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Adios Puta

November 20, 2014 Los Angeles 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Uno, dos, tres how many senors’ has Jeanette el sexo? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? The world may never know the answers to these questions. While I am waiting in the doctors office spending more money on this puta I decided I just don’t want any other dude to sit in this same spot and this feels way better then when she sat on me. So before you stick your tootsie roll in her moldy taco you have been WARNED! She claims to keep it 100, let me explain what she means by 100. She has 100 dudes in 100 different area codes. Her ass is 100 pounds. She loves $100 bills and has spread her legs 100 times for them. She takes 100 selfies a day to try and make herself look 100 pounds. Oh and she loves music, rap mainly. “Does Jeanettes boobs hang low do they wobble to the flo` can you tie em` in a knot can you tie` em in a bow? Does Jeanettes boobs hang low?” YES THEY DO! Her secret is Victorias Secret. So if this troll decides to “like” one of your photos I highly suggest you get antibiotics for you and your computer. They call this website The Dirty for a reason… to let the world know the dirt on those dirty ass hoes like this one. Gotta go my name was just called and this will be the last $20 I spend on this puta. My dick already feels better.

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Jones Day lawyer does not pay bills

November 18, 2014 Los Angeles, San Jose 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Scott Schwind is one of those blood sucking twerps that is use to getting the upper hand on his environment. Scott has no compassion for the small guy which sums up most of the houston working class. Scott has neglected to pay $5000 for services rendered at his 1+ million dollar home in river oaks. The man has gone as far as implementing restraining orders just so he won’t pay. Let’s teach this dirt bag a lesson…. The rich keep trying to take from the poor and this guy could serve as the ambassador. He is a UT alumni and by no means is he representing his alma mater with integrity. Guys like this should be buried with a dollar bill stuffed in his mouth…the contractor lost his home and now his parents are suffering major health problems resulting from this ass clown robbing us for $5000……contact jones day law firm in downtown and give this guy a piece of your mind if you we’re ever screwed over for money from one of these rich little dick tycoons. This pussy coward needs to get a reality check

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Professional Hollywood Crook

November 13, 2014 Hollywood, Los Angeles 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this idiot Perris Alexander, how to I begin and not waste my day talking about this faggot that wears makeup!? He is a fake producer in Hollywood. Lives with his parents in the basement and always tries to gather up pics of women and him at events so he can go home and jerk off to them. I’m not being mean, thats what he #@*R@ TOLD ME!!!! I couldn’t believe he said that to me. He says he has ways to make money and others he works with don’t get as good a deal, then offers me a job to do some work with him, I won’t go into it all but people and producers and especially FEMALES BEWARE. This one is a maniac. He talks forever and says nothing. Not legit at all in the industry, he is a spec on a rhino’s ass. And check out his face, he wears makeup big time especially around his eyes! He is sick and twisted. Drags his feet on things. Waste of time.

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Modesto’s Finest

November 11, 2014 Fresno, Los Angeles, Modesto 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this disgusting slore is Jessica Biehn. She’s located in Modesto and she’s one of the biggest whores known to man. She can’t keep a boyfriend because she’d rather do “designer drugs” witch are basically any pills she can find to crush up and snort with her HUGE ass nostrils. Or she’s too busy trying to fuck the next best thing. Her friends all talk shit on how slutty she is, like the time she let someone sodomize her in the middle of a party with a foreign object. Or the time she cheated on her dude with a gay porn star. This chick is delusional and thinks that nobody knows about her prostitution habits. That’s what it’s called Jess, when you trade sex for food & shelter and dabs. Everyone knows to avoid this chick and her blown out brown ass hole, yes, it’s brown, scientists have discovered it’s either from never washing, or taking multiple brown dicks on a regular basis. Please somebody do us a favor and snatch this ho up and put her to work somewhere else in the country. She’d be perfect back in Vegas permanently working the strip. She just needs a pimp and spell check for her horrible tattoos that she traded pills to get. I know artists that won’t even let her into their shop because she tries to slang them pills out in the open lije she’s a queen pin or something. This ain’t scarface you dumb bitc, it’s a small town and everybody knows about you, now with the help of thedirty, maybe the world will jnow you are a huge waste of sperm and egg and your parents should have aborted you before you had a chance to hit puberty and become a huge cum dumpster. Your looks are fading fast sweetheart, how ever will you survive once everyone knows what a true pile of sweaty dog shit you really are? Get a life, get an aids test and for fucks sake, get a clue as to how desperate your life is and either go away or kill yo self already!

