Outsiders View On Gun Control

January 9, 2013 Manchester, The Dirty 212

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I am British and while I am not pro-gun I am pro-choice so I understand why people in America may want the right to own guns (whether they own one or not) but for pro-gun people allowing people like this to put across your point is the reason why the rest of the world thinks American people who want to own guns are crazy. And you know this guy must be a d**k if you find yourself taking Piers Morgans side (most people in England really dislike him).

That was fun to watch. Crazy to see Piers just sit there and take it from this redneck.- nik

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Do You Think Harriet Edwards Will Be Back On Social Networks Soon

December 27, 2012 Manchester, The Dirty 35

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THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’m really starting to miss Harriet on social networks.  They are just not the same without her.  I miss seeing nice pictures of her in clothes and thinking what a good girl she is and then all the sudden seeing all these sexy nudes of her.  Her natural rack really does amaze me, I went from liking +2′s more on a chick to now liking natural girls.  She is a true natural wonder.  Click here to see the most amazing natural boobs.

Harriet, your fans want you back… don’t give up on your DC status as “The Natural”.- nik

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I’d Watch What You Say About Frog From Now On

December 23, 2012 Frog, Manchester, The Dirty 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just saw this video of Frog aka Scott Alexander, you can knock the guy all you want but damn is he in some crazy shape.  If he ever saw you, are you afraid he will kick your ass with those moves?

I heard that is Frog’s DJ mask. Word in the pond is that he wants to be a DJ now.- nik

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I Don’t Believe It

December 19, 2012 Manchester 5

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I know that Harriet Edwards aka The Natural Wonder got rid of her IG, but I don’t believe she will be offline for that much longer.  For a girl like her, who has posted countless pictures of herself naked on the internet… needs attention.  I give it a week or two at tops before she is back and better than ever.  Click here to see why she is The Natural Wonder. 

One child for The Natural and that body will be destroyed.- nik

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The Natural Wonder Is No Longer On Instagram

December 17, 2012 Manchester, The Dirty 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I just wanted to thank you for ruining Instagram for us here in the UK.  Harriet Edwards has now deleted her IG and I have no doubt it is because of you.  I don’t think you understand how many of us wanked it to her on a daily basis with the hot and steamy pictures she would post on IG.  The Natural no longer exists and we only have you to blame, your name was getting very popular around local pubs when we went out to get a proper one… but no longer because you have ruined it.  If she doesn’t remake her IG, all my lads and I will boycott this site.

The Natural will come back. Harriet Edwards loves attention from people she doesn’t know… without it she is no one.- nik

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How Has Jasmine Lennard Not Been On TheDirty Before

December 15, 2012 Manchester, The Dirty 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, how is it possible for you not to have had the very dirty Jasmine Lennard on here before? The dirt on her is unbelievable! Daughter of a con artist and former Bond girl, Simon Cowell’s personal greg holder! SEVERE attitude problem and hates the world! Her baby daddy is the equally f*cked up Seth Binzer! Poor kid! In and out of rehab for multiple drug issues. Oh and had a huge spat with Rhian Sugden and Danica Thrall when they were all on ‘Celebrity’ Big Brother here in the UK!

Looks like the Orange Race has migrated overseas.- nik

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Sexiest Woman On Earth

December 14, 2012 Manchester, The Dirty 95

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Katie Price from the UK.  I haven’t seen her on TheDirty and wonder why not.  She has to be the hottest woman on earth.  She is nearly flawless and has this amazing body on her… not to mention those massive +2′s that everyone loves.  Katie has been under the knife more than a dozen times and it shows in how perfect she is.  Wanted to ask you what you think about her and why do the British have the hottest girls around?

I actually rubbed it out to Katie for a good 25 days about ten years ago (I loved when she screamed my name with that accent)… unfortunately, age is not her friend. Her +2′s are the only thing keeping her relevant.- nik

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English Model Victoria Moore Is Perfect

December 12, 2012 Manchester, The Dirty 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, after seeing her posted on her a month ago I did a little googling, unfortunately I found no dirt on the girl but she is pretty darn incredible. Although judging by her new twitter pictures she has lost alot of weight but still.. Wow. She has also apparently quit modeling which I find weird that girls that don’t look anywhere near as good as her think they are “top models”.  Check it out and tell me that body is not perfect Mr. Richie.

Who cares about Victoria Moore, she is a quitter. Dear DIRTY ARMY UK, please mark your calendars for May 1-6 because I will be visiting your country like a Gentleman. Email [email protected] the cool spots and if you want to hang out (No FROG I will not hang out with you). I plan to be in London for the first few days and then off to Manchester to watch Man U vs. Chelsea.- nik

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