Beware Gold Digger

March 12, 2013 Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego 2 7,613 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik check this out this girl Alicia from Sun a hoe for sho…she takes her child support checks and leaves her daughter with this dudes parents, then call’s the kids father a dead beat dad and demands he pay her time he gave her a few hundred extra bucks..she took it dropped her kid off with me and didn’t show up for two weeks..she was in l.a. with some guy she met online..then one time i caught her daughter pointing to a pic and calling this guy daddy, i asked her about it and her mom has her call every new dude she sleeps with dad..lies and uses people for money with a sob story about how it’s so hard to be a single mom with a bad baby daddy and saying she works fulltime for her rent and tries to pay her way through school..that’s how she got me reeled in..come to find out she’s bummin on a couch, isn’t enrolled in school, and works part time at some fitness place in hemet..tell me y this bitch is soo fat working at a fitness place…plus she gave me her kid to watch and i saw this rash all over her…come to find out her mom is soo dirty she doesn’t clean her and she got an infection from..get not washing their hands and their fecies mixing into their food..when was the last time u gave this baby a bath..HORRIBLE MOTHER..I feel so bad for her child I always watched least with me i knew the kid was safe…SOMEONE NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING

Woulda been a great opportunity to drop the kid off in the proper hands…just saying.- nik

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LA, Hide Your Rabbits

February 26, 2013 Los Angeles, Newport 50 9,431 Views




THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Nikki Lavelle, the girl who thinks it’s unique to brag about wearing red sole shoes, while living in Beverly Hills. FYI Nikki- the heel height is from six seasons ago, so you are only indicating that you have not been able to land a sugar daddy to purchase you new ones, in years. If you do luck out and bang some old, ugly moron again, I would first update your wardrobe; knock-off Herve Ledger dresses are an obvious sign of a financial spiral. Did anyone ever tell you drug abuse ages the body? 26 going on 60? And when you got your lips injected(over and over again), did they take the fat from your derriere? They should probably put it back…you can use some cushion. While your at it, go get your breasts re-augmented; it’s sad that you still has to post pictures in the victorias secret push-up bra(which adds 2 cup sizes). Maybe if you fix these things, you can save all the time and energy you waste on the heavy editing/photoshop. And how long will you continue to post about “famous” people you supposedly dated? Face the facts- You blew a Dlist actor one night, he never called you again and now you legit stalk him. You are the 2013 version of Glenn Close! Anyone can be a rebound and you will always be a “hit it and quit it” gal, because you’re three gallons of crazy in a two gallon bucket and no relevant person in LA has time for a mess like you! Oh and please keep telling the world you slept with your ex-boyfriend\’s best-friend/roommate while he was sleeping upstairs. That makes you trash. No one wants to date a dumpster.

Datings a bold statement after a couple of hours..- nik

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Happy Valentines Day

February 15, 2013 Hollywood, Los Angeles 6 9,271 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Your true love is now a Guess girl! Guess you do have good taste after all.

As long as she continues to be shot from the knees up.- nik

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Most Wanted in Thousand Oaks

January 28, 2013 Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks 4 8,332 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy needs to be cut down to size. The only thing worse than a white guy who thinks he’s black, is a white guy he thinks he’s black. His name is Alec Stern, and from the looks of the French shutters in the background of the picture, he’s definitely in the running for member #19 of the Wu-Tang Clan. He’s a “promoter” for “Cloud 100 Gang Records”, which produced such hits as “Where’s My Allowance, Mom?”, and “Westlake Aint No Joke”. He’s a Pepsi-head and far too in love with himself. Little-Beiber needs to be put in his place! SGM!

West-side Popsicle sucker.- nik

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One of Glendale’s Biggest Losers

January 28, 2013 Glendale-CA, Los Angeles 1 6,946 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Meet one of the biggest pieces of shits out there, Nick Melikian. This low life pizza boy leaves in Glendale, CA and is nothing but a loser that will have sex with ANY girl. I’m surprised he hasn’t caught a life threatening drd yet. For a guy that looks like this and has an average sized dick, my mind is boggled because I can’t seem to figure out where his confidende comes from. Everything about him makes me sick to the stomach. Oh and get this – he shaves his arms and legs completely. And if he forgets to shave and a little bit of hair comes out, this guy will flip! Is that normal? Nick, you’re a pathetic weirdo and deserve your fame on thedirty.

This pic makes it look like he has roomates, and by roomates I mean parents (family comp).- nik

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Pauline Afroozs LA Boyfriend

January 15, 2013 Los Angeles, Vancouver 38 10,557 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik heres pauline afrooz in LA with her boy friend. this is 2010. she has been cheating on Leo the entire time they were together. I was with her on this trip, we said we were in calgary lol, well Leo we wernt. you wonder why she ignored you the three times she went to LA, well here it is

This happens when you can’t pay room n board for your girlfriend .- nik

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Turning A Ho Into Housewive Only Happens In Scrabble

January 11, 2013 Los Angeles, Washington DC 5 6,534 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, take a good look at this sloot based out of Slidell, LA! She runs around telling everyone that this is her city and how she is untouchable! She swears to God that she is the hottest thing running around. When all i see is her getting tossed up from guy to guy all over Slidell and crying about it on Facebook. Brittani WE DONT LIKE YOU!!! LEAVE THE CITY!!!

Lowering your jaw doesn’t mask your inner noodle.- nik

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Sexual Predator Lucas

January 4, 2013 Los Angeles, Santa Clarita 13 6,764 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Lucas Cook, he’s a 26 year old wannabe engineer who has a penchant for using social media to cheat on his girlfriend of seven years. He’s a manipulative liar, a cheat , a sociopath with two children and a soon to be wife that he just forgot to mention. This guy is a sexual predator and likes to have unprotected sex with under-aged girls, he likes to record acts without your knowledge and stream them to his friends. He should be in jail where he belongs. Overall, this guy is no prince, although he may volunteer his time to help the elderly, he is the offspring of Satan. Don’t even bother showing him any kindness or empathy as this guy has no respect for women and he clearly does not care about you. His only goal in life is to get laid.Lastly, be sure not show any vulnerabilities around this guy as he will use all his power to exploit you for his dirty schemes.

Noodles predators have the advantage cause they never age.- nik

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