Sneaky Tabbi

April 30, 2014 London-ON 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: tabbi rae jane cruickshank fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me 4 years of “dating” this girl i’ve literally observed her nature and she has become the sluttiest thing known. From fcking one of my best friends (whom was hideous) to giving me an drd…. i put up with it and why? Never trust a bitch . She was the worst pathological liar i’ve ever met. So guys, keep an eye out for a scarred up vagina

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Lisa Drewery

April 29, 2014 London-ON 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Lisa Drewery of Blenheim/Chatham-Kent she’s a whack job, Cheater and pathological liar! She cheated on her fiancé of 4 years multiple times! While they were broken up for a month after he caught her cheating he hooked up with another girl a month later they got back together and said he cheated on her the month they were broken up, she posts facebook statuses bashing him all the time and letting everyone know he ‘cheated’ on her and expects him to make it up to her. Has this girl forgotten all the times she cheated on him? Shes a hypocrite!! She also wont give him the engagement ring he got her back, seems like she’s holding it hostage just so she can see him again even though he wants nothing to do with her!!! She’s a dirty pshyco slut. She lies about everything saying he wants her back and he’s obsessed with her which isn’t the case at all! She also lied saying she was abused and beaten by previous boyfriends and him. Shell make him sound like a woman beater just because he doesn’t want her,she also threatened to *herself.She’s a dirty walking disease. Beware of this pshyco!

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Kayla Formosa

April 29, 2014 London-ON 130

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Kayla Formosa of Chatham and sluts it up in windsor. She’s a drd infested coke head who will sleep around for a hook up.She had two kids with two different guys because she can’t keep her dirty little chicken legs closed.She also had an abortion because she didn’t know who the baby daddy was.shes a useless cum dumpster and is the definition of trash.This little hoe needs to go back to the trailer park and stop hopping on every dick she comes in contact with.Shes a cheater and will fck any taken man. Lay off the coke and keep applying your drd cream to your lip hoe.

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Fat Escort Orlotti

April 25, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Jessie Orlotti-Suppici she’s a fat slob of an escort and stripper. She’s incest with her sister Jena and there now offering duos on bp. Which isn’t shocking since there both coke and pill addicted.She’s the nastiest dirtiest hoe bag around, those photos don’t even to justice to how fat she is. She works at TZERS because no other strip club will take the fat slob. She’s got a saggy gut which covers her c section scar, also when she takes her tits out they sag to her stomach, literally could of puked. Also she was drd which she likes to spread and 2 bastard kids and she doesn’t even know the baby daddy. Stay away from this pig!

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Druggie Chelsey McGowan

April 25, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 101

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Chelsey McGowan of Chatham. She frequently whores it up in Windsor too. She’s a nasty slut who will spread for anything that will stick it in her. She brags all the time about stealing girls boyfriends and fcking them. She’s also a thief and a pathelogical liar she robs peoples houses and sells there shit for drug money she’s addicted to Oxys and FETNAYL and does coke. She’s robbed businesses in chatham and even bragged about it. She’s pure trash!! She’ll hop on any dick with her drd infested vagina for her next fix. She has genital drd and before she had h*rpes she had the clap. She’s dirty as fck this whale needs to keep her legs closed! Beware of this walking disease! Keep your doors locked she’ll rob you for her next fix.

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Dirty Chickie

April 25, 2014 London-ON 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch gave my boy lots of drd. she sn escort, drug addict mostly crystal m*th. She gets so fcking high that she’ll do whar ever sexual favor you ask. But be very alert with this one not only she take your money, she give you the worst cl*p you’ve ever seen. Check this she even has a boyfriend who wants nothing to do with her but he does shit on her tits I’ve been told.

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Black tooth Jen Cobban

April 22, 2014 London-ON 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: This dirty whore uses anyone to get a head. Watch out London, her name is Jen Cobban. She opens her legs up to anyone that is desperate enough to throw her a bone. She used my man for years, and tried to run off his name because he is someone. She got him addict to crack so he would support her habit, because her putting out to every guy that would come around wasn’t enough. She couldn’t make it as a stripper, so she would just give it away for drugs. She had her kids taken away because the drugs were more important, constantly shooting up, and over dosing. She has never stayed faithful to anyone she has been with, because she can never keep her legs closed long enough. Always putting out, but then cries rape later. She is the ugliest bitch I have ever seen, and has to use drugs to lose weight. She claims white oaks is her neighborhood, but no one can stand her around here. She been through almost every guy in London, so decided to start seeing girls. And even that didn’t work out for her, they threw the ugly bitch back. Next step is animals. She uses everyone until she can’t no more, or they get tired of her stalking, physcotic, lying, junkie ways. She likes to run her big ugly mouth, but rides away before you can do anything about it. Then says she is going to call the cops on you if you touch her. She likes to call cas on people and have everyone else clean up her messes she starts. She has always used my man for her dirty work, and he is such a sweet man. She is just jealous because he got smart to her bullshit, then tells everyone he always beat her. He would never lay a hand on any woman. But then again she’s not a woman. She thinks she is real hard, but far from it. Can’t be hard if you run to the popo.Her best friend that is pictured beside her is always telling us the down low on the dirty pig. We dont care, we just laugh at how pathetic she is, and how she has no friends. Watch out London, unless you want the drds from this walking, junkie, rat. Give her some drugs and she will always put out. But if she looks like the type you want, then look her up. Because she is always willing.

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Psycho Con Artist

April 21, 2014 Jersey, London-ON 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Olivia Newman, Olivia Michelle, Olivia Catalano, whatever you want to call her, is a CON ARTIST. She changes her name on social media regularly. Why? Because she makes up a fake life. She stalks athletes & lies to people that she’s in a relationship with them & goes as far as posting fake photos of her life with them. Then get’s caught & changes her name, pretend man & starts all over. She sports a fake engagement ring, pretends she has money, pretends she bought a home & has the mortgage paid off already. She recently PRETENDED she got STABBED! Everyone sent her flowers & gifts & gave her attention & pity & it was all a lie. The girl is NUTS! Actually clinically insane. Ask her for hard evidence, um, maybe a picture of her an one of her “ex” athlete boyfriends & you will get nothing. Now she is dating Tyler Murray from the London Lightning & the poor guy has no idea he is with a crazy.

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