Dirty Dayane

July 21, 2014 Los Angeles 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: This hot mess Dayane Andrade is a pure fraud . She lies non stop and is very cunning. Her occupation is straight cheap hooker that is on backpage for as low as $120. She is so desperate for a relationship she shacked with a pimp in Long Beach. She is a crazy psycho that clings on to anything. This is her second time on the dirty first time she was called Porto potty in Miami. Beware stay away from this gremlin who uses Model Suelyn Mediros pictures for hooking.

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My Girl Crush Leyla Milani

July 21, 2014 Hollywood, Los Angeles, The Dirty 197

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, what do you think of Leyla Milani? She is former number 13 on Deal or No Deal. Now she’s married and has a daughter. But look at that body! You couldn’t even tell. MAJOR GIRL CRUSH.

Her lips actually make her legs look skinny… I love the strategy.- nik

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Katia is Real

July 20, 2014 Los Angeles, San Diego 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Katia Hernandez, sister of realmisshazel, is way hotter than her sister because she is real. Her hair, tits and majority of her isn’t fake. She\s so much hotter and I have no clue why it’s hazel who gets the attention. Wdyt nik?

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Alyson Chase

July 20, 2014 Los Angeles 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick is one piece of work that looks like a walking DRD. Seems to take pride in being a total whore, even going far as asking who she can blow to get passes to Comic Con. She posts pictures of herself all over Twitter with her fake tits hanging out in almost every one, and thinks they’re (and she) are greater than Scarlett Johanssen. What a joke! Add fake black hair (probably a weave to boot), hooker clothes, and so much make-up that a sand blaster would be needed to take it off, and you have Twitter’s biggest thot. Yet she thinks she’s the hottest thing to walk our planet. Skank would lay down with almost everyone if it meant something being in it for her.

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Ashley Queen Perry

July 18, 2014 Los Angeles 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where to start with this cnt… She’s a real life prostitute living out of hotels in the Orange County area. She has three kids by two baby daddies. She turns tricks but has the “decency” to hand off her kids to friends n family first. She’s fcked her husband’s friends and twin. Haha skank! She’s got the drd and probably A**S by now. Her kids have been taken away before and they need to be taken away again. I hope this bitch gets arrested sooner than later. Check her out on Facebook (/LuvnQueenAsh. I hope this bitch reads this. Spread the word faster than she spreads her legs

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Smarten Up Stephanie

July 17, 2014 Los Angeles, San Diego 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl right here is Stephanie. Depending on what day you can find her in San Diego or Los Angeles. I dont know why she doesn’t just pick one and stay there. With that said somebody needs to tell her to grow up and stop messing around with idiots. There’s something about her that has me intrigued, but I feel like every man she encounters she puts the same spell on. She’s too busy only talking to assholes to notice anyone else. If you know her she’s cool but if you’re just a nice guy who wants to get to know her good luck. She prefers douchebags. So next time you see her walk right up to that bitch and shake her and tell her it’s time to act her age or she’s going to wind up alone as yesterday’s damaged goods.

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Zea Mays Tyrrelll and her Boytoy

July 17, 2014 Los Angeles, New Orleans, Oregon 61


THE DIRTY ARMY: This child is always harassing a well known model in oregon , who recently moved to LA. All because this model used to date Zeas new boyfriend Lalek Farrell-smith. This model (Aye) left him because he was a drunk/crackhead. Zea had been fcking him on the side for a YEAR until aye found out. Zea now spends hers time harassing and stalking aye and posting her on blogs like this. even Zeas friends talk about how sea is solo obsessed with Aye and always showing them her model pics and asking if aye is pretty or asking people why they are friends with Aye. pretty LAME seeing as though Aye doesn’t even care about the two of them and has changed her number many times so they will leave her alone but they always find it andharrass her. Lalek and Zea have a history of smoking crck or you can find them downtown getting so sloppy drunk they both fall over and piss their pants. lalek has and 2 DUIs and is still a drunk fish he likes to beat his girlfriends up and is a broke joke. also his dick is 2 inches long and he fucks like a child. NO SKILLS AT ALL Zea is known for doing drugs going to wellsprings (an alternative school for kids that can’t function) smoking crack rocks and stealing.. sounds like fish brains to me they both live in springfield with all the other tweakers. If Zea was smart she would learn from Aye and get herb mind and money right. WACK ASS HOE

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Sepideh Has The Biggest Nipples Ever

July 11, 2014 Hollywood, Los Angeles, The Dirty 77



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what do you think about Sepideh. Totally hot chick who had her nudes leaked all over twitter recently. Word is she’s an athlete groupie and all about the purple crayon, sucks those nipples are big as her boobs. Click here to see her nudes!!!

I tried to make the hearts as small as possible.- nik

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