Strawn Out

February 21, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 161 7,897 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Brittny Strawn of London, Ontario. She is a disgusting, despicable human being. I am now 7 months pregnant with my fiancé, I was attacked by Brittny Strawn outside of Earls in London after she saw me and my fiancé together at the restaurant. She had been having sex with him knowing that he was engaged and that we are having our first child together. She continued to follow me out of the restaurant screaming horrible things at me and my fiance. When she didn’t get any response, she starting hitting me from behind and threw me to the ground. Her manager came running out along with other staff members to pull her off of me and call an ambulance. I am 7 MONTHS PREGNANT, VERY CLEARLY SHOWING! I was so terrified that I may had lost the baby. I am now on bed rest after the incident and have been assured that she has been fired from Earls Restaurant after what she had done. She continues to harass me and my fiancé. She has told me that she is going to come to my home and how I am going to wish I never “f*c*ed” with her. She has sent texts to my fiance saying that he was supposed to give her a baby and all of these crazy things. Brittny Strawn has said she is going to hurt me and my daughter once she is born. We have had to change both of our numbers and are seriously considering selling our house and moving. After speaking with her manager she had also mentioned to me that Brittny had other issues with males at Earls restaurant and had an issue with one of the males, after she had sexual relations with him and had given him an drd. This male also had a serious girlfriend, which caused even more issues at the restaurant. Ladies, Brittny Strawn has some serious issues. If she becomes a part of your or your partners life, please be careful!! My fiance made a mistake and now the stress I have to deal with because of him and her is unbearable. I pray to God everyday that this monster doesn’t hurt my child.

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The Smelly Greg

February 4, 2014 London-ON 10 6,050 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, 3 years DA strong! This is my second post to submit for good ol’ London ontario.Let me introduce you to Tony “Felix” Randles, moved here from the drama he created in a shit hole of a place called Simcoe Ontario. This 37 year old man acts like he is 12. He works out, but only his arms, I guess he thinks his white little legs are hoot?? I unfortunately hooked up with this liar, we were drinking pretty good and things got heated- went into his room, took his pants off- was about to start sucking his greg and such a horrible smell stopped me!! His greg smelled SOO BAD! He’s fucking lots of different women in the city, AND just made it FB official – he has landed a major London WHORE as a ‘gf’ Tanya. Enjoy the smelly dick, big muscles on his arms- but CHICKEN LEGS! BRO, YOU FORGOT LEG DA’S FOR THE PAST 5 YEARS!!

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Bush Pig from Peterborough

January 27, 2014 Kingston, London-ON 98 8,643 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This woman , who happens to be my husbands high school sweetheart has come into our lives and destroyed a 19 year relationship. Michelle Stroud from Peterborough has invaded London. This woman decided to have an affair with my husband so she could get moved to London , Ontario from Peterborough. She was aware that my husband was married. She is 45 and she has never done anything for herself. She is a lying , cheating , steroid shooting , methadone using piece of sh*t. This steroid shooting shemale is nothing but a gold digging bitch. She broke up my marriage of 19 years so she could get moved to London from Peterborough and cost her nothing. She has had me charged so I couldn’t speak to my husband and drug it through court for 8 months , and it was thrown out….and still didn’t keep my husband and I apart . She will do anything to make you pay her way. She even threatens to kill herself if my husband didn’t take her back. He didnt . She has now moved on to her next victim here in London. She trys to pass herself off as a fitness trainer , but her roid-rage gets in the way. She has shot so many steroids she now looks like a man. A deep voice and a body that most men want…as a man. This woman Michelle Stroud only uses men and women to get what she wants. And even a few animals because most men or women won’t be bothered with her , She is a sick ,self satisfying piece of sh*t that thinks of no one but herself. She thinks she is gods gift to man and man is going to pay. Watch out ladies… she has a thing about taking the mans wives jewellery and using it as leverage to keep him. She is walking around with a gold chain my now dead brother gave me and a gold cross my husband gave me. This bitch has no class and is a waste of skin. She sent messages to my husband saying leave your family and I will FU*k YOU. This bitch is a user and I wanted London to watch out for her. She is a #1 , Class A , SKANK. London beware of Michelle Stroud.

You gotta be a little light in the loafers to find this attractive.- nik

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Home Wrecking Nicki

January 27, 2014 Hamilton, London-ON 77 9,585 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is the whore that has been fucking my husband for the past 6 months from what I can tell. Her name is Nicki and she goes to College here. She trolls the downtown bars looking for married men that will pay for her school and buy her things. Particularily in the Dundas/Talbot area. Too much trash for Richmond row I guess.When she finds her victim she has no place to take them so she ends up in my home, fucking my husband while the children and I sleep upstairs. Ladies, Don’t let this gold digger slut do to your family what she has done to mine.

All strippers are ‘in school’.- nik

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London Homewrecker

January 24, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 82 10,777 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Just be careful, this girl Chelsea Archer has wrecked more than one family. She works at princess auto. I don’t even know if she knows she destroyed my family, but I’m assuming she does, cuz I know she’s wrecked other families in the past. She puts up a front that she just wants to be friends and convinces guys that they can do better than their wives. She pulls the helpful friend act and it’s all bullshit. Guys watch out off her, don’t let her wreck your family.

Bangs..- nik

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Public Service Announcement

November 26, 2013 London-ON 14 8,456 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This nasty-ass nurse has been overly generous with the drd’s. When she’s not posting half-naked selfies, or cheating on her much-older husband, she is trying to give her patients first-class service. Melanie prefers the company of married men, especially the guys at work. I had to take my buddy to the clinic, after he stupidly cheated on his wife with this whore, and found some ooze from this cooze. Hopefully, it’s a lesson learned.

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Duck Faced Sloot

November 6, 2013 London-ON 13 7,525 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is brittanie baillie a two faced attention whore slut, that loves cheating on all of her ex’s she makes up excuses and plays with them and uses them, whats worse its that she can juggle two guys at the same time. Recently i seen her walking around pretrolia she used to be a sitck and head and now she looks like a cow, she had a baby and people telle how in her fb statues she comments on skinny girls beigh whore and sluts but she used to be the biggest one in petrolia… She is so tacky unclassy and she will try to ruin any realtionship to get what she wants.

Goose face….big difference.- nik

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Arianna Belanger Lucas

November 1, 2013 London-ON 25 8,575 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, So this hoochie mama is Arianna Belanger Lucas. This girl right here is the fakest piece of trash around. She will be nice to your face and play this sweet girl but once she’s moved away and out of reach, she will talk shit and act tough over the internet. Funny thing is she has nothing on me or anyone she’s trying to bad mouth. On the other hand, Ari loves it up the butt. She will look you dead in the eye and tell you how good it feels for her. She’s gross, stupid and a whore.. Beware of this stinky tuna, Ontario.

Must be hard shopping for such high waist’ed bottoms.- nik

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