LP Offishal The Fake Celebrity

September 17, 2014 Los Angeles 0


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is in LA from France and has already made a name for himself as a scam artist and leech. He goes by the name of “Ludo” or “LP Offishal”, he is known to hobnob with anyone he feels has the least bit of “fame”. He goes around informing everyone the he is indeed a big music superstar in his native country of France and has sold millions of records. A quick google search shows that he has never actually released a song, furthermore he was never signed to a label at any point in his life. His social media profiles are full of fake fans and followers. His best skill is stealing from everyone in sight. Don’t leave your credit cards around this leech. Side note: Don\’t let him anywhere near your luxury cars, hes known to instagram with them claiming he owns them..

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Try Hard Nerds

September 16, 2014 Edmonton, Los Angeles 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is such a local try hard. Will jump on anything and everything. Sits on her phone taking photos obnoxiously. Her tumblr is a tool for her to slut herself out. She gets upset if you call her out. Lets see what you guys think

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Fatty Krysten

September 11, 2014 Anaheim, Los Angeles 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Krysten whatever her last name cheats on her bf always every week now. I feel bad for the poor guy, I f*** his girl while she was mad. She wanted it. But don’t let this c** trick you, she talks about having two jobs but in reality she works at a s** low minimum wage job bagging food! And her second job….not even a real job she just volunteers at her church SOMEONE NEEDS TO GIVE THIS GORL A REALITY CHECK THIS ISNT A JOB GET YOUR S** STRAIGHT. Aside from having “two hardworking jobs” she says she goes to school for criminal justice….she goes to school for a different subject and also just changed her major so she can Copy the life of jasmine Farr. Looks like krysten is jealous of jasmine success and life that she needs to lie about her life like school and work and all the other lies things she says.

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Wannabe Con-Artist

September 11, 2014 Los Angeles 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is Jade S. I’m surprised she hasn’t been posted here before! She’s recently been known to scam people out of their money by using her 2 year old sister and pretending its her daughter she “cannot care for”. She also lies about having Autism to get more attention/pity out of people. She’s raked in close to a grand from handouts from people thinking her ‘daughter’ really is in need. Days later she posted pictures of the new horse she bought. Definitely stay away from her! She’s also extremely unfaithful to her boyfriend. If men are willing to pay for sex, she’s down for it. She’s just a disgusting human being and needs to stop!

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Rosalie Vogt

September 9, 2014 Los Angeles 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I use to date this hooked before I found out about her birch ass selling her ass …I just received this photos from a close friend of mine who told me I wasn’t going to believe what he saw .well I believe it now not only is she a hooked but a her ion attic That explains it . Birch should be taking care of her daughter instead of having child protective constantly put on her.

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Matt Storey

September 9, 2014 Los Angeles 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Matt Storey of Sherman Oaks cheated on his girlfriend for 3 out of the 4 years they were together with strangers from Craigslist. After confronted he still lied about how many people he was with which was very many. He’s a liar and a cheater and should not be trusted. He would take naked pictures of himself in his girlfriends room while she was at work to strangers on craigslist and cheat on her. He would also lie about his hours at work and cheat on her with more strangers from craigslist and return home to her and eat the cooked dinner she has made for him after a hard days work. There is no end to the selfishness of this person. He’s also a drug addict to Coc*ine, Vicodin, and excessive use of Adderall. The disgusting porn he has downloaded has to do with inner family relations and old men with young women and he insists on purchasing this porn to own so he is always broke. In addition to all of this he has a deep sexual secret that he will not confess to which he continues to quench only by secret on craigslist which I dare not mention.

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Eric Wang NOT so Casanova

September 5, 2014 Los Angeles 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy named Eric thinks he’s some Casanova/Master Pick Up Artist, but he is FAR FROM IT! He messaged me on a dating site starting the conversation with “Love to have sex with you. How tall are you? What’s your number?” Looking at his profile, I noticed that he posted a link to his book “Wanna Hook Up with Me?” which is apparently a book on how he got girls, fictional I’m sure. I later was watching this dating show that a friend was producing called “Bagged and holy crap! There he was! Here’s the episode. Prepare to get creeped out: (click here)

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You Are In Felonious Hands With Alzag Insurance

September 3, 2014 Hollywood, Los Angeles 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ameer Abasil, “President” of Alzag Insurance of North Hollywood, CA advertises his insurance fraud schemes on fb and takes you and your insurance company for the felonious ride of a lifetime. His personal touch delivers a creepy sexual predator kind of added customer service that you just don’t find everywhere. I was given his info & found him easily on FB to chat about his posts offering a total insurance fix. He checked out online and with the California Insurance Commissioner. I met this guy and signed a stack of paperwork. 10 days later: My car was NOT fixed and I have nowhere to ask where it even was. My insurance company shows THOUSANDS of dollars in claims for this accident. I have about 50.00 worth of repairs, a car that wont run with missing airbags and engine parts with an unpainted door and zero dollars, less 160 tow cash. When I called him, he belittled me time after time and had me so shaken up. He has the BRASS BALLS to tell me to stfu like any other good white trash whore. REALLY AMEER?! Not only did Alzag Insurance ROB me, ROB my insurance company and take my money, his attempts to try and have sex with me were disgusting. Dude. Your balding old self smells like last few night’s of opium bowls, cheap vodka with the drifting breath of an old fat brothel woman’s ravaged vagina. Abasil needs to be in prison, CHOKING on the money he stole as the President of his Imaginary Stank Fairy Land Cellblock. p.s. you are not in a music band either, get offline FCL.

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