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Jah-Free, the Artist

December 11, 2014 Los Angeles 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jeffrey Allen is a self-proclaimed music artist who gets off on his own flattery. Looks and smells like he hasn’t bathed since the 90s, this guy grew some dreadlocks and dubbed himself as “Jah Free”. Everything about him, especially his voice, reeks just like the sewer in West Covina he crawled out of. Zero talent, Zero money, Zero record sales, Zero potential. “Jah-Free” is unemployed, refuses to get a job unless its a record deal, which he will never get because his “music” is bullsh*t. In his spare time (AKA every day/night) he enjoys drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels a day, which he calls “JACKLIFE” and doing lines of cocaine off of D- minus strippers at SAMs and KNOCKERS. Jeffrey Allen is the true definition of a deadbeat father, and he maintains that role throughout the vicinity of the 626 by making babies that he doesn’t take care of. ATTN: “Jah-Free”, you are approaching 40 years old, still undiscovered, and FYI chasing that pipe dream of becoming the next R&B sensation DOES NOT make you a “hustler”, it makes you a delusional, pathological liar and a professional mooch. STOP singing and get treatment for the warts you spread around to your strip club groupies AND DONT ACT LIKE YOU DONT KNOW WHO THEY ARE! You are as low and sickening as the diseases you carry.

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Not Trying To Be Mean

December 10, 2014 Hollywood, Los Angeles, The Dirty 70


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, we need you EVERYWHERE!! Your words words of wisdom truly speak volumes “Never smile – smiling ruins everything”. When guys ask me why I never smile I simply repeat that verbatim every time. In the pictures is an actual model who has worked for Victoria Secret and has walked in the show etc. She is honestly almost perfect to your standards, the defined jaw, she’s got THE eyes and etc… she could use a little, very subtle, nosejob but still even you have to admit it’s pretty close right? Till you see the smile… Do you have any more crucial life advice for women Nik? We need YOU! and more posts of you outlining STANDARDS again – thats when theDirty is as it’s finest: when you are honest and do your rating and your nitpicking. Bring that back full force! I MISS IT. I am a long-time follower and you have changed my life. People keep posting and asking Nik for his opinion of beauty (but PLEASE stop with the ridiculous broads ya’ll are posting). P.S. I also wanna take a moment to say: Thank you, thank you, thank you mom from the bottom of my heart for dragging me (kicking and screaming) to that orthodontist when I was 12.

Why should I give women advice? They never listen.- nik

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What really goin on here

December 10, 2014 Los Angeles 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: If you want nightmares, paranoia, shame and feel like WTF just happened to me? Go hang out with Dan Blizerians BFF Michael Utsinger and frenz… Don’t trust these ppl as far as you would want to throw them. Kate Comptons Uses these ppl for everything probably one of her many Go Pros. His friend bankrolls everything these ppl have become and they treat him like shit. No wonder he’s a bitter asshole and hates society. Lol

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Imane Chaa

December 9, 2014 Los Angeles, Montreal 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: This will be the fifth posting for Imane Chaa on thedirty.com. Also see: #1, #2, #3, #4I think she deserves to receive a plastic tiara or crown to celebrate her commitment to being so consistently dirty. This time she is on thedirty.com for her dedication to keep on her hooker tour across Canada after being outed as the escorts Electra and Lea, working for the Montreal escort agency, book-herself, back in September. When she was outed, she didn’t give up, no. She and her agency reinvented her for a third time as Tania. As you can see with the pictures, she went with and without the blurring of her identity.And why did she continue on her tour? Was it for food and shelter? Nope. Charity work? Nope. Her supposed artistic career? Nope. Her hooker tour was so she could go to Los Angeles to get cosmetic surgery done on her nose, breasts and ass. Just what the world needs, another plastic prostitute. Imane, maybe you should donate some of that money to the red cross or some other worth while charity and put the rest towards your supposed creative career. Maybe it’s about time to start loving yourself instead of becoming more of a plastic person than you already are.

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This Loser Owes Me Money

December 8, 2014 Los Angeles 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is D.J. Himebaugh, an aging wanna-be rock star. I’ve known this guy for a long time and he is a huge flake and a thief. He also thinks he’s hot shit and a ladies man, ladies watch out. He admitted to me he hooked up with a tranny and has been in an orgy so I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a DRD. We were friends for awhile but he borrowed a bunch of money from me because he couldn’t pay his rent and then he just disappeared. It was stupid of me to loan him money but we had been friends for a long time so I figured he wouldn’t fck me over. At the time he claimed to have girlfriend who made a lot of money, so I don’t know why he didn’t just get it from her. He made up ridiculous lies to avoid me, moved, deleted his Facebook, and changed his number all so he wouldn’t have to pay me back. He can’t hold down a decent job and didn’t have a car last time I saw him. If anyone know how to get a hold of him or where he lives, please let me know.

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Desperate For Attention

December 5, 2014 Halifax, Los Angeles 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Probably in another attempt to push out her “individuality” Jessica Nigri has dyed her hair purple and cut a slit into her eyebrow. As if the caked foundation and raccoon eyes weren’t enough. I tried to watch one her fan-service vids the other day but she’s just too fcking weird. Constantly screaming and pulling stupid faces. Her +2s are her only redemption and even with them I am struggling to look past the stupidity. She’s getting old anyway, give me a new cosplay hottie.

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Harry Michaels – Alice Wingfield

December 2, 2014 Los Angeles 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik-Im fcking tired of people getting away with the worst things. This woman, Alice Wingfeild allows her husband Harry Michaels to molest young children in their care. It’s been going on for a long time and she doesn’t know that he cheats with under age teens and five to ten year olds behind her back also she fucking just cries and enables him. Fuck them both. They’ve just been exposed.

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Put this Fool on Blast

December 2, 2014 Los Angeles 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This douche nozzle here is Kenneth Blumes aka Kenny Beats. He is known around LA for being part of the DJ Duo “Loud Pvck”. This tool is slimier than a salamander and is born in 1991 but looks 47. He has been known to gets girls back to his place and ply them with GHB and take advantage of them. He gets girls numbers and send mass texts out saying “come play with my dick, I’m rich”. First off he is hung like a China men (as you can see his 3 inch penis in the pictures). He is far from “rich” he is a 30k millionaire that uses his DJ money to lease cars to try and impress girls. He needs drugs to function and this is sadly how he traps girls. I gave him my number because he gave me free Molly, but now he texts me all the time and expects that I come over and bl*w or bang him. His breath can literally melt the paint off of a car and he always looks like he has been up on a 9 day meth bender. His body odor is a mix of miller lite and shattered dreams from all the drugs that he induces. Nik put this douche on blast, maybe he will lay off with his mass texts and date raping girls.

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