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This is the new LA modeling Standard

June 24, 2014 Los Angeles 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl moved to LA to pursue her dreams of becoming a model. Nik, rate her, and tell us if she is your brunette? She just did a casting call for Fast and Furious. She’s been modeling for years, and has done major photo shoots. Her modeling company moved her to LA, so she could be the next Heidi. Personally I think she is beautiful!

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Stephanie Peterson

June 24, 2014 Los Angeles 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok NIK I have this girl Stephanie Peterson on my Facebook friend’s list and she work’s out so much. I’m talking about like 3 time’s a day and pre work out supplements she mentioned. I followed her to see her transformation, that’s always interesting! But this girl look’s the same if not worse she flexes showing her muscles but yet I see none.Maybe she does it to feel strong not for the appearance! She recently posted a picture at the lake in the ugliest one piece green bathing suit and you can see horrible stretch marks all down her thigh that’s disgusting. No muscle tone in her arms, Supposedly her breast are fake but I don’t know because her breast are saggy and small. In these other photo’s they speak for themselves! Nik how can a women work out that much and look that bad and fat doesn’t working out help with building gluts, shape, muscle tone? No change at all!Your good at answering these questions? And your opinion on her?

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Coasta The Stripper

June 24, 2014 Los Angeles 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK This is Costa real name Christina is what her profile say’s she is the most disgusting girl Ive ever came across! She’s a stripper in corona and all she does is talk about dick and wanting it in her ass.She’s with a different guy every night I guess her job makes it easy.She post Nasty graffic pictures and she is grossly fat she has to weigh at least 180-190. In these picture’s her fat ass stomach looks so gross and her belly button look’s like a Butt Hole. In her other picture bent over oh my God do you see all that nasty Cellulite I would k**l myself if I looked like that. Sad to say these are the least graffic picture’s I could find. She self admits she’s A Ratchet and love’s it! What an example for her kid’s yes I said kid’s she has a bunch. When she’s out stripping and having sex for money I can only hope someone is taking care of them! The life some poor children have to live. She recently posted video’s almost naked bent over shaking her ass as she so called it making it clap. NIK your opinion on this girl? This girl is so nasty I didn’t know if I could post the Ratchet picture’s as she would say.

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Hollywood Promoter Keaire Mims

June 23, 2014 Hollywood, Los Angeles 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi, I wanna tell about the promoter from Hollywood who´s name is Keaire Mims, called Kobe De Don. After a longer time when you think he is your friend, and you trust him, he will get, by different ways, your personal informations and what is the main problem, he will abuse your credit card informations. He is focused especially on girls new in Los Angeles. After he will get your credit card, he and his partner will do fake check to deposit money in checking account. He will used a fake ID and then the victim has to pay to bank missing amount, what can be thousands dollars. I know this person long time and I want to make an alert for all potential victims on hollywood blvd.

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Roach Collection 2

June 20, 2014 Fresno, Los Angeles 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: : I seen these guys “Roach Collection” at a show in Fresno. Didnt really understand the music but they brought up the audience. So i decided to offer them a one time recording in my recording studio. Help them get a decent sounding demo. They showed up on a Saturday night drunk out of their minds and high on something. I smoke herb so i know it wasnt that. These dudes were spinning. I didn’t judge them and continued to try to work with them (BIG mistake) Not only did they not know music theory two of the dudes Edward(Jalinche)Moreno, is Illegal and wanted, and were bragging about it. The other dude Martin kept giving me looks and complementing me on my features which weirded me out, and the fat one Hernon Kept looking around. I recorded one song which took over 4 hours they didnt understand timing. I ended the night after that one song and told them i had somewhere to go. After i finally got them out, my room reeked of BO and cheap cologne. I woke up the next morning to my Studio room door open and all of my gear gone. I would say i had around 10,000 worth of equipment there was urine all over my walls and someone defecated on one of my chairs. I got a tip it was them a few days later but cops went to investigate and came out with nothing. I called and called but they didnt answer they blocked me from Facebook so i can no longer get a hold of them. . Watch out for these losers they will rob your gear! Get a job bums quit robbing!

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Lovewell Sitali

June 19, 2014 Los Angeles 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: I was a volunteer at Lion Encounter in Livingstone Zambia where I met Lovewell Sitali. He’s the senior lion handler at this company and he uses his job to meet foreign volunteers and victimizes them. Not only did he force himself inside of me without a condom after we agreed to only be intimate while using protection or until we were tested, but he also scammed me out of money and electronics. His game is to charm women proclaiming his love for them, wanting them to meet his family, and one day marry them all the while he is after unprotected sex and money. I not only lost cash and my self respect but he is suspected to be HIV positive and now I have to wait three months until I can get tested. He claims to be single however he has a girlfriend he lives with but keeps a small room he rents where he takes his victims to. He has many women all over the globe who believe they are his lover when in reality he is a gigalo. The local police are aware as well as his employers yet nobody is doing anything to stop him. My advice for you ladies is if you visit Livingstone Zambia as a tourist or a Lion Encounter volunteer please beware of this man. He is a predator. Small dick can’t fck and smells like ASS!

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Alexus Salazar

June 18, 2014 Los Angeles 1


THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this Hoe right here is as thirsty as they come. She claims she wants a boyfriend/girlfriend but stays fucking anyone and anything. She is a dirty ass hoe who adds so much filter to her pictures because she is as ugly as they come. She send nudes to just about anyone even guys/girls who are taken. she’s a home wrecker and has no shame of admitting it. she even claimed to be pregnant once but who knows with this hoe she might have said it to lock down the dude. she really knows how to work those filters but you can see the difference in the pictures. don’t fall for this bitch, she has a new girlfriend/boyfriend every week and cries about wanting attention from just one person, hoe make up your mind and quit being a homewrecking hoe!!!

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Could This Be Your Brunette

June 17, 2014 Hollywood, Los Angeles, The Dirty 82

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I came across this girl on Tumblr, her name is Shay Mitchell. It appears that she is an actress and blogger. I know she is a little more “natural” than what you typically prefer but something about her is striking. I personally find her to be very beautiful. Thoughts Nik?

Nope, she looks Asian to me.- nik

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