Loose Cougar

April 14, 2014 Long Beach 0 5,874 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this c*m-bag, Janette can be found on Craigslist seeking sex with couples, men, women, whatever! I recently found out that my husband found her on CL and had sex with her. I wasn’t very happy about it, but now she’s claiming that my husband is blackmailing her by claiming that he will post her naked pictures on CL if she doesn’t sleep with him. Well, trust me, he will not be contacting her any longer as we have a lot to work out. AND, hunny, it’s not black mail if you post pictures of your own flabby tits and vagina on CL yourself. Ladies watch out and watch your men, this skank loves sex and she may try coming after your man next!

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Catarina Is The Hottest Girl In Long Beach

March 26, 2014 Long Beach, The Dirty 60 94,182 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my bro Adrian and myself were tight in high school, when we graduated, his little sister was promoting 8th grade. Well fast forward 4 years, we decide to ball for ole times sake. I drive up and to find little sister who is now sexy 18 year old.  Thoughts?

I don’t see anything illegal about about it (besides her Mexican tattoo).- nik

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Easy in Long Beach

March 19, 2014 Long Beach 4 10,148 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is the biggest slut you will ever meet. She sleeps around with guys that have girlfriends. Once she has them, she leaves them and moves on to the next. Doesn’t work, and tries to find a guy to take care of her by using him. If she is not satisfied, she moves on to tje next. Golddigging bitch. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. I mean, she has a kid, yet she is always out drinking and messing around with different guys.I guess that pays the bills.

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Kristina Djiga Is By Far One Of The Worst People

March 18, 2014 Long Beach, The Dirty 52 103,155 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Kristina Djiga is by far one of the biggest and cheapest wh*res of all time.  She has been for the past year and half traveling all over the world banging men who will pay for her flight and room stay. She used to sleep with some old guy in New York in the most disgusting place of all time. Then she moved to LA for a short time where I’ve heard she pissed of the wrong people and now she has been traveling all over from one guy to the next. For a girl who can be a high end escort she has sold herself for pennies. Her going rate is less than $1000 and she will f*ck the first guy who pays for her flights or room or clothes. This big slut who’s known for being a major coke head and big screamer in bed is no angel.

All I see is the mole.- nik

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Madzilla aka Horsezilla

March 6, 2014 Long Beach, Los Angeles 3 5,936 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: how much plastic surgery does this girl have the tits are fake forsure Im thinking the ass is too but Im not sure ? I saw this girl at a strip club offered her 500 for a private sesh and she was down looked her up after and found out that she has a huge fallowing and then i came up on these older pictures of her and was immediately turned off by the horse face she used to have. Anyways later found out that this girl is fucking her way to the top she doesn’t seem to be getting very far if shes still working as a stripper.

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Bad Boris Is Bad Business

February 26, 2014 Long Beach, The Dirty 32 99,422 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I really hope you post this, as I’ve been researching the subject for a few months to get details! I bought a Fiat 500 last year, love the car, and as you can see from the pic, at least somebody in Fiat’s advertising department get’s it! I’ve lived in and around Long Beach for years, and this guy, goes by Bad Boris, has always been a 30k Milli with little mans syndrome. Typical Megalomaniac!  He used to think he was a big shot because he could go behind the bar at a couple spots and pour his own drinks, but also is known for dropping GHB in the occasional drink. He’s been posted on datingpschycos but things have gotten worse!

Now he has a shop for the Fiat, that is supposed to be the “biggest” of it’s kind. Well it didn’t make sense to me because I remember him being a vacuum salesman. I went into the shop and when I saw him there, asked about him, found out he is the owner. Being that I was in the market for parts for my car, I wanted to do some research before handing over my money! Turns out his business is just as shady as you’d expect. First off they have signs posted outside saying ASC Certified, when I asked… they aren’t, HUGE LIE. Next I found out that TWO customers of theirs had wheels installed by them, and the wheels FELL OFF when they were driving home! I have names of the two people! One was with his young son and it happen on the freeway, now his son is so scared he won’t get in the car anymore! Yet another customer had a brake rotor installed, and sure enough, as he got on the freeway, the rotor snapped in half!! Please don’t spend your money at his place, you are just encouraging his craziness. If he’s ok with dropping GHB in drinks, who says he’s not going to drop sugar cubes in your gas tank? I even ran across one of his old employees, he said the place has gone through almost 100 employees in the last 4 years… for a 10 man operation!!! Good Lord! Please post this, I love cars, Long Beach, and good business, and this guy needs to finally be shut up!!

Even Fiat corporate knows ITG sells cars.- nik

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Alix Breslers abuse of Mother with Cancer

February 21, 2014 Atlanta, Long Beach 6 8,253 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Again Alix bresler is topic but this is the worst yet you may see her love she acts to her cancer mom but in reality she cusses her out tells her to *** chemo brain and so much worse along with the fraud she does police need to get her off the streets ASAP even her best friend known as infamouslywill stopped hanging around her recently she is fake and a horrible user poor mom having to deal with her

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Alexandra Peirce And Her Brother Garrett Peirce

January 8, 2014 Long Beach, The Dirty 70 93,474 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here are Alexandra and her little brother Garrett Peirce with their not so respectable partners. I don’t think the world understands the gravity of the situation with these two idiots and their selfish ways and the way they hide behind mommy and daddy’s money.  Alexandra is nothing but a gold digging money hungry bitch and Garrett, well, after you put his ass on blast a couple of years ago and he realized mommy and daddy can’t protect him over the Internet, he decided to join the Marine Corps as a Lieutenant and hide behind his rank.  This guy is a joke. His sister is a joke and so are their parents.  Every time someone confronts Alexandra about her racist ways, she goes on a full blown tantrum and deletes and blocks the comments and the people. You are the only person who will not stand for her bullsh*t fake censorship.

All I see is 4 dudes.- nik

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