Uneducated Law Enforcer

April 14, 2014 Madison, Wisconsin 0 5,900 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I recently signed up for an online dating site and came across this halfwit. His profile states he works in law enforcement and claims to be 95% racist. He apparently managed to get a college degree but clearly lacks comprehension as to WHY minorities make up a large part of the current prison population. I’m pretty sure his employer does not concur with his misguided views.

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Brittany Roche Pretends Shes From Chicago

March 21, 2014 Chicago, Madison 108 9,318 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this b*tch is Brittany Roche, she’s as dumb as she looks. She’s been starting drama in Chicago, while living in Madison, Wisconsin because her 16 year old ass is upset that a bunch of people called her fat. She can’t tell the difference between there and their and she spells worse then my five year old niece. Because of her, her boyfriend (who is a DJ) is losing mad credit in the Chicago EDM scene and probably the Madison scene as well. All that hair? It more fake than a weave found in a alley on the southside of Chicago. Oh and btw I can hear the thunder rolling when she walks by. Ban this chick from Chicago, nobody wants to see that flat ass, pregnant stomach, weave wearin bitch.

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Madison Dirty Salon Skank

December 16, 2013 Madison 5 7,541 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this two-faced lying slut/bitch/skank/whore is Alicia Genthe Fisher. Her poor recent husband doesn’t have a clue she was bangin 6 different guys the whole time they were dating/engaged! Get out early while you can! I can’t believe he didn’t smell the jizz on her after a night out with “the girls”! This failed hairdresser somehow owns (s*cked/f**kd for $$) Texture Salon in Madison Wi. New unlucky husband is Fish Calloway, a radio DJ in town and she married and uses for free advertising for her salon. She has a man jaw, fat ass, rathair and fake cheesy smile. I’m sure others in Madison can add their experiences with her as well. Women watch your men around her, doesn’t care whos married!

Damn, that is crazy.- nik

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Seems To Think She’s Hot

December 18, 2012 Madison, Wisconsin 0 6,115 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This disgusting whore is delusional. I think I speak for all when I say….puke!!She thinks she is one of the hottest chicks in this area, and if that is true I think our tourism rate is going to plummet. She has made her way through the tri county area with ease. She is known to have 2 certain drd’s that are incurable. She will not tell you this of course, be warned! So Nik, if she did not have drd’s …would you?

Answer: No, I’m pretty sure I see trophies, gymnast trophies…never a good sign.

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Fat People Should Not Be Allowed To Be News Anchors

October 3, 2012 Madison, The Dirty 473 6,241 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jennifer Livingston and she is a morning anchor on channel 8 here in Wisconsin.  Some guy wrote her a letter about being a fat girl and being obese and how she should not be on TV because she is setting a bad example for the young girls in the community by giving them the notion its ok to be fat and obese.  Personally, I totally agree with the guy, she needs to lose the weight and fat people should not be TV.  It truly is saying that its ok to not care about your body and health and everything will be ok.  What do you think?

Maybe she has a thyroid issue… weather and weight are two different animals.- nik

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Natural Beauty From Wisconsin

September 19, 2012 Madison, Wisconsin 4 7,796 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, wanted to introduce you to the hottest girl in Wisconsin.  This girl has nothing but natural beauty and a personality that will blow you out of the water.  I don’t want to ask you if you would because you are a married man, just wanted to see if you agree with me about how beautiful she is.  Its not the fake girls you are use to out there is southern Cali.

She is normal looking and yes her body is very natural.- nik

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Dirty Wisconsin Slore Kelly

July 20, 2012 Madison 1 9,833 Views

Dirty Wisconsin Whore

Dirty Wisconsin Whore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirty skeez is the biggest sloot and is well known all through Cashton, Wisconsin. This nasty girl by the name of Kelly has slept with all of Cashton, population 100 people. 75% of that 100 is men. She is known to give good head, as well as hand jobs. She struts around to be this good girl. When in reality she should have been on girls gone wild. Guys say she sucks in bed, other than the head. And that her p*sy smells of the pacific ocean and is loose like magoose. She has known to sleep with older men for money. Which explains her shopping obsession. If she is not out partying and bullsh*t, you will find her in her mothers boyfriends bed f*cking him. Or sucking up the next guy she can get her hands on. Which will explain why she had to take a random trip to Texas to get f*cked. Her mother is a drunk, and has been known to f*ck guys Kelly has slept with. This girl is disgusting.

Those condoms are to let people know they’re down, not for actual use.- nik

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We Have D Bags In Wyoming Too

June 1, 2012 Dirty Army Strong, Madison 0 7,156 Views

We have D-bags in Gillette Wyo too.

We have D-bags in Gillette Wyo too.

We have D-bags in Gillette Wyo too.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, been dirty army strong for a long time now out of Wyoming. A good friend of mine just recently found out her D-bag soon to be ex-husband Josh W. (who thinks he’s a lady killer) has been messing around on her with their good friends daughter (she’s 20). Apparently the last few months of ‘work meetings’ were to go see this family dreamkiller. He convinced her to have a divorce mediation with HIS retained divorce lawyer and he proceeded to screw her out of just about everything other than minimal child support. She put everything on hold for this douche and now has nothing. They work for the same company and now he is even threatening to have her fired since he is in with the boss. I realize it sounds like an oh whoa is me script from the mth capital of Wyo and that it’s not your typical forgy town story but do me a favor and put this slimeball on blast! Oh, and he just got this sweet Tiger Woods tattoo; it’s pretty awesome.

If only you caught him before she turned 18, then you really coulda done some damage.- nik

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