Tamara’s Fading Looks Were The Reason For The Split

July 31, 2012 Manchester, The Dirty 19 5,839 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik its pretty obvious why Omar Khyami broke up with Tamara Ecclestone. Look at that face! I did a quick search online for this billion dollar “beauty”, see if it was to good to be true…it was.  She’s only worth half a billion, all inherited, and the first word I saw when I googled her name was British solcialite — which explains the rapid deterioration/the need for her thick coat of Mac.  Thanks for showing me the light mr richie…

Tamara it’s okay to lipo under that chin to find a jawline.- nik

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Omar Cheated On Bilionaire Dollar Girl Tamara Ecclestone

July 30, 2012 Manchester, The Dirty 8 7,961 Views

Omar cheated on bilionaire dollar girl Tamara Eccllestone

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Omar cheated on Tamara, but the question is with who? This is what she said… ‘I felt sick, mortified, betrayed and acutely embarrassed for my parents that they’d had to see this. I mean, my dad’s in his 80s,’ says Tamara. I felt scared to have shared my bed with someone like him and angry he’d had no consideration for me or my health! What are your thoughts?

I don’t blame Omar. Look at Tamara’s billion dollar MAC Forcefield… she must throw away her pillowcases everyday.- nik

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Bedford Sloot

July 12, 2012 Boston, Manchester 0 8,703 Views

Bedford Slut

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl from the trashiest part of New Hampshire likes to act like shes the classiest thing around. When she can’t even get one single guy to settle down with her. I guess thats why she feels the need to move in on other peoples boyfriends. I mean if i had the mouth of a beaver I wouldnt expect a guy to settle down with me. File down your teeth and maybe you could attract a guy in person, instead of editing your pics. Wh*re.

You can tell she edited out a lot of masculinity from that neck.- nik

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I Don’t Know Who This Girl Thinks She Is

June 14, 2012 Manchester, The Dirty 11 8,635 Views

IDK who this girl think she is

IDK who this girl think she is

IDK who this girl think she is

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl really gets on my nerves, she is called Fran Clarke she club hops thinking she is some hot shot promoter when really she is just annoying. She flaunts her body like shes the s*** but really her body looks like it hasnt hit puberty, she is also BRIGHT orange. She is also so b*tchy n tries to gold dig but fails miserably. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY SHE HASN’T BEEN ON HERE BEFORE.

Her stomach really freaks me out… its like she has an Alien baby inside of her.- nik

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Would You With Ultimate WAG Abbey Crouch

May 26, 2012 Manchester, The Dirty, Would You? 3 8,336 Views

Would with ultimate WAG Abbey Crouch?

Would with ultimate WAG Abbey Crouch?

Would with ultimate WAG Abbey Crouch?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Abbey Crouch, former model and wife to soccer player, Peter Crouch. She has a 1 year old daughter and looks incredible. She’s slightly horsey in the mouth area, but other than that, I can find no flaws. So, would you??

Answer: No, I would rather be friends with her and Peter. Abbey’s knees have always bothered me and I could never betray Peter like that.

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Most Beautiful Face

May 17, 2012 Liverpool, Manchester, The Dirty 33 9,498 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick has been deemed nearly perfect by the UK. They said she had a nearly perfectly symmetrical face, she was proven to be beautiful by science.  So Nik I’ll keep this short and sweet, does she have the most beautiful face?? Also, how much longer will she be workign at that fish n chips…

If she had brown eyes nobody would care.- nik

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Someone Save This Poor Child

May 16, 2012 Hollywood, London, Manchester, The Dirty 14 5,627 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I just heard about all these crazy Sarah Burge stories (the human barbie).  This old senile witch needs to be stopped.  She herself has undergone hundreds of surgeries to make herself look like a barbie (not that its working) and is now trying to force these procedures onto her 8 year old daughter, 8!!! She gave her a liposuction voucher last year for Chirstmas, breast implant voucher for her 7th birthday and who knows what else.  I get to angry reading about this horrible human being.  She says and I quote “I see these vouchers as investing in her future, like saving money for college”.  No b*tch it is nothing like saving for college, you dooming your child to wh*redom. She’s already taught her child how to pole dance.  Someone needs to take her child away! I first heard about Sarah when I read online that she paid $30, 000 for her daughter to be in Todlers and Tiara’s (a show which should not exist!!!!).  I get angry just thinking about this, it makes me want to scream.  Please do something about this, I’m at a lose at what to do.

Where’s all this money coming from? She can’t even afford a frame for her kid’s bed.- nik

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She’s Serious, Just Like Her Weave

April 15, 2012 Leeds, Manchester, The Dirty 10 9,105 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Greetings from across the pond nik.  Wanted to update everyone on Sarah B and her botched t*t fix that her sugar daddy paid for.  This cross eyed witch doesn’t know the meaning of self respect, she’ll be balls deep on guys nearing 60 on any given night.  She doesn’t seem to care what people think when she straps her legs around some old guy and make out with him.  Falling is another common habit of hers, literally and out of her top.  This broad needs to know that scars are not attractive and noone wants to see them.

I like her elbows.- nik

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