kyle Rockey Compulsive Liar

May 9, 2014 Los Angeles, Scottsdale, Westside-AZ 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay this kid is Kyle Rockey, he is the biggest liar and douche bag you will ever meet. He lies about literally EVERYTHING about his life. He tells people he has 2 houses, 1 of them is in phoenix and the other in LA california, truth is that the 1 in phoenix is his parents that are never home, there is no house in cali. He begs people to stay at there houses if hes ever in cali.He also tells people he owns half of a tattoo shop and thats a complete lie. He is the biggest douche there is. Besides the fact that EVERY tattoo he has is haggard and poorly done he does horrible tattoos out of his house and other houses. He tells everyone and its even on his instagram that he is a ‘young and reckless’ and ‘blvd’ model but that is not true, he says all this to get girls attention. If you know him i would not believe a word he says.

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Regina Maria Venta

May 7, 2014 Anaheim, Los Angeles 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: I don’t even know where to start. This girl is the slimiest, most vile creature on the planet. She constantly uses people to benefit herself then dumps them like yesterday’s paper. She moved here from Wyoming because she wanted to live the “Cali life.” She moved in with her 50 year old sugar daddy. When he kicked her out for being shady and having sex with more people for money, she moved in with her boyfriend of 2 days. She lied to him by making him believe he drugged her to have sex with him. Regina is a self proclaimed attention whore that constantly needs male attention and selfies to make herself feel significant. She is constantly judging other people by their weight and how they look, when she herself looks like a gremlin without make up. Newsflash Regina, 3 hours or make up doesn’t hide the ugly the seeps out from within your non existent cold hearted soul. Also, moving to California because everyone hates you in Wyoming is not a solution. Everyone will hate you here too in due time. This girl honestly deserves an award for her acting. She comes off so sweet. BEWARE. She has cheated on her boyfriend numerous times, she is a pathological liar and she will stab your back. Not only that but she’s the laziest person I’ve ever met. Her dream is to be a trophy wife and to sit on her ass all day and spend your money. She refuses to work because “she’s too good for it.” Alright everyone you’ve been warned.

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Wannabe Actress Sloot Erika Del Toro – Part II

May 7, 2014 Hollywood, Los Angeles 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: yeah after googling this sluore’s name, I found this old post ALSO SEE and i was like “wait my friend was just talking about her.” this chick is bragging to all her friends about banging this married guy who is an actor i guess who is in a show in hollywood. also not the first time he said she’s done it like four other times, i don’t get why some skank would brag about banging married dudes and tell everyone she knows about it. not smart. nik when will bitches learn???

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Botched Plastic Surgery

May 6, 2014 Los Angeles 1

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Can you believe that this bitch got a nose job. Get your money back. I mean I’m not sure what you looked like before but your nose must have been monstrous! I think you should go back for another nose job. And while your at it, fix the rest of your face!

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The He/She ICK’s ‘Kissy” got into a physical altercation with

May 5, 2014 Los Angeles, Newport 23




THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK, So I happen to come across this Beast that ICK got into a physical altercation with. I’m still trying to figure out is it a man or a woman!? With that being said what is your opinion NIK? Did ICK fight a man or women. Either way ICK followed the fight with a video the next morning showing she just got a scratch out of it. Supposedly the He/She is a Gym Rat and post ghetto pictures showing off her muscles. The faces she makes are Priceless she try’s to make intimidating faces referencing how big and strong she is. The Beast is grouse it thinks its the hottest thing alive but it dresses ghetto it wears ton’s of fake ghetto jewelry with guy Hat’s,that has seriously got to be the most trashiest look what is it thinking walking out of the house like that! What happen to class if this is a girl this generation of ladies need to be schooled. I’m still trying to find out it’s race I’m guessing Arabian. NIk what do you think it is guy or girl? If you believe it to be a female what do you think about it’s body and face? Would you tap that?

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Selfie Snapping Attention Seeker

April 30, 2014 Los Angeles 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl ( guy?) Tyfannee C Skank i mean Smith is a trip!She’s a low budget “model” skank but most of her pics are bathroom selfies of her in pigeon pose showing off her hydrogel T and A lacefront wig and green contacts. And she is always talking about how she loves white men only but can’t find a decent guy and has a stalker and putting up those annoying quotes from Pinterest about class and success while looking like Santa Monica Boulevard tranny hooker! And she feeds off stupid poeple leaving comments saying they want to F**ck her like its a compliment! So sad!

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Deanna Gabaldon

April 29, 2014 Los Angeles 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Deanna Gabaldon. She is a junkie whore who sucks greg for her**n. She has two kids from two dads that she does not take care of. Neither one of her baby’s dads want anything to do with her because she is gross! She lost custody of her kids because she chooses drugs over her kids. She can be seen wandering the streets of La Verne or Pomona nodding out. She thinks all her cheap tattoos look sexy on her junkie body. News flash you are nasty. She has never had a job and will do anything for drug money. I am surprised this train wreck has not been posted before.

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Another Teen Mom

April 23, 2014 Los Angeles 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I’d like to introduce Kimberly. This girl is so full of bullshit and lies all the time. She claims to be a loving mother but spends as much time as she can going out with guys and girls. She depends on her parents and live-in boyfriend to take care of her kid while she goes on trips to live like a single girl. She acts like a bitch to get guy’s attention all the while flirting nonstop with every guy that comes her way. She treats her baby-daddy worse than sh*t and word around the town is that she’s ice cold and once she doesn’t like you, treats you like shit. I’ve never seen a poorer excuse for a “family” girl. She got knocked up at 16. That shows you what kind of girl she is.

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