Wannabe Rockstar Loser

February 20, 2014 Los Angeles, Orange, Orange County 107 5,787 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Austin Holden is the biggest dumb ass and wanna be rockstar in Orange County. He thinks he’s a rockstar and acts like he’s the coolest guy in the world when everyone thinks he is a d-bag. He wears the gayest leather jackets to try to look like a greaser. He also believes he’s the best looking guy in the world and that he can get any girl. This loser will hit on innocent girls and will lie to them telling them that he has been hurt many times before and he wants a nice caring girl. Everyone knows he is gay but he acts straight to not ruin his reputation. He has hooked up with guys before and covers it up by saying he was drunk or that he was just playing around with them at parties. This f*ggot also talks shit on everybody behind their backs and acts he runs the show. He will put the gayest head shots of himself on Facebook pretending to be a model to attract girls when in reality he does it for gay websites to turn guys on. Nik, let’s hear a word of advice for this loser.

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ODM Sucks

February 5, 2014 Los Angeles 0 5,476 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: ODM from 99.1 FM is the worst DJ I’ve come in contact with. Took a party bus with this guy to a club on behalf of my cousins birthday. He pretty much acted as if the party was for him RUDE! I told him who I was to be nice and he acted as if it mattered. He told me we was gonna “slap the shit out of me” causing a huge fight between a bunch of girls outside the night club. He thinks he’s super cool when really he a has been!! Never been so offended. This guys a DJ??? Lmao his real name should be ONE WACK ASS MEXICAN.

Party bus…what is he still in a fraternity.- nik

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Peter Nygard

February 3, 2014 Los Angeles 2 7,776 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik. My gf was reluctant to model for Peter nygard because of his incredible history as a perverted rapist and pimp that lives in the Bahamas and is known for keeping salves as young as 16 years old. He offered my girl $2000 to “go to dinner.” He was relentless for two days and she eventually walked out. One of the workers said they had hidden cameras in the bathrooms where the girls were changing for one of the fashion shows that is going on for Super Bowl weekend. She saw 4 girls that he flew in from LA and they go with him everywhere. He is a piece of trash with no morals and has the worst reputation. How is this guy still walking around?

A steady dose of medication.- nik

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January 29, 2014 Los Angeles 12 9,376 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This thing is a man he is known to come out and play durng the wee hours of the morning he fucks everything that walks and is by far nasty in person i cant believe you people disagree there is no female genitalia associated with the monster while many of you think just by cuttng your dick off you become a woman NEWS FLASH MOTHER FUCKERS you need to be able to birth children lactate and bleed from that vagina …man made vaginas do nothing of that sort shes a what ? a lady ? get your shit STRAIGHT ______ ladies have ovaries and a uterus that does NOT therefore equate to a LADY that is a man so dont go around spewing bullshit and defending a thing that rapes straight men by giving them roofies and “poppers” while many of you think escorts and prostitutes are a nobel living i for one DO NOT real women dont go opening up their legs and letting anyone or anything fuck them for 60 roses or 500 kisses whatever the fuck the rate is for a wack ass wilder beast WOMEN HAVE REAL BOOBS AND REAL ASSES NOT REAL DICKS obviously her ass is fake her tits are fake and her entire world s fake ! enjoy the before photos ! KISSES

Time for a new wig.- nik

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East County Homie Hopper

January 27, 2014 Los Angeles 14 5,568 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: My baby mama is nothing but a fucking lying cheating fake ass cum guzzling slut she is into all the homie an always wants dick in her she loves getting nuttin in an sucking dick to show how much of a slut she is she loves cheating she loves to use people she loves to smoke meth an she loves being a east county homie hopper

These pics are cruel and unusual punishment.- nik

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She Has The Eyes

January 24, 2014 Los Angeles, Would You? 28 11,809 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Is she the one?

Answer: No, eyeshadow give her shape.  She’s a round one.

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Claire Collins is a Good Example

January 24, 2014 Los Angeles, Oklahoma 1 7,948 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! DA strong! Just wanted to give girls a good example of what they will look like after a lifestyle of partying. I see all these girls on here strung out on Pepsi and wanting to be models, well here’s what you could end up looking like if you choose that life. I know this girl very well. She did Meth and Pepsi soo much that it literally caused these craters in her face. What’s sad is that this girl is soo cracked out, she thinks shes a model and will be a famous musician. Drugs make bitches like this DELUSIONAL. She has DRD plus He***itis C from dirty needle uses. Anyone who sleeps with Claire Collins will end up 6 ft under. So here you go ladies, if you want to be a porta potty and do drugs like its a meal plan….look forward to face craters! Your choice!

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Prettiest Girl in China

January 21, 2014 Los Angeles 6 8,113 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I prettiest girl in china. I just move to LA to become model. I say I 10. what you think? I think you think I beautiful.

I hope you came for a job…- nik

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