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Jessica Winslow – Manchesters fakest sloot

December 4, 2014 Manchester- NH 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this girl has to be put on blast. She is the fakest people I know, she claims to be all religious and constantly puts prayers and blessings on her Facebook. She cheats on her boyfriend Kevin Raymond. (who sells oxy) the guy with the bucket over his head. Don’t really know why she is so in love with him, o wait cause he is a drug dealer. And a a shitty one at that. She neglects her kids and loves the pepsi. I found the nudes on my b f’s cell phone and he will be the next person I throw up on blast. This girl deserves to lose her kids. And her mother Virginia thinks she is mommy’s little angel. She probably is the one who gave my boyfriend a did. Busted b**ch. Home wrecking sloot that dances with molly

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Natalie Linbloom – master manipulator

November 25, 2014 Auburn, Manchester- NH 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Natalie Lindbloom, watch out for this chick residing in the Manchester, Aurburn New Hampshire area. not only is she a master manipulator but shes will sleep with your boyfriend etc. At 25 she works taking care of elderly and disabled… on the side she sells drugs, fraudulently gets money and sleeps with anything that gets her ahead, gives her something she wants or fits her plans to fck up someones life. She never does anything without a benefit to herself so be careful when dealing with this girl. She makes you believe she is sweet and innocent and would never mistreat anyone or cheat but thats where the manipulation comes in. Don’t fall into the pitch black dark hole of Natalie linbloom because she will drag you down no matter how nice she may seam.

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Deadbeat Mom Skips Country

August 6, 2014 Manchester- NH 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, It’s time to put this leach on blast. Jesse Baker from Claremont New Hampshire is a real piece of work. She can’t work legitimately because the Agency of Child Support has a lien against her wages for over $4,000. Her home is being foreclosed, her car has been repossessed and now she has the nerve to ask others to help her with a gofundme account so she can ditch her kids in the U.S. and move to Canada to live with some guy she met online. The whole thing makes me want to puke. Don’t take my word for it, here is the link.

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Bridget Montanez Homestead, FL to Nashua, NH

August 5, 2014 Boston, Manchester- NH 6


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! I saw your page about this girl titled Fl Military Wife! Funny thing is she sent me some of those same photos! Bridget Montanez now! Was Bridget Bechelmayr. Gave me some story about being split with her husband and they were under the same roof for the kids only. I know, isn’t that the usual story? Sadder is for as big of a slut she is she’s a lousy lay! Now I at least know why her snatch smelled so bad! There was probably some guy there before me! She’s a real needy weirdo! Even told me a story about her taking her 16 yr old son to have her name tattooed on his chest!!?? Not “Mom” but her name “Bridget”! That’s so messed up! Who does that to her own kid? I heard she moved from Homestead to Nashua, NH. That town needs to watch out! She’s crazy! She thinks she’s the hottest thing! Sends pictures like this to everybody! I must be special! I have a picture the other guy didn’t have with her tits in the steamy mirror! lol She thinks she can have anybody! I had to blow her psycho ass off! Would you Nik? Lol..

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Scumbag Fireman

April 21, 2014 Boston, Manchester- NH 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies, if you see this guy run for the hills!! He is a classic mental case. People warned me about him but I wanted to see for myself. Boy what a huge mistake. He is a fireman in Salem, NH with 2 boys. Seems to have his shit together initially. Comes on very strong. He will say and act like he’s head over heels in love, buy flowers,  take you to nice restaurants, writes poems, introduces you to his family right away even the kids. Tells the kids how he adores you, kisses you in front of them, tells them he’s going to marry you soon. Invited me to go away with them on the second date. He will be totally attentive for a month or so, calling and texting around the clock. Good morning good nights. Does not miss a beat. Invites you to visit him at work and meet his friends. Soon after this courtship, his narcissism starts to kick in. Its all about him. Every single conversation he talks about himself, if you try to speak, he speaks over you and starts on a boring 20 min story. This guy appears to be great until he get what he wants. Nothing great in that dept either!! Then he just stops calling and texting cold turkey and wont answer any calls from you. He starts texting excuses…father is in the hosp, I have the flu, kids have homework blah blah blah and keeps saying he will call you in a few mins to never call you back again. If you call him out on his behavior, he will freak out on you, act like you are crazy and ends the relationship via text. Also caught him on a dating site while he was  with me. He is on POF under LQQKHERE74.  Beware!!! Very charming at first but a wolf in  sheeps clothing. He will tell you he is going to  propose in a few months and have babies with you. He also says how you are the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.  All BS lies. He also has a weird paranoia issue mainly focused on Facebook.  He will not allow you to tag him in any photos or post any status updates or anything bc he thinks everyone is watching him on there! If you attempt to do this, he will freak out and block you with no warning. Also, if you are planning on having sex, bring some viagara with you!!

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November 7, 2012 Dartmouth, Manchester- NH 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this fat trick is the dirtiest girl around dartmouth. She will literally sleep with ANYONES man no matter if you think she’s your friend or not. She thinks she’s pretty but in reality she looks like she got hit with a shovel. Her mommy and daddy have money so she buys men stuff and then thinks she’s in a relationship with them. She doesn’t descriminate either ladies .. she will screw your man no matter what color he is .. she’s not picky, this one. She has no neck and a big ol’ double chin that I’m sure is useful for catching all that sperm shot at her. Check your mans fb ladies .. if he’s got her on there, it means he’s had her on his d*ck too.

McBangs.- nik

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The Man Behind The Pretty Twitter Mask

October 31, 2012 Manchester, Manchester- NH 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik On twitter he is the funny, charming, sexy masked man. In real life he is an uneducated overweight troll whom victimises women online and in real life. Though most of his time is spent hiving off of his parents, he managed to find time to visit my now ex wife whist the kids and I were out. A divorce and an abortion later she left him to continue causing physical and emotional harm to women he meets via online forums. Harassing people and making up a fantasy life from the comfort of his parents basement. This man is jobless, spineless, and has the emotional make up of a serial k**ler. Girls fall over his online imaginary persona. Well ladies, I’ve removed the mask of @Itomfoolery so you can see for yourself the true image of a man who has the online world believing he is successful and attractive. The reality you are left with is a jobless, overweight bum, whom uses his elderly parents to fund his life of luring online women into his web of deception. Tom Catling is destined to die doing what he loves…nothing.

When has anything good come from behind a mask…life isn’t like a Disney movie.- nik

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Put Away Your Greg

September 14, 2012 Concord, Manchester- NH 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is my ex who thinks he has thebiggest dick hi johnny allen!!!

The only thing this photo does is make him look like a pedo.  Nice room.- nik

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