Janky Promoter

January 17, 2014 Los Angeles 3 8,414 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik this dickhole goes by Manny theboss perez! Hes a wanna be gangsta! He promotes at hole in the wall bars/strip clubs like (bottoms up) fcks all the strippers and bar hopping whores who fck for $3 drinks! I see him all the time posting shit about events that hes not part of…he claims to be a business owner (money bagz promotions) when ever I see him out an about hes with a different drunk bitch.. I over heard him tell a girl to do a line off his dick… so Im sure he does drugz! Be careful around this guy!

Look how his fingers just sink into her back..- nik

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California Reject

January 8, 2014 Los Angeles 2 7,214 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I don’t like using the word “ratchet” but I can’t seem to find another word to describe her.

Hoping on the tattoo trend won’t help..- nik

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Jennifer Beatty

January 2, 2014 Fresno, Los Angeles, Would You? 15 6,607 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This here is Jennifer shes a singer songwriter huge pumpkin head and mannish face and chunky body and large nose the question here is would you or wouldn’t you?

Answer: No, wide angle fish lenses aren’t good for horses.

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Check out Kurt Cobains daughter

December 30, 2013 Los Angeles, Manhattan 3 6,475 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Holy Look what Kurt Cobain and Courtney Loves kid Francis Bean looks like now!! She use to be kinda chuppy and look SO MUCH like Kurt. NOW she’s tiny and looks identical to her mother.(let’s just hope she doesn’t follow in her mom’s cracked out foot steps!) I think she deffenitly went from ugly duck to swan fer sure! I know she’s not your type AT ALL, but she deff came out of puberty on top. Wonder what she’s doing with her life these days?!

Answer: No, looks like she spends most of her time trimming her bushes (eyebrows).

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December 26, 2013 Los Angeles 33 13,825 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY:Hey Nik..I don’t know who this bitch is but she is constantly sending pics to my husband..I would to know if anyone knows who she is. ?

Anyone?- nik

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Military Slore

December 13, 2013 Fresno, Los Angeles 10 7,832 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi, Nik this chicks name is Sarah, one of the girls my husband cheated on me with. Yes, I said one of them. There have been a few more at least 5 other women if not more, seems he can’t keep his dick in his pants. I’m not sure where or how they meet but I know they meet when he was away. I hope her pictures blast all over the internet! They are both Army! Shame on you both!

Which one of those dudes is your husband?- nik

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Advice for Strippers, Escorts and Porn Stars

December 6, 2013 Los Angeles 25 11,083 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I love your site! It’s my guilty pleasure. I’m here to say something about women in the sex industry and about myself. I, like most strippers, pornstars and escorts had a hard life from the get go. Abusive parents, sexual abuse as a child, pregnancy, etc. I was a high school drop out. When I was younger, I was a total “good girl” despite having terrible parents. I didn’t even kiss a boy until i was 17 because i was shy and was a devoted catholic. When I was 20, my long term boyfriend left when i got pregnant and I became a welfare mom with a minimum wage job. Tired of living so limited and wanting more for my chid, I started going to college but I had no family support and not funds so I turned to escorting. I had considered porn but for the sake of my baby, i didn’t want my face out there. It was tough, painful. Sometimes the money was GREAT. The trips, the gifts, my new apartment. But sometimes i got ripped off, beat and raped. I spiralled downwards with drugs and alcohol. I had legal problems and I lost my child. I failed in school too… I was lonely and depressed. When I was finally fed up of it and tried getting normal job but again, i struggled and fell into dancing (stripping). The money was supposed to be amazing but let me tell you and everyone that at least here in LA, stripping money is bad and most girls have a day job or escort on the side or have a sugar daddy. I got tired of it too. By this point, I’m in a stable loving relationship with a decent guy who isn’t a sugar daddy, who is helping find a better job than i have now, who accepts me the way I am and we are engaged. My baby is with me (now older) and things are slowly getting better. Please girls, I’m not telling you to go all jesus-freak but I will tell you that selling your body is not the only way out. Work hard, find a real team partner a decent man who won’t hurt you, etc. Lay off the substances, they are an escape but they won’t lead you anywhere. Nik, I had to vent because I’m still struggling to adapt to the real world. I’m trying hard to make it all work and keep it all together. I’m hoping this post is read by the girls who think being a portapotty is so glam or being a pornstar is so cool. It’s not. By your mid 30′s you are not youthful enough to continue and you have nothing to show for all those years of whoring. No job, no real skills and not even a man to love you. Get out of it while you can or just do it while you are actually building a real career on the side although its nearly impossible because most sex industry girls are constantly fucked up on something and keep making bad decisions. Wish you all the best.

Well said.- nik

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Moose 805

December 4, 2013 Los Angeles 10 6,498 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. Just recently discovered your website a couple days ago now I’m hooked!! Anyways, I’m having trouble deciding if I should finally submit my first dirty post… It has to do with Professional Skateboarder Luis De Los Reyes, more commonly referred to in the skateboard world as “Moose”, cheating on his girlfriend Kaitlin. So I was at the skatepark tonight and this random psycho girl who eaves drops and no one likes was going on about how she commented on a picture he uploaded on IG of them yesterday exposing him for cheating. She mentioned she had seen texts convos and heard from girls at the skatepark that he had been cheating on her and been trying to hook up with others. Well I’m one of the others. We’ve never hung out but have planned to numerous times and I have text convos (where Im willing to show his # for proof it’s him) where he’s asked to come over and hang out and where he’s asked for pictures of me and more where he’s (I won’t go into details-you’ll see if you read the texts) made reference to my attractive & sexiness on multiple occasions. All of the convos have been where he’s initiated them & texted me first. In a lot of relationship some significant others may see this as cheating. And I want to point out I didn’t know he had a gf. I became a fan of his and found him on Instagram liked a couple of his pictures and before I knew it he asked me for my Snapchat then later on my phone number. I found out after another girl (also a pro skater) brought up in convo that they had hooked up & he was in a relationship). He gets paid to travel the country/world for a living of course he’s sleeping around on her right? All pro skate guys do, it just comes with the job. So is it right to anonymously submit our text convos in hopes that maybe his gf will see them for sure proof that these girls aren’t just commenting on his Instagram pictures alleging cheating for no reason? I mean as a girl it feels like the right thing to do. Id wanna know and publicly defended him on IG. I feel bad for her, she seems like a good person & I feel guilty now that I should speak up but then I feel like it’s definitely not my place. What do you think Nik…readers?

Skate parks are for kids .  Time to give up the dream bud.- nik

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