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British Model Emma Is The One For You

May 29, 2013 London, The Dirty 162

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think I could have found the one! What about British Model Emma? ITG, blonde, tanned, no +2′s but everything else is there? Had to see what the master sensei himself thinks.

I’m not a fan of her nose in the first image, but that could be the angle considering the second image. Tell me more.- nik

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I Am Pro Nik Richie From England

May 28, 2013 London, The Dirty 4


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m from the UK and I’ve been a fan of your site since I was 16, I’m now 18 and I have recently read your book and I think that people who think what you do is harming people is utter bullsh*t. Your site has helped me better myself into an attractive young woman which without I may not have blossomed into and lets face it, what you say about the people posted up is true, what IS attractive about an over-weight, overly tanned, loose moraled female? I think what you do has great potential for girls to better themselves and realise that being a drugged up satsuma will get you nowhere in life.

Everyone needs to read my book to fully understand life. I decided.- nik

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Crazy Muslims In London

May 24, 2013 London, The Dirty 145

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, did you see what the hell happened in London town?  These 2 muslims killed a soldier in the middle of the street by cutting his head off with a meat cleaver and then went to go talk about it.  Crazy people out there.

Brutal… but doesn’t really sound like a terrorist attack.- nik

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Can Rosie Break Into Hollywood

May 14, 2013 Hollywood, London, The Dirty 115

photo 1 copy


photo 3 copy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Rosie is a British import modeling and trying to act in Hollywood , she has the reputation for getting any guy she wants and the fellas always spend major bucks to keep her happy… how far do you see her making it here Hollywood?

I don’t understand her nipples? Must be an English thing.- nik

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Hot Bi-Sexual Party Crasher

May 13, 2013 London, Toronto 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was at a house party outside Toronto sipping on a brew when this girl named Holly Faras walked in with one of her t*ts hanging out and her thong string showing. She had a British accent because she’s from London but was so drunk that no one had a clue what she was babbling about. Anyway, she tried to kiss me a bunch of times and I rejected her because I have a girlfriend, but then she turned on the girls. She tried to get the girls to drink more and more and kept saying to them “we should make out hahah” as if it was a joke, but she clearly wanted it. I’ve never seen a sl*t so dripping and desperate.

Good to know just incase she attacks me when I visit Toronto.- nik

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Royal Boob Overspill

May 9, 2013 London 0

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I had to bring this to your attention.  I can’t tell if that is her boob or part of her armpit.  Need your expertise on this one.

Maybe she is growing hair like a French? Kate needs to stop hiding the belly and let that thing pop like Kim Kardashian.- nik

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Worthy Of Being A DC

April 26, 2013 London 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, do you think Eleanor is worthy of becoming a DC? I saw someone shoot the name ‘Fist Test’ into the comments section of her insane ITG article but she seems like so much more.  I find myself asking if I would still think she is hot if ITG wasn’t such a big hit right now.  I mean, she really isn’t anything special.

Yeah, she is pretty beat. Without her ITG she is a normal girl.- nik


Talk About An Insane ITG

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What Do You Think Of Zoella

April 24, 2013 London 106

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this girl is a Youtube “beauty guru”. She makes money by talking to her camera about the stuff she buys. She seems to be pretty full of herself, as she’s always posting pictures of herself and drawing attention to people who tell her she’s pretty. She’s from England and definitely looks like it. I’m thinking it might just be the English dudes that find her hot. So I want to know.. what do you think?

Her smile reminds me of Batman’s enemy. She is a 5.8892881.- nik

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