Smarten Up Stephanie

July 17, 2014 Los Angeles, San Diego 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl right here is Stephanie. Depending on what day you can find her in San Diego or Los Angeles. I dont know why she doesn’t just pick one and stay there. With that said somebody needs to tell her to grow up and stop messing around with idiots. There’s something about her that has me intrigued, but I feel like every man she encounters she puts the same spell on. She’s too busy only talking to assholes to notice anyone else. If you know her she’s cool but if you’re just a nice guy who wants to get to know her good luck. She prefers douchebags. So next time you see her walk right up to that bitch and shake her and tell her it’s time to act her age or she’s going to wind up alone as yesterday’s damaged goods.

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Zea Mays Tyrrelll and her Boytoy

July 17, 2014 Los Angeles, New Orleans, Oregon 5


THE DIRTY ARMY: This child is always harassing a well known model in oregon , who recently moved to LA. All because this model used to date Zeas new boyfriend Lalek Farrell-smith. This model (Aye) left him because he was a drunk/crackhead. Zea had been fcking him on the side for a YEAR until aye found out. Zea now spends hers time harassing and stalking aye and posting her on blogs like this. even Zeas friends talk about how sea is solo obsessed with Aye and always showing them her model pics and asking if aye is pretty or asking people why they are friends with Aye. pretty LAME seeing as though Aye doesn’t even care about the two of them and has changed her number many times so they will leave her alone but they always find it andharrass her. Lalek and Zea have a history of smoking crck or you can find them downtown getting so sloppy drunk they both fall over and piss their pants. lalek has and 2 DUIs and is still a drunk fish he likes to beat his girlfriends up and is a broke joke. also his dick is 2 inches long and he fucks like a child. NO SKILLS AT ALL Zea is known for doing drugs going to wellsprings (an alternative school for kids that can’t function) smoking crack rocks and stealing.. sounds like fish brains to me they both live in springfield with all the other tweakers. If Zea was smart she would learn from Aye and get herb mind and money right. WACK ASS HOE

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Sepideh Has The Biggest Nipples Ever

July 11, 2014 Hollywood, Los Angeles, The Dirty 73



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what do you think about Sepideh. Totally hot chick who had her nudes leaked all over twitter recently. Word is she’s an athlete groupie and all about the purple crayon, sucks those nipples are big as her boobs. Click here to see her nudes!!!

I tried to make the hearts as small as possible.- nik

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Jessica Berge

July 11, 2014 Los Angeles, Riverside 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: so nik heres ms Jessica!! shes from RIALTO CALIFORNIA! LIVING IN RIVERSIDE CALIFORNIA!! she likes to act self reserved and what not. but deep down shes a major freak. her fantasy is to be someones submissive. she claims to be a virgin. im not buying it. can u fit a fist in a virgin Nik? I didn’t think so haha. shes with this staright girl named Monique Berrones. lies to her constantly and acting like someones shes not. they only been talking for maybe a month and claim their in love and already moved in together. hey Monique has Jessica asked u to break her virginity with a strap yet?? don’t worry im sure shell say she wants u to be her first :) oh lets not forget her favorite thing to do in private is masterbate while watchING foot fetish porn. yes Jessica has a major foot fetish. these pictures aren’t the half of what I have of her lol. she thinks shes hot shit. sure u can see that from her pics Nik!!! SHOULDNT PLAY WITH FIRE JESSICA!!!

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Karina VanLeuven

July 9, 2014 Los Angeles, Orange County 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: I can not understand why no one has been nice enough to warn the world of this girl. Karina VanLeuven is a scocialpathic MONSTER.Men be carfull. This girl hates men and is truly a person who should be locked up and medicated. 1# she is a High Priced Hooker and a $ 50.00 whore. Her whole life is a lie. She is so sexy she gets anything she wants. The problem is she has seriously destroyed way too many men for only being 27 years old. This girl is a serious coke and meyth head. She has Hepatitis 2 and has every drd and possible H**. Never known to use a condom ever. She will destroy you marriage for fun. She does not feel anything and can orgazem when people she knows are in bad emotional pain. She moved from OC to LA because she used up every rich man in OC. You may find her to be the most interesting girl you ever known and want to help her. She loves black men and middeleastern men the most. But she will hurt anyone just to spice up her sick mind. Please be careful of likeing Karina VanLeuven. You will pay with money and your heart will be trashed for years.

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Eric Boeckel

June 30, 2014 Los Angeles, Pittsburgh 98

THE DIRTY ARMY: Eric Boeckel lets old men fck him for cash from DC to NYC using a website called Seeking Arrangement. He was the goody two shoes of our school and got all kinds of awards for being smart but puts his FACE on that site! I work w him at a Christmas store in York, PA for old ladies and we didn’t believe it when we heard he was selling himself so made up a fake account and pretended 2 b a 65 year old man. Eric tried to get “me” to give him $5k AND an Audi and tried to get “me” to meet up, sending me the cm pic I’m posting then asking if its cool if he uses drugs when we hook up. This pos is a fraud and a skank and is probably spreading disease all over the northeast, while pretending to be a goody goody here in Spring Grove, PA. He goes to York College in York, PA. Gross.

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This is the new LA modeling Standard

June 24, 2014 Los Angeles 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl moved to LA to pursue her dreams of becoming a model. Nik, rate her, and tell us if she is your brunette? She just did a casting call for Fast and Furious. She’s been modeling for years, and has done major photo shoots. Her modeling company moved her to LA, so she could be the next Heidi. Personally I think she is beautiful!

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Stephanie Peterson

June 24, 2014 Los Angeles 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok NIK I have this girl Stephanie Peterson on my Facebook friend’s list and she work’s out so much. I’m talking about like 3 time’s a day and pre work out supplements she mentioned. I followed her to see her transformation, that’s always interesting! But this girl look’s the same if not worse she flexes showing her muscles but yet I see none.Maybe she does it to feel strong not for the appearance! She recently posted a picture at the lake in the ugliest one piece green bathing suit and you can see horrible stretch marks all down her thigh that’s disgusting. No muscle tone in her arms, Supposedly her breast are fake but I don’t know because her breast are saggy and small. In these other photo’s they speak for themselves! Nik how can a women work out that much and look that bad and fat doesn’t working out help with building gluts, shape, muscle tone? No change at all!Your good at answering these questions? And your opinion on her?

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