London-ON | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Ah’mayah Matthews

October 29, 2014 London-ON 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: AKA London Dungeon AKA M0chAZAhRANy slept with my homeboi and gave him the gift that keeps on giving! He said he should’ve known better, this skank ho smelled like rotten tuna. Even her weave smelled like that shit. She was obsessed with him for years, n would take XOs and calling him, talking about driving by his house and shit. He lives all the way in Dickinson, and she’d come out there 4 or 5 days a week and just park in front of the dumpsters at his apartments. This ho CRAZY and she lies out the ass. She tries to get a job at the Ritz, but they made her walk the floor because dudes were complaining. She crazy and she ALWAYS act like she pregnant to try and keep a man. Always says she miscarried and cries to say no one will ever love her to try to get them to stay.

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Chatham Trash

October 28, 2014 London-ON 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik these are two of Chathams white Trash strippers. Kathy Lumley and Lisa George. Both were strippers at spankys an will f*ck anything that walks they also have a coke addiction and fetnayl and will suck dick and fuck for it. Kathy and Lisa both have h*rpes from back in the day as strippers and will spread it around watch out.Kathy has 5 bastard kids all from different baby daddies she also cheats on her man mike with other men even taken men. She neglects her kids and they even got into her coke stash. Lisa also has multiple kids from her stripper days at spankys from fucking clients.both will gladly give there pussy away for free. Cas is also involved in both there lives. So Kathy and Lisa please get a life before I post moreover your bad behaviour and expose to your men even more.

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Lifelong Wannabe

October 28, 2014 London-ON 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: I have no idea where to begin with this douche-bag. This is Jason Daniels from London /St.Thomas ON. Criminal Record a mile and a half long. Here is a short list of his douche-bagery -beats his gfs (domestic assaults galore) and is a closet case (my brother did him up. I Made sure to get every fungus test down) - 6 kids but never ever has paid support -pepsi dealer and gets young girls drinking his crap -skin beef x 2 -FB profile states he is a grad of a well known university yet dropped out of high school -Floats around town to town, province to province. When he leaves a certain geo-area there always seems to be a drug bust. Coincidence? Maybe. -went around telling everyone he was a 1%er only to get shot in the ass and then went into hiding. -Gave two of my lady friends life-long fungus -Master sucker puncher - Closet case. As a teen he always went to a club called 52nd Street which is known gay club with a dark back room - stole his own mothers life savings by stealing her bank card -life long welfare collector Losers like this need exposure Nik and I a glad he can finally be!!!!

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Sherry Laprise

October 28, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Sherry Laprise now Sherry Stevenson of Chatham,ON. She’s the dirtiest skankiest c*nt who can’t mind her own business and stay out of people relationships. She was a stripper at spankys and travelled to London and windsor to whore herself put for over 7 years till she met her final destination at a strip club in sarnia when she whored herself out to a guy named Phil Stevens and they got married. Classy meetig your husband at a strip club. She also met another guy prior to him at a strip club and on there wedding day she was caught f*cking one of the groomsmen. She cheats on her husband now all the time and even broke up someone else’s marriage. She also can’t mind her own business and needs to get in other peoples relationship business and answer their phones . She’s an ugly pig who’s daughter savannah will sadly probably grow up to be like her. If only she knew she was conceived by a customer at a strip club. She also does coke and will suck anyone’s dick for drugs!! Her fb name is sher bear if you want your dick sucked for drugs message this old washed up hag.

