Pauline Afroozs LA Boyfriend

January 15, 2013 Los Angeles, Vancouver 38 10,554 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik heres pauline afrooz in LA with her boy friend. this is 2010. she has been cheating on Leo the entire time they were together. I was with her on this trip, we said we were in calgary lol, well Leo we wernt. you wonder why she ignored you the three times she went to LA, well here it is

This happens when you can’t pay room n board for your girlfriend .- nik

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Turning A Ho Into Housewive Only Happens In Scrabble

January 11, 2013 Los Angeles, Washington DC 5 6,522 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, take a good look at this sloot based out of Slidell, LA! She runs around telling everyone that this is her city and how she is untouchable! She swears to God that she is the hottest thing running around. When all i see is her getting tossed up from guy to guy all over Slidell and crying about it on Facebook. Brittani WE DONT LIKE YOU!!! LEAVE THE CITY!!!

Lowering your jaw doesn’t mask your inner noodle.- nik

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Sexual Predator Lucas

January 4, 2013 Los Angeles, Santa Clarita 13 6,762 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Lucas Cook, he’s a 26 year old wannabe engineer who has a penchant for using social media to cheat on his girlfriend of seven years. He’s a manipulative liar, a cheat , a sociopath with two children and a soon to be wife that he just forgot to mention. This guy is a sexual predator and likes to have unprotected sex with under-aged girls, he likes to record acts without your knowledge and stream them to his friends. He should be in jail where he belongs. Overall, this guy is no prince, although he may volunteer his time to help the elderly, he is the offspring of Satan. Don’t even bother showing him any kindness or empathy as this guy has no respect for women and he clearly does not care about you. His only goal in life is to get laid.Lastly, be sure not show any vulnerabilities around this guy as he will use all his power to exploit you for his dirty schemes.

Noodles predators have the advantage cause they never age.- nik

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Turkish Babe

December 18, 2012 Los Angeles, Santa Monica 62 11,205 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Eda Arapaslan, she’s a Turkish babe who lives with a douchebag in Culver City. Eventhough she has the looks of a sweet girl, the only problem is she likes to talk a lot. I would totally f**k her anytime, if it weren’t for that douche named Eray she lives with. What do you think Nik? Would you?

Answer: No, that arm shows age (not dirt or browing from the camera)

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Melissa Hurtado aka Melly Mel

October 31, 2012 Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange County 56 5,995 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is my ex Melissa Hurtado. I paid for her + 2′s. I found out after a year of dating that she is a stripper. Worked in the OC as one and in Vegas at the Sapphire. She has had 3 boob jobs in 5 years and never paid for them. She uses guys to see what she can get until the rides over. She gave me drds. Really what man could accept her being a stripper as his wife or mother of his children or any family member of mine or anybody else with morals? She is in school to be a Nurse. Yeah who is going to hire a former stripper? Who would want to be treated by one? Currently dating a guy Eugene Collins. Beware buddy she is allergic to latex condoms. Opinions Mr. Richie?

I wonder if she used photoshopped..- nik

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Obsessed With Being Different And Delusional

October 30, 2012 Hollywood, Los Angeles 13 10,610 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:Nik This is Kelly. an inspiring actress obsessed with the dark, weird and different. When she meets anyone of remote fame, she talks about how they had some huge cosmic connection and how they were undressing her with their eyes. Shed talk about it for 3 months after the event happened. Shes overwhelmingly obsessed and proud of being a ginger. When she meets guys at a bar the 1st thing she does is tell them facts about how rare and special gingers are. She sits around all day and pouts about her hair if it gets sun bleached and turns more blonde and will nag in your ear all day about it. I wish that was a joke. She thinks shes an amazing singer, when in truth she sucks and everyone always talks about it behind her back. More so because they cant get a word in with her there. She also thinks shes amazing at makeup. This is her Elephaba look. She’s very proud of it. What dumb bitch cant cover herself in green eyeshadow. The cherry on top of it all, she gave away her V card of 25 years to a homeless man. No joke.Whose she supposed to be, the green giant?- nik

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Man Face Of LA

October 30, 2012 Long Beach, Los Angeles, Would You? 13 6,883 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Genevieve Saucedo AKA Gener One from Pico Rivera, CA. This bitch thinks she’s hot shit and i’m tired of hearing her brag about how good she thinks she looks. She’s a “graffiti artist” & a no money making stripper. She is constantly complaining about how she never makes any money at work. She has two kids, from two different guys. She stays collecting government checks. She has a man face, no tits, or ass. To top it off, she has a tramp stamp of her graffiti name. She’s disgusting. She says her modeling pictures are never edited. Lol, okay. So Nik, would you do her?

I don’t think anyone would mind if you kept photoshopping.  Your pretty good at it….- nik

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Wannabe Model

October 30, 2012 Los Angeles 1 5,266 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Iv never seen someone who has more picture of themselves then this chick. Shes obsessed with herself even though her only good quality is her eyes. She puts her camera on a tripod and calls it a photo shoot and I wish that was a joke. Shes also overly obsessed with being a special snowflake hipster. She always think that all eyes are on her when shes in a room. I just cant stand the fact she thinks shes so pretty and special. These are her “model shots” no joke.

Trying not to look like a ginger starts with your hair.- nik

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