Felicity Pilon

May 28, 2014 Kitchener, London-ON 66 10,582 Views



THE DIRTY ARMY: This backstabbing, 2 faced bitch is fcking crazy. She is probably out sucking some guys dick right now in a motel room or maybe in an alley downtown. She admits she hooks and seems pretty proud of it and wears minimal clothing which sometimes literally show her ass or vag. She uses the excuse that her dad raped her all her life for all the fucked up shit she does now. She’s proud of being an addict. Any time you see her, she’s fucked up. She has the most annoying voice and laugh that just makes you want to backhand her and tell her to STFU. She gives the “poor me” story any time you see her. Claims she has no where to go.. yet her mother has no problem with her going home. She “cuts” because sh\’s “addicted\” to it. Basically she wants everyone to know how fucked up she is so they can feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for all the people who have to deal with her shit. There\’s more but it would take hours to list all her crazy shit.his is moderator purposes only and will not be published

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Tina Burnside

May 16, 2014 London, London-ON 708 11,278 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: the name tina burnside a dirty nasty cheating pathological lying trader house wrecking bipolar physco service provider with delusions of granduier who thinks shes a spy since she was born n still going in London ont she has gone out of her way to totally lie slander make up cheat edit videos blame stolen property on her own family and friends make death threats involve names of ppl such as lawyers n cops sent pornographic material to her son n his dad of the dads sister. shes a thief . she posts pics of guys that turn her down on facebook and twitter under many of her 15 identities n sends rather disturbing messages on facebook to her sisters exs family that she know claims shes in love with but isn\’t but used him for contacts n on n on n on n on seriously I cant even begin to tell u what this chick is like in anything under 7 yrs

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Ashley Amaro

May 16, 2014 London-ON 34 10,790 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is ashley amaro she’s a gold digging slut. She party’s in London and windsor 4 days a week and had 3 kids all different baby daddies!!! She doesn\’t take care of her kids and neglects then instead shed rather go to raves and party and slut it up. She’s been hooked on coke for years ! Besides being a drug addict and a slut she’s also drd infested and an alcoholic. Before h*rps she had the cl*p! She also use a guy to get him to buy her a boob job. This chicks in her thirtys time to grow up and act like an adult! Also the tan isn’t working for you your starting to look like a leather bag. Fake hair,fake tan fake nails,fake noobs .Nothing about this bitch is real.

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The Cheater

May 13, 2014 London-ON 15 10,096 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. this is Tabbitha Mraish married and a new mom, i met her on a chat app last year in december and started talking on there for a few weeks before finally meeting in person things was cool we seem to hit it right off as in she liking me and me liking her, fast forward too january and things started too heat up with us me being a little aggressive as in me wanting her in a sexual way things seem to have gone my way from playing around to getting the golden ticket once and keep in mind she was about 6 to 7 months pregnant, so fast forward too february things was still good in till close of the end of the month and sadly like most woman she decided to have a conscious killing things form there it was all downhill, so other then the fact im putting her on blast for cheating there isn’t really anything else too say other then karma is a bitch, btw guys she loves the arab dick and money. p.s Nik i really hope you put this up and expose her for the cheater she is.

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Desiree Macduffie

May 1, 2014 London-ON 70 7,965 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. This trashy bitch is Desiree Robitiallie also know as Desiree Macduffie. I knew this bitch three fcking days before she sent me nudes. My buddy from woodstock said she was easy and he was right. This bitch is a pathological liar. She claims she has a twin when she only has a younger sister from her mom.. she wont let her son see his real dad because she wants him back and he doesnt want to date her custy ass. I tapped this bitch after a week of knowing her and she is so loose… like fuking a tire. She lies about the people she knows and where shes from. She cant keep a stable home for her son because shes too busy spending her cash flow on weed booze and tattoos. Here is a prize for you ladies and gents. She barely showers and her kid sits in dirty diapers.Enjoy this woodstock/london ontario scum… fucking bitch gave me the clap.. enjoy guys!!!!

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Sneaky Tabbi

April 30, 2014 London-ON 66 7,514 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: tabbi rae jane cruickshank fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me 4 years of “dating” this girl i’ve literally observed her nature and she has become the sluttiest thing known. From fcking one of my best friends (whom was hideous) to giving me an drd…. i put up with it and why? Never trust a bitch . She was the worst pathological liar i’ve ever met. So guys, keep an eye out for a scarred up vagina

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Lisa Drewery

April 29, 2014 London-ON 16 8,045 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Lisa Drewery of Blenheim/Chatham-Kent she’s a whack job, Cheater and pathological liar! She cheated on her fiancé of 4 years multiple times! While they were broken up for a month after he caught her cheating he hooked up with another girl a month later they got back together and said he cheated on her the month they were broken up, she posts facebook statuses bashing him all the time and letting everyone know he ‘cheated’ on her and expects him to make it up to her. Has this girl forgotten all the times she cheated on him? Shes a hypocrite!! She also wont give him the engagement ring he got her back, seems like she’s holding it hostage just so she can see him again even though he wants nothing to do with her!!! She’s a dirty pshyco slut. She lies about everything saying he wants her back and he’s obsessed with her which isn’t the case at all! She also lied saying she was abused and beaten by previous boyfriends and him. Shell make him sound like a woman beater just because he doesn’t want her,she also threatened to *herself.She’s a dirty walking disease. Beware of this pshyco!

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Kayla Formosa

April 29, 2014 London-ON 125 7,691 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Kayla Formosa of Chatham and sluts it up in windsor. She’s a drd infested coke head who will sleep around for a hook up.She had two kids with two different guys because she can’t keep her dirty little chicken legs closed.She also had an abortion because she didn’t know who the baby daddy was.shes a useless cum dumpster and is the definition of trash.This little hoe needs to go back to the trailer park and stop hopping on every dick she comes in contact with.Shes a cheater and will fck any taken man. Lay off the coke and keep applying your drd cream to your lip hoe.

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