Amy Is The Worst At Her Job

March 8, 2013 London, The Dirty 87



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I finally watched some of your favorite girl’s porn… and let me tell you, Amy Anderssen is the worst at doing that. She is so self conscious about her body, its very weird to watch her porn.  You can see in her mind, she is just stressing on how her butt and boobs are looking on camera.  I still can’t believe you will not admit that to you she is perfect and what you want all girls to look like.

Amy is beat, she is way over the top in the +2′s department. I could never see myself inside of her even if she paid me.- nik

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Holly Henderson Is Not Happy With You Nik

March 4, 2013 London, Newport, The Dirty 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Holly isn’t happy with her post on here! She’s blasted you on Twitter for pretending you’ve met her?! I don’t remember reading you saying that! This chick is crazy! She stages pap shots of herself then complains about the attention and hate she gets! She must love the fact she’s been posted on here and I think it’s time we give her a DC name! I’m thinking Double H or Moonface! Also thought I’d post more pics of her as a blonde as most of you preferred her like that!

Is this really the same chick???? What a bust! Holly, I have never claimed to meet you and judging from these images above… we probably never will. You look much too old (mustache looks smokey) to even be my female friend.- nik


Gorgeous Newport Beach Blonde

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Jeremy Clarkson Is A Racist Bastard

March 1, 2013 Hollywood, London, The Dirty 333

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Top Gear is a sh*tty show in England. No one gives a crap about the show unless they make racial slurs on national television. One of the co-host’s of Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson, made some stupid ironic comments about the Mexican culture. He stated that all Mexican’s are fat lazy slobs. That’s pretty ironic since he has a ugly fat daughter named Emily who’s pretty FAT! She has the saggy boobs and no ASS! She has no waist non-whatsoever, she looks like a cardboard box stuffed with English butter. She wears baggy clothes as if it’s going to hide the extra t*ts she got in her back side. She’s extremely ugly for an English girl. Emily doesn’t even wash her teeth. She has severe acne in her face and asshole.  She got a peanut face like her white trash of a dad. Probably has his “desperate for attention” personality as well since her dad makes a living making racist remarks. All I have to say is this girl doesn’t get laid at all.  I want to put her father and her on blast for being racist.

You must be Mexican.- nik

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It Is Almost Summer Time

March 1, 2013 London, The Dirty 89


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m excited for summer to be coming up.  Looking forward to all the hot pictures the Natural posts during that time.  Not going to lie, I actually like looking at her breasts when she is wearing clothing or a bikini.  Otherwise, I’m not a fan of the sag because they are getting worse.

I see cellulite on the Natural’s ass… looks like time aging is not her friend.- nik

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Sick English Bastards

February 28, 2013 London, The Dirty 180

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these specimens are Nicholas Solomon and Becky Suker from Bristol in the UK. The photos speak for themselves, they dressed up as the twin towers being hit by planes for a ‘Manhattan Party’ and laugh about it. This deserves to go viral to show the world just how sick these two are.

They must hate America.- nik

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Frog Earned It

February 28, 2013 Frog, London, Manchester, The Dirty 29


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, everyone thinks that Frog woke up one day and had the perfect godly sculpted body.  Well that is not true in this case.  Frog actually worked his ass off for that body, with a lot of hard dieting and many hours dedicate to working out and cardio.  I believe anyone can do this, but no one wants to work that hard these days.

No he didn’t… the amphibian cheated and stuck needles up his butt.- nik

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London’s One And Only

February 26, 2013 London 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is London’s one and only, I know this lady and have seen her with at least one new guy a week, her game is older men so they will take care of her. Her mother well she is in the public eye, this person I was with, with another person well more than once, girls even know about this person and they believe she is trash. If you give her time she will use you for your money…. I have seen her play a few older men for money, she is a escort and goes to school too. In the past year and a half while seeing guys she has work as a escort, guys get check out, she now lives on her own and has her clients over to her place. NICE guys be carefull she will use you.

Some old man needs to pony up for +2′s.- nik

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I Visioned She Would Be Your Ideal Women

February 24, 2013 London, The Dirty 95



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, when you posted Amy Anderssen I really thought you would say she is your perfect girl.  You always seem to want girls to get their nose done and get +2′s.  To me, this is what I visioned you visioned is perfect.  I think it is disgusting and she went way too big with those +8′s and way too much butt injections.

Your vision of my vision is way off. I couldn’t have sex with this even if you paid me $45 million.- nik

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