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Psycho Attention Whore – Male Version

October 27, 2014 London-ON 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ben G. as he goes by ‘professionally’ is a psychotic, devious attention whore. If you thought it was bad when girls did it you should search him on facebook. When he isn’t lying and leading people on he is breaking a girls hearts. He is cold, and if you see on bengonline his twitter even his posts are completely insane. He has a loose grasp on reality at best, has not WORKED since 2011 and is a MAJOR deadbeat. He goes from person to person he thinks has potential to make him famous or easy money and basically sticks around until they no longer get him attention or money (for what you ask?) Claims to be a photograper, singer LOL, songwriter LOLOLOL, college grad although he never says what college, what area of study, the duration, or what his GPA was… which means he is either completely full of shit OR so totally insane he doesn’t know his own lies from reality. His so called music career was reliant on HEAVY production, government money, other people writing and playing to make songs sound less sucky, government money and lame attention whore tactics instead of proper shows because he can’t get together a show somehow. Hasn’t had a record deal since 2011 LACK OF SALES LOL! When he isn’t looking weirdly like Justin Bieber he is acting insane, doing drugs, or being a piece of shit. See pix below of him with more scuzzy lying cheating drug using people. Every guy and girl with him in these pix Is ALSO psychotic, & on EVIL BAD group of LIARS!

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Dfrain on the Government tit

October 26, 2014 Hamilton, London-ON 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: nIK this stunned, self absorbed, drug addicted to her prescription painkillers cunt, has been sucking the government tit on disability payroll for years! All the while, she is out at the bars, slamming shots, riding her little green mini-bike ninja, with her tits hanging out for the world to laugh at, I mean admire, and pretending she hasn’t already sucked off almost every man between 30 and 55 within 40 miles of her home address. It’s hard to imagine she still has a smile on her face with all the loads she has put back in the last 5 years. She will hate you forever, and try to have you killed if you call her the town bike! She is the village door knob dammit! Everyone getsa a turn! Dont get her confused with her competition! She already knows with a belly that looks like she was dragged down a gravel road after giving birth to her bastard children, she needed to step up and swallow all the goop she could to stand out in this town! Way to go you social tit sucking cunt! You are the biggest drain on society, as well as a serious waste of skin! You really know how to stand out in a crowd! We can smell you from 100 feet away honey! Hard to believe I thought we actually had a tuna fisherie around here before I met you in person. One of your ex’s told me you were like throwing a hot dog down a hallway. Some other dude sttod up for you and corrected him that it was more like pissing into the ocean. no matter how hard you hit it, it didn’t make any difference at all.

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Pathway Cries Wolf

October 15, 2014 Hamilton, London-ON 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: meet Andrea and her partner Ben budda, Here it goes she fcks everyone and claims date rape poor excuse for just wanting to get fcked. she is madly in love with any guy who is not her baby dad. when she gets buated for sleeping around on him she is on the phone with the cops claiming rape but yet doesn’t remember. Ben budda poor excuse of a father a women beating drug dealing scumbag. He talks a lot of shit and can’t back up his mouth hides behind his telephone. Looks like a creeper smells like rotten pssy and grows beard to change his appearence while he try to go for the same peoplw under a different name. match made in heaven Nik expect I think he is the rapest and there both under cover. I have personally seen them talking to under covers not sure if there being investigated or there working for them butsomething strange is happening in pathway. seems like no one really leaves that house and they ppl come back with issues.

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Karate Instructor and Wife in custody for Perversion

October 15, 2014 London, London-ON 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: “Derek Morrison, a 5th degree black belt, who ran his own Kenpo school, in London, On, with his wife Christine was leading a sick double life. He and his wife are presently in Protective Custody (denied bail.) Their home was raided, and charged include; -Adult male of London: possession of schedule 1 substance, possession of prohibited weapon, five counts make available child pornography, five counts possession of child pornography, make child pornography, two counts sexual interference with a person under 16, invitation to sexual touching under 16, sexual assault, conspiracy to commit indictable offender of sexual assault-Adult female of London: possession of schedule Substance, five counts make available child pornography, five counts possession of child pornography, make child pornography, two counts sexual Interference with a person under 16, invitation to sexual touching under 16, sexual assault, conspiracy to commit indictable offender of sexual assault This man had hundreds of child students, turns out, it’s been alleged, and charges laid, that they were actually making child porn with 3-4 year olds! And the parents karate fees/money for lessons, was going toward Mth! The newest Bernardo/Hamolka sicko duo…It’s been all over the local news. *Puke* KEEP YOUR KIDS AWAY FROM THESE SICK BASTARDS, if they ever get out!”

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