London-ON | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Cheating Couple

August 25, 2014 London-ON 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik these lowlifes came to me as friends telling me they needed money for linda for her operation she said that she had cancer and needed 2000 dollers for her teeth i loaned it to her and her husband sluger and they blew it on beer and crap they never paid me anything i had cancer and felt sad for her she took total advantage of me she even slept with my friend rick while her husband was working she would come over after he went to work and sleep with rick what a slut sluger drinks so much i dont think he even knows about it great couple they always live of everyone else and collect welfare while he works under the table roofing a real class act

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Taylor Clark

August 25, 2014 London-ON 208



THE DIRTY ARMY: Taylor Clark she’s a dirt ball that’s lost a kid do to her drug use and had a kid that’s slow and cause she did drugs and drank well she was pregnant she don’t learn her less still sleeping around like a dirt ball don’t care who it is she sleeps with can be a meth head crack head and she still suck u and fck u just like her sister and her druggie mom that takes all there money and uses it on drugs instead her kid that’s slow and needed all her can get can’t afford dippers cause she rather drink do drugs and go to Chatham or London bars she jumps back and forth from Chatham to London to fck different guys she has on the hook that pay for her kid like Dashawn in Chatham that her kid thinks is his real dad and isn’t and he don’t even want anything to do with the kid cause she’s so fuked her real baby daddy is in jail for touching kids cause that’s the type guys she’s attacks she dose cock shoots morphs and oxy like Her mom and sister the hole family is just one big fuck up

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Dirty Casanova

August 22, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 150

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Dwayne Blackwood is jus out to find dumb girls and try to have them them fuck and suck or start striping to get them into the game. He tricks them into thinking he likes them wen really his motivation it to have them sell their pussy. He fucks with girls heads. He has more then one on the go girls you think you’re the only one your not. Lol go get checked cuz he has given my fren drds.

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Amanda Drama Queen Clarke

August 15, 2014 London-ON 402

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is Amanda Clarke everyone in London knows who this bitch is she is drama queen who loves drama and even turns on her own friends. is a horrible mother who lets the whole complex look after her kids tries to make people think she is some skinny girl but its over 300lbs she sits on Facebook looking for a way to start drama anyway she can. Tells lies upon lies fabricates all her photos lures men and gives them herpes, chlamydia ect. Also likes to name drop to make herself sound big and tough when in reality cant fight her way out of a paper bag. men in London should beware and so should women as she acts like your friend and plays the victim to get what she wants. Nik put this sloot on blast

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Lana Mathers

August 14, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Lana Mathers of Sarnia, Ontario, she is the dirtiest slutbag drug addicted whore in town, she is a stripper at triple play and will sleep with anyone for fetenayl, she had a kid who she does drugs around all the time and smokes it in front of him, she thinks that being on the other side of the room is good enough…she’s posted slutty pictures with her kid on her lap, and she’s cheated on her boyfriend with many guys/girls, and her teeth are literally green from not brushing and smoking drugs it’s disgusting! She said her own dad shot up drugs in his dick, like wtf? This girl is disgusting and I’d advise that nobody even be of arms length of this dirty hoe

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Sarah Elizabeth Herdman

August 12, 2014 Kingston, London-ON 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dirty Army, please meet Sarah Elizabeth Sherdman of Ontario. She came out to Edmonton at the end of May to visit her best friend who just had a baby.. she also met up with my ex boyfriend who is also her ex boyfriend from 7 years ago. Let just say, he brought her back to his place and she ended up on all fours bent over naked on his bed. Did I forget to mention that she had a boyfriend named Phil back home at the time? I guess she isn’t dating him anymore so she really doesn’t have any reason to worry about this getting back to him. Don’t get me wrong, she’s pretty on the eyes but this is karma and these are the consequences for playing around with a taken man. She runs a very very successful company with her father and I know image and reputation is everything. I found out about all this last night so I’ve included SOME screenshots of messages from my ex boyfriend and his friend describing what went down and also SOME screenshots of Facebook messages she sent to him right after. Sorry Sarah, he doesn’t give a fck about you.. or that’s what he’s telling me lol. Enjoy Ontario!

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The Sloot From Hell Revision

August 6, 2014 London-ON 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: CAUTION: Crater Face Kristin Wasylenko aka the sloot from hell, Hasn’t changed since she was posted back in 2011, if anything, shes gotten worse. After leaving her 10th or so “victim” Last summer June 2013, she decided to come to Ontario and make her rounds. In the 12 Months that she spent in Ontario she accumulated another 9 or so “victims” then fled back out west to a new victim, or rather, back to her first. Kristin doesn’t have friends, family or boyfriends, they all end up being one of her victims.. How? Because she uses anyone and everyone for anything and everything. Be it Money, shelter, food, gas, sex, drugs, phone, and internet you name it. If you have something she wants, she will pretend to be your best friend or girl friend to get it,.. And shes still dragging her son along for the ride, leaving him where ever there’s a wifi signal so she can go off and get wasted on someone else’s dollar! While in Ontario she constantly used her son, lies, guilt trips & sob stories to get people to feel sorry for & “help” her, faked a pregnancy or 4, Cried raped when she got dumped, non stop slanders, threatens & harasses anyone who disagrees with her or doesn’t give her what she wants and the ungrateful bitch never says thank you & then looses her mind when ppl get tired of her bs. Shes been diagnosed with mental issues but rather than take her meds as prescribed, she self medicates on booze, pills, weed, & crack, ON top of her double & triple doses of her prescriptions!

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Heartless Human

July 31, 2014 London-ON 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! I didn’t know I would be submitting another post so soon!! A few days ago, an elderly woman accidentally reversed her Monte Carlo into the entrance of a Costco here in London, Ontario. It killed a beautiful little 6 year old names Addison Hall, also injuring her 3 year old sister and their 8 month pregnant mother. The mother underwent an emergeny c section, and the 3 year old has just been listed as stable condition. It also injured a few other people. Anyways, Costco said they would be matching funds that have already been raised to help the family in this very difficult time. I believe people have already raise close to $27,000 which is remarkable. I saw this and my heart sank. How could someone be so cruel? Ive included a picture, of this heartless bitch. Please blast her Nik, much love to you and your two ladies <3

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