Ugly Sloot

November 8, 2013 Los Angeles 3 7,020 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this ugly whore thinks she’s the hottest shit in the fcking dessert. if i ever walked into a strip club and saw this bitch i would literally sue lol she’s clearly not ashamed of her mac force field or her career so she flaunts this shit all over the internet. if you’re gonna post half naked pics you should probably invest in some +2 mayb then you’ll actually make some real fcking money. her name is metalexa or diamond or some slutty shit works at le gentlemens club in tempe if you’re interested. so would you?

Looks like she cleared out the party, or just finished one…- nik

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Would You With This Beautiful Disaster

November 6, 2013 Los Angeles, Would You? 9 8,146 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: All of high school I was obsessed with this bitch, she calls herself Lacey Danyelle Press now on facebook. For a while she was going by her mom’s last name Patton, and then her (step?) dad’s name Pickrell, and now Press?? Whatever. This bitch is the definition of a crackhead, she went to juvie for 6 months for assault. Used to run with juggalos and meth tweakers around santa clarita. Literally when I used to see her around back when she was 15-16 and I was still in high school she acted like a hoodlum child running around in baggy shirts and skinny jeans and never going home. Even though I barely new this bitch everytime I saw her she seemed to just carry this air of confidence border-lining on psychopathy. Some people used to say she killed someone, and honestly if I found out I wouldn’t even doubt it. Despite all this, I still think she’s fcking BEAUTIFUL. I can’t find a damn thing wrong with her, besides a fugly tweaker tattoo and random peircings that change in the pictures she posts on facebook. She’s got a perfect skinny body, besides the lack of +2′s, and she’s only what.. 19 now? Beautiful eyes, goddamn – even you would agree on that. I need your help Nik Richie, I’m begging you here, you are the epitome of aesthetic genius and I respect your opinion due to your impeccable ability to distinguish the minute factors that can make or break a persons appearance. Please release me of the bondage of thinking this chick is perfect and give me a few reasons to think she’s ugly so I can stop my years of obsession. I have to know… would you??

Answer: No, only the latter part of that title is correct

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Brittany Vlaovich

October 23, 2013 Los Angeles, Wichita, Would You? 158 8,907 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this girl, recently posted me on here. She rambles on about how pretty she is and shes the most conceited stuck up bitch ever, whats your advice on this girl, she as hot as she thinks, “mrs i have a perfect body and face” FEED BACK PEOPLE, and she thinks shes has angelina jolie lips lmao

Why do her knees dimple?  She dreamkillered herself with that pic.- nik

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Needs a Man of Her Own

October 23, 2013 Cougars, Long Beach, Los Angeles 1 9,777 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this 41 year old slore was having an affair with a married man and when he wouldn’t leave his wife and 2 kids for her she went after his wife and vandalized her car. Since she got rejected she has decided to go after her disabled “friends” husband and is trying to get him to leave her and abandon their kids. She needs to get a man of her own! She preys on married men all over San Bernardino county. She works in lending but specializes in predatory behavior if you know what I mean.

Is this one of those ‘objects are bigger then they seem’ moments?- nik

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Loser Model Wannabe

October 21, 2013 Los Angeles 1558 7,960 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Miles Reza is the biggest loser and dumb ass wanna be Model around. He thinks he’s hot shit but he’s an ugly wanna be model who will never make it in the industry. He spends all day talking about how good looking he is and that he is the best looking guy in the world when no one thinks so. He thinks hes gonna be bigger than Justin Bieber and become a millionaire from his singing yet he has no job and makes no money at all. He’s going nowhere and thinks hes the best looking guy and gonna be the most famous singer and model. He also has a manboob on one side and is thinking about getting plastic surgery to get it removed. He’s a loser and isn’t going anywhere and has no money. Miles everyone thinks you’re a d-bag and can’t sing so go work at Home Depot or something k thankss

There’s no such thing as male modeling, its just a process of coming out of the closet.- nik

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Erin Moochy Mosely

October 16, 2013 Glendale-CA, Los Angeles 7 9,969 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this Championship Douche is Erin Mosely. He thinks he’s a gangsta and a high roller, and likes to claim he makes a ton of money “gettin papers”, whatever that even means. The truth is, he’s a broke bitch on parole for being an incredibly stupid criminal. The only money he has is the money he steals from and mooches from others. His mother is a retired hooker and taught him from an early age how to mooch and usurp. He steals, lies, manipulates, and is just an all around useless piece of white trash. He likes to pretend he’s a “crip” which is equal parts sad and hilarious. WATCH OUT FOR HIM ladies, and probably dudes as well. If you don’t give him what he wants, he will try to steal it. His fcked up face is, remarkably, not a deterrent to many people, so hopefully a bit of insight into his shitty personality will be.

Sounds like someone over stayed their welcome (on the couch).- nik

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Notorious Band Whore, Lexus Amanda

September 16, 2013 Jersey, Los Angeles, Miami 30 10,464 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I love your site and I’m really surprised that nobody has submitted “LA/NYC” (actually living in Hoboken, NJ) band whore, Lexus Amanda (actually Alexis Matthews). This bitch needs a fucking reality check like nobody’s business. Shes fcked every mediocre metalcore musician in the scene right now, she even ended up marrying Nicholas Matthews from Get Scared only to split less than a year later, she even tattooed his name on her arm about a week before they called it quits. She leaches off these guys to try and keep herself relevant and make something of her pathetic “music career”. She’s a sings (I say this lightly) under the alias “Blacklisted Me”, she cant actually sing without the help of her producer autotuning her voice to shit. Her producer’s name is Kato, his wife died recently so Lexus immediately moved from her California residence to an apartment in Hoboken that Kato pays for so she could “console” him in his time of need, but everybody knows she’s fcking him, she wouldt try to hide it, if it wasn’t for his age either. She lies about pretty much everything, she even acts like shes signed to a record label who doesn’t even know who the fck she is. She has a ridiculous following of dumb teenage girls who look up to her and buy from her webstore, although she takes months to send them their shit if she even bothers at all. She mistreats all of her fans as well, she even told a girl who made her fan art that the drawing was ugly and looked nothing like her. She’s getting less and less relevant by the minute so she’s resorted to fcking anybody who owns a guitar at this point and making ignorant statements all over her social networking sites for attention since digging her claws into a successful band member is now just a dream sorely out of reach for her. Somebody needs to tell this pill-popping, alcoholic, scumbag to just give it up already. She’s used up and worn out and it’s time for her to make room for younger, more refreshing band whores.

She should date a rapper, they’re good with auto-tones.- nik

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Sigal Dwek Hoory

September 6, 2013 Los Angeles, Riverside, Would You? 50 7,300 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sigal Dwek-Hoory Sigal Hoory otherwise known at Sigal Whorey. Sigal has a reputation in Israel and the USA of f**king married men. She will f*ck anything with a d*ck on it and doesn’t care if he’s married or not. She is a skank and f*cks several men at the same time. Don’t think you are the only man she is dating! There will always be more. Sigal can’t be faithful to one man she needs constant attention from many because of her lack of self esteem. Uses a persons emotions to gain trust and becomes intimate with them. She’s very convincing. Remember, she studied how to get into your head and make herself seem like she’s so sweet. Her pssy smells of rotting garbage from all the stuffs she has. Her skin is oily and gross. Wait until you see one of her acne breakouts. She looks even uglier. She is teaching her daughter how to be a whore like her. There is no hope for her! Question is Nik, Would YOU?

Answer: No, she hasn’t been able to button those pants for years.

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