Cheating now Preggo Sloot

April 7, 2014 London, Manchester 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: She cheated on me got pregnant left me for her ex.

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Real or Not Real

February 18, 2014 Birmingham- UK, Manchester 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Demi Rose Mawby, from Birmingham, UK who’s apparently of Colombian decent (but she lies through her teeth, so who knows) has recently gained a lot more Instagram fame due to of photoshopped/edited beyond recognition, semi-nude pictures. This girl claims to not have had any plastic surgery done and claims to be “real”, yet these before pictures of her from when she was 17 or so show something a lot different… Either that is amazing photoshop and make-up/contouring, or it’s surgery. What do you think Nik? First two images of her are older, the last one is new. By the way, she says her boobs are real, she probably got them done in Mexico or Colombia when she was underage… (Her excuse is the fact she’s 18 thus COULDN’T have gotten work done)… As if girls from there don’t get that all the time.

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Sheldrake’s Liverpool

February 4, 2014 Cougars, Liverpool, Manchester 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: These two dirty bitches, Maria Stetca and Pojialex Poji (otherwise called Alex) love to threaten and make others feel low. They’re both Romanians who work at Sheldrake’s Restaurant for a bitch of a manager who ALWAYS comes to work drunk (her name is Helen). They are two faced and love to make others feel low because they themselves have a short coming — they don’t have much education and work as waiters. So to ego boost they bully and threaten whoever they can. They hang out with other losers who think they’re the king and queen of England (Some names are Florin Gabriel, Gabriela Zeldea, Ionela Voinea and the big boss of the restaurant Helen Demetrios —- if you go on TripAdvisor there are so many bad reviews because of their bitch boss Helen —- always drunk, throws shit and ALONE FOREVER ALONE) I guess the illness spread because all those people I listed are bullies and miserable and just LOVE to pick on whoever they can to make their shitty selves feel better. It’s time the whole of England knows about these people.

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UK’s Answer To Courtney Stodden

December 24, 2013 Manchester, The Dirty 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is what the UK came back with to compete with Courtney Stodden. Chloe Mafia is only 22 and look like she is going on 42. This girl needs to go back under the knife a few more times just to be considered human. The first time I saw her I thought she was Mexican from the eyebrows. How are these girls famous?

They are famous because they walk around naked and set up paparazzi shoots with creepy photographers who masturbate to the pictures on the DL.- nik

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Homewrecker 2013

November 22, 2013 Manchester 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this tramp BECKY CHAMBERS from Doncaster UK will sleep with your husband while pretending to be your friend. Does it in your bed but forgets your place has security cameras. .. DIRTY … been kicked to the curb so will be looking for the next cock to ride for a place to stay

What’s with the popsicle on the horse, does she fancy that a photoshoot.- nik

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Most Beautiful Eyes

November 4, 2013 Halifax, Manchester, Would You? 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: I know you got a thing for eyes,, can’t find out who this queen is but wow check the eyes!! what do you think??

Not even close, those heavy lids are putting me to sleep.- nik

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Dirty Person All Around

October 18, 2013 Halifax, Manchester 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: An eye for an eye… Dirt on dirt…

Where’d her chin go?

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Is She Worth It

October 17, 2013 London, Manchester, Would You? 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Look, I’ve been with my girl for 6 years, she wants to marry me and all that stuff, she’s great and all, but she’s a little dull sometimes. She wants to be a vet, likes chick flicks and listens to One Direction… I’d be more willing to get more serious but there’s a girl I CANNOT get out of my head, her name is Holly Brunt, I’ve never talked to her properly before but I see her all the time and she sounds like the fucking bomb. She’s a musician, artist, model… Look man, is this girl worth risking my 6 year relationship? And… Would you?

Answer: No, anyone who cuts their own bangs is a head case.

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