Los Angeles | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 11

Old Tranny Pedo

May 28, 2014 Los Angeles 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl named Lynn Ann is ridiculous, she’s obsessed with Eric Harris, and gets aroused over his killings..also she seems to think she’s beautiful and young.. oh boy, she looks old and like a dude. She makes fun of beautiful girls, because of being extremely insecure.

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Ryan Chico the Twitter famous pedophile

May 23, 2014 Los Angeles 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone from the IE to LA even to AZ knows this loser. He talks to multiple girls at a time and fcks a couple too. He has a thing for underage girls going as low as 15 even though he is 23. He brags about sex too ALL the time but his dick is small and i swear i could read a newspaper and do a start a crossword puzzle while he tries to fck(notice i didnt say finish the puzzle cause he cant go for more that 7 minutes). Also false advertisement at its finest with those multiple instagram filters hiding that gross adult acne. Hes trying to be a cop but fcking with little girls he meets on twitter hahaha how does he think pedophiles and alcohics can become cops….Oh and if any of you plan on having sex with this loser bring a can of febreeze with you

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Mya Stiletto is SICK

May 19, 2014 Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Sacramento 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik here is a young lady that goes by the name of mya stiletto she is also a prostitute and is carrying the package and spreading it from city to city she is also a thief she will rob other prostitutes, and have guys set up she plays a good girl role only to win your trust then she will rob you blind she is also spreading the package to everyone men and women her hang out spots are Las Vegas Los Angeles Sacramento and Arizona be very careful when you run across to her she has had a lot of pimps in and out of her life and they will make her do anything for a dollar

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Farm Girl

May 16, 2014 Los Angeles 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Though India has already been a feature on your website, I thought I would post her again. She is a farm girl who obviously harvests fat and stretch marks. She thinks she has a “pack full of haters” when in reality, she can’t even achieve a six pack. Not only is she in denial of being fat, she has no clue that she is completely unattractive. India has been living in LA for a long time with zero luck in the industry. You would think she would try to fit in (literally). Everyone in this city tries their hand with eating disorders and plastic surgery, except India. There’s a reason why so many successful celebrities battle eating disorders. Nik, please tell India to give up. Tell her that if she wanted to be selfish and kill her baby that it should at least be worth it. Also, don’t you agree that the tranny is way more attractive and feminine than her?

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BNice is so FAKE

May 15, 2014 Los Angeles, Miami 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, so I am really shocked to see that this wanna be rapper/ pimp has never been posted before. he is the true definition of fake.his real name is brandon arnude, he is 30 years old and from miami.he started rapping a couple years ago and made his own label called OTP (on top paid) productions.his lyrics are comedic!! he is so fake and lies about everything he does and has.HE IS BROKE! his only income is from pimping hoes and he can never keep one for more then a month or two.Lisa Lee from miami was his main ho that was with him for 7 years but left him cuz he is such a fraud! his other ho Kat that has been down for 2 years is his undercover GIRLFRIEND and pretty much runs his life which is funny cuz she is only 21! they are both lame af.. he only likes ratchet ass hoes that f*ck for a couple hundred dollars and don\’t use protection for a higher price. and speaking of not using protection he REFUSES to wear a condom with any of his hoes!! i know from experience! but the funny thing is he posted some dumb meme about “always covering your wiener” and then his caption saying ” i always make sure to strap up w these hos” or some dumb shit like that. hahhaahaha what a lie.n*gga probably stays with DRD! his rap career is a joke he always talks about guns and bein tough but the truth is he went to jail cuz he stole a bike and then broke probation. bitches need to know his whole life is a fabrication and his music sucks ass!!Plus he gets off on beating his hoes!

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EXCLUSIVE: V. Stiviano Prank Call

May 15, 2014 Hollywood, Los Angeles, The Dirty 95

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so my boy is a die hard Clippers fan. He did not appreciate the distraction this V. Stiviano situation is having on the Clipper players. So he found her phone number and she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. He decided to prank call her pretending to be Magic Johnsons assistant Darrell. Enjoy!!!

V. Stiviano is a true professional.- nik

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Her Hands

May 13, 2014 Long Beach, Los Angeles 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: This chick thinks she is so hot, and I guess she is a model. But with hands of a man why would anyone hire her? I suppose her hand’s match her handsome face.

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Cow Girl Harvesting Fat

May 12, 2014 Los Angeles 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this cow must reside on a farm due to her harvesting of cellulite and stretch marks. In LA, most of us develop eating disorders and have plastic surgery to maintain our image. This girl claims she is “successful” with a “pack full of haters”. I didn’t know success was granted by a high number on a scale or the amount of drds one has. If being the ugliest fattest girl in Hollywood means anything, then I assume it grants being “successful”. She doesn’t fit in, literally. Cow girl must have been touched by a childhood photographer due to the way she exerts sexuality and shows her nasty body off for attention. Apparently Cow girl is “living the hollywood life”. If she hasn’t made it in Hollywood the past 4 years, why keep trying? Cow thinks a boy has been writing mean things on the net about her, but I am a close friend who can’t tell her the truth to her face. The truth is: her baby fat needs to go. I can tell you it isn’t baby fat from adolescence. Its her weight from being pregnant and a whore who never knew the true father. Nik, do you have any advice on how she could make it in LA?

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