London’s Bri Bucknell

June 16, 2014 London, London-ON 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Bri bucknell a huge party girl and total local slut she can’t seem to keep her legs closed jumping from guy to guy Being a recent ex of hers she even cheated on me! Who’s to know who else she’s sleeping with. She claims to have a boyfriend but who knows what\’s on store for him. Here is his fair warning! If you know this London whore, keep your distance.

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Spineless woman abuser

June 13, 2014 London-ON 62

THE DIRTY ARMY: Paul cadman is a woman an child abuser. He has no life. He talks nothing but trash bout every1 to every1. Him an his crack head gf r putting down children an girls just 4 fun. They are both ugly pathetic low life losers. Paul can’t even take care of his own. Or himself 4 that matter. He’s a disgusting pig who will fuck anything that gives him time of day. He’s just a dirty creeper.

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Biggest Sloot in Chatham

June 12, 2014 London-ON 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: She’s already been posted once so I’m sure you’ve heard half of it. I caught her ucking my best friend after she was supposed to be with me for 3 months after I left her she came to a party I was at and let 4 of my boys gang bang her. She’s constantly on drugs if you don’t give her something to get high on she will f*ck the next man for her fix. She’s been a dirty hooker for over a year works at leos, alley Katz and studio 4. She can’t dance and this rachete could really use a tooth brush I wouldn\’t even kiss her the hole time I was with this broad, she photo shops everything so when I started talking to her on a dating site I thought she looked a lot different, she playd like she was sweet until I seen all the dirty stuff in her phone and found her on my boy! This trailer trash cum dumpster would have had a couple kids by now but uses abortions to stop it like it\’s some kind of birth control she refuses to have children cuz she has w*arts and drd. Before I left her on the curb where this trick belongs she had a huge out break on her face I hurled. I’ve never been so disgusted in my life I would rather fuck a hole in the ground then hit this again I wouldn’t even hit it with someone else’s dick. I bet your parents are proud. No joke dudes this is a warning your dick will probably fall of if you touch her unprotected. And bring a nose plug you’ll need it well you slide in the gaping hole between her legs.

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Hard Up Quinville

June 11, 2014 London-ON 80

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessica Quinville is the biggest slut around. Sells any part of her body she can. She goes to hotel rooms with strange men for money. She gets money from anyone she can. When her girlfriends get boyfriends she does anything she can to come between that including trying to destroy your life. She talks bad about every person she talks too. She goes on plent of fish and fcks a different guy every couple days!!! She does absolutely nothing with her 8 year old. She rolls her eyes at him an is nothing more than annoyed. She keeps him in his room so often you wouldn’t even know he’s there! She only has him for money from his dad whom she’s black mailing because she’s fuckn him too. She sucks a guy off to get anything done. Offers it like it’s no big deal to pay with a blow job. She looks like a tall lanky teenage boy struggling with puberty. She’s nothing but a whore using and manipulating everyone and everything in her path.

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Jenny Temple. Aka KC Jane

June 11, 2014 London-ON 208


THE DIRTY ARMY: Jenn temple gives head to her own daughters man. Chsrges Matt Calcutt not once but twice. Gets mad when I don\’t see him hit her so refuse to lie. Then Matt finds a memory card with Jenn temple having Eli their bulldog eating her cunt like total mow down and pulls out her tampon to eat it. Then she stops to put it in the toilet and flushes. She admits in her own words to this and refuses to deal. She lived at 333 Wellington rd in London Matt Calcutt stole her belongings she says chsrges him with it then tries to drop his chsrges by accusing me. Lol. Then she goes can calls me an informer cause I broke a cops nose when 6 cops came into my home without a warrant while I was sleeping. If I was what she says I am then why did I have to go through the diversion program attend anger management and be good for 12 mths or all chsrges come back. She posts that my car moves cause the sticker is old takes pics of it. Who\’s the rat. Then she posts bullshit on her about me can\’t handle people I don\’t even know r defending me cause they know she sounds crazy. She put herself in the crazy ward. Matt Calcutt who she chsrged twice took her back. He who loves to rob people is an actual crack head and she calls me one when I\’ve been clean 10 yrs next mth. Yeah I do a line some time. That\’s a far cry from fcking guys on webcam doing fang bangs unprotected posted them without proper security and fuked her dog. She insults me and says shit thst is 10 yrs old cause she can\’t just grow up and admit u fuked ur dog Eli. We all know it Matt puked enough and cried how u molested his dog. Say whst u want Jenn. U r always going to be a 46 year old washed out rotted toothed nasty bitch who when u had a 5 bdrm house and ur mom had no place and was on dialysis made her stay at the Sal army shelter cause u didn\’t care to take care of her. She died as soon as she had a place of her own to do it in. Call me what u want u r way worse then I could dream off

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POF Prowler

June 10, 2014 London-ON 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies beware.. chris toth is a liar and master manipulator.. hes constantly online on dating sites searching for young barely legal girls… hes pushing 40 & has nothing.. he cant even register a car in his name because of his extremely bad credit.. this is why he goes after young girls or young single moms.. uses them for a while till he gets bored and moves on to the next… the girl was with before me was still in high school (17) he was at least 35… he travels for pussy too.. says hes working but hes really off meeting girls from the internet… loser… builds fences and decks but owes his boss money lol just a low life his face needs to be out there and known…

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Liona Kitsune

May 29, 2014 London-ON 199

THE DIRTY ARMY: There is some serious karmatic payback. Liona always has insults for everyone and considers herself a important local “persona”. She is really just a clown in clown make up. All drug gossip and boyfriend drama aside she is a mean girl who told my sister that she was copying her look, for getting a script tattoo, really? She came to a party I went to may 24, 2014 and this is how she rolled in, face covered, claiming she was suffering from medication bloat, then got so drunk she rolled around on the floor in some weird intense sexual tension fight with a man who isnt her boyfriend. the reality is alot different then the highly edited instragram look she presents.

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Felicity Pilon

May 28, 2014 Herbert2z, London-ON 77



THE DIRTY ARMY: This backstabbing, 2 faced bitch is fcking crazy. She is probably out sucking some guys dick right now in a motel room or maybe in an alley downtown. She admits she hooks and seems pretty proud of it and wears minimal clothing which sometimes literally show her ass or vag. She uses the excuse that her dad raped her all her life for all the fucked up shit she does now. She’s proud of being an addict. Any time you see her, she’s fucked up. She has the most annoying voice and laugh that just makes you want to backhand her and tell her to STFU. She gives the “poor me” story any time you see her. Claims she has no where to go.. yet her mother has no problem with her going home. She “cuts” because sh\’s “addicted\” to it. Basically she wants everyone to know how fucked up she is so they can feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for all the people who have to deal with her shit. There\’s more but it would take hours to list all her crazy shit.his is moderator purposes only and will not be published

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