Pentland Sloot

July 8, 2014 London-ON 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: this is tina derose she loves to pick on little children and loves to make peoples lives hell i unfortunately have o see her everyday….she gets drunk and flashes all the kids and adults where we live…..she even went to the extemes of having sexon the slide where my 2 year old plays everyday….she had sex with a guy that she knew for 20 minutes in the splashpad park for a gram of weed this girl has some fine class she has given guys drds and claims that it wasnt from her she doesnt feel condoms are necessary…..she also has sex in the laundry room of the buildings and the gym room…..she may look good guys but the guy that she had sex with in the splashpad park she says raped her but still talks to him…..yup hes just as dumb as her……she even let guys at the skate park to have sex with her for beer then when they were done with her she let them piss all over her …….thought i let u guys know becareful of this girl you may get a rape charge or some kind of drd….i still have to look at from my apartment window so u guys are lucky u only get a pic to look at

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Wife Beating Goof

July 7, 2014 London-ON 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, on June 28 th ,2014 , this wife beating goof MIKE KROLL ,(his wife is 52 , 5’2″ and weights 140 pounds) punched his ex wife in the back of the head …knocking her down , then boot fuc*ed her ( at least 15-20 times )in the back , legs and tailbone with Harley Davidson Bike Boots on. (MIKE KROLL is 45 , 6’2″ and weights 200 pounds) All because she returned his dog to him because she had plans , having to look after the pup upset his plans on meeting another married skank he met on POF. MIKE KROLL has herpes due to having unprotected sex with everyone . Now to the point he can’t get it up without a pill. To all you LUCKY WOMEN out there that have been with him…see a doctor.

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London Strippers

June 18, 2014 London-ON 72

THE DIRTY ARMY: These are London’s dirty stripper they strip at solids and goldfiggers they will give head and fuck for a buck they will spread drd and give ou drd they will also suck sick to feed their coke addiction stay away from these ladies unless you want drd!

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Desperate Housewife Cally Pearce

June 16, 2014 London-ON 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Cally Pearce is a homewrecker and the whore of London Ontario! I found this picture on my boyfriends phone of her giving him head and London should be warned that she has no shame! Apparently she is in a relationship of her own but is getting bored and needs some excitement in her life. There are many more pictures of both of them that are on there including her snorting coke off his dick which is her preferred method of payment. Home wrecker and drug user all rolled into one! Be warned if you see this whore around as I confronted her myself and she doesn’t care who she hurts. I asked my boyfriend where he found this man and he said backpage, under “Lonely Housewife” selling her body for fun, drugs and cheap thrills. She can be found on facebook under Cally Pearce.

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London’s Bri Bucknell

June 16, 2014 London, London-ON 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Bri bucknell a huge party girl and total local slut she can’t seem to keep her legs closed jumping from guy to guy Being a recent ex of hers she even cheated on me! Who’s to know who else she’s sleeping with. She claims to have a boyfriend but who knows what\’s on store for him. Here is his fair warning! If you know this London whore, keep your distance.

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Spineless woman abuser

June 13, 2014 London-ON 62

THE DIRTY ARMY: Paul cadman is a woman an child abuser. He has no life. He talks nothing but trash bout every1 to every1. Him an his crack head gf r putting down children an girls just 4 fun. They are both ugly pathetic low life losers. Paul can’t even take care of his own. Or himself 4 that matter. He’s a disgusting pig who will fuck anything that gives him time of day. He’s just a dirty creeper.

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Biggest Sloot in Chatham

June 12, 2014 London-ON 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: She’s already been posted once so I’m sure you’ve heard half of it. I caught her ucking my best friend after she was supposed to be with me for 3 months after I left her she came to a party I was at and let 4 of my boys gang bang her. She’s constantly on drugs if you don’t give her something to get high on she will f*ck the next man for her fix. She’s been a dirty hooker for over a year works at leos, alley Katz and studio 4. She can’t dance and this rachete could really use a tooth brush I wouldn\’t even kiss her the hole time I was with this broad, she photo shops everything so when I started talking to her on a dating site I thought she looked a lot different, she playd like she was sweet until I seen all the dirty stuff in her phone and found her on my boy! This trailer trash cum dumpster would have had a couple kids by now but uses abortions to stop it like it\’s some kind of birth control she refuses to have children cuz she has w*arts and drd. Before I left her on the curb where this trick belongs she had a huge out break on her face I hurled. I’ve never been so disgusted in my life I would rather fuck a hole in the ground then hit this again I wouldn’t even hit it with someone else’s dick. I bet your parents are proud. No joke dudes this is a warning your dick will probably fall of if you touch her unprotected. And bring a nose plug you’ll need it well you slide in the gaping hole between her legs.

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Hard Up Quinville

June 11, 2014 London-ON 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessica Quinville is the biggest slut around. Sells any part of her body she can. She goes to hotel rooms with strange men for money. She gets money from anyone she can. When her girlfriends get boyfriends she does anything she can to come between that including trying to destroy your life. She talks bad about every person she talks too. She goes on plent of fish and fcks a different guy every couple days!!! She does absolutely nothing with her 8 year old. She rolls her eyes at him an is nothing more than annoyed. She keeps him in his room so often you wouldn’t even know he’s there! She only has him for money from his dad whom she’s black mailing because she’s fuckn him too. She sucks a guy off to get anything done. Offers it like it’s no big deal to pay with a blow job. She looks like a tall lanky teenage boy struggling with puberty. She’s nothing but a whore using and manipulating everyone and everything in her path.

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