still stick around and ruin the homes! But you can’t really blame the girl she is DUMB! Check out her teeth, who else would want her??? Girl takes whatever leftovers she can get.

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Ellis the Escort

March 21, 2014 London-ON 2 6,788 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Marissa Ellis originally from Chatham, Ontario now in Windsor. She’s a herpes infested escort, she sells her body on backpage and craigslist and also does webcam porn. She’s a Also prostittuted herself on POF. She’s a waste of life and has no future she’s a ugly slut. She has bug eyes and fcked up lips and nasty braces, which is why her face is half covered by her hair in most pictures. She’s got a stanky blown out pssy, it’s blistered and had discharge, can you say std infested? Stay away from this nasty bitch!!!

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Melissa Robins: Thief/Stripper/Bad Singer

March 19, 2014 London-ON 5 9,770 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Broke into a home in 2000 trashed it and stole fire arms and a rocket launcher this chick is a lier and a thief now is a poet and singer plus she also strips in London area . Watch out for here she is nothing but big trouble . A wolf in sheeps clothes . She goes by the name Raven Black . Her real name is Melissa Robins . Of Welland Ontario .

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Patricia Hurst: The Undercover Escort

March 18, 2014 London-ON 13 6,410 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik here is Patricia Ya ya Hurst. Aka RAMONA of London. Sweet and innocent welfare whore that is living a double life. She has been spreading her ass cheeks for the camera for quite some time now….Webcaming and prostituting. Soliciting for sex. YUP no college education you guessed it……. She LIVES for drama. Her pathetic life has no meaning otherwise sitting home all day. This girl has NO life. She begs attention from every man she can. She’s dying for attention so this pepsi head should get it. She thinks shes better than you. But she really is just a delusional disgusting disease infested, insecure prostitute. Little does her man Dustin Lewis aka “J Black Tha TracSlaya” know the fake bitch had been cheating on his ass with 20+ men a day. This is a warning to the general public about this dirty girl. Patricia is infested with drd’s. YES she is a PROFESSIONAL HOOKER. Give her more money, she will do more of what you want.  drd has finally caught up to the bitch. She is “taking a break from the industry” while she learns how to deal with her pathetic disease. Expose her for the dirty army… Shes a dirty, filthy, nasty, a low life. Poor Dustin will now have herpes. YUCK. What a nasty whore she is. Shes has 3 kids who she can’t properly take care of. For all the money she gets paid to suck johns dicks I don’t see why she cannot provide for her children. Seriously. Come on! She covers up her lack of morals, disregard for her children’s well being and egomania with her unsettle slutiness. Seriously, you REALLY think anyone is fooled. Common……you’re an hooker, just own up to it. Others may remember seeing videos of her getting banged out.. Children’s aid is constantly getting involved because shes an unfit mother. Her son Mateyo has to make due with ripped t-shirts and old jackets…She defines the word ratchet. But don’t worry Patricia you do get some type of credit. YOUR STILL THE #1 WORST MOTHER OF THE YEAR! She is such a self absorbed snob constantly postings idiotic status’s “Every time I get on cam i forget my name, they just keep callin me beautiful”. Well Patricia, youve proven you’re an insufferable c*nt putting a fake front, manipulating those around you. At the end of the day, your just a phony hooker. Sorry Patricia, the rest of us actually went to college and have real jobs. She thinks shes a high price hooker. More like that’s pretty much the extent of what she can offer the world. Keep flashing that oh so famous smile Patricia Hurst.. Try to act like you don’t fck for money. NICE TRY WHORE, better luck next time.

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Queen of DRD

March 18, 2014 London-ON 1 8,621 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m sure by now youre all familiar with Josslyn King the queen of drd. She’s the nastiest person in ontario !! She’s been posting everybody up here to take attention off the 4 times she was already posted and to make people look worse than her Hm where to I begin. She does extras and fcks men in the VIP at leopards Alleykatz and studio 4 she takes out her dirty ass tampons to fuck men and leaves them in the VIP and let’s ashley take the blame , I watched you do it you nasty bitch. Secondly she’s fcking the dj so he doesn’t make her pay her tip out fee, they hooked up at an after get together and still hook up, but this is just one of the many guys. She’s also fcking Sasha King for coke shes addicted to coke and pills and meth. Sh’s a pathological liar and will steal your stuff and lie and deny it. She has herpes and she’s an escort she’s even got mouth drd it’s not hard to tell. She’s a huge shit talker I use to be best friends with she’d talk shit about all the girls she strips with and then goes be buddy buddy with them at work. She’s fake as fck nasty as fck and needs to get the hell outta Windsor.

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