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Pimping Several Women

August 28, 2014 Dirty Business, Hollywood, Long Beach, The Dirty 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this narcissist is a total loser. First off Marcus Sanchez is really 42 years old and lives on a futon in his uncles rent control apartment.  He is dating a Brazilian Gremlin Hooker. More Gremlins! More Gremlins! Long Time ago Called Marcus Sanchez Carpet Cleaners Company and he is a pure thief in Long Beach, California.  I called on an ad on craigslist, he had good prices and I told him I was going to the store, came back and he stole all my DVDs and some camera equipment, searching for this guy now, BEWARE, he comes in a beat up BMW.

People still use DVDs?- nik

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My Slooty Soon to be Ex Wife

June 16, 2014 Long Beach 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: My soon to be slutty ex wife Ruby, who likes getting compliments from strangers , and rude sexual talk, from strangers ,bikers, whoever. Just not someone who loves her. Her dream is to be in the middle of a four way with the lowest life bikers you can find, Honest!!

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Joe Rya the drama queen

May 22, 2014 Long Beach 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl, shemale, is worse than most girls I know. He spreads false rumors and comes on the dirty DAILY and keeps random people updated on who has been posted. You need to worry about your own broke ass life and stop going to te hermosa beach bars!!! Everyone knows how crazily, unintelligent, and stupid you are. Move on!!!

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Black Bomba’s thigh gap

May 22, 2014 Long Beach 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: iS this photoshop or real life

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Her Hands

May 13, 2014 Long Beach, Los Angeles 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: This chick thinks she is so hot, and I guess she is a model. But with hands of a man why would anyone hire her? I suppose her hand’s match her handsome face.

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Baby Abuser

May 13, 2014 Long Beach, Seattle 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is chrystal cleer real name chrystal Ashley Nelson hiphop world star wanna be bad girl. Just got out of jail for dui and coke charges. She is 27 with nothing but a decent face and a poorly done rack. Large GAP between her cheap boob job. She has a son who she doesn’t take care of she abuses her son when he doesn’t say I love you back (he is only 2) . She ie crazy obsessed with her baby daddy who she hasn’t let see his son in months! Married to a 50 something year old white man who pays other strippers in town. Does coke and gang bangs on a regular. Homeless careless and will Fuck anything with a little a money just to keep some smoke and coke. !! She needs to have her son took and her ass beat. Watch Out For The Possessed Coke Head Milf Who trays to strip but gets kicked out of every club for having sex in the back she is a disgrace

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Loose Cougar

April 14, 2014 Long Beach 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this c*m-bag, Janette can be found on Craigslist seeking sex with couples, men, women, whatever! I recently found out that my husband found her on CL and had sex with her. I wasn’t very happy about it, but now she’s claiming that my husband is blackmailing her by claiming that he will post her naked pictures on CL if she doesn’t sleep with him. Well, trust me, he will not be contacting her any longer as we have a lot to work out. AND, hunny, it’s not black mail if you post pictures of your own flabby tits and vagina on CL yourself. Ladies watch out and watch your men, this skank loves sex and she may try coming after your man next!

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Catarina Is The Hottest Girl In Long Beach

March 26, 2014 Long Beach, The Dirty 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my bro Adrian and myself were tight in high school, when we graduated, his little sister was promoting 8th grade. Well fast forward 4 years, we decide to ball for ole times sake. I drive up and to find little sister who is now sexy 18 year old.  Thoughts?

I don’t see anything illegal about about it (besides her Mexican tattoo).- nik

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