Manchester | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 15

Would You With Sasha Jackson

June 4, 2011 Manchester, Miami, The Dirty, Would You? 17

Would You with Sasha Jackson

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Sasha Jackson is apparently a British actress, but I have never heard of her. Either way here is a smokin hot pictures of her in Miami. So, lets hear it Nik, would you?

Answer: Not quite sure… from this image I can smell a REFUND Gap. Why is everyone hyping this girl up so much? No ass!

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How To Ruin Your Body

May 27, 2011 Manchester, The Dirty 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, don’t have a clue who this chick is, possibly called ‘Lexi’, but what a way to RUIN a decent body and face. These are possibly the worst +2s (minus twos?) I’ve seen, total hack job! I wouldn’t be posing happily like that with those two rock hard looking tittays on my chest, not even mentioning the refund gap… I’m not even going to ask would you, but Nik why does she seem happy to flaunt such melons?

I hate +2′s that look forced. If they don’t move when you shag, what’s the point?- nik

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I Definitely Found Your Brunette

May 26, 2011 Hollywood, Manchester, Manhattan, Portland 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I found your brunette. I was searching the web just now and found her and immediately thought of you. She’s from England and will be a judge on the new season of x-factor. She’s a big time model, Singer and all around star in England and her name is Cheryl Cole. She was voted by FHM as the Sexiest Woman In The World (think Maxim’s Hot 100) in both 2009 and 2010, and has been winning prizes left and right since she first came onto the scene in 2002. I’m really picky and can’t find a flaw she’s absolutely gorgeous. So the question is would you? And is she the one?

I know Cheryl well… she is not the one.- nik

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Perk Head

May 16, 2011 Glasgow, Manchester 40

perk head

THE DIRTY ARMY: pauline goodvoice is in houseing and is constantly stoned while she has her child her bf beats her while her 4 yr old chid is there and is snorting perks all the time doesnt take care of her kid and sucks dick for crck she is the worst mother i have ever met in my life take care of your responabillitys and quit snorting pills you stupid bitch this is the slut of selkirk mess with me and ill fcking mess with you bicth, she has to get her mom to pawn stuff in just to feed her kid cuz she snorts all her money.

What else is she gunna do, she can’t get a normal job being high all the time.  Don’t do drugs.- nik

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Nik, I’m Sorry But You Are Gay If You Say No

May 2, 2011 London, Manchester, The Dirty, Would You? 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jessica-Jane Clement. An English glamour model, actress and TV presenter. I find her to be very attractive and I had to know what you think of her and of course would you?

Answer: No, her nipple placement really bothers me, her eyebrows dominate her face, the nose has too much nostril vision, her body looks soft and the shape lines of her +2′s don’t match. If these are her modeling shots, I would hate to see what she really looks like.

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What Do You Think About Soon To Be Princess Kate

April 28, 2011 London, Manchester, The Dirty 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m very curious what your opinion of the future princess is. Personally I think she is the best natural beauty there is. Something about her smile makes my heart melt. Thoughts?

I don’t care… you are the Prince of the World and you marry Average. She is a commoner who is older than him. They are going to be miserable and he is going to cheat like his father. Did I mention that she has fat wrists, not a good sign for the future.- nik

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Female Security

April 28, 2011 Manchester 0

can we say ho

THE DIRTY ARMY: Now Nik this is one woman i would not want feeling me up ! She works at the old Level 2 night club as female security ! i SWEAR SHE GETS HER ROCKS OFF WHEN SHE FEELS UP THE MEN WHEN SEARCHING THEM ! she is a home wrecker she is now with the man i love ! Also she is constantly flirtiung and sleeping with her coworkers and leaves everynight with this nasty white native guy who use to work there ! sHE THINKS SHE CAN GET ANYONE SHE WANTS AND WILL MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE YOUR HER FRIEND BUT WHEN YOU BECOME CLOSE TO HER STOMP ALOVER YOU SHE FCKS ALL KINDS OF MEN HAS EVEN BEEN FUKING IN THE CLUB SHE WORKS AT SO BE CARFUL LADIES N GENTS WHEN YOU GO IN THE WASHEROOM YOU MIGHT CATCH SOMETHING OR SIT ON HER SHIT AND CATCH SOMETHING.

I bet they didn’t know she was a female when they hired her.- nik

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Mr. Softie

April 27, 2011 Dirty Predator, London, Manchester 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this scummy, sleezy whore is Harry Horner. Don’t be fooled because his name implies everything about this man: HE IS A HORNY BASTARD! You know the nastiest thing about this biddy? He thought the best way to screw the women in the area was to pretend he was too “soft” to be harmful to their husbands. So he pretended he couldn’t get “it” up in order to screw as many women as he could! What’s more embarrassing than pretending you can’t get it up? HE MIGHT AS WELL HAVE ACTED GAY! IT WOULD BE MORE BELIEVABLE! All because he is such a piece of scum who couldn’t get women if he tried. He told some “quack” of a friend that he was going to try to humiliate as many men as he could by sleeping with their wives. In order to continue being a piece of shit, he set his eyes upon my beautiful, yet completely stupid wife. HE IS IN HIS LATE 40′s AND SHE IS BARELY INTO HER 20′s. PEDOPHILE MUCH? He preyed upon her even when I tried to hide her away from him. However, “Mr. Impotent” finally succeeded by coaxing women into coming to his home to “buy” china. EXCUSE ME…DOG WATCH! COME GET THIS SEX OFFENDER!. He even slept with women in the other room while their husbands and grandmothers were waiting for them to “buy” china. If by china you mean sexual favors then you hit the spot. He may have fooled everyone, including me at times, but he can’t remain “soft” for long. So do us all a favor, Horner. GET SOME REAL MOVES, PEDOPHILE.

He is stroking the face of the ugliest one in the bunch, sexual predators always go for the easiest lay.- nik

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