Confidence Man Jeffery Quick

April 16, 2014 Los Angeles 0 8,109 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, just wanted to put this kid on blast for being the must untrustworthy individual to ever walk this earth. His name is Jeffery Quick (aka Jay Johnson, AKA J. Johnson, AKA Sosa, AKA Jeff Quick) This low-life goes around faking emergencies and pleading for his (FORMER) fraternity brothers and friends to wire him 20-30-40$ so he can get home from Binghamton/Syracuse/Buffalo/Albany/NYC. Sob story ensues about wallet stolen (lie), stuck far from home (lie), “you’re my only hope” (lie). After a quick (no pun intended) weekend of piecing this puzzle together we surmise he got up to 3,500 from us (more likely around $350). A couple of us are DA strong so we thought it would be good to blast this fool. We want all future employers, girlfriends, associates, and internet users to have THIS ARTICLE pop up first for this scumbags name in Google. Employers: He got a nursing degree from SUNY Brockport (for verification). He is untrustworthy, he steals, he lies, he manipulates, he does not care. While we hope he gets the proper attention (most likely drug-related) enough is enough for us. This kid once called the cops on 4 different people while on a Xanny binge, claiming they stole his wallet, disowning them, threatening to kill them. He found the wallet a day later, where his immature, temper tantrum havin’ ass threw it. NEW YORK, WATCH OUT FOR THIS DEGENERATE HAILING FROM SYRACUSE. THE PEOPLE WHO FOUGHT FOR, BLED FOR, AND PROTECTED HIM AREN’T ANYMORE.


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I Think Its a Man

April 16, 2014 Los Angeles 1 9,125 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This chick on IG by the name sannasalou posts a million selfies. I think she’s a he. I asked and she blocked me. This is a photo I found on her boyfriends page. Also, anyone notice the photoshop fail besides me??

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Homeless Regina Maria Venta Revision

April 14, 2014 Los Angeles 0 6,815 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: aye nik, all her new friends think that the old man was her uncle but she totally in love with the old man and her lesbian ex girlfriend!! Her new boo is so dumb he believes its her uncle. That’s some incest shit. This bitch is so gross I wouldn’t eat her pusy, I think she gets off wishing it was her uncle. daddy issues. She could be a new MTV show with her lesbian pornstar best friend and guido boyfriend.

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Homeless Regina Maria Venta

April 11, 2014 Los Angeles 5 6,840 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Regina Maria Venta. She is 18 and from Wyoming. She drove 11 hours to Cali to be a Cali Girl and live a party life about a month ago and moved in with a 52 year old man she met off Seeking Arrangement. This bitch has no job and doesn’t go to school and just takes selfies on the couch and trashes peoples homes. She’s been having vanilla sex with an old dude for rent and a few other dudes she meets from parties. She loves to brag about how she made the old dude’s girlfriend bounce when she arrived and moved in with him. Also, I found out yesterday that she got kicked out of the dude’s house cause she got caught doing sleazy shit and now moved in to her new 22 year old boyfriend’s pad (who she’d been having sex with while fuking the other guy) who has no idea that she and her friend Brianna (who has a boyfriend) drove to Hollywood to shoot a few hours of porno for some cash, and that she’s continuously messaging other guys to meet on her social media. This girl has no morals, no education whatsoever, and claims she’s a proud psycho!

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Mareque Johnson is MsFoxxxy

April 11, 2014 Los Angeles, San Bernardino 5 7,044 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Want to introduce another camsloot from myfreecams name MsFoxxxy. Her real name is Mareque Johnson and she also goes by Candice because that’s her middle name. She was engaged to this guy for 2 years and and they were getting married in June of this year. They went on a budget for the wedding and she found a sugar daddy named Peter Cunningham, a notorious Hollywood scammer. She goes on dates with her members, sleeps with them, and when they run out of money she stops talking to them. When her fiance’ found out she was camming, he told her to quit and she started sleeping with sugar daddies instead on seekingarrangement, including Peter. I’ve included her myfreecams profile, her facebook page, and twitter, as well as Peter’s instagram. Stay far away from both these scammers. And stay far away from this girl. She’s bad news and toxic. Moral of the story…don’t get involved with a cam girl. They’re soulless and toxic and will take you for all your money and don’t give a damn about you or anyone else in their life, as long as they get paid. Run from Mareque Johnson. Run from MsFoxxxy

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Jonnie Houston puts the HO In Hospitality

April 10, 2014 Los Angeles 7 9,999 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik – This is Jonnie Houston. Owner of Houston Hospitality & the hottest bars in Los Angeles. He has had a girlfriend for AT LEAST two years but little does she know, he’s sleeping with half of Hollywood on the side! He tells girls that him & his girlfriend are on the “outs”..reeling them with romantic words and empty promises so the girls hook up with him. Thanks to his girlfriend being a social media queen, we can see that this two-timing fool will even text his lovers when he’s out on the town as they’re at dinner. Here’s to you Jonnie, we hope you’r babe of a girlfriend gets wind of this and puts your ass on the curb with the rest of the trash where it belongs.

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Elizabeth Lawrence aka Shyanne

April 9, 2014 Los Angeles, San Bernardino 0 6,132 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Spearmint Rhino Rialto veteran serious almost 14 years bitch is to high to rock the pole now and her body’s showing it. She no longer works at the rhino but word on the streets is she’s at flesh in San Bernardino so if you’d like to see an almost 40 something lazy pulled out stripper with the most beat up P***Y you will ever see or let alone smell if shes close enough. This girl has 3 kids 3 different fathers bounces from mobile home to travel trailer to sugar daddy to old fuck named K***N in the Devore area her real name is Elizabeth Lawrence she’s from the Redlands, Ca area has lived in highland east highland Redlands Yucaipa now the high desert area. As I sit here writing this I made some calls and confirmed that she does work at Flesh Club in San Bernardino, Ca and loves in Devore, Ca anyways go pay her a visit she accepts loose change her stage name is SHYANNE oh NIK you kick ass lol

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Shane Christopher Clarke Doesn’t want a Job

April 3, 2014 Los Angeles 0 7,524 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, trouble has always followed convicted felon Shane Christopher Clarke wherever he has gone. His latest post tells me he really really really doesn’t want a job in the future. I wonder if his graduate school knows about this post, or his MBA just another one of his lies?

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