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Toto Hodge Romero

November 7, 2014 Los Angeles 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this man is a solid CROOK in LA. He uses people to get where he wants to go. He is ripping people off and using camera people and not paying them. He makes camera people take pictures for him and then never pays them or even says thank you. Says he\’s with some big modeling company. Called the modeling company. They have heard of him but he is NOT technically with them. He is another Hollywood fake! Run from this idiot. He will smile to your face while stabbing you in the back. He is sick and twisted on so many levels. Everything out of his mouth is a LIE!!! I’m not the only one I’m sure! He is ripping everyone off. FAKE MODEL!!!! He is very pursuasive and always says he has to go. Never giving anyone enough time to see through his BS. He comes quick and runs off after he gets what he needs. He is totally fake people. Do not let him work with you. YOU ARE WARNED!!!

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Whats Her Secret

November 4, 2014 Los Angeles, Toronto 74

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik – this is sky taylor im really confused about her occupation or if she even has one. this girl is always in new clothes purses shoes hair styles that cost large amounts of money and id like to know how she does it .. she wears $800 reading glasses and claims her health insurance covered it.. EVERYONE knows health insurance doesnt cover $800 for glasses and i think her lips and nose r fake but she never has to go to work . i think she has a go pro .. i heard she was spotted with gregory soros a few months back while she was in a relationship with someone else .. if its true how did she do it?? any ideas?? i want in!!

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Beachside Sober Living

November 3, 2014 Los Angeles, Malibu 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Malibu Beachside Sober Living is a “sober” living where drug addicts go to avoid losing their inheritance owned by Andrew Swift (aka Swifty) and Matthew Hill. The website claims to offer a variety of services Malibu Beachside does not actually employ, including daily goals, morning mediation, and job placement. Don’t feel cheated, though, because it also provides a lot of experiences it doesn’t advertise. While someone shoots heroin in the room next to you, you will be evicted without cause in the middle of the night. You will be exploited sexually and slandered around town by the very people you turned to for help. And when you are gone, Swifty will personally honor you by opening your mail and reading bank statements aloud to clients he forbids contact to. A shared room costs $4,500 but if you don’t have the cash, no problem! Swifty has a list of contacts he will gladly provide of people in the valley you are encouraged to sleep with to make rent. But that’s not all! Swifty has recently relapsed on a prescription of dilaudid given to him after his hair transplant surgery, so it’s just going to get better! Don’t believe me? Move in to Malibu Beachside Sober Living today and see for yourself.

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Save yourself some trouble

October 31, 2014 Los Angeles 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: her name is Julia Price. Her boyfriend broke up with her because she hacked his email and Facebook. That’s when it hit the fan. Not only did she start harassing him, she gave out his phone number and people started calling and threatening his kids. I heard thru a source the Dr. Phil show refused to help her. All she wanted was him to make her boyfriend get back together. She then started going into groups, one I was member in, ranting and raving. Blaming him for her kids being taken away from her. Which was actually because she said she was going to kill herself. Then come to find out, she still had the kids. I heard from someone she sent a real inappropriate text to his teenage daughter. The boyfriend had to change all his numbers, emails, and make a new FB account. She may look sweet and innocent but she is not. She made 20 minute video and sent it to him. He got to the point where he had to consult an attorney and find out what he should do, Don’t let the sweet smile fool you. She has admitted having mental issues.

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