London-ON | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Jessica Bottineau

November 20, 2014 London-ON 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessica Bottineau, one of Londons notorious crackies, lets her kids suffer while she goes out with their daddy WHILE her boyfriend is at home (in Brantford on). she sells drugs out of her home, has parties every weekend and calls CAS on her own friends and family. this chick is ONE of Londons BIGGEST backstabbing bitches out there, will use you for whatever she can get (even money) then, when it comes time to pay back she “totally forgets” yet if you owe her (even $5) watch out! she ill harass you until she gets it. she will also text you over and over again if you delete her off facebook (shes done it to a friend of mine) and she will turn your own family against you! WATCH OUT LONDON!! don’t tell this chick ANYTHING you wanna keep private because it wont be for long

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Insecure Gamer

November 19, 2014 Hamilton, London-ON 201

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this Is Jessica Whalen, She is an insecure gamer girl, who loves to cause drama & have a good fight. She has had a boyfriend off & on for the past 3 years who she is constantly abusive to, ( Tells to go get hit by a car, tells to go kill himself, hacks his phone so he cant use it) As soon as her ” Boyfriend ” goes to move on.. she verbally attacks anyone he tries to have a relationship with.And strikes up a campaign against the women he tries to date to smear their name and reputation. She stalks these new women trying to ruin their lives.She constantly manipulates him and lies to him. And she cheats on him all of the time and that is why she is so suspicious of him. She is PSYCHOTIC AND A SOCIOPATH WHO NEEDS MEDICAL ATTENTION FROM A PSYCHIATRIC DOCTOR, she goes around bragging to people that her dad is a computer hacker and can ruin peoples lives, sounds like she comes by her disorders honestly. Maybe she has multiple personality disorder. Acting all sweet and innocent around certain people and then all this weirdness comes out with other people. BE ON THE LOOKOUT IF YOU ARE OUT THEIR DATING LADIES AS SHE WILL HAUNT YOUR LIFE FOREVER.

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Pamela “Psycho” Deleary-Roberts

November 17, 2014 London-ON 406

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Pamela Deleary is a bipolar bitch, who likes to blame other people for her problems in life other the facing her own actions for her own choices. Blaming others for her “loosing” one of her babies due to everyone causing stress in her life when the twat should look in the mirror and blame herself. She causes stress in other life and well here ya go bitch looks good on ya. Karma in it’s full glory.

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The 9 volt sloot

November 14, 2014 London-ON 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this little junkie loves to cry rape on the regular….her “24 karat gold” p*ssy is in shambles and tastes like a 9 volt battery…men think tongue cramp times 10 then add bluewaffle….she has the poor me story for anyone that will listen then u feel sorry for her bring her into your home just for her to rob ya blind. Insane part is she’ll twist it all up an try to acuse u of robbing her and threatens to call the POLICE….u can find her at mayflower or knights inn sucking dik 4 bus fare then still walking home….

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Pyscho Girl from Tillsonburg

November 14, 2014 Hamilton, London-ON 448

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is the biggest attention seeking slut ive ever met. She inserts herself into peoples relationships, and then makes up lies about them to break them up. She constantly craves attention and will do ANYTHING to get it. she calls herself “princess” but is the biggest trash bag EVER. guys dont give her the attention she feels she needs? she will turn their girlfriends against them, or make up lies upon lies to get attention. one week her mom is completely abusive and broken her bones before, and the week shes posting how much she loves her mom and everything shes ever done for her in her life. she cries she cant have kids to get sympathy from guys and then later posts she cant wait to have them. shes simply pathetic. GUYS BEWARE OF THIS CRAZY BITCH!

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Tina Needs Your Greg

November 10, 2014 London-ON 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik- meet Tina preazcator. Or Christina delong. Or Christina Fleming. She has soo any different names. She originally came in from London, ON, but now lives in Strathroy, ON for being a rat. Hence why she constantly changes her name. She has 5 kids, does not know who the father is for any of them, and nobody has ever seen her kids in the flesh, as they are always at home with her husband. This woman has slept with not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 people… But 29 people in the two years she has been in Strathroy, and that doesn’t include the girls she’s slept with. She is out partying every day and night, at home maybe an hour a day if she goes home at all, always looking for more dick. She is a home wrecker, she will be bragging about sleeping with her husband, then f**k some guy twenty minutes later. She will manipulate girls and break up couples, she will sleep with your boyfriend husband doesn’t matter, if there\’s a penis, she will want it. She is the dirtiest nastiest girl out there, who, believe it or not, hasslept with four different people in a total of three hours. No man is safe. You can also find her on plenty of and she loooves to show people(guys) her modeling photos. But trust me, the photos and the real thing are like the angelfish and the sea monster. Home wrecking whore, who can’t even say she has a home, because she’s wrecked that too! Trash to sum it all up. Just trash.

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Caitlin prefontaine

November 10, 2014 London-ON 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Do not be fooled!!! Caitlin prefontaine ladies and gents! Give her a hand a standing ovation(although she likes it better with you on your back). Nik, this little girl has slept with over 30 THIRTY people in her eighteen years. She has dated guys 20-45 years older than her, and has slept with only two people around her age. She lost her virginity at age 10, to a male twice her age, but its ok because they were “in love”. So he couldn’t be a pedophile right? She recently, knowingly slept with a guy who told her he has aids, she didn’t care, didn’t use a condom. She shares needles and has had more than four abortions. She has a tendency to call guys pedophiles if they reject her and spread that about them allll over town. She has threatened multiple peoples BABIES with murder. She is a junkie, she will sleep with ANYONE she pissed in a 47 year olds mouth for 50 dollars for meth lol. She looks hot, but remember guys, A**S IS contagious!! Along with the few other diseases she has. She has zero real friends due to sleeping with all her friends boyfriends. She claims to be the worlds next female rap star, but we’ll… Not even touching that subject lol. Caitlin needs to leave her aids (herpes hep c, b, a, crabs, clahmudia) legs closed!! She will aucker you in one of the EASIEST lays out there. Her facebook is full of \”hot pics\” but its a serious train wreck down there, seriously, maybe 6 or 7 hotdogs could fit at once. BEWARE!!! you have been warned. Oh and watch out girls, if you comment, remember she works out three hours a day lmao

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Tanya Vantomme

October 29, 2014 London-ON 70


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Tanya Vantomme is the biggest whore around Chatham-Kent. She sleeps with any and every guy possible in order to pregnant, Tanya has 5 kids and doesn’t know who her children’s father’s are so she pins the child on whoever has the most money and makes them pay child support. Her and he boyfriend/pimp Jamie Barnes are crack head junkies that will do anything for their next fix. Tanya lost her kids to CAS because her and Jamie beat the kids so bad and even broke bones. And of course they are both walking diseases, same with the whole Barnes and Vantomme family, so beware, if you see anyone from those two scummy families run the other way!

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