Lindsay Labour, Liverpools Gossip Bag

April 24, 2013 Liverpool, Manchester 173

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lindsay Labour, formerly known as Lindsay Whynot, has to be the FATTEST, BIGGEST MOUTH in Liverpool.. with her dog faced mother coming in at a close second. This cow contributes nothing to society,does nothing but talk about things that are none of her concern and run her big mouth on a computer but runs like a little bitch in person. She thinks she is soo fcking high class, when she lives in a trailer, with more pets than the fcking SPCA, when she doesnt even have money to look after them. Lets have a look at her life. She has a husband, who has cheated on her with Ashley Henderson a million times, he left her and got engaged to another girl, then Lindsay made him propose to her.. nothing like being made to marry a ugly fat ditch pig. She has a job with Region of Queens Home Support, and she never goes, but when she does work she gets JESSICA BOUDREAU to babysit her kids.. for all of you who do not know that name.. she is the girl who made up a fake facebook account and fcked with a guys head until he **d himself.. yeah shes me her mentally stable enough to watch your fcking children you sick piece of shit. See the picture with the horse? thats a suitable husband for her. Christopher Labour, a lobster fisherman who works his ass off has to come home from work and clean up her disgusting house and cook because she is so fcking lazy. and when she does cook, its actually take out. Her and her mother do nothing but cause shit and run their mouths about everyone and they are fcking trash. LOW LIFE BIG MOUTH FAT ASSES TRASH. I do not know how either of them could keep a job, with the public especially because they are so fat and ugly. Lindsay lets her kid ride her bike in the middle of the road, good parenting! Her kids are fcking brats, she doesnt correct them, lets the run free and do whatever the hell they want. Lindsay thinks she has soooooooooooooooo many friends, when in reality everyone talks about how fucking stupid and annoying she is. She updates her facebook status everytime she shits or farts, and has to describe it to everyone. HOW FCKING LAME. The only person in her family who actually likes her is her mother, and her husbands family hates her just as much as her own. CRAWL IN A HOLE ALREADY EVERYONE IS TIRED OF LOOKING AT YOUR BULLDOG FACE AND YOUR 18 WHEELER SIZED ASS. SERIOUSLY, HOW DOES YOUR ASS GET THAT BIG? AND YOUR STOMACH? EWWWWWWWWWWW. BUT YET YOUR TITS STAY TINY.. LMFAO, YOU ARE DISGUSTING. OH AND BY THE WAY, NOTHING SAYS YOUR FAT AND UGLY LIKE TAKING PICTURES OF YOURSELF FROM THE NECK UP.

Quit playing with your food.- nik

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Manchester United vs. Chelsea

April 16, 2013 Manchester, The Dirty 37

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So I’m going to this game May 5th at Old Trafford. I will be in England from May 1 to May 6. This is my first visit across the pond and I’m posting this so you can tell me what cool things to do while I’m there. I want to do tourist sh*t and train hop to cool towns.  Email me [email protected] or leave suggestions in comments. Thanks.- nik

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Former Party Girl

April 1, 2013 Manchester 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just wondering what you think of Eleanor Calders ITG? Former party girl, now girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson of the world famous multi platinum group One Direction and attends University of Manchester.

Very strong ITG. She is full fist status.- nik

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Found Your Perfect Blonde

March 26, 2013 Manchester, The Dirty, Would You? 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think I just found your perfect blonde (besides your beautiful wife of course). Nik, meet April Summers Playboy Playmate from the UK. She looks almost perfect, so perfect that I would turn for her.  I have to ask with no disrespect to Shayne, but if you were a single man… would you?

Answer: She is kind of fishy… I’m not sold, tell me/show me more.

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Frog Earned It

February 28, 2013 Frog, London, Manchester, The Dirty 29


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, everyone thinks that Frog woke up one day and had the perfect godly sculpted body.  Well that is not true in this case.  Frog actually worked his ass off for that body, with a lot of hard dieting and many hours dedicate to working out and cardio.  I believe anyone can do this, but no one wants to work that hard these days.

No he didn’t… the amphibian cheated and stuck needles up his butt.- nik

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GiGi Petite Is Amazing

February 23, 2013 Manchester, The Dirty 79



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is GiGi.  She goes by GiGi Petite and she as you can tell is a stripper.  She loves any attention she can get from twitter and non stop posts pictures of her booty.  Now, we have to give it to this girl, she is 4’11 and has one of the nicest, juiciest butts I have ever seen.  As you can see, her face is not all that great, that is why she never really posts pictures of it, unless they have been fully photoshopped.  I think we might have a possible Dirty Celebrity as you call them here across the pond.  Want more info?

Poor butterfly always smelling her farts.- nik

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The Natural Is D.A. Strong

February 12, 2013 Liverpool, London, Manchester, The Dirty 30

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, besides following you on Twitter, I also started following the Natural Wonder.  Well earlier today, she actually tweeted you Happy Birthday, I took a screen grab so you can see.  I just got back on her timeline and the Tweet was deleted, what the hell?  Did she not want you to know she is DA Strong?

Her boyfriend probably tripped out. It happens. Thanks for the birthday love Hattie.- nik

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Get A Job Mel

February 11, 2013 Dublin, Manchester 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, this stupid bitch has been using people and ruining relationships for years and it’s about time she was put on blast, and I think you’re just the guy to help me do it. Her name is Mel, if you’re ever unfortunate enough to meet her she’s most easily recognized by her 40 year old soccer mom haircut or her 15 or so horrible tattoos. She’s covered in pictures of animals and stars it honestly looks like a twelve year old got to her with a pack of markers. Nothing demands respect like a frog on your thigh right? You’ll probably find her at a Wal-Mart or subway, but never on her own, there will always be someone else with her paying for her shit. She’s a dirty, useless parasite that will bitch and nag and make you feel obligated to buy her things because she’s too pathetic to support herself. Every job she gets (like 5 a year) she either quits cause she’s too lazy to drag her useless saggy ass out of bed before 10am, or gets fired. I think she’s litteraly earned less than 10 paycheques in 3 years, no joke. She’s never payed her own bills and has no concept of earning anything she has. Time for a wakeup call, hunny, 26 year olds should at least be able to pay their own phone bill! Not only does she take advantage of people financially but she has no problem with destroying relationships as well. She claims she’s been stomped on by so many men but don’t be fooled, those legs will spread at the slightest show of attention, wether she has a boyfriend or not. Everyone knows she’s cheated on every guys she’s been with including the dope she’s seeing now. Mel caught him bringing a bottle of wine to another girl’s place to ‘stay over and talk’ and took him back that night, telling all her friends that saw what was clearly going on to fck off in the process. These two are pefect for each other, Nik. But it’s time this dumb bitch got a reality check. Get a job, Mel. Then maybe you can get some of those disgusting tattoos removed!

What’s she showing off? cause it sure as hell isn’t her sun burn.- nik

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