Jason Pedo Nassr

July 16, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Jason Nassr he is a photographer in the Windsor/London/Toronto area. CAUTION!!! he is wanted in BC for sexual assult and is EXTREMELY VIOLENT he meets girls on a dating site called POF and signs them to his website GOHOTGIRLS.COM BE WARE. he has stalked and black mail MANY models and rips people off all the time! He is sueing the city for 5.5 million dollars because one of his previous models reported him to the police and he black mailed her into telling the police she lied so he could then sue for ruining his reputation. Well he has done this to one to many models and he needs to be stopped. He has stalked and sexually assaulted multiple girls he photographed and every officer in the city knows who he is but he knows his way around the law so he gets away with it. Jason Nassr is very dangerous and neurotic please send this link to everyone you can he is very dangerous and because of the legalities of these situations unfortunately nothing can be done. If you are getting married or looking to start modeling PLEASE DONT HIRE HIM! HE IS A LUNATIC!

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Woodstock Douche

July 15, 2014 London-ON 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here we have Woodstocks finest douchebag. Trevor Freeman! Not only a liar, cheater, master manipulater that cant be with one women at a time, this ass clown had two chicks preggers at the same time. He uses facebook and dating sites to friend mulitpule chicks while hes in a relationship so he can cheat. Not a single word from this psychos mouth is true. He currently lives with this girl and her two kids but doesnt take care of his own.The master of pump and dump, this low life is the ultimate dead beat dad having never seen his kids. As far as i know he only has two but im sure after this post more will come out of the wood work. Hes a druggie, liar, cheater, who needs immedate mental help and a vasectomy before ge gets anyone else knocked up.

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Ree Zacharais

July 11, 2014 London-ON 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: This right here is the one and only Ree Zacharias. She works and fucks everyone at the whiteoaks walmart. She lost a lot of weight and thinks she’s hot shit now, no one and I mean no one wants to see the shit you post Ree. And your “photography” sucks, you have no talent, stop trying. This lunatic has a picture of her nipple in her house, fucked up much? Anyways she got separated from her husband and started doing every guy at walmart. Starting with Joseph, than Aaron, even Rod. But she recently hit an all time low. She started sleeping with her best friends husband Kevin. Kevin then left his wife and KIDS, to be with this nasty human being. Ree you’re old, saggy and nasty no one wants to see you naked body online. You should be ashamed of yourself. Your son is going to see all the nasty stuff you post online.

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Pentland Sloot

July 8, 2014 London-ON 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: this is tina derose she loves to pick on little children and loves to make peoples lives hell i unfortunately have o see her everyday….she gets drunk and flashes all the kids and adults where we live…..she even went to the extemes of having sexon the slide where my 2 year old plays everyday….she had sex with a guy that she knew for 20 minutes in the splashpad park for a gram of weed this girl has some fine class she has given guys drds and claims that it wasnt from her she doesnt feel condoms are necessary…..she also has sex in the laundry room of the buildings and the gym room…..she may look good guys but the guy that she had sex with in the splashpad park she says raped her but still talks to him…..yup hes just as dumb as her……she even let guys at the skate park to have sex with her for beer then when they were done with her she let them piss all over her …….thought i let u guys know becareful of this girl you may get a rape charge or some kind of drd….i still have to look at from my apartment window so u guys are lucky u only get a pic to look at

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Wife Beating Goof

July 7, 2014 London-ON 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, on June 28 th ,2014 , this wife beating goof MIKE KROLL ,(his wife is 52 , 5’2″ and weights 140 pounds) punched his ex wife in the back of the head …knocking her down , then boot fuc*ed her ( at least 15-20 times )in the back , legs and tailbone with Harley Davidson Bike Boots on. (MIKE KROLL is 45 , 6’2″ and weights 200 pounds) All because she returned his dog to him because she had plans , having to look after the pup upset his plans on meeting another married skank he met on POF. MIKE KROLL has herpes due to having unprotected sex with everyone . Now to the point he can’t get it up without a pill. To all you LUCKY WOMEN out there that have been with him…see a doctor.

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London Strippers

June 18, 2014 London-ON 81

THE DIRTY ARMY: These are London’s dirty stripper they strip at solids and goldfiggers they will give head and fuck for a buck they will spread drd and give ou drd they will also suck sick to feed their coke addiction stay away from these ladies unless you want drd!

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Desperate Housewife Cally Pearce

June 16, 2014 London-ON 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Cally Pearce is a homewrecker and the whore of London Ontario! I found this picture on my boyfriends phone of her giving him head and London should be warned that she has no shame! Apparently she is in a relationship of her own but is getting bored and needs some excitement in her life. There are many more pictures of both of them that are on there including her snorting coke off his dick which is her preferred method of payment. Home wrecker and drug user all rolled into one! Be warned if you see this whore around as I confronted her myself and she doesn’t care who she hurts. I asked my boyfriend where he found this man and he said backpage, under “Lonely Housewife” selling her body for fun, drugs and cheap thrills. She can be found on facebook under Cally Pearce.

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London’s Bri Bucknell

June 16, 2014 London, London-ON 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Bri bucknell a huge party girl and total local slut she can’t seem to keep her legs closed jumping from guy to guy Being a recent ex of hers she even cheated on me! Who’s to know who else she’s sleeping with. She claims to have a boyfriend but who knows what\’s on store for him. Here is his fair warning! If you know this London whore, keep your distance.

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