Los Angeles | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Ofir Engle

October 2, 2014 Burbank, Los Angeles 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ofir Engle is definitely the worst fake artist in America, she needs to go back to Israel. Look at this amazing resume reel of hers and tell me she is A-list. hahahaha This chick is bad news, thinks she is Mrs. Jesus Christ.

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Romane Simon – Simon Productions

September 30, 2014 Dirty Business, Los Angeles 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is a criminal pure and simple. Romane Simon of Simon Productions (real original) is a common criminal from Haiti. He says he has charities for homeless in Haiti and does these crappy red carpet events to fundraise. Upon investigation with people he works with, not one cent goes to charities. In fact. He has sent some cards to Haiti to children telling them to take pictures next to it. It is saying things like “Thank you Simon Foundation” etc. It’s all a con and he”s even playing these poor children in Haiti. His film productions are a complete joke, poorly done, way poor. Cannot get distribution, and he keeps not paying anyone he works with. It all goes to him folks. Look how seriously he takes the red carpet (photo attached). Do not work with this mess.

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Ofir Engle Is A RipOff Artist

September 30, 2014 Dirty Business, Los Angeles 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ofir Engle is not an artist, she is a ripoff artist. She plays games with everyone and is walking around LA like she already made it. She suckers people into giving her money and being behind her and her work. Truth is, she takes the money and hangs out at home most of the time sick! Then when she does work, she is egotistical. She acts like she cares for the people she works with but really could give two shits!!!! I put work into her and she f*cked me! We can’t promote her because her f*cking jaw is all kinds of f*cked up and to the left. She would never even be able to give proper head. She is scary and hangs with the most political bunch of bogus shitheads you will ever run across in this industry! Do not contribute or waste your time with her. I promise you you will get nothing in return, no pay, no food, nothing!

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RG BRANNAN (Nandar Entertainment) – CON MAN

September 30, 2014 Dirty Business, Los Angeles 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this RG BRANNAN guy is completely fake. Says he is with this Nandar group, is kind of is but I don’t think he really works for them. Says he can get money for film, instead he misuses and misrepresents himself. His poor kid (wont name names for respect) is being prostituted out in the Entertainment industry with no damn talent whatsoever. RG wont even put pics of him online because he knows he is a criminal. He has the worst teeth and full of sh*t. Very scary to work with, do not give him one dime!!!!

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Tom Gabriel – Entertainment Bigger Than Life Is A Fake Company

September 30, 2014 Dirty Business, Los Angeles 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Tom Gabriel is a man looking to cheat on his wife. He made advances to me and I thought he was producer but he want sex instead. He very scary and tried to overpower me. This after he say he going to do my music. He is liar and almost attacked me but I could see in his eyes he thought of killing me but he did not, he just walked away after shoving me to ground. His wife don’t know she would be very upset. He is dangerous ladies, not really a producer.

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Feminist Hairy Hags

September 26, 2014 Los Angeles 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey NIK!!! I hate hate hate with a passion..feminists! any man or reasonable smart woman knows why!they are an evil of society! at least racists get called out and shunned but it seems ignorant people embrace feminists! There is a hardcore feminazi named Clare Matthews and another named Melissa Hoaglund who says trash!these 2 bloggers have a band of feminazis not only attacking differing views but attacking the state of manhood! calling any man a “pig” “oppressor”,etc! she is one of those “burning ras,I hate anything feminine” feminazis! This hag(I wont call ehr a woman) even went so far as to saying men like hairy big jungles! hairy  ulvas,buttcracks,armpits,legs,etc! hair is like fabric in that it traps dirt/sweat/etc. So it makes sense all these funky smelling feminists are anti-hygiene! she even said shaving your arms is bad! and that its oppression to females by men! oh yeaa,you females shave your arms so to please men! No hag,I shave my arms because I like to be clean IM SICK OF FEMINISTS! Nik..how do you feel about the feminist threat

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New Terrorist Call

September 24, 2014 Los Angeles 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: John Imroc & Joseph King are the leaders of this “D€4L” witch is part of isis terrorist! I work with the Police Department with terrorist threats. From I have seen on facebook & other BMX web sitesite they are part of isis. They call them self “D€4L” on facebook to hide from the government. Be on the look out for any wearing “D€4L” hat or t-shirts. If see any-one on facebook or in person wearing “D€4L” call you local Police Department. The FBI is now starting to track down some of the leaders. The main leader “D€4L” is John Imroc.

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Visalias Finest

September 19, 2014 Los Angeles, San Jose 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Visalias finest and mother of the year! She gets beat up every time she goes out and thinks she can fight! Her best friend goes around bragging about screwing her boyfriend and is proud? She also explains in detail how they SHARE dick! DISCUSTING TRASH! Lindsay stripper name is the same as her older daughter… Discusting again! She has multiple babies daddies. I hear she doesn’t know who dad is of one of them. She is ALWAYS AT THE BAR!! She drinks drinks drinks and has to find babysitters to watch her children and NEVER stays home! BAR FLY! I heard from multiple men her vagina smells like death and looks distorted. Every since we were little I\’ve always thought she was trash and her Arabian ass is gross! She needs a nose job it’s HUGE! I feel sorry for her children she pretends to love her kids and her boyfriend doesn’t even like her. No ass, goat titties, and beer gut. Multiple abortions because of not knowing the father. She needs to stop running her mouth about how cute she thinks she and be a good mom! Visalias finest

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