London Homewrecker

January 24, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 82 10,766 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Just be careful, this girl Chelsea Archer has wrecked more than one family. She works at princess auto. I don’t even know if she knows she destroyed my family, but I’m assuming she does, cuz I know she’s wrecked other families in the past. She puts up a front that she just wants to be friends and convinces guys that they can do better than their wives. She pulls the helpful friend act and it’s all bullshit. Guys watch out off her, don’t let her wreck your family.

Bangs..- nik

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Public Service Announcement

November 26, 2013 London-ON 14 8,433 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This nasty-ass nurse has been overly generous with the drd’s. When she’s not posting half-naked selfies, or cheating on her much-older husband, she is trying to give her patients first-class service. Melanie prefers the company of married men, especially the guys at work. I had to take my buddy to the clinic, after he stupidly cheated on his wife with this whore, and found some ooze from this cooze. Hopefully, it’s a lesson learned.

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Duck Faced Sloot

November 6, 2013 London-ON 13 7,519 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is brittanie baillie a two faced attention whore slut, that loves cheating on all of her ex’s she makes up excuses and plays with them and uses them, whats worse its that she can juggle two guys at the same time. Recently i seen her walking around pretrolia she used to be a sitck and head and now she looks like a cow, she had a baby and people telle how in her fb statues she comments on skinny girls beigh whore and sluts but she used to be the biggest one in petrolia… She is so tacky unclassy and she will try to ruin any realtionship to get what she wants.

Goose face….big difference.- nik

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Arianna Belanger Lucas

November 1, 2013 London-ON 25 8,567 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, So this hoochie mama is Arianna Belanger Lucas. This girl right here is the fakest piece of trash around. She will be nice to your face and play this sweet girl but once she’s moved away and out of reach, she will talk shit and act tough over the internet. Funny thing is she has nothing on me or anyone she’s trying to bad mouth. On the other hand, Ari loves it up the butt. She will look you dead in the eye and tell you how good it feels for her. She’s gross, stupid and a whore.. Beware of this stinky tuna, Ontario.

Must be hard shopping for such high waist’ed bottoms.- nik

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Gold Digger in Sarnia

October 25, 2013 London-ON 23 9,891 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is AnnMarie Shortt Caron. She has three children from three Daddies. She has never had a job for anymore than a few months. Two years ago when her most recent Baby Daddy and sole income provider died she knew there was only one thing left to do. She needed to find someone to pay the bills. She went through 8 guys and it took several months but she finally found someone who would stick around. Meet Barry Caron. The first thing she had to figure out was how to keep him from paying child support to the Mother of his children from a previous marriage. She came up with the answer. Try to get the kids to move in with them. She succeeded in bribing and manipulating Barry’s teenage sons into moving in with them. The minute the oldest one turned 18 he was out on his ass with only the clothes on his back and nowhere to go. Barry has a teenage daughter who is too smart to fall for the BS and is still safely and happily living with her mother even though she has been offered money, clothes and a cellphone if only she will move in with them. AnnMarie lied to Barry and said she was pregnant. Which he believed even though he had a vasectomy. So AnnMarie planned a wedding in Las Vegas on the Anniversary of her divorce from her first Husband. Planning every detail to match that of her first wedding. Even dressing her youngest son in the exact same outfit her eldest son wore to her first wedding. She lost 60 pounds for the wedding and picked out her dress. The minute she had a ring on her finger she quit her job. Now she spends her days laying on the couch or going to Bingo. When she needs a babysitter she just makes either her teenage daughter or her teenage step son skip school to babysit her son. Her step son failed three classes last year due to all the missed school. Housewife and Mother of the year? I don’t think so. Her house is a filthy mess. She has had CAS over there more times than I can count. They lock up all the food and ration it out a little at a time for the kids. They make the older kids join Cadets so they earn their own money. They have to use it to buy their own shoes and school supplies as AnnMarie and Barry buy the children nothing. So she finally got her happily ever after…almost. What she doesn’t know is when she’s not home or when she’s in the next room her new Husband is kissing, hugging and sexually touching her 14 year old daughter.

You don’t need gold to keep a steady supply of potato chips.- nik

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How Can Jess Be Perfect

October 23, 2013 London-ON 24 11,179 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jess from London, Canada.  She’s above average looking with stunner eyes, she looks better blonde and has a rocking natural body, what are her flaws Nik?  She is one of those girls that works hard on her body, so I’m sure she will make the changes.

I can’t tell if she is fat or not, the first picture is deceiving.- nik

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Not Up To Par

October 17, 2013 London-ON 53 8,124 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Aynsley Foss. She sleeps with anything she can get, which is why she has chlamydia, and plus shes sleeping with a man who has a wife and kids. She is very obsessive, tries anything to get what she wants, which once lead her to rehab. Her family hates her, she doesn’t have any friends because she tries to sleep with their boyfriends. Ladies keep you men away. Gentlemen, stay away, she can only lead to problems.

Why are all of those rolls partially used? she’s not a roll jacker is she…- nik

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Not a Hot Mess

October 8, 2013 London-ON 57 9,948 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Amber Robert. The most pathetic excuse for a mother I have ever met. She has a three year old son and does c*ke and anything else she can get her hands on right infront of him! She brings random men home from the bar and lets them stay for as long as they like! She prides herself on having sex with drug dealers and tries way too hard to be sexy. YUCK! Major eye sore. She sleeps with other peoples boyfriends then laughs about it! CAS has been called on her several times and she keeps dodging the bullet. Her babydad even took their son away from her for 6 days of the week. She even got kicked off of welfare! HOW do you manage that? No one is her real friend because her “friends” came to me asking to post this up! Also, her whole body is COVERED in stretch marks! Get some cream! I don’t know why she thinks she is so hot, a hot mess at that but Im telling you, Amber Robert, you are NOT a hot mess! You’re just a mess!

I’m sensing a bit of sarcasm.- nik

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