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The Hoover King of Essex

December 10, 2014 Birmingham, London, Manchester 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Peter is a very naughty boy, his favourite hobby is getting down and dirty with Henry Hoover. He has made love to a hot steak bake and burnt his penis in the past, dressed as a lady, eaten his own pubic hair and much much more!! Check him out !!

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Hannah Give Out

October 6, 2014 London, Manchester, Reading 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh Hannah! Always so professional and focussed but…with a drink inside her all that disappears! I know of 2 people for sure who managed to get her in the sack on one night stands and personally ive had ‘access all areas’ on a few drunken nights in pubs and clubs. Now shes married but…well lets just say with a week to go, her mouth certainly wasnt practicing any damn vows!

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What A Real Ferrari Looks Like

September 25, 2014 Dirty Rides, Manchester, The Dirty 148


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m so sick of seeing these Americans flaunt their 2007 Ferrari’s like they have cash. Anyone can afford a $1500 lease payment. Hey DJ, how about my Rose Gold? Yup. We run run in Manchester.

Sick ride bro. Perfect for all that rain.- nik

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Damen Barnard

June 30, 2014 London, Manchester 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Damen Barnard. This guy is a straight up loser, and I’m sick of him being so damn proud of being a junkie. The guy dates teenage girls, because no woman wants a 22 year old man who still lives at home with his mother, and has no job. Can you believe this loser is a father? Yeah, he has a kid that he never sees. Well, you can’t buy Molly AND nappies can you?
Nik, I blame EDM for this new breed of idiots who think raving is a good look.

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I rely on you Nik

May 16, 2014 Manchester 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: I need your expert opinion Nik, this dirty sloot Lomeli clearly had some work done to her face. But I can’t quite tell what they are. Please tell me Nik, the left photo is when she was at 16, the one on the right is at 20 how she looks now. The funny thing is she swears she didn’t go under the knife. Please set this record straight, Nik!

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Toni Jones

May 5, 2014 Manchester 0



THE DIRTY ARMY: A dirty slut who loves it up her fat arse

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Manchester United Fires David Moyes

April 22, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Manchester, The Dirty 23


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, last year when the legend himself Sir ALex Ferguson stepped down from leading Manchester United they said his place would be impossible to fill… and they were totally correct. Just 10 months after David Moyes got the impossible job, he has been fired. I’m more than happy cause it was just embarrassing watching my club this year. Nik, I know Man U is your squad, so you must be excited like the rest of us.

Thank you God!- nik

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Baby Sized Pretty Boy

April 14, 2014 Manchester 1

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THE DIRTY ARMY: H i i’m 21 and from england. Care to humiliate my peen?

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