Not a Hot Mess

October 8, 2013 London-ON 57 9,951 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Amber Robert. The most pathetic excuse for a mother I have ever met. She has a three year old son and does c*ke and anything else she can get her hands on right infront of him! She brings random men home from the bar and lets them stay for as long as they like! She prides herself on having sex with drug dealers and tries way too hard to be sexy. YUCK! Major eye sore. She sleeps with other peoples boyfriends then laughs about it! CAS has been called on her several times and she keeps dodging the bullet. Her babydad even took their son away from her for 6 days of the week. She even got kicked off of welfare! HOW do you manage that? No one is her real friend because her “friends” came to me asking to post this up! Also, her whole body is COVERED in stretch marks! Get some cream! I don’t know why she thinks she is so hot, a hot mess at that but Im telling you, Amber Robert, you are NOT a hot mess! You’re just a mess!

I’m sensing a bit of sarcasm.- nik

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Who Is Michelle Love

October 4, 2013 Dirty Army Strong, London-ON 56 8,071 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Michelle Love. She is on twitter and is a cam model of course . All I know is that she is from London, ON. I want to know what the Dirty Army knew. She not bad looking and I would mind meeting her.

Her nose doesn’t look hot to me.- nik

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Watch Your Husbands

September 12, 2013 London-ON 56 7,969 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this gem of London Ontario is named Cally Pearce. Her specialties include dick hopping and cheating. But let’s not forget her other talents which include being a two faced bitch… too bad none of them are pretty! This girl looks like a straight up man! She used to be fat and overweight but has since lost some weight and thinks she is hot shit… too bad the man side of her is still showing, can’t hide that hunnie. Her other talents range from putting down 5 year old children cause she is jealous of the attention they get to taking their Christmas presents away cause the attention isn’t on her… Sorry sweetie kids are cute and your just not. She is also a homewrecker! She sleeps with married men and breaks families apart, and doesn’t even bat an eyelash cause it’s all in a days work for her! If a child isn’t crying & she isn’t in some husband’s dick sucking him off the day isn’t complete for Cally! If you see her please tell her she needs a shower, her bf told me she smells down there.

That’s a heavily padded top.- nik

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Sanford Pig

August 28, 2013 London-ON, Windsor 84 8,347 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this is Cree aka Christina Kennedy sanford buildings pig. she will fck n has fcked all the guys in that building plus she will fuk anyone for money or c*ke. She is a cop calling rat n plays like she is a classy girl. She is so poor she dont even own a matching bra n panty set lol. She thinks she look classy in this pic but really truth be told she looks like a pig with pringos n a ice capp. Her apt is so dirty the u smell her down in the looby wen u come in the buildin. She lives wit her mom n her moms bf n her bf n they hide in the apt doin c*ke n pills. She think she can do card readings n tell people their futures lmfao n she charges dumb asses to do it. She is 35 n looks like she is in her late 40′s all wrinkly n skin hangin from all the drugs she does. This dumb pig was couldnt even keep a kid in her belly cause drugs n alcohol. Her pssy hangs to her ass hole n her hole is so big that u could fit a basketball in it n she has never even had kids.

Pringles or ice cap, make a decision.- nik

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Steph Lefizzle

August 26, 2013 London-ON 34 10,098 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I introduce Steph Lefave. To be honest I’m surprised shes not on here already. Shes well known for sleeping around with anyone who will give it up to her and posting what she thinks are “great selfies” but are actually completely embarrassing terrible pictures. She used to be super fat but lost all her weight thanks to drugs and non-stop drinking. I guess it could also be one of the many drd’s she has. She loves to get drunk and cry about everything, especially anyone that has died. If someones died best believe she was all of a sudden their best friend! Can’t forget about her terrible eyebrows either! Sluttiest, manliest gal in London!

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Boner Steve

August 20, 2013 London-ON, Windsor 24 10,714 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: While browsing the DIRTBALLS of my city (London Ontario) on your site, I realized the grimiest of them all has avoided being exposed… until now. Steve Mcpherson is the sleaziest dirtbag residing in London to this day! He grew up in a farm town where he was educated in hick & animal language… to this day he has about 9 high school credits to his name. But he makes sure everyone knows that he is a “property manager” and has his own “landscaping business” If it comes out of his mouth, it’s a lie! He is as broke as they come, no car, no house, FINALLY HAS A JOB (after living off the government for years) but faught tooth & nail to avoid paying his measely $100 a month in child support… impressive! On top of being uneducated, he has the TINIEST penis out there! But don’t take my word for it, your free to see for yourself if you can get past his warts. This guy likes to put his hands on his women too and has a violent record a mile long… If he is not mooching off his current girlfriend, he is living with his mother and trolling the dating sites to see what other girl he can reel in & give his sob story too so she can support him. Don’t let his size fool you, this 6’3, 220 lbs cries at the drop of a hat (he’s probably crying right now reading this) I feel so sorry for you… NOT, EXPOSED!

High school peakers have nothing better to talk about.- nik

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Haili Smye

June 28, 2013 London-ON, Windsor 65 7,779 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik i would like to introduce you to haili smye ( haili young)..This Girl belongs on your site i am suprized she is not up here already! Haili talks shit about everyone even her own family!she claims shes a great mom and a solid person but really shes a bad parennt she only has visits with her kids because shes to inmature to own up to her responsibilities!! and shes far from solid because she trys to sleep with everyones man !!!! she needs a seriouse reality cheak ! she thinks shes top notch shit but really its all make up and cheap cloths from giant tiger and value village shes lives off the system and sells her self for extra money she will fuck any guy for mcdonalds or a free cab ride. shes the dirtest person in hamilton !!shes drd postive so men please keep it in your pants around her. Haili you need to grow up get a job and take care of your kids all you do is party and sleep with men for money get a life hunnie.

She looks like a natural on that pole, to bad nobody wants to look at her.- nik

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Toxic Hounds

May 23, 2013 London-ON 284 6,302 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, put these 2 fu@#ers on blast. They are the biggest douche bags in London, On. Here you have Paul Williams and Julie Jennings – the unstoppable tag team. Paul is the dirtiest of all homo’s in London. The guy is on every gay site possible for random sex: squirt, grindr, scruff, pof etc. Paul meets people in parks, behind buildings, anywhere possible for a good BJ or pounding. He has unprotected sex with all of them because he tells people he is allergic to latex? Unfortunately people believe him, therefore doesn’t use protection. The guys he meets up with (of all kinds, married, single, straight) he tells them he is discreet and doesn’t do it often and only been with a few – filthy fuking lie, that I promise. London boys watch out for him, he has been with over hundreds of men. He is a disgusting red head and colors his hair black who thinks he is hot shit. These two work together at a salon downtown – called Gingers Hair Salon on York and Talbot. They are rude, and talk about everyone, especially behind their own clients back – who provide them with funds to live. Julie is just a plan European flake who thrives off Paul’s life because she doesn’t have one of her own, she pretty much controls him or threatens to kick him out. Not only does she control Paul but her niece and nephew Stephanie and Shane as well, poor kids. Paul is known to dabble in cocaine and of course deny it. Paul will only let his clients pay in cash or cheque as he is hiding from the government. Stay away from these two and their salon, they are toxic blood hounds.

I’m surprised he has tan lines.- nik

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