Shane Christopher Clarke Doesn’t want a Job

April 3, 2014 Los Angeles 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, trouble has always followed convicted felon Shane Christopher Clarke wherever he has gone. His latest post tells me he really really really doesn’t want a job in the future. I wonder if his graduate school knows about this post, or his MBA just another one of his lies?

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Tatiana Laurent, Escort Rich

March 27, 2014 Los Angeles, UCLA 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Tatiana Laurent, an ex pornstar Natasha Nice. She is retired and claimed no longer involved in porn. But whores will be whores right? She escorts (based on review on TER) which she stronly denies. She goes to UCLA and got really butthurt when her application for transfer to Calpoly was rejected. Why would Calpoly degrade their reputation by accepting an ex pornstar and hooker? Between she just bought a brand new Audi. My only explanation is she escorts frequently. What are your thoughts Nick

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Crystal R

March 16, 2014 Los Angeles, Riverside 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is crystal Rodriguez of highland, ca (inland empire). This skank is out there picking up all kinds of guys from the clubs. She gets drunk and gets guys to bring her home an then fcks them spreading her DRD’s. Worst of all she has a child who she doesn’t even take care of cause she’s a nympho so that’s why she’s always out there finding more dicks to suck on spreading her DRD’s. Everyone needs to be warned about this disease ridden Sloot. All you guys who feel like getting your fck on don’t worry about protection cause with all the DRDs she’s got a condom won’t protect you.

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What The Hell

March 11, 2014 Los Angeles, Riverside 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Unfortunately just ran across this horrific sight on Instagram. Lol. Honestly, what possesses some females to post stuff like this? I’m all about having confidence and loving yourself, but freaking come on. Can someone really be that thirsty for attention?

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Madzilla aka Horsezilla

March 6, 2014 Long Beach, Los Angeles 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: how much plastic surgery does this girl have the tits are fake forsure Im thinking the ass is too but Im not sure ? I saw this girl at a strip club offered her 500 for a private sesh and she was down looked her up after and found out that she has a huge fallowing and then i came up on these older pictures of her and was immediately turned off by the horse face she used to have. Anyways later found out that this girl is fucking her way to the top she doesn’t seem to be getting very far if shes still working as a stripper.

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Wannabe Actress Sloot Erika Del Toro

March 3, 2014 Hollywood, Los Angeles 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik!! This walking vag disease is Erika Del Toro, she is originally from Boise, Idaho but currently lives in Los Angeles and she is now the typical LA loser legs spread stereotype. She claims she is an actress on all these movies and commercials yet… she is an EXTRA. Im pretty sure I’m about to get more dramatic in this post then she could ever hope to be in any movie. Anyway my boyfriend of 2 years met her when she was doing extra work on some low budget movie and she asked to borrow his phone to make a call and like the desperate ho she is calls… dun dun DUNNNN! Her own phone. My boyfriend being an oblivious idiot doesn’t realize that the skank got him in her ugly girl skank trap. Well today I find in his phone her texting him for the past month saying everyones favorite thirsty sloot phrases such as “I don’t wanna give you a hand job but if you ate me out that could be cool” “will you come over and help me move my bedroom dresser pleeeease” “I’m not gonna give you road head, but I will give you parked car head!” “come inside me! …I meant just inside…with me…” ha. ha. ha. I see why she’s made it so far in her comedy actress career… Although how thirsty for gregs she is you’d think she could have sucked her way further then background extra at this point. So my boyfriend admits what he did “joking” texting back to her was the most f’d up thing he’s done and he’s never actually hooked up with her and claims he told her to stop with the gross texts once her realized how inappropriate they were. I confronted her today and am thinking about going to smack the b*tch upside her greg stuffed mouth but need to find a hazmat suit first for my fist. What do I do! I need the Dirty Army’s help!

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Inland Empire Sloot

February 28, 2014 Los Angeles, Riverside 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware of this dirty skank from the Inland Empire. She love’s to pick up random guys in the clubs and spread her DRD and what ever else she’s got to whoever she fcks. This girl might as well be a prostitute as she picks up guys at the club almost every night. The worst thing about it is this girls got a kid that she introduces to almost all her one night stands. If your desperate and decide to fck this hoe better have a doctor lined up for an drd TEST.

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Asking my Wife to Marry Me

February 26, 2014 Los Angeles, Orange County 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: I want to ask my girlfriend to marry me! It is now legal in Cali